NEW! Cybex Priam 3 2019 Stroller Review

The Cybex Priam 3 2019 stroller is one of my favorite luxury models. It offers modern functionality, superior comfort and luxe style while still meeting all the challenges that today’s parents face.

For 2019 Cybex came out with this stunning rose gold frame, faux leather accents, and beautiful fashions. You can customize your Cybex Priam 3 stroller by choosing the finish of the frame and the seat color combination. The black fabrics with the rose gold frame finish is probably my favorite combination.

Speaking about customization, the previous Priam model had lot more customization options available that some parents found overwhelming. Before you could choose not only the color of the fabrics and finish of your frame, but also the size of the wheels and type of the seat.

It looks like for 2019, Cybex decided to simplify the model by offering only one type of wheels and one type of the seat.

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NEW! Cybex Balios S 2019 Stroller Review

Every time I test a stroller I always try to improve it in my mind getting it closer to that perfect model. Occasionally I dream of designing my own model thinking what features from what strollers I would take and what style I would use.

As you probably know from my reviews, I am a very practical person who doesn’t want to compromise on style. I do like fashion and I do like brand things.

I would rather have one great stroller instead of 5 cheap strollers for every occasion. That being said, I think I finally found the PERFECT full size stroller. Yes, I am talking about Cybex Balios S! This is an all-terrain reversible-seat stroller that has an one-hand compact fold and it weighs only 24 lbs.

The combination of the large wheels and all-wheel suspension provide a smooth ride. You can easily push it with one hand.

It’s great for long walks at the park, city streets or grocery shopping. You can also turn this baby into a stylish pram by replacing the seat with a carry cot or a travel system by replacing the seat with an infant car seat. It also features huge canopy, adjustable handle bar, extra large basket, adjustable leg rest, flip-flop-friendly brake, and adjustable handle bar.

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Cybex Eezy S Twist 2018 Stroller Review

The Eezy S Twist is a new lightweight stroller from Cybex with unique rotating seat and super compact fold. It’s designed for on-the-go parents who like to run errands and travel.

Navigating crowded city streets and tight spaces will be a breeze since the Eezy S Twist has a very narrow frame of only 18″ wide. This also allows it to have a compact one-hand fold that is close to a very popular carry-on compliant Babyzen Yoyo+ model. Now, I am not sure if Eezy S Twist is small enough to be on board. You will have to check with the airlines.

To reverse the seat all you need to do is twist it without disconnecting it from the frame. You can even have your child in the seat while doing so.

While weighing only 13 lbs, Eezy S Twist is car seat compatible and can be turned into a travel system with Cybex and GB car seats. The almost-flat recline allows for comfortable long naps and quick diaper changes.

For your newborn you can also get a newborn nest that goes right into the reclined seat. Despite the light weight, the stroller can accommodate a child up to 55 lbs.

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NEW! 2019 Cybex Mios 2 Stroller Review

Since there are not a lot of lightweight reversible seat strollers on the market, I was very excited to see a new Cybex Mios 2 model. A little brother to the Cybex Priam model, Mios 2 is a luxury lightweight stroller with a reversible seat and compact fold. It weighs only 19 lbs, but can also turn into a travel system or even a pram!

The retro-modern design together with a maximum functionality create a statement piece that is ideal for modern parents. The narrow frame of only 19.7″ and small foot print make it perfect for navigating busy city streets and tight spaces.

I was really impress not only by the sleek look, but also by great features like: huge expendable canopy that goes all the way down pass the bumper bar, the adjustable leather-like handle bar, all-wheels suspension, roomy basket, adjustable leg rest, flip-flop-friendly brake, swing-away leather-like bumper bar, and compact fold with auto-lock.

But, the best feature of Mios 2 is a reversible very roomy seat. It has one-hand lever recline that goes to a flat position suitable from birth and up to 55 lbs. It means you can put your NEWBORN right into the seat avoiding unnecessary car seat time (it’s not recommended to keep your newborn for more than 2 hours a day in the car seat).


