NEW! Baby Jogger City Mini Tour 2 2019 Stroller Review

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is an updated version of the City Tour model which is a lightweight compact travel stroller. For 2019 they’ve completely redesigned it and now you can turn it into a travel system with an infant car seat or a pram with a carry cot (sold separately).

They’ve also updated the recline that now goes to almost a flat position, added an adjustable leg rest, redesigned one-hand fold and added new colors.

Despite weighing only 14 lbs this buggy has a very roomy seat with a tall canopy so even your older child will be comfortable. I like how nice and wide are the sides of the seat. You child will have plenty of support. The large UV 50+ canopy features three panels plus a sunvisor that can be tucked away when not needed.

The seat can accommodate a child from 3 month and up to 45 lbs. The basket is a great size for such a compact stroller and should fit your medium diaper bag. It rolls on 5″ and 6″ wheels (standard size for lightweight model) with a front-wheel suspension which helps to smooth out the bumps.

I really like this stroller. It’s light, compact, and full of great features. This is a big competition for the umbrella models because it weights less that many of them and takes a car seat which many umbrella models don’t. While it’s pretty compact I don’t think it meets the carry-on requirements. Check with your airline first.

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NEW! Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2 2019 Stroller Review

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2 has been one of the top rated models for years. Parents love it’s ability to tackle any terrain, quick compact one-hand fold, and light weight.

The deep recline and travel system option allows you to use it from birth and up to 65 lbs. If you don’t care about reversible seat, this easily could be your ONLY stroller.

The maneuverability on GT is FANTASTIC, even better than on a regular model. The forever-air tires together with all-wheel suspension make it very easy to push. It is truly an one-hand stroller!

Now, many people think that because it has three wheels and made by Baby Jogger it can be used for jogging. This is NOT a jogging stroller.

This is an every day stroller that is great for running errands or power walking in the park. It will handle tougher terrain like grass, gravel or mulch, much better than a regular model. When folded, it is very compact and will fit in the smallest trunk. The double version is also available.

For 2019 it got a few great updates like: adjustable leg rest, sporty looking canopy, and all-wheel suspension. 

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NEW! Baby Jogger City Mini 2 2019 Stroller Review

The Baby Jogger City Mini 2 2019 is one of my favorite strollers. It has a huge canopy, roomy seat, and can hold a child up to 50 lb. But the best feature of this stroller is the quick compact one-hand fold. This is one of THE easiest folds I’ve seen!

Despite having three wheels and a word ‘jogger’ in its name this is not a jogging stroller. It is designed for everyday life like going shopping at the mall, going to the stores, or park. The 8″ wheels with front-wheel suspension can tackle some mommy terrain like grass, mulch or gravel.

The City Mini 2 is truly the BEST stroller for parents who live in the city, because you can have a child in one hand and easily carry this stroller in another. We all know how challenging it is, if you live in a building with no elevator and need to carry a child and a stroller down the stairs. If you travel a lot, you will love how light and compact it is.

Now, for 2019 the weight of the stroller did increased from almost 17 lbs to 19 lbs, but it is still pretty light for its class.

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NEW! Baby Jogger City Tour Lux 2019 Stroller Review

The Baby Jogger City Tour Lux 2019 is an updated version of the City Tour model which is a lightweight compact travel stroller. The Lux stroller is still lightweight and compact, but has a reversible seat, travel system capability and can be used from birth unlike City Tour that has to be used from 6 months.

The reversible seat has a very deep one-hand lever recline (my favorite type of recline) that goes to almost a flat position suitable from 3 months and up to 45 lbs. The adjustable leg rest goes up and down providing more room to stretch.

The large canopy features three panels plus a large sunvisor that can be tucked away when not needed. The hand brake is super flip-flop-friendly! LOL. The large and easy-to-access basket can fit your large diaper bag.

But the main and the most impressive feature of Lux is its compact one-hand fold. You can hold a child in one hand and fold it with the other. The auto lock activates by itself without the need of pressing the stroller together (like on many other models). 

