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sophia_susan_300Hi. My name is Susan. I am a mother of a beautiful baby girl Sophia. When I got pregnant a year ago, I was in the middle of moving into a new house and renovations and had absolutely no time to think about strollers. The only thing on my mind was to get the house and the baby’s room ready before she arrives.

The renovations took almost 9 months. We should have been on the “renovations disaster” show, but thankfully, we made it. LOL. Everything was finished a week before I gave birth. No pressure!

After bringing Sophia home, it took me a few weeks to recover. It was begining of September, the weather was very nice and I wanted to take Sophia for a walk. Since I never got around to buy a stroller, I had to borrow one from my girlfriend. It was an old “Everflow” that has been used by 2 other moms before me. I washed it as much as I could and took my baby for a long walk. I can’t even tell you how bad it was. The squeaky uneven wheels, horrible maneuverability, super bulky fold, heavy weight and so on…

I needed to buy a normal stroller as soon as possible. So I jumped into the research mode. I’ve spend more time researching strollers than my car. It took me two days to buy my car, but even after a week of stroller craziness I couldn’t decide on one. All of my friends have older kids (4-5 years old) and their strollers where older models that are not sold anymore. I found some of those models on ebay, but they were used.

First, I went to all of the stores around me and looked at the strollers. Next, I researched each of them online by reading reviews, watching youtube videos and comparing prices. After all of my research, I had a thick notepad with notes about each stroller. To make it easier, I decided to buy my top choices and test them at home. I have to say, some of the luxury strollers were overrated and overpriced in my opinion. My husband thought I was completely crazy after he saw 5 strollers in our living room. Commitment issues? No, not me. It is only because I want the BEST for my baby. After 10 more trips to the store I finally decided on Bumbleride Indie for jogging and Peg-perego for running errands.

Throughout the whole research, I was very surprised to find only a handful number of sites offering reviews. BabyGyzmo videos were very helpful, but I wasn’t a fan of their site. I couldn’t find one site that had all of the strollers with reviews from real people. It looks like most of the review sites were created by marketers trying to sell their products. That is why I decided to create my own stroller review site. After all that work, I couldn’t just throw away my notes. I wanted to share my knowledge with other parents who have hard time picking the right stroller. Let the stroller craziness begin!

~Susan Brian

P.S. I know how hard it is to decide on the stroller, so don’t hesitate to drop me a note if you have a comment or a question. I am always happy to help.
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