Bumbleride Indie 4 Stroller Review

bumbleride-indie4-2If you’ve been reading my blog, you know how much I love the Indie model. That is why I was so exited about release of the Indie 4. Some parents want to have four wheels instead of three because they feel that four wheels provide better stability. I think it’s matter of preference. In my opinion, four wheels ARE more stable and easier to navigate in tight spaces, but they weigh more and take up more space in your trunk.  So you have to see what’s more important for you the weight or the stability. Here is my full review of Indie model.

The Indie 4 model is designed for everyday use like going to the mall, running errands, walks at the park or a beach. It’s NOT a jogger unlike the Indie model, but has all-terrain wheels and comes with a matching BASSINET so you can use it from birth. I think Bumbleride is trying to create serious competition for popular UPPABaby Vista model which also has all-terrain tires and comes with a matching bassinet. You can also convert Indie 4 to a travel system by using included universal car seat adapter.

I was happy to see that Indie 4 has some of the same features as Indie like oversized canopy, adjustable leg rest, deep recline, nicely padded roomy seat, adjustable handle bar, 5-point harness, huge basket, storage pocket, and easy fold. The seat has a deep recline and can accommodate a child from birth and up to 55 lbs. This buggy weighs 22 lbs which is 2 lbs more than Indie model. The extra weight comes as a result of an extra wheel.

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2015 Baby Jogger Vue Double Stroller Sneak Peek


In 2014 Baby Jogger has released The Vue Umbrella Stroller which became super popular because of it’s lightweight and reversible seat. Here is my full review of Vue. In 2015 Baby Jogger is planning on releasing a DOUBLE version. This is a great news for parents with two kids.

What is really unique about Vue Double is its ability to take two infant car seats. This is the ONLY umbrella stroller on the market that has two reversible seats and is stable enough to support two car seats. Very impressive! The seats are independent, meaning you can reverse only one seat or two. It weighs 30 lbs.

It also will have the reversible canopies and compact umbrella fold. I think Baby Jogger decided to see how the Vue single stroller will do before releasing the double version. Look for it in March of 2015. It will be sold in black only, but Baby Jogger is planning on adding other colors too. It will retail for $399. Not cheap! LOL.

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2015 Baby Jogger Vue Lite Stroller Sneak Peek

vue-lite-strollerAt the ABC Kids Expo Baby Jogger has introduced a new model called Vue Lite.  This is a lighter version of the Vue model which became very popular because of it’s lightweight, easy umbrella fold and the reversible seat. Here is my full review of Vue. The Vue Lite still has the same design, and the reversible seat that we all fell in love with, but is 3 lbs lighter. That’s right, it weighs only 14 lbs, but still stable enough to have travel system capabilities.

It looks like there will be less padding on the seat, but on the bright side, they’ve improved the access to the basket and made Vue Lite model a little less expensive. The Vue Lite will be retailing for $179 vs Vue model that costs $199. I love the new colors! Baby Jogger is planning to release the new Vue Lite in March of 2015

I don’t know how they made it 3 lbs lighter. I was definitely not the seat padding that they’ve removed. In my opinion, more padding is better! I am also wondering if it’s going to be stable enough to handle the infant car seat. We’ll see when it comes out.

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September Giveaway: Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller ($79)!

september-stroller-giveaway300x350 This month we are giving away Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller. This is a fantastic umbrella stroller that is one of the most popular lightweight strollers on the market. Parents absolutely love the deep recline suitable for a NEWBORN, roomy seat with plenty of headroom, and compact fold. More importantly it weighs ONLY 12 lbs!

You can easily throw it over your shoulder and go. Another big plus is a low price of only $79.99. You really can’t beat that! Parents gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon which is a great rating for such an expensive stroller.

The 3D Lite is great for running errands, going to theme parks, traveling and public transit. It was great when we traveled to a different state by car. Although we have a SUV, we very quickly ran out of space after packing everything we wanted to take.

You know how it is with kids… I feel like I pack half of the house before we go anywhere. Anyways, the 3D lite was so compact it didn’t take much space at all allowing me to take even more stuff. LOL. If you travel a lot by plane, it’s really a great stroller to have at the airport. Since I’ve already done a full review, I will just highlight some of the main features below.

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Chicco Liteway Umbrella Stroller Review

chicco-liteway2The Chicco Liteway is one of the most popular umbrella strollers on today’s market.  It has been rated the best umbrella stroller by many website because of the combination of value and features. Many parents already have heavier bulkier strollers and want to buy something lighter, more compact, and inexpensive for short trips, running errands, and traveling.

