NEW! UPPAbaby Minu Lightweight 2019 Stroller Review

The Minu is a new lightweight compact stroller from UPPAbaby. It’s designed for on-the-go parents that like to run errands and travel.

BTW, I’ve noticed there have been a lot of new lightweight non-umbrella models on the market. Very often these models have more features and are just as compact.

The Minu is not an exception. I think it was designed to compete with Babyzen Yoyo+ Plus which is super popular especially in Europe.

While Minu has a lot of the same features as Yoyo it is not as compact (from what I can tell) and won’t fit in the overhead storage on the plane. But, there are a lot of other great things parents will love.

It features a very roomy seat with a deep recline that can accommodate a child from 3 months and up to 50 lbs. If you have a newborn you can convert it into a travel system by replacing the seat with an infant car seat or by converting it into a pram by replacing the seat with a birth kit. It works with Mesa and Maxi-Cosi car seats. 

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NEW! UPPAbaby Vista 2019 Stroller Review

The UPPAbaby Vista is one of the MOST popular strollers on today’s market. Parents love its ability to grow with the family from birth to toddler years. It goes from: 1) the bassinet mode 2) to a travel system mode 3) to a single stroller mode and finally 4) to a double mode with an addition of a second seat. You can even add a stroller board for an older child!

As you probably know, Vista got some updates in 2017 including narrower frame, better tires, lighter weight, new accessories, improved sunshade, leather accents, and new colors.

For 2018 there has been only a few minor updates and new colors. The bassinet is a littler longer now so it can accommodate a larger child, the front wheels are now made out of the same material as the rear, the handle bar and the bumper bar on all the Vista models have genuine leather cover (before it was only on some colors).

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UPPAbaby G-Lite 2018 Stroller Review

The UPPAbaby G-Lite 2018 is a light umbrella stroller that is a smaller and lighter version of the G-Luxe model. Weighing only 11 lbs, it’s perfect for running errands and public transit.

The narrow frame allows you easily navigate in narrow store aisles and small spaces. It’s very easy to push even with a heavy child in the seat.

It rolls on 4.7″ double plastic wheels that can tackle some of the mommy terrain like grass or mulch. While the all-wheel suspension absorbs some of the bumps, G-Lite is clearly designed for flat surfaces.

It has a roomy mesh seat that sits at a slight angle. For 2018 they’ve added a small zipper recline, but you still have to use it from 6 months. Honestly, I was very surprised to see a high 55 lbs weight limit. It should take you through all the toddler years without a problem. BTW, there is NO TRAVEL SYSTEM option which I didn’t expect to see on 11 lbs stroller.

The large basket underneath the seat (for an umbrella model) can fit a medium size diaper bag. Of course I wouldn’t go grocery shopping with it, but you can fit all of the baby essentials (up to 10 lbs).

I was also able to attach an organizer to the handle bars for small essentials and a cup holder. BTW, the cup holder is included, but it fills more secure and easier to access my coffee from the organizer. Anyways, if you take a 55 lbs child and add another 10 lbs for the stuff in the basket, this baby can carry a lot of stuff! Great for a day at the park when you are just too tired to carry all that crap. LOL.

Another feature that a love in G-Lite is a large updated UPF 50+ canopy with pop-out sunvisor. Because the canopy is not attached to the back of the seat, you can bring it forward making sure your child is shielded from every angle.

I gave it 5 out of 5 stars because although it has a very small recline, it’s a high quality umbrella stroller that is very inexpensive. You can get 2018 model in two colors for around $199. It comes with a cup holder.

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UPPAbaby G-Luxe 2018 Stroller Review

The UPPAbaby G-Luxe 2018 is a luxury umbrella stroller that is very light and compact. For 2018 it has been completely redesigned.

Now it has more robust sturdier frame with a plastic leg rest in the front making it much easier for your child to climb into the seat. Before, there was just a rubber leg rest that didn’t offer much support.

The canopy now has three panels with pop-out sunvisor instead of one panel. It looks a little more modern while providing the same great coverage.

The wheels are now made out of rubber and have slightly changed in size. The front wheels are single now and are 5.5″ while the rear wheels are still double and are 5.7″. Not a big difference there.

