Stokke Xplory V5 Stroller Review

The Stokke Xplory V5 is a luxury stroller that has a unique frame design that doesn’t look like any other stroller. Aside from the stylish look, its main feature is the ability to adjust the seat seat up and down the frame bringing your baby closer to you.

I really like that feature because being close to your baby promotes better bonding and reinforces sense of security. You can not only adjust the seat, but also the handle bar which makes it perfect for much taller and much shorter parents.

Xplory V5 is made for parents who live in an urban environment and need a stroller for flat surfaces like going to the mall or walking around on the sidewalk. It doesn’t do well on rougher terrain. This stroller is definitely a showstopper! If you don’t like a lot of attention, it is not for you.

The Xplory V5 also features large canopy with mesh panel, reversible roomy seat, adjustable handle bar, and flip-flop friendly brake. Just like in Bugaboo all the action pieces are in white so you can easily figure out how to adjust things. Very convenient. The seat is designed to use from 6 month and up to 45 lbs. There is a carrycot option in case you want to remove the seat and convert it into a pram. You can also replace the seat with a car seat by purchasing a car seat adapter. This stroller is not light weighing at 27 lbs with the seat/carrycot.

If you want your baby to have these pair of wheels, prepare your wallet! Stokke Xplory V5 is one of the MOST expensive strollers on today’s market. You can get it for around $1,129. The stroller includes the frame, seat, bumper bar, storage bag, bug net, and rain cover. There is no cup included. All other accessories have to be purchase separately.

I gave it only 3 out of 5 stars because aside from a hefty price tag and lack of included accessories, I didn’t like the multiple-piece bulky fold, lack of storage, non-swing away bumper bar that needs to be removed all the time and no ‘sleep’ position recline in front facing mode of the seat.

But, my main problem is the flat-surface wheels. I think for that price you should have good size wheels and suspension that can tackle some of the terrain. The ride gets very bumpy if you get of the flat surface. This wouldn’t work for me because I like to take long walks at the park where the trails can get rough. Also, the canopy and the foot rest could use some improvement.

While I really do like the design, I think it’s expensive, not practical and has much less features than other less expensive strollers. I would rather get it’s main competition Bugaboo Cameleon which has great wheels, adjustable suspension, large basket, swing-away bumper bar, weighs only 21 lbs (comparing to Xplory at 27lbs. right?) and comes with a matching bassinet.

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4Moms Origami Stroller Review

4moms_origami24Moms Origami is the MOST high-tech stroller on the market. It is packed with unique tech features like power folding, phone charger, and pathway lights. To fold or unfold it, you literally just push a button and the stroller does the rest! How cool is that? I also really like the phone-charging ability because I am always on the phone when I go for a walk and it dies very often. LOL. I know, I talk a lot.

The Origami is truly a showstopper especially at night when the pathlights and running lights turned on. Prepare to get a LOT of attention with this stroller! It’s designed for kids from 6 months and up to 40 lbs. If you want to use it from birth, you can replace the seat with a car seat or a bassinet (sold separately).

Origami is definitely designed for urban lifestyle, but on-the-go parents will find it very heavy for traveling and not very convenient for running errands. Grocery shopping will also be difficult since there is no basket. A nice walk around the neighborhood to show off your expensive buggy that’s what it is for. It rolls on four wheels with 6″ wheels in the front and 9″ wheels in the back. The all-wheel suspension will absorb some of the bumps if you decide to tackle some mommy terrain like grass or mulch. But keep in mind, this is not an all-terrain stroller.

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Quinny Moodd Stroller Review

quinny_moodd1The Quinny Moodd is a modern luxury stroller that has a unique frame and seat design. It reminds me of a cool office chair with an egg-shaped seat. LOL. This stroller is definitely a head turner! I was lucky to test the Moodd by Britto model and in real life it looks like an amazing piece of art and not a stroller. The frame and the bumper bar are all covered with bright colorful design making it stand out from the crowd. :)

Aside from sleek design, it has a reversible seat, adjustable foot rest, telescoping handle bar, double parking brake, and one-hand recline. It has easy fold and one-touch AUTOMATIC unfolding! Very innovative and inspiring. The maneuverability on the Moodd is amazing. With 12″ rear wheels and 7″ front wheel, this buggy can easily handle grass, mulch or gravel with no problems.

The Moodd is a 3-in-1 travel system that can accommodate a child from birth and up to 50 lbs.  You can turn it into a travel system by removing the seat and replacing it with an infant car seat or turn it into a pram by replacing it with a carrycot/bassinet (sold separately). 

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