Pros Cons
Reversible Seat X Expensive
Light Weight X Works only w/ Cybex and GB Car Seats
Compact One-hand Fold  
Large Canopy
Deep Flat Recline
All-Wheel Suspension
Adjustable Leg Rest  
Adjustable Handlebar  
Bassinet Option  
Travel System Option  


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Of course I gave Mios 2 5 out of 5 stars because I think this is one of the best lightweight strollers on today’s market. The Cybex Mios 2 is a huge competition for Bugaboo Bee which is also a luxury reversible-seat lightweight stroller. If I had to choose between the two, I would diffidently go with Mios 2 because it has more compact fold, much higher weight capacity of 55 lbs (vs 37.5 lbs), easier to access basket, flip-flop-friendly brake, mesh seat back, bumper bar, and better canopy.

I also like the look of the Mios 2 much more than Bee 5 which reminds me of a wheelchair. LOL.The back of the seat and the legrest are made out of breathable mesh that is perfect for hot weather. We all know how easy little kids start to sweat and how important good air circulation is. Of courses there is a seat liner you can add to the seat for the cooler days.


Of course, this luxury buggy comes at a luxury price. You can get Cybex Mios 2 in one of the seven beautiful colors with three different frame colors to choose from for around $649 – $820 (free shipping) depending on the color and fashion. It comes with a bumper bar only, rain cover and car seat adapters that work with Cybex and GB car seats only.

Detailed Review of Cybex Mios 2 2019 Stroller

Here is my detailed review of all the features with photos and overview video.


The canopy is really great. It has two large UVP 50+ panels plus another zipped in panel that you can expose for better coverage. You can see from the photo below that it goes pass the bumper bar. There is also a large dark mesh peekaboo window with closure without Velcro so you are not going to wake up your sleeping baby. It’s always great to have a mesh peekaboo window instead of plastic since it provides better air flow.


The seat is very roomy and should fit an older child with no problem. Firstable, the seat weight capacity is 55 lbs and it has a tall seat back and a high canopy. It measures 15″ wide with 23″ seat back and a measurement of 25″ from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. BTW, the average is around 19″ for the seat back and about 22″ for the canopy height. Plenty of room.

The seat is also reversible. All you need to do is fold the seat, unlock it, swing it around and click it back in. Of course you will need to take your child out of the seat first. LOL. The so called “memory buttons” make click-on and -off an easy task.

The seat has an one-hand lever recline that goes to a flat position suitable for a NEWBORN. Ability to put your newborn right into the seat is what all the parents want, but not many strollers have. I thing that this is a great feature for a lightweight model. If you want to put your young baby directly into the seat, I would suggest getting some kinds of infant insert. You can also replace the seat with the infant car seat or a bassinet.

Parents who leave in the warm climates will really like the removable seat liner that exposes a double mesh underneath. That’s exactly what you need on a hot summer day to avoid overheating your child. Together with the mesh in the canopy it will provide great air circulation.


It has an adjustable padded 5 point harness with a center release buckle.


The handle bar goes up and down from 38″ all the way up to 42″ from the ground. Just like the bumper bar it is covered with faux leather. To avoid tipping the stroller backwards, hang your diaper bag on the frame using stroller hooks. You can also use it to hang your water bottle, or shopping bags.


INCLUDED! It comes with a removable swing-away faux leather bumper bar that is very easy to clean. It’s also nice that you can fold the stroller with the bumper bar attached.

The leg rest is 9″ high (about average) and is adjustable.


The basket is pretty roomy comparing to other lightweight strollers. Definitely larger than on umbrella models. You will be able to fit medium-large diaper bag with no problem. Because of the frame design, it’s easier to access in the front. The access in the back is slightly narrower, but you still will be able to get into your bag.

For even more storage I would recommend getting an universal stroller organizer. That way you can take not only your coffee cup, but also a LOT of stuff including keys, phone, water, wallet, snacks, diapers, toys, and more. The amount of stuff it can fit is unbelievable.


It rolls on four hard rubber wheels with 5.9″ in the front and 6.3″ wheels in the back. The front wheels are swivel, but can be locked straight. These wheels are almost the same as on Bugaboo Bee. While Mios 2 is designed for flat surfaces you can still take it on some mommy terrain like mulch and grass. The all-wheel suspension might not be as robust as on joggers, but I definitely helps to smooth out the bumps.


It’s always nice to see a flip-flop-friendly brake. No shoe scratches!