The Chicco Liteway model is designed exactly for that. It has a roomy seat with deep one-hand recline that can accommodate a child from birth and up to 40 lbs. Typically, umbrella strollers are not designed for a newborn, but Liteway is very sturdy and has great back support so you can use from birth. Of course I would add a special padding for a newborn before putting a baby into the seat.

The maneuverability on Liteway is great. It rolls on four hard rubber wheels with rear suspension system and swivel front wheels. It’s designed for flat surfaces, but can handle some terrain if you lock the front wheels. It also has an easy compact 3D fold with an automatic lock for storage. This is not your over-the-shoulder type of umbrella stroller. It weighs 17 lbs and is designed more for transporting in the car rather than carrying around. It also features adjustable 5 point harness, adjustable leg rest, carry strap, medium size basket, and mediocre canopy.

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Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller Review

summer-infant-3d-lite1Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience is currently one of THE MOST popular umbrella strollers on the market. Why? Because it has high weight limit, deep recline, very lightweight, and budget friendly. And that’s exactly what most of the parents want in an umbrella stroller.

Nobody want’s to spend hundreds of dollars on a second or third stroller especially when parents already have bulky heavy travel systems and full size strollers with large wheels that cost an arm and a leg. Who wants to carry them around while traveling or using public transit?

Well, Summer Infant 3D Lite is design specially for that. Great for on-the-go parents that like to run errands around town, going to the mall, theme parks, or traveling on the plane. Weighing ONLY 12 lbs, it’s easy to throw over your shoulder when you are on the go.

You will be pleased with a deep recline that is great for an afternoon nap. The roomy seat is also very tall (28″ to the canopy) which is important if you have a tall child. The seat is designed for kids from 6 months and up to 50 lbs.

Storage will not be a problem since it comes with a cup holder, roomy basket, and a storage pocket for small items. This is very good size basket for such a light stroller. It also featured nice size canopy with a sunvisor, tall handle bars, front wheel suspension, carry strap, and easy fold. On the website they say it’s an one-hand fold, but you will also need to use your foot. So, a hand and a foot fold. LOL. I was able to fold it with my 2-year old daughter in my arms.

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BOB Revolution Flex Stroller Review 2015

bob_revolution_flex2I love BOB strollers! They are sporty, stylish and high quality. This time BOB has release a new stroller called Revolution Flex. This new model is an upgrade to the beloved Revolution SE. The only difference between the two is the adjustable handle bar that people have been asking for a LONG time. That’s it! The handle bar has 9 different positions and goes from 34″ up to 45″ from the ground.

I can’t believe that they gave it a different name because of the handle bar. BOB has already many similar models like SE, CE and Strides Fitness to choose from.  Now, parents will be confused even more. They  should have just released it with the same name as an upgrade for 2014. The other thing that is new are the colors. Flex comes in four different colors with silver or black frame.

It also has a huge oversized canopy, very room seat, 5 point harness, large basket, and easy fold. But the most important feature of Flex are the large air-filled tires and the state-of-the art suspension system that makes the ride super smooth. These tires can go through anything! That’s why this is THE BEST jogging stroller on today’s market. Just like SE it weighs only 25 lbs which is an average weight for a jogger.

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Britax B-Agile 4 Stroller Review

britax-b-agile4-1Britax B-Agile 4 is the same as B-Agile only with four wheels. As soon as Britax has released it, I got a lot of emails from parents asking if four wheels are better than three. I think that four wheels are a little more stable when you going over terrain, but three wheels are easier to navigate when you on the flat surface. Also, keep in mind that strollers with four wheels weigh more because of that extra wheel.

The B-Agile weighs only 16.5 lbs, while B-Agile 4 is 20 lbs. The 3.5 lbs is not a big difference, but it can be a pain especially if you have a baby in one hand and trying to fold and load the stroller into the car with the other.

Just like the original model the B-Agile 4 is a great stroller for on the go parents. You can take it to the park, mall, grocery shopping or doctor’s office with no problems. The hard rubber tires are not all-terrain, but will tackle some grass, mulch or uneven pavement. B-Agile is one of the most popular strollers in the US. It has even made it top 10 best strollers list. Many celebrities picked it over expensive luxury strollers.

The B-Agile 4 also has that easy one-hand fold and so many great features like huge canopy, very roomy seat, mesh window, and large basket. Besides the basket underneath, there is also a large storage pocket on the back of the canopy where you can put small items. It also has a travel system capability and even comes with Britax infant car seat adapter.

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