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Baby Jogger City Premier 2017 Stroller Review

The new Baby Jogger City Premier (it was called City Metro at the ABC Kids Expo) is a single version of the popular City Select model and an upgraded version of the City Versa. This new model took all the best features form Select and Versa creating serious competition for full size reversible seat strollers like Nuna Mixx, Nuna IVVI,  Armadillo Flip XT, and Britax Affinity.

It has a reversible seat with a deep recline suitable for a newborn. The seat can accommodate a child up to 50 lbs. The adjustable leg rest goes up and down and also extends to provide more stretching room.

The adjustable handle bar telescopes out giving tall parents more leg room. The large canopy goes down almost to the bumper bar and has two peekaboo window with magnetic closures. The hand brake is super flip-flop-friendly! LOL.

You will also like the large easy-to-access basket underneath the seat. The foam-filled wheels are a great size (12″ and 8″) and will never go flat. Unlike City Select, Premier has a VERY compact fold with the seat folding in-half. I would say this is as compact as reversible-seat strollers get.

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Baby Jogger Summit X3 Stroller Review

Baby Jogger Summit X3 is an award-winning jogging stroller that will go through anything no matter how rough the terrain gets. This updated model has all the features parents want in a jogger like full protection canopy, roomy seat, large basket, and easy fold.

The roomy seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to  75 lbs (that is like 9 year old). You can also use it from birth with an infant cat seat or a pram. The canopy is absolutely HUGE and has two viewing windows.

The all-wheel suspension and air-filled tires make it a smooth ride. The front wheel is swivel, but can be locked straight. I love the remote front-wheel lock which is located on the side of the frame instead of the wheel. You don’t need to bend down and touch that dirty wheel.

The hand brake makes it easy to slow down when going down the hill. There is also an adjustable tracking to get your stroller perfectly straight while you are running.

The Summit X3 is very easy to navigate and steer. It’s truly a one-hand stroller. But, the best feature of X3 is the ONE-HAND fold! Super easy. The only thing I didn’t like is that there is no auto lock and no standing fold so you will need to use you other hand to lock it manually.

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Baby Jogger City Mini Zip Stroller Review

city-mini-zip-stroller20Baby Jogger City Mini Zip is a lightweight stroller that is some where in between the full size and an umbrella stroller. While having a lot of great features like large canopy, roomy seat, deep recline, and adjustable leg rest it has a very compact three-dimensional fold where it folds not only vertically, but also horizontally.

This small package is 50%  more compact than on standard umbrella strollers and is 1/8 the volume of the open stroller. Great for traveling! And since it weighs only 17 lbs, it’s super easy to load in and out of the car. Although it says that this is a one-hand fold, I did need both hands to push it together to activate the auto lock.

Keep in mind, that despite it’s name ‘Baby Jogger’ this is NOT a jogging stroller. I know many parents get confused by the name of the brand. This buggy is designed for running errands, quick trips to the store and traveling. While it could be your ONLY stroller because it does have a travel system option, I would recommend using it as a second lightweight stroller instead of an umbrella model because of the wheel size.

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Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller Review

city-select-lux4The Baby Jogger City Select Lux is an updated version of the beloved City Select. As you probably know, City Select has been one of the best selling strollers for a while. Parents love it’s ability to grow with the family converting from a single into a double inline mode or even a triple mode with an addition of a stroller board.

Needless to say I was super exited to see the new Lux model. Let me tell you, it’s amazing! For 2017 City Select got a complete face lift eliminating all of their drawbacks. Is it a perfect stroller now? It just might be. Let’s take a look.

The City Select Lux is a reversible seat stroller with 20 seat combinations (instead of 16) and an ability to take two infant car seats, two fulls size seats, or two bassinets. You can even transport three kids by adding a stroller board. There is also a new jump seat that you can use instead of the main seat for your older child. It turns Lux into a sit-n-stand type of stroller adding 4 more seating arrangements.

The fold is easier and more compact comparing to the previous one. I like how the seat folds in half protecting the inside of the seat from dirt and damage. Before, it was exposed collecting all the dust. You can fold the stroller with both seat attached. And, they’ve added an automatic lock!

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