You can fold the stroller with the seat attached facing any direction. Now, they do advertise it as an one-hand fold, but in the last step you have to bend all the way down to the grown when bringing the handle bar down and then press it to activate the auto-lock. You definitely can’t hold your child at the same time… Maybe a phone? Anyways, it does have a standing fold and an auto-lock. It does fold to a compact package of 13″L x 19.7″W x 29.6″H.


You can turn your stroller into a stylish pram by replacing the seat with a matching bassinet called Cybex Carry Cot. It features a comfortable, extra wide mattress that ensures an ergonomically correct and comfortable lying position. The integrated UVP50+ sun canopy protects from sun, wind and rain. The carry cot weighs only 8 lbs and can accommodate a child from birth and up to 20 lbs. I retails for around $259.


You can also turn your stroller into a travel system by replacing the seat with an infant car seat. The car seat adapters are included! It works Cybex and GB car seats.

Video Overview of Cybex Mios 2 Stroller

Here is a video overview.

Cybex Mios 2 Specs

Stroller weight: 19 lbs
Weight limit: 55 lbs
Folded dimensions: 13″L x 19.7″W x 29.6″H
Handle bar height: 38″ – 42″
Seat to canopy height: 25″
Front wheels: 5.9″
Rear wheels: 6.3″
Overall length: 33″
Overall width: 19.7″

Cybex Mios 2 Warranty

The Cybex has a 2-year warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner.

Cybex Mios 2 Available Colors

The Cybex Mios 2 comes in seven different fashions and two different frame colors. It also has a few beautiful fashion collections.

Where to Buy Cybex Mios 2 Stroller

You can get Cybex Mios 2 in one of the seven beautiful colors for around $649- $820 (free shipping) on It comes with a bumper bar only, rain cover and car seat adapters. You will have to purchase all other accessories separately. I would definitely get a cup holder or a parent organizer. Can’t live without a cup of coffee. LOL.

~Susan Brian

P.S. If you have any questions, leave me a comment below and I do my best to answer them as soon as I can.

Cybex Iris M-Air Stroller Review

cybex-iris-m-air1Last year Cybex made a big splash by releasing 6 new models that are perfect for everyday use. All of the these models feature one-hand compact fold, large basket, adjustable handle bar, bumper bar, all-wheel suspension, huge canopy, and bassinet option. But the best thing about this collection is that you can choose the seat, the wheels and the number of wheels you want. Cybex made sure there is a stroller for every life style.

The Cybex Iris M-Air is a reversible-seat model very similar to the Balios M, but has regular size wheels instead of all-terrain. Everything else is absolutely the same! Because of the regular size wheels, the Iris M-Air has a lighter weight and a more compact fold.

It’s great for running errands, going to the store or a shopping mall. You can easily get it in and out of the car and because of the compact fold it doesn’t take too much room in the trunk. The light weight of only 21 lbs will be easy on your back. While it’s a lightweight model, it still has the reversible seat so you can see your baby any time.

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Cybex M-Line Strollers Side-By-Side Comparison

cybex1Last year Cybex has released a new gold collection of strollers called M-Line. To be clear, there are no strollers made out of gold. LOL. This new line includes 6 models for any kinds of lifestyle. Whether you want three wheels or four, all-terrain tires or light tires, reversible seat or regular seat, Cybex got you covered! This collection is not only super stylish, but is also VERY practical.

All models have features like one-hand compact fold, flip-flop-friendly brake, large canopy, roomy seat, deep recline, adjustable handle bar, all-wheel suspension, swing-away bumper bar,automatic lock, and standing fold. So you really don’t have to compromise when choosing the right model for you.

At first, it could get confusing because all of them look very similar, but after you take a closer look, you will realize that the biggest difference is in the wheels. There are three models with all-terrain wheels and three models with the lighter everyday wheels. The other difference is in the reversible seat and the number of wheels. That’s it! All other features are the same.

I’ve also decided to post the main competition for each Cybex model in the same category.

