Baby Jogger Reveals A New Logo And A New Website

baby_jogger_siteI absolutely love the new Baby Jogger logo and the web site. The logo is crisp and looks very modern comparing to the one they had before. Now, the website is much more user-friendly and is easier to navigate. It allows user to get a better view of each stroller and its functionality through the interactive features, such as a 360-degree viewer. It also has specs for each stroller a the bottom of the page so you can see things like folded and unfolded dimensions, weight of the stroller, weight limit, and travel system capability.

They also added a new comparison tool that I really like. Now you can compare Baby Jogger models and pick the right one for you. I wish they’ve done it earlier. I guess it’s better late than never, right? The user manual is right on the description page, no more digging through the ‘customer service’ or ‘help’ pages. The accessories are also listed right on the description page before the spec information. Very convenient.

These days parents want to see a lot of photos, demos, and reviews before making their selection. And I am happy that Baby Jogger has finally realized that it’s time to update the web site. Before there were no photos of the stroller and no demo videos at all. You had to go to the store to see how the stroller looks what features it has.

The only thing I don’t understand is why you can’t buy any of the strollers on the site. It says ‘coming soon’ on all the pages. Otherwise great jog! Check out their new site here.

~Susan Brian

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