Britax Affinity All-Terrain Stroller Review


Britax has just added a new all-terrain luxury customizable stroller to their collection called Affinity. The stroller comes with three different frames (black, white, or silver).

The seat base is gray, but you can choose the color of your seat liner, canopy, basket liner, and strap paddings from six beautiful colors that are part of the so-called ‘color pack’. The seat liner has such nice padding and is so soft, that your child will feel very comfy and snug.

This is an everyday stroller that is great for long walks in the park or running errands. What really impressed me in Affinity is maneuverability. The air-filled tires together with adjustable all-wheel suspension create an extremely smooth ride.

The leather-covered handlebar has a one-hand grip that makes one-hand navigation super easy. My hands are always full. I am one of those moms who has a phone, a cup of coffee, or a dog leash on the other hand. LOL.

The Affinity model has a reversible seat that can be replaced with a car seat turning the stroller into a travel system or you can replace it with a bassinet turning it into a stylish pram. If used with Britax Chaperone and B-SAFE infant car seats, no adapters are needed.

But, you can also use it with popular car seats by purchasing a car seat adapter. Btw, Britax Chaperone and B-Safe are great car seats. This model also has nice features like a large basket, adjustable handlebar, deep recline, good size canopy, adjustable leg rest, and easy fold. It weighs 25 lbs which is a great weight for an all-terrain reversible seat model.


I gave it 5 out of 5 stars because I think it’s a great stroller despite some drawbacks like bulkiness, lack of storage, and high price tag. I really like the customizable colors for the seat liner and the frame. The ability to transform into a travel system and a pram creates serious competition for my favorite UPPAbaby Vista.

As I’ve already mentioned it’s not cheap. I just saw it on sale for only $299. Or if you want you can get the base model for around $249 and get a color pack that costs around $50.

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The canopy is a good size, but it doesn’t go all the way to the bumper bar like on some other luxury strollers.  You can also unzip it to expose an additional mesh panel in the back that creates nice air ventilation on a hot summer day and can be used as a large peekaboo window.

This canopy also has a small pop-out visor that provides additional shade. It has a small peekaboo window with a magnetic closure (like on most luxury strollers). No noisy velcro. Overall it’s a decent canopy in my opinion. I do wish it had the follow-the-sun option.



It has a very nice luxury handlebar that is covered with leather-like material. Exposed stitches remind me of the steering wheel of the car. It has also a one-hand grip in the middle for easy navigation. The handlebar goes all the way from 32″ up to 41″ from the ground.



The seat is 12″ wide with a 21″ seat back and a measurement of 22″ from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. It accommodates a child from 6 months up to 55 lbs.

It has a two-hand lever recline that is located in the front of the seat. In order to recline the seat, you have to walk up front and pull on two levers located on the side of the frame and then recline the seat.

I didn’t find it very convenient because if you don’t put your stroller on the brake, it will start moving when you recline the seat. Why come up with a weird new design when the lever recline on the back of the seat works perfectly fine?


The seat is one molded piece so when you recline it, the whole seat reclines (not my favorite recline). It has multiple recline positions including a flat one. It accommodates a child from 6 months up to 55 lbs. Anyway, the good news is that the seat is reversible!  It has the same recline positions in the parent-facing mode.


What is really cool about this stroller is that you can choose a color pack for your stroller out of six beautiful colors. Each pack includes a canopy, shoulder, and buckle pads, a basket liner, and a seat liner.

The seat liner is machine-washable, has a nice padding, and is made out of high-quality fabrics. Cleaning is so easy when you can just remove the seat liner and through it in a washing machine while your seat stays clean. Those little angels are so messy!



Like all modern strollers, it has a 5-point padded adjustable harness with a center release buckle.


The bumper bar is covered in nice leather. I love it when they add small luxury features like that. It’s removable and swing-away.



You can bring it to any position you want. The bottom of the leg rest is covered with a rubberized material that is very easy to clean.



The basket is a great size. You can easily fit a large diaper bag in it. There is a color liner (that is a part of the color pack) at the bottom of the basket that snaps to the side of the basket.



It rolls on four soft pneumatic tires with two 11″ wheels in the back and two 6″ in the front. The front wheels are swivel but can be locked straight for rougher terrain. These all-terrain wheels can easily handle a lot of different terrains like gravel, mulch, or grass.

The air-filled tires already have suspension built into them, but this baby has also an all-wheel suspension to provide your little one with a smooth ride. Plus the rear wheel suspension is adjustable! How cool is that?



It has a linked brake located in the back between the rear wheels.


First, lock the brakes and bring the handlebar all the way forward (that will give you a standing fold). Next, pull up two levers on the sides and bring the handle all the way down to the ground till you hear the automatic lock.

It has a standing fold. This is not a compact package. To make it more compact, you can remove the seat and rear wheels.  The folded dimensions are 23.75″ W x 17.5″ H x 32.25″ L. This buggy weighs 25 lbs. Most strollers with a reversible seat weigh over 21 lbs and are pretty bulky so nothing new there.



You can replace the seat with a bassinet transforming your stroller into a stylish pram.



Rain cover. INCLUDED!


Mosquito net. INCLUDED! I wish they gave us a cup holder instead of this one. LOL.


-Bulky. Like most strollers with a reversible seat and a lot of luxury features, Affinity is bulky. If you have a very small car, measure the trunk first.

-Lack of storage. Aside from a large basket, there is no zipper pocket anywhere for your keys. I think that should be an easy fix.

-No cup holder. Why do most luxury strollers come without a cup holder? I guess because they think you have a lot of money and can buy it separately.

-Color pack is not included. The great thing about the color pack is that you can customize your stroller by getting the base and the color pack you like. The downside of this is that it’s two purchases.

Very often parents get a stroller as a gift from their grandparents or from friends at the baby shower and it would be much easier if it was part of the package. If someone asks you what stroller would you like? You are not going to be like here is the stroller, but I need a bunch of accessories with it too. Exactly!

Video Review

I found a great video review of Affinity made by Baby Gizmo. Take a look.


Stroller weight: 25 lbs
Weight limit: 55 lbs
Folded dimensions: 23.75″ W x 17.5″ H x 32.25″ L
Handlebar height: 32″ – 41″
Seat to canopy height: 22″
Rear wheels: 11″
Front wheels: 6″
Overall length: 28″
Overall width: 23.75″


Britax provides only 1-year warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner.

Available colors

The Britax Affinity is available in 6 colors: black, blue, green, berry, brown and red. You also have a choice of frame that comes in black, white, or silver.


Where to buy it

You can get Britax Affinity in one of the six beautiful colors for around $299.  Or you can get a gray base stroller for around $249 and then buy a color pack for $50. The stroller comes with a rain cover, mosquito net, and bumper bar. There is no cup holder.

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