They’ve also updated the brake to two flip-flop-friendly pedals. No more shoe scratches! The basket stayed the same size, but is now easier to access from the back. They’ve moved the shoulder strap to the side so it doesn’t get in the way when you are trying to get into the basket.

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UPPAbaby Cruz 2018 Stroller Review

Another popular model from UPPAbaby is Cruz. While having a lot of  the features of the full size stroller, it’s lighter, has smaller footprint, and a more compact fold. This model is somewhere in between a Vista and G-Luxe. On one hand it has a reversible roomy seat with a large canopy like Vista model, but on the other hand the wheels are much smaller.

The good news is that while you will definitely need to buy a lighter stroller if you have Vista, with Cruz model it could be your ONLY stroller.

The Cruz got a lot of small updates in 2017 like:

  • like higher quality fabric on a sunshade,
  • improved material of the pop-out sunvisor,
  • the sunvisor locking better in place when you bring it up and down,
  • the solid polyurethane wheels instead of hard rubber,
  • real leather option for handlebar and bumper bar,
  • new auto lock or you can call it ‘folding clasp’ that holds stroller together once it’s folded

For 2018 they’ve only added real weather handle bar and bumper bar to all of the colors and added new colors. That’s it. Everything else stayed the same.

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UPPAbaby G-Link 2016 Double Stroller Review

uppababy-glink-stroller1The new G-Link 2016 is the first double umbrella model from UPPAbaby. This model is very similar to popular G-Luxe 2015, but is designed as a double.

The great thing about G-Link is that it can comfortably accommodate older toddlers as well as newborns. For a toddler the seat is very roomy with a canopy height of 26″.

At the same time, it has a very deep one-hand recline for a newborn and adjustable leg rest. In addition it comes with infant head inserts and snap-on mesh foot barriers for traveling from birth. While it does NOT have a travel system option, the seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 50 lbs.

It also features a great canopy with a very large pop-out sunvisor, large peekaboo windows with closure, 5-point harness, lockable front wheels, large baskets, and easy compact fold. It weighs only 24.5 lbs and is only 30″ wide so you should be able fit through any doorway. The compact width is a huge plus if you live in the city where store ales are very narrow and elevators are tight. Surprisingly, the seat width didn’t suffer so both of your kids will be comfortable.

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Top Convertible Strollers Side-by-Side Comparison

reversible-seat-strollersConvertible strollers can be used in a single or double mode. If you are having your first child and planning on heaving a second one in the next three years, buying convertible stroller can save you a lot of money.

You can use it as a single with the first child and convert it into a double by adding a 2nd seat. Once the first child gets older and doesn’t need a stroller any more, you can remove the 2nd seat converting it into a single stroller again. Very convenient!

Keep in mind, convertible strollers weigh a few pounds more in a single mode because the base of the stroller needs to be larger and heavier to be able to hold two full loaded seats. That being said, I wouldn’t buy a convertible stroller if you are not sure about the second child. Now, if you are having twins, you definitely need one.

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2015 UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller Review

uppababy-cruz-2015-1As you all know for 2015 UPPAbaby has updated its line of strollers. While 2015 Vista got a whole face lift, the Cruz got new larger rear wheels and now comes with included bumper bar. That’s all. Everything else stayed the same. The whole UPPAbaby line of strollers have new pretty colors to choose from.

The Cruz is full of great features like reversible seat, deep one-hand recline, large canopy with a big pop-out sunvisor, x-large basket, adjustable padded 5-point harness, adjustable leg rest, adjustable handle bar, flip-flop friendly brake, and all-wheel suspension. Despite the larger wheels, the weight stayed the same at 22 lbs. I don’t know how they did it.

The Cruz is a great stroller for urban lifestyle. The x-large basket is perfect for grocery shopping. The narrow frame (22″ wide) allows you to fit through tight doorways, down narrow aisles, along crowded city sidewalks and rocky garden paths with ease. The all-wheel suspension and AirGo wheels mimic the cushioned ride of air filled tires providing your child with a smooth ride.

The deep almost flat recline can accommodate a child from birth and up to 50 lbs. For a newborn you can transform it into a pram by replacing the seat with bassinet (sold separately) or you can turn it into a travel system by replacing the seat with an infant car seat. The UPPAbaby Mesa car seat plugs right into the Cruz without any adapters. It’s a great car seat btw.

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