BOB Ironman Stroller Reivew

bob_ironman_strollerBOB Ironman is a lean, mean running machine. LOL. This stroller is designed for serious joggers who are training for long-distance events. BOB Ironman has been selected to be the OFFICIAL stroller of the Ironman Triathlon which is a long-distance race that is organized by the World Triathlon Corporation and held in Hawaii. Do I need to say more?

This is not for those of us who want to lose some baby weight (count me in :)). If you are thinking, hm… maybe I should start running like those moms I saw in the park… Nope. Not for you. If you are a runner, you know you are a runner. This is not an everyday stroller that you can take to the mall or walking on the trails. It is a hard core running and jogging stroller. BOB Ironman has large 16″ aluminum wheels that will go over any uneven road providing a smooth ride. The fixed front wheel maintains stability at all times during jogging.It has thin jogging tires that are NOT your all-terrain go-through-anything tires. They are designed for even pavement or hard back surfaces. It weighs only 23 lbs and can hold a child up to 70 lbs. I read multiple reviews on this stroller and for some reason the weight is wrong in most all of them. This stroller is full of safety features like 5 point harness, hand brake, and wrist strap. It also has a double option called ‘Duallie’.

I gave this stroller 5 out of 5 stars because it is one of the best jogging strollers on the market. Except for a few minor things like no adjustable handle bar and no automatic lock this stroller is absolutely perfect. You can get it online for around $419 on Amazon (free shipping/free returns and no tax).

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-Huge canopy. It has a huge full sun protection canopy with a large peekaboo window. I like when canopies are large, because my daughter Sophia is very fussy about sun getting into her eyes. This canopy solves that problem. A large peekaboo window allows me to see her and she can always look at me and give me one of her ‘I love u’ smiles. Makes my heart melt. *Sigh*


-Handle bar. Unfortunately, this handle bar is NOT adjustable. It’s located 40 ” from the ground. If you are much shorter or taller, it might be a problem. The handle is covered with padded foamy material. Some parents complain about foam getting wet from the sweat and losing its grip.

-Padded seat. The seat is very roomy. It’s 15″ wide and 23″ high from the back of the seat to the canopy. There is a huge difference in a padding from a previous model. The bottom and the back of the seat are nicely padded. It has an additional detachable back support on the seat to make sure your little one is comfy. Before, there was no padding! Take a look at the photo of a 2006 model for comparison.  To recline the seat, pull two straps on both sides. It is 70° recline, it does NOT go flat. So you can only put your baby into the stroller starting from 8 weeks for non-jogging use and 8 months for jogging use. If you want to use this stroller from birth, you can buy a car seat adapter and turn it into a travel system. The seat is made out of water resistant material that is very easy to clean.


-5 Point harness. Of course it has adjustable 5 point harness with padded straps and center release button. Before, there was no padding on the straps.


-More storage. There are two mesh pockets on both sides of the seat for snacks or toys.

-Back pocket. There is a big mesh pocket on the back of the seat that you can use to store your cell phone, keys and a wallet. Unfortunately, there is no parent counsel, but you can purchase it separately.


-Wrist strap. It has a wrist strap attached to the handle bar. It provides security in case the stroller gets away from you while you are running. Previous model had a longer strap that was attached to the bottom of the stroller. This one is much shorter and attached to the handle bar. I am no sure what the idea is behind it. If you run and fall, you will pull down the stroller. I think, attaching it the bottom was safer.


-Basket. It has a large storage basket underneath the seat that can be accessed from the back or sides. Jogging strollers usually have much smaller baskets than this one. You can probably fit a medium size diaper bag in this one.


-Wheels. The 16″ air filled tires and lightweight alloy wheels make the stroller glide. The back and the front wheel are the same size. The tires are thin, they are not your all-terrain thick tires. These are more like bicycle tires. You can get a flat, but it can be easily fixed by replacing a tubing inside. The front wheel is fixed making it difficult go shopping with this stroller.


-Suspension system. An adjustable suspension system has two positions. First position is for children up to 40 lb.The second position is for child from 41 lb up to 70 lb. This state-of-the-art suspension system adjusts to a heavier child allowing for more shock absorption.


-Hand brake. This is a great feature for joggers. If you are running down the hill and need to slow down, this hand brake is irreplaceable.


-Parking brake. It is very easy to reach and can be pushed down with one foot. It’s not flip-flop friendly.


-Easy fold. Like all other BOB strollers, this is a two-step fold. You will need to use both hands to fold it. It is a big stroller that weighs 23 lb and is 25.5″L x 41″W x 18″H when folded. Also, it does NOT have an automatic lock when folded. You will need to put it on the ground and manually lock it by using a clip that is attached to the wrist strap. This stroller will not stand on its own when folded. Oh, my poor back.


-No automatic lock. The manual lock is a step up, because before there was no lock at all. But, I wish it was automatic.

-Non-adjustable handle bar. As with all BOB strollers, they don’t have an adjustable handle. I hope BOB makes a note and fix it for the next release.

-Two-step fold. There are a lot of strollers that have one-step fold and they advertise it as a main feature. I think to make this stroller absolutely perfect, BOB should make it one-step fold.

-Bulky. This is a jogging stroller with a fix front wheel, so it is big. Since most of the jogging strollers are big and bulky it’s expected. It would be nice of course if it was more compact. To make it smaller, you can remove the rear wheels before loading it into the trunk.

Video Review

BabyGizmo gave BOB Ironman Stroller highest score.. I love BabyGizmo reviews. They are always very accurate and detailed. Enjoy!


Stroller weight: 23 lbs
Weight limit: 70 lbs
Folded dimensions: 41″L x 25.5″W x 18″H
Handle bar height: 40″
Seat to canopy height:  23″
Width (from the back): 25.5″
Overall Length: 50″

Available colors

This stroller comes in two colors: yellow and navy.


I found a great comparison chart of all BOB strollers that is very easy to use.


These accessories also work with other BOB models. You can purchase separately: car seat adapter, snack tray, adult console (this is a must have), weather shield, fleece seat liner, and travel bag (fits any single bob stroller).

Where to buy it

My favorite place to buy strollers and a lot of other baby items is Amazon. It usually has the lowest prices, free shipping, free returns and no sales tax. How great is that? You can get BOB Ironman in one of the two beautiful colors for around $419 on Amazon (free shipping/free return and no sales tax).

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