NEW! Nuna Mixx 2019 Stroller Review

As you probably know, the Nuna Mixx became an instant hit as soon as it was released a few years ago. Parents loved its stylish look and amazing features like infant-ready flat recline, huge basket, reversible seat, and large all-terrain wheels. So of course when I found out I am pregnant with my son last year, I ran to buy Mixx2 since I am a huge fan of Nuna products. I’ve been using it now for over 9 months and I absolutely love it!

Although the 2019 model is very similar to the 2018, there has been some updates like: higher seat position, mesh seat back underneath the seat liner, removable seat liner, larger canopy mesh window, and new fashions.

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NEW! Nuna Tavo 2019 Stroller Review

The Nuna Tavo also known as “One Click Wonder” is a smaller brother of the Mixx model, but less expensive and more compact. While it does not have the reversible seat, it can be easily turned into a travel system with any Nuna Pipa infant car seats without any additional adapters. Just click the car seat right into the seat and you are ready to roll. BTW, Nuna Pipa car seat is one of the safest care seats on the market.

For 2019 Nuna has updated Tavo by giving it new more luxurious fashions and all-weather seat. It comes in two colors with the leatherette accented handle bar. The seat has a removable seat liner and a mesh seat back. Perfect for hot summer days. Also, Tavo used to be sold as a travel system with the infant car seat, but now you can buy it separately.

Just like the Mixx, Tavo has a very deep one-hand recline that goes to almost flat position suitable for a newborn. The roomy seat can accommodate a child up to 50 lbs. The canopy is to die for! It’s large with a pop-out sunvisor plus for the extra protection it has a hidden dream drape that will protect your child completely even with the seat fully reclined. There is a large peekaboo window with a magnetic closure and a zipped in mesh panel for better air circulation.

It also features adjustable leg rest, flip-flop-friendly brake, all-wheel suspension, swing-away bumper bar, adjustable handle bar and a large easy to access basket. The maneuverability is really great. It’s very easy to push with one hand. Folding and unfolding Tavo is a breeze! The stroller just collapses into itself and locks. All this goodness weighs 25 lbs which 2 lbs lighter than Mixx.

This is your standard everyday stroller that you can use for everything from long walks at the park to running errands around town. The wheels are a good size and can tackle all of the mummy terrain.

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Nuna Demi Grow 2018 Stroller Review

There are not a lot of high quality convertible strollers on the market, so I was very excited to see a new Nuna Demi Grow model. This models converts from the single into a double tandem mode with an addition of the second seat.

Since Demi Grow looks very similar to the popular UPPAbaby Vista and has a lot of similar features so I can’t help but compare them throughout my review. And this is going to be a long review… Sorry guys, but there are a lot of features to cover.

The Demi Grow is a very chic and modern stroller that grows with your family. It can accommodate siblings close in age or twins. It can handle two full size seats, two bassinets, or two car seats. Both toddler seats are the same and have a weight limit of 50 lbs.

The seat has huge canopy plus a sunvisor and pull out drape. The one hand recline goes to a flat position suitable for a newborn. I like the zip off seat liner that exposes a mesh seat underneath. Great for hot summer days.

There is also an adjustable leg rest, swing-away bumper bar, adjustable handle bar, easy fold, auto lock, standing fold and huge basket. It rolls on foam filled wheels that together with all-wheel suspension provide a nice ride. The basket is huge and can fit your largest diaper bag. 

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Nuna IVVI Stroller Review

nuna-ivvi-stroller31I am a big fan of the Dutch company Nuna, so I was very excited to test their all-terrain luxury IVVI stroller. This stroller really grows with your child from birth and through their toddler years. Use it as a travel system with an infant car seat or as a pram by replacing the seat with a stylish bassinet. The reversible seat can face you or the world.

It rolls on four all-terrain wheels that can handle snow, sand, or uneven pavement like a champ. I absolutely love the extendable canopy with mesh peekaboo window that will provide full coverage for your child even when the seat is fully reclined.

The telescoping handle bar will accommodate taller and shorter parents. The basket is HUGE and is easy to access. The adjustable leg rest provides more stretching room for your baby. 

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Nuna Mixx vs Stokke Scoot V2 vs 2015 UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller Comparison

all-strollers5It looks like Nuna Mixx, Stokke Scoot V2 and 2015 UPPAbaby Cruz are the most popular reversible seat strollers right now. I’ve been getting tons of emails about them asking how do they compare to each other.

Before getting into it, I want to say that all three of them are great quality strollers that can be used for everyday life like going to the grocery store, running errands or going to the park. So no matter which one you choose, I am sure you will enjoy it.

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Nuna Mixx Stroller Review

nuna-mixx13The new Nuna Mixx is a new HOT stroller in town! I’ve been getting tons of emails every day asking me to write a review. Well, here it is! More and more parents want a stylish reversible seat stroller that all-terrain wheels, large basket, is more or less compact, and is not too heavy.

Well, Nuna Mixx has all these features and then some. It is a full size stroller with a reversible seat and all-terrain wheels.

This sleek looking buggy has roomy seat, adjustable handle bar, reversible seat, very deep recline, flip-flop friendly brake, no-re-thread harness, and adjustable leg rest.

The basket is absolutely huge! You can fit two large diaper bags in it. Another feature that I really like is that you can create a bed-like environment for you child by lifting the leg rest and reclining the back of the seat absolutely flat.

Many reversible seat strollers have a ‘v’ shape seat leaving your child always in the sitting position. The seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 50 lbs. The large canopy with a pop-out sunvisor will provide your child with plenty of sun protection.

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Nuna Pepp Stroller Review

nuna-pepp-stroller2Nuna is a new Dutch company that has recently appeared on US market. Nuna Pepp is their first stroller that was introduced to US a couple of years ago.

The Pepp is a compact luxury stroller designed for running errands, traveling and public transit. Because of the small wheels, it does best on the flat surfaces, but can handle some mommy terrain like grass, mulch or uneven pavement.

You will like a roomy seat made out of plush certified Oeko-Tex® fabric. The seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 50 lbs. It also has TRAVEL SYSTEM capability and works with Nuna Pipa and Nuna Pipa Lite car seats. The adjustable leg rest will provide your younger child with more room to stretch. The adjustable handle bar is great for taller and shorter parents.

When you look at the Pepp model, right away you can notice a unique frame design and wider wheels. It looks very modern and stylish. Pepp’s main features is it’s compact flat fold that works great for small trunks and traveling.

What I really like about Nuna is that their products are made in an eco-friendly and ISO-certified factory and consists of quality materials. They try eliminate the use of toxic chemicals as much as possible. Being made by an European company is also a plus. You will be surprised, but many parents want to buy ONLY European strollers. It’s their main criteria when shopping for a stroller!

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