Austlen Entourage Stroller Review

austlen-entourage-stroller29One of the new amazing strollers that I saw at the ABC Kids Expo was Austlen Entourage. It has a unique extendable frame that allows you to carry a LOT of stuff. And, by a lot I mean groceries, suitcases, laundry, beach balls, beach chairs with umbrellas and noodles, large cooler and so on. You get the picture.  That’s not all. It also converts into a double stroller with the addition of a second seat, infant car seat, platform rider, or a sit-n-stand!

The durable frame can handle up to 150 lbs combined weight. What other stroller can do that? Amazing! This is a perfect model for busy parents who have multiple kids and always need to carry a lot of stuff with them.

Another unique features of this buggy is the ability to put a second infant car seat right next to the handle bar much higher on the frame than on any other stroller I’ve seen. This brings your baby as close to you as possible promoting interaction and eye contact. And, as you know better bonding is very important at this age.

This stroller really grows with your family. You can use it in a single mode as a travel system with an infant car seat, or a double mode with two infant car seats, or an infant car seat and a main seat, or with two seats, or with main seat and a sit-n-stand, or in a single mode with a rider platform in the back. It will work for twins or a toddler and a newborn. You will be also happy to know that this buggy has over 30 different configurations.

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