BOB Sport Utility Stroller Review


Is your stroller holding you back? Do you want to run off-road on a dirt trail? Well, then BOB Sport Utility is a stroller for you!

It’s designed for active parents who like to take it off-road in an all-terrain environment. The 1″ knobby tires with thick treads, grab the road providing increased traction and toughness.

If you want to go trail running, you can be sure your little passenger won’t know the difference thanks to BOB’s famous adjustable suspension system. This stroller can be compared to a mountain bike.

It will smoothly go over the rocks, roots, and uneven terrain. It has a fixed front wheel that provides great stability when the trail gets bumpy.

High-strength lightweight frame makes this stroller light yet durable. It weighs only 26 lbs and can hold a child up to 70 lbs. This stroller is for serious off-the-road joggers/runners who want to stay active and adventurous.

This is not your everyday shopping stroller. If you want to take your jogging stroller to the store, then BOB Revolution or Motion model would be a better choice because it has a swiveling front wheel.


I gave it 5 out of 5 stars because like all BOB strollers it has all the bells and whistles you need in a jogger. The only two things I would add are an automatic lock and an adjustable handlebar. Other than that, it’s a great stroller.

I know it can get confusing with all the BOB models. Remember, the only difference between BOB’s jogging strollers is the wheels. Everything else is pretty much the same.

They all have large canopies, an adjustable suspension system, a nicely padded seat, and plenty of storage. You can find this model for around $399.

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Like all BOB strollers, it has a great oversized canopy with a large viewing window that allows you to keep an eye on your child at all times. This is one of the biggest canopies on the market. It has multiple positions and goes far down shading your little one from the sun.



It has a single non-adjustable handlebar located 40″ from the ground.

It has a short wrist strap that is attached to the handlebar for extra security in case the stroller runs away from you while you are jogging. But, if you fall, I think it will pull the stroller down so be careful.


The previous model had a longer strap attached to the bottom of the stroller which made more sense. That way, if you fall, it will stop the stroller.



The seat has been improved a lot. BOB added a lot of padding to the back and the bottom of the seat. It reclines down to 70° from vertical, all you need to do is adjust two straps on both sides of the seat.

It doesn’t go flat, so you will need to get an infant car seat adapter if you want to use this stroller from birth. You can put your baby into the seat starting from 8 weeks for non-jogging use and 8 months for jogging use.

The material is very durable and easy to clean. As you can see from the photo below, there is also a detachable padding for the back.

To store your keys, wallet, and cell phone, use a mesh pocket on the back of the seat. Since this stroller doesn’t come with an adult console, you will need this pocket.

Adult consoles can be purchased separately for about $30. There are also two mesh pockets on both sides of the seat for snack and toy storage.



It has a 5-point padded harness with a center release button.


underneath. Most joggers have a small basket. Not this one. You can fit a medium size diaper bag with no problems.



It has high-impact polymer composite wheels and 16 x 2-inch thick “knobby” mountain bike-style tires. The front wheel is permanently locked for more stability.

It also features an adjustable suspension system. Love it! It has two positions for the heavier and lighter child. Use looser suspension for more weight and stiffer suspension for lighter children.

This suspension system together with knobby tires provides an exceptionally smooth ride over rough terrain no matter what your child’s weight is.



The parking brake is located between the rear wheels and can be easily activated by a foot. It’s not flip-flop-friendly.

The hand brake is a nice additional safety feature. The BOB Ironman model also has a hand brake.


It’s a two-step fold and you will need to use both hands. There is NO automatic lock. You will need to lock it manually using a clip attached to the wrist strap.

High-strength yet lightweight aluminum frame makes this stroller very convenient for travel and storage. It is 41″L x 25″W x 18″H folded and weighs 26 lbs. This stroller is kind of bulky, but to make it more compact, you can easily remove the rear wheels.



Since this stroller is very similar to the other BOB models, it has the same cons.

-No automatic lock. The manual lock when folded is a nice improvement from NO lock but I would like to see an automatic lock for the next release.

-Doesn’t stand on its own. The fact that you have to lay it flat to lock, is giving me a backache. Also, if you live in a small apartment, you will need to put some kind of a hook in the wall so you can store it vertically.

-Handlebar. The handlebar is NOT adjustable and it is the biggest complaint about this stroller. I think it should be easy to fix for the next release.

-Bulky. I hear this complaint all the time and honestly, I don’t get it. All jogging strollers are bulky. If you are buying a jogging stroller, it should be expected. The good news is you can EASILY remove the rear tires to make it more compact.

If you want a high-quality frame, large tires, and a big canopy, it will take up some room in your trunk.


Stroller weight: 26 lbs
Weight limit: 70 lbs
Folded dimensions: 41″L x 25″W x 18″H
Handlebar height: 40″
Seat to canopy height: 23″
Overall length: 50″
Overall width: 25″

Available colors

It comes in 2 colors: bright blue and orange (my favorite color).



It does have a 5-year limited warranty on the frame of the stroller and 1 year on small parts and fabric.


These accessories also work with other BOB models. You can purchase separately the following things: car seat adapter, snack tray, adult console (this is a must-have), weather shield, fleece seat liner, and travel bag (fits any single bob stroller).

Where to buy it

You can get BOB Sport Utility in one of the two beautiful colors for around $399.

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