Cybex M-Line Strollers Comparison

Features Iris M-Air Balios M Agis M-Air3 Agis M-Air4 Eternis M3 Eternis M4
 iris-m-air  balios-m  agis-m-air3  agis-m-air4  eternis-m3  eternis-m4
 21 lbs  23 lbs  17 lbs  18 lbs  19 lbs  21 lbs
 Folded 33″x 23″
x 14.5″
33″ x 23″
x 14.5″
30″ x 22.5″
x 14″
42″x 12″
x 13″
29.5″ x 23″
x 16.5″
 40″ x 23″
x 13″
55 lbs 55 lbs 55 lbs 55 lbs 55 lbs 55 lbs
Wheel type Regular All-terrain Regular Regular All-terrain All-terrain
# of Wheels  4  4  3  4  3  4
 Wheels 6″/9.5″  8″/11.5″  6″/9.5″ 6″/9.5″ 8″/ 11.5″ 8″/11.5″
Suspension All-wheel All-wheel  All-wheel All-wheel All-wheel  All-wheel
Yes Yes No No No No
Handle bar
37″ – 42″ 37″ – 42″ 37″ – 42″ 37″ – 42″ 37″ – 42″ 37″ – 42″
 Recline  Deep Deep  Flat  Flat Flat Flat
 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bassinet Option Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Canopy Large Large Large Large Large Large
22″ 22″ 26″ 26″ 26″  26″
Price $399 $469 $269 $279 $359 $369
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Cybex Iris M-Air vs Competition

All of the models below have a reversible seat and roll on four regular size wheels.

Features Cybex
Iris M-Air
Cruz 2015
Armadillo Flip
 iris-m-air  uppababy_cruz100x100  joovy_qool100x100 mamas-papas-armadillo-flip-xt-100x100
  21 lbs  22 lbs  21.5 lbs  22 lbs
Weight limit   55 lbs  50 lbs   55 lbs  50 lbs
 Folded  33″ x 23″
x 14.5″
 37″x 22.25″
x 11″
 27″ x 21.5″
x 19″
30″ x 22″
x 10″
One-hand fold  Yes  No  No  Yes
Wheel size  6″/9.5″  6.5″/8.25″  7″/9.5″ 6.5″/9″
Bumper bar  Yes  Yes   Yes  No
Bassinet option  Yes  Yes   No  Yes
Price  $399 $499  $520 $599
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Cybex Balios M vs Competition

All of the models below feature reversible seat and roll on four all-terrain wheels. I was thinking about adding Uppababy Vista, but decided not to, because one of the Vista’s main features is the ability to convert from a single mode into a double mode. Also, after 2015 changes it got much heavier and bulkier.

Features Cybex
Balios M
Cameleon 3
Nuna Mixx Mamas&
Sola2 MTX
Scoot V2
Britax Affinity
balios-m bugaboo_cameleon100x100 nuna_mixx100x100 mamas-papas-sola2-mtx-100x100 stokke_scoot_v2100x100 britax_affinity100x100
 23 lbs  21 lbs  25 lbs  22 lbs  25 lbs  25 lbs
Weight limit  55 lbs  37.5 lbs  50 lbs  50 lbs  45 lbs  55 lbs
Folded 33″ x 23″
x 14.5″
35″ x  20″
x 12″
35.5″x 23″
x 18.6″
33″x 24″
x 13″
28″ x 21.6″
x 12.6″
32″ x 24″
x 17.5″
One-hand fold  Yes  No  No  No  Yes  No
Wheel size 8″/11.5″ 6″/12″ 7″/10″ 7.5″/10″ 8″/10″ 6″/11″
Bumper bar  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  No  Yes
Bassinet option  Yes  Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes
Price $469 $1,200 $499  $479 $499 $260
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Agis M-Air3 vs Competition

Just like M-Air3, these strollers roll on three wheels, have one-hand compact fold and a light weight.

Features Cybex Agis
Baby Jogger
City Mini
 agis-m-air3  bj_citi_mini100x100  britax_b-agile100x100
 17 lbs   17 lbs  16 lbs
 Weight limit   55 lbs   50 lbs   55 lbs
 Folded  30″ x 22.5″
x 14″
 31″ x 24″
x 10″
 29″ x 23″
x 10″
 One-hand fold   Yes   Yes   Yes
 Wheel size  6″/9.5″  8″  5.5″/9.5″
Bumper bar  Yes  No  No
Bassinet option  Yes  No  No
Price  $269   $259  $250
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Cybex Agis M-Air4 vs Competition

All of the strollers below roll on four wheels, are lightweight and have a compact fold.

