Summer Infant 3D Zyre Convenience Stroller Review

infant-summer-3dzyre17The Summer Infant 3D Zyre Convenience stroller is an upgraded version of the beloved 3D Lite model. It’s a lightweight, but very sturdy umbrella stroller that is full of great features. It has a huge canopy for an umbrella model that will provide your child with full sun protection. The one-hand lever recline is perfect for long naps and quick diaper changes.

There is plenty of storage! It has medium size basket, cup holder and a zipper pocket for small items. Since 3D Zyre does NOT have a travel system option, it would be great as a second stroller used for traveling, going to the pool, and running errands around town. The smooth glide wheels are designed for smooth surfaces but can handle a little of mumy terrain like grass, mulch or uneven pavement.  

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Chicco Echo Umbrella Stroller Review

chicco-echo9The first time I saw Chicco Echo umbrella stroller I was at the park with my daughter Sophia and one of the moms had her son in it. My first impression was what a cool modern looking stroller! I absolutely loved the bright fresh color (it was turquoise) of the seat and the frame. I think that the combination of the black and color frame together with the black handle bars give it a very sleek and stylish look. Have you noticed that more and more companies have been doing color frames lately? I think it’s a new hot thing. Of course I had to come over, meet the mom and take a look at the stroller up close.

The Chicco Echo is a lightweight umbrella stroller that is very basic, but is very affordable. It retails for only $99 which makes it perfect for traveling. Let’s say you are going to visit your relatives in another state and you want something lightweight and compact that you can take with you on the plane and later on to the restaurant, shopping or park, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, Chicco Echo would be a good choice. Also, if it gets damaged at the airport (which happens a lot when you check it in), you are not going to be too upset because you only spend $99.

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Top 10 Best Selling Lightweight Umbrella Strollers for 2014

top10-umbrella-strollersLightweight umbrella strollers are the most used type of strollers among the parents. When your child is young, you need a lot of different features to keep him safe and comfortable. You also stuck carrying a huge diaper bag with everything in the world in it. As the kids get older, they become more and more active and need less stuff.

Most of the time my 2-year old doesn’t even want to seat in the stroller, so I take it with me just in case she wants to take a nap or needs a diaper change.

So, why do parents love umbrella strollers so much? Well, the light weight of umbrella stroller makes it easier to take it in and out of the car. Compact fold allows you to fit more stuff in you trunk. Also, it’s great for public transit. Small foot print let’s you navigate in tight spaces like narrow store aisle, elevators, parking lot, and doctor’s office with ease.

While there are a lot of pros, there are also some cons. Because of the compact fold, most umbrella strollers have small hard to access basket, so don’t plan on going grocery shopping with it. The canopies are not as big as on full size models. There usually two handle bars that are non adjustable. Deep recline is not always an option. Also, many don’t have very good seat padding.

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Joovy Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller Review

joovy-groove-ultralight14The Joovy has recently introduced a new stroller called Joovy Groove Ultralight which is a lighter version of a very popular Groove model. I don’t know how they did it, but Ultralight model is 5 lbs lighter than the original. While weighing only 12 lbs (hard to believe right?), it is full of great features like deep recline, large canopy, and compact fold.

The Goove Ultralight is one of a few umbrella strollers that has a 149 degree recline (which is very deep), that is great for long naps and on-the-fly diaper changes. To give your child even more stretching room they’ve included an adjustable leg rest.

Once the seat is recline, there is a large opening in the back that provides nice air circulation during hot summer day. When the weather gets chilly, you can cover it with the attached closure. The seat can accommodate a child from 3 months and up to 55 lbs. It does NOT take infant car seat.

There are plenty of storage! Aside from the medium size basket which is typical for an umbrella stroller, there is also a zipper pocket in the back of the canopy  two mesh pockets inside of the seat and a mesh bottle holder/mesh pocket for small items.

The tall parents will be happy to see tall ergonomically positioned handle bars located at 41″ from the ground. The fold is very easy and has an automatic lock. There is also a shoulder strap for easy transportation. And at 12 lbs it’s really a shoulder kind of stroller. What I really like about it that despite the light weight it is still a very sturdy stroller.

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Graco Breaze Click Connect Lightweight Umbrella Stroller Review

graco-breaze-stroller1Graco Breaze Click Connect is a lightweight umbrella stroller that takes an infant car seat. This is a very sturdy umbrella stroller that is full of great features that parents want. The one-hand recline goes to almost a flat position making the naps and diaper changes comfy experience.

The large basket will fit your medium to large diaper bag. The big canopy provides plenty of shade protection. Breaze is designed for flat surfaces, but can tackle some occasional mommy terrain like grass, mulch or uneven pavement.

