A New Spa Just for Strollers!

stroller_spaHave you ever seen a baby stroller spa? Now, if you live in a San Francisco, you can take your banged-up, beaten-down and broken strollers to a baby stroller spa where it will fixed and washed. The kids are so messy and sometimes the stroller just needs a good wash. Well, in the new spa, they will  scrub your stroller down until it sparkles.

Got a flat tire? No problems. They will fix change it for you for only $10! Most parents just take their strollers to the bike repair shop where very often they get sent home because not every bike shop wants to deal with a stroller. And I am sure, there is not bike shop in the world that will wash your stroller. LOL.

You can also rent a car seat or a stroller fro this place. How great is that? Jamie Mamikunian started the business in 2006 from her garage and now it’s a successful growing business. Here is more info.

~Susan Brian

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