🏅Mom’s Picks: Top 20 Best Strollers

I can’t believe that 2020 is here already and it’s time to post my top 20 list of best strollers again! Where did the year go?! I feel like it’s getting harder and harder each year to keep my list down to only 20 models because there are so many new brands and models that I want to share with you.

It’s always a choice between something new and exciting that haven’t been tested yet or the updated popular models that have been around for years.

I would probably go with updated oldies but goodies because for me the quality of the stroller is THE most important feature and since the model has been around for a long time there are tons of reviews from parents and the company has already worked out all the bugs.

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🏅Mom’s Picks: Top 10 Best and Safest Infant Car Seats for 2019

As you know, I usually do stroller reviews on my site. But, since I’ve been getting so many emails asking how to pick the best and safest infant car seat for each stroller, I decided to post a list of my top 10 favorite infant car seats.

When I rate a car seat, I look at crash ratings, safety features, ease of installation and overall comfort. The price is a little less important to me since you can find a safe car seat in any price range.

While ALL car seats, even the cheapest, are very safe, more than 70% of them are installed incorrectly. Can you believe it? More than 70%!!! This is a scary number. So, ease of installation is an important feature.

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Mom’s Picks: Top 20 Best Strollers for 2017

cover1-banner-300x350Each year I put together a list of top new strollers for the year so parents know what new models to expect. But this year I decided to mix it up a little and add some 2016 models too. While I did like new releases for 2017, I feel like most of the interesting models and updates have been introduced last year.

It was a hard job reducing the list to only top 20 buggies since I had to combine everything from 2016 and 2017 together. As you know, sometimes a stroller looks good on paper, but in real life the quality is just not there.

I’ve tested endless amount of strollers and read tons of reviews from parents on the available models before finalizing my list which consist of models from all categories including joggers, lightweight, full size, and convertible buggies.

BTW, here is my ‘Top 20 Best Strollers for 2018‘ post.

All of the winners below are absolutely the BEST strollers on the market right now. All of them are made out of high quality materials, very durable, and reasonably priced for the features you are getting. Keep in mind, I do concentrate on practicality a little more than style. Also, those companies that care about environment and use eco-friendly materials got extra points from me.

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Mom’s Picks: Top 25 Best New Strollers for 2016

cover2-300x350Last year many companies introduced a lot of great new models that I absolutely loved, so I thought there is no way this year could be any better. Well, I was wrong! The new strollers for 2016 absolutely blew me away! Luckily, this year I was able to attend the ABC Kids Expo 2015 and see all of the new models firsthand.

There was so much innovation and style! A lot of companies presented interesting collaborations with famous designers bringing us closer to high fashion. And you know me, I love fashion! I also saw a lot of companies using high end materials and fabrics for strollers that are usually used for luxury products.

Matching accessories are becoming more and more popular and are often included. The limited collections are a new trendy thing to do. Some of the matching diaper bags are now made out of high quality materials and might be more expensive than you regular purse!

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