It also features nicely added seat back, adjustable leg rest, 5-point adjustable harness, single foot brake, and carry strap.

The fold is a BREEZE! It’s really easy to fold with only ONE HAND. No foot needed! I was able to fold it while holding my child in the other hand. It has an automatic lock and very compact umbrella fold. The weight of 17.5 lbs is about average for an umbrella stroller with the car seat capabilities.

I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because I think Graco is really stepping up and wants this to be a serious competition for popular strollers like Chicco Liteway and Maclaren XT. You are probably wondering if it’s so great, why didn’t it get the highest rating? Well, there are a few things that can be improved.

The foot rest is located too close to the seat making it inconvenient for a older toddler to place his/her feet. The seat back is 18″ which is on a shorter side. Plus, the material at the top of the seat back will prevent a taller toddler from taking nap with a recline.

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Chicco Liteway Umbrella Stroller Review

chicco-liteway2The Chicco Liteway is one of the most popular umbrella strollers on today’s market.  It has been rated the best umbrella stroller by many website because of the combination of value and features. Many parents already have heavier bulkier strollers and want to buy something lighter, more compact, and inexpensive for short trips, running errands, and traveling.

The Chicco Liteway model is designed exactly for that. It has a roomy seat with deep one-hand recline that can accommodate a child from birth and up to 40 lbs. Typically, umbrella strollers are not designed for a newborn, but Liteway is very sturdy and has great back support so you can use from birth. Of course I would add a special padding for a newborn before putting a baby into the seat.

The maneuverability on Liteway is great. It rolls on four hard rubber wheels with rear suspension system and swivel front wheels. It’s designed for flat surfaces, but can handle some terrain if you lock the front wheels. It also has an easy compact 3D fold with an automatic lock for storage. This is not your over-the-shoulder type of umbrella stroller. It weighs 17 lbs and is designed more for transporting in the car rather than carrying around. It also features adjustable 5 point harness, adjustable leg rest, carry strap, medium size basket, and mediocre canopy.

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Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller Review

summer-infant-3d-lite1Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience is currently one of THE MOST popular umbrella strollers on the market. Why? Because it has high weight limit, deep recline, very lightweight, and budget friendly. And that’s exactly what most of the parents want in an umbrella stroller.

Nobody want’s to spend hundreds of dollars on a second or third stroller especially when parents already have bulky heavy travel systems and full size strollers with large wheels that cost an arm and a leg. Who wants to carry them around while traveling or using public transit?

Well, Summer Infant 3D Lite is design specially for that. Great for on-the-go parents that like to run errands around town, going to the mall, theme parks, or traveling on the plane. Weighing ONLY 12 lbs, it’s easy to throw over your shoulder when you are on the go.

You will be pleased with a deep recline that is great for an afternoon nap. The roomy seat is also very tall (28″ to the canopy) which is important if you have a tall child. The seat is designed for kids from 6 months and up to 50 lbs.

Storage will not be a problem since it comes with a cup holder, roomy basket, and a storage pocket for small items. This is very good size basket for such a light stroller. It also featured nice size canopy with a sunvisor, tall handle bars, front wheel suspension, carry strap, and easy fold. On the website they say it’s an one-hand fold, but you will also need to use your foot. So, a hand and a foot fold. LOL. I was able to fold it with my 2-year old daughter in my arms.

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Baby Jogger Vue Umbrella Stroller Review

baby_jogger_vue1The Baby Jogger Vue is the FIRST  umbrella stroller with a reversible seat. The unique features of the seat is that in order to reverse it you don’t need to take it out. All you need to do is to push the back of the seat forward. That’s it!

The innovative design also includes a reversible canopy that easily works in both modes. This is not you typical flimsy umbrella stroller. The thick lightweight aluminum frame makes this stroller so sturdy, it can even be transform into a travel system.

The seat has a deep recline that is suitable for a newborn. It can accommodate a child from birth and up to 55 lbs. It also features a large canopy, 5 point harness, adjustable foot rest and compact fold. The small double 5.5″ wheels perform best on flat surfaces, but can handle some mommy terrain like grass, mulch, or uneven pavement.

The basket is very small and hard to access, so you won’t be able to go grocery shopping with it. But, since it’s very sturdy stroller, I think you can hang the dipper bag off the handle bars.

This baby weighs 17.5 lbs which is a little more than your average umbrella stroller. Keep in mind, it’s important for the stroller to weigh a little more in order to have travel system capability.

I gave this stroller 5 out of 5 stars because despite the small basket, loud canopy, and lack of peekaboo window, it impressed me with unique design of the reversible seat and canopy. It retail now for around $200 on Amazon (free shipping/free returns and no sales tax) and comes with a cup holder.

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