Features Cybex Agis
Baby Jogger
City Mini 4
B-Agile 4
 iCoo Acrobat
 agis-m-air4  bj_citi_mini_4wheel100x100  britax_b-agile4100x100 mamas-papas-armadillo-100x100 icoo-acrobat-100x100
 18 lbs   20 lbs   20 lbs   17 lbs  20 lbs
 Weight limit   55 lbs   65 lbs   55 lbs   50 lbs   50 lbs
 Folded  42″x 12″
x 13″
  30.5″ x 24″
x 9″
 29″ x 23″
x 10″
  28″ x 21.6
x 12″
 26″ x 20″
x 13″
 One-hand fold  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  No
 Wheel size   6″/9.5″  8″  6″/9″  6″/7.5″  7.5″/6″
Bumper bar   Yes   No   No   No  Yes
Bassinet option   Yes   No   No   No   No
Price   $279   $259   $250   $199   $399
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Cybex Eternis M3 vs Competition

All strollers below roll on three all-terrain wheels and have non-reversible seat.

 Features  Eternis M3 Baby Jogger
City Mini GT
Peg Perego
Book Cross
Buggy Swift
 eternis-m3  bj_citi_mini_gt100x100  peg-perego-book-cross-100x100 mountain-buggy-swift1
 19 lbs   21 lbs  22 lbs 20 lbs
 Weight limit  55 lbs   65 lbs   50 lbs
 Folded  29.5″ x 23″
x 16.5″
 31.5″ x 24.5″
x 10″
36″x 25″
x 18″
28″ x 23″
x 12″
 One-hand fold   Yes   Yes  No  Yes
 Wheel size  8″/ 11.5″  8.5″   10″ 10″
 Bumper bar  Yes   Yes  Yes Yes
Bassinet option  Yes   Yes   No Yes
Price $359  $349  $499 $449
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Cybex Eternis M4 vs Competition

All of the strollers below have all-terrain wheels and non-reversible seat.

Features  Eternis M4 Bumbleride
Indie 4
 Bob Motion
 eternis-m4  bumbleride_indie4100x100  bob_motion100x100
  21 lbs   22 lbs  23 lbs
 Weight limit   55 lbs   55 lbs  76 lbs
 Folded   40″ x 23″
x 13″
 29″ x 24.5″
x 15″
 28″ x 22″
x 11″
 One-hand fold  Yes  No  Yes
 Wheel size  8″/11.5″  8.5″/12″  7″/10″
 Bumper bar  Yes  Yes  No
 Bassinet option  Yes  Yes  No
 Price  $369  $599  $300
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~Susan Brian

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Cybex Eternis M3 All-Terrain Stroller Review

cybex-eternis-m3-1The Cybex has recently released a wide range of strollers for every kind of lifestyle. One of their all-terrain models in the new collection is Eternis M3 which rolls on three foam-filled wheels, has an one-hand compact fold and weighs only 19 lbs. This is the lightest all-terrain stroller in the Cybex M line.

Despite the low weight, it is full of great features like large canopy, adjustable handle bar, large basket, all-wheel suspension, flip-flop-friendly brake, and very roomy seat.

The seat has a deep almost flat recline suitable for a newborn and can accommodate a child up to 55 lbs. Like all M models, it can be converted into a travel system or a pram. You can remove the seat completely and use a frame only. This is a serious competition for the popular Baby Jogger City Mini GT. I think this model will be a big hit among the parents since there are not that many all-terrain stroller with an one-hand compact fold. 

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Cybex Eternis M4 All-Terrain Stroller Review

cybex-eternis-m4-7Last year Cybex has released a wide range of strollers for any lifestyle. One of their new all-terrain models is Cybex Eternis M4 which features a very compact one-hand fold and a light weight of only 21 lbs.

The Cybex Eternis M4 rolls on four never-flat foam-filled hard-rubber wheels with 8″ wheels in the front and 11.5″ wheels in the back. These wheels can handle different kinds of terrain from uneven city streets with lots of cobblestones to a countryside. The all-wheel suspension makes the ride even smoother.

Despite the light weight, it is full of great features like a large canopy with a dark mesh window, large basket, roomy seat, flip-flop-friendly brake, all-wheel suspension, adjustable handle bar, and swing-away bumper bar.

The seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 55 lbs. The one-hand compact fold with an automatic lock and standing fold make it great for travel and public transit. Just like all Cybex M models, it can be converted into a travel system or a stylish pram. You can remove the seat completely and use only the frame of the stroller. This could be your ONLY stroller.

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