Peg Perego Pliko Mini Twin 2016 Stroller Review

pliko-mini-twin21The Pliko Mini Twin 2016 is the new double side-by-side umbrella stroller from Peg Perego presented at the ABC Kids Expo 2015. For those of you who don’t know, Peg Perego is an Italian company that has been making strollers since 1949.

The Pliko Mini Twin model is the lightest twin stroller in the Peg Perego family. It weighs only 24 lbs and can accommodate twins or siblings close in age. This is a compact model with adjustable handle bars that is designed for running errands, going to the park and traveling. The fold is very easy and can be done with just one hand. The carry handle on the side makes it easy to transport when folded.

Both roomy seats have deep one-hand reclines that goes to almost a flat position suitable for a newborn. The seats can accommodate a child from birth and up to 45 lbs. It does NOT have a travel system option. Individually adjustable leg rests provide babies with more stretching room. 

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Peg Perego Book Cross 2016 Stroller Review


The Book Cross is a new all-terrain stroller from Peg Perego. The Cross model designed for active parents who like to spend whole days outdoors. This model is a serious competition for the popular City Mini GT because it is also lightweight for an all-terrain (only 22 lbs), and has an one-hand fold.

It rolls on three large puncture proof tires that together with all-wheel suspension provide a smooth ride even over uneven terrain. You will also enjoy a large canopy with a peekaboo window, adjustable handle bar with a hand brake, easy to access large basket, and adjustable leg rest.

The deep recline goes to almost flat position perfect for a newborn. The seat is VERY roomy and will accommodate a taller toddler without a problem.

Another great feature of Cross is ability to turn into a travel system with Primo Viaggio infant car seat or a pram with Navetta XL and Navetta Pop-up bassinets. The Book Cross has a lot of great things going on that City Mini GT doesn’t have.

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Peg Perego Book Pop-Up Stroller Review

peg-perego-book-pop-up18After seeing the success of UppaBaby Vista stroller that has a reversible seat and a matching bassinet, Peg Perego decided to release the  Book Pop-up model. This is a luxury stroller that has reversible seat and comes with a matching bassinet. It’s designed for everyday life like running errands, going the to mall and to the park. The wheels are NOT all-terrain, but will handle some so called ‘mommy terrain’ like grass, mulch or uneven pavement. The polyurethane airless tires with ball bearings and all-wheel suspension create a smooth ride and make the wheels turn on a dime. This is a truly one-hand stroller with great venerability.

The fold stayed the same as in Book and Book Plus models. I will do comparison between the models later, but they have a lot of the same features. The Book Pop-Up is a little more luxurious than other models. It has a leather handle bar and a leather bumper bar. The basket is huge and very accessible even with the seat fully reclined. The canopy is humongous! It goes down all the way to the leg rest shielding your child completely. It also features adjustable handle bar, adjustable leg rest, automatic lock, standing fold, and 5 point harness. The stroller weighs 23.7 lbs which is a great weight for a reversible seat model.

You can convert Book Pop-up into a pram by replacing the seat with an included bassinet or convert it into a travel system by replacing it with an infant car seat. There is no additional adapters needed if you are using Peg Perego Viaggio Infant Car Seat. The included bassinet is very cool. It has a large canopy with a dark mesh panel, adjustable head rest inside with three positions, curved outside bottom for back and forth rocking and a removable cover. It can be used as free standing bassinet at home and even has a compact fold.

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Peg Perego Vela Easy Drive Stroller Review

peg_perego_vela2Peg Perego Vela Easy Drive is a lightweight stroller that is designed for running errands, quick trips to the store, and traveling. It has a good size canopy, large wheels and a big basket. It is very easy to navigate and maneuver with one hand. The roomy seat can accommodate a child from 6 months and up to 45 lbs and you can also convert it to a travel system by using Peg Perego car seat. Parents with back problems, like me, will be happy to know that it weighs only 15.8 lbs.

The large wheels and all-wheel suspension helps a little (but very little) to smooth out the bumps. It is an EASY DRIVE, but only if you stay on the flat surface. It is not all-terrain stroller and it doesn’t handle uneven pavement, grass or mulch that well. It is ok for a short 15 min walk in the park, but not anything longer than that. After a while (about 20 min), I usually get tired of pushing it.

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Peg Perego Book Plus Stroller Review

peg_perego_book_plus1When I saw Peg Perego Book Plus for the first time, it blew me away! It is a new generation stroller that has a reversible seat, large basket and a canopy to die for. The canopy is so big, that it goes all the way down to a foot rest covering your child completely!

The seat has a totally flat recline making it great for newborn. What I really love is that if you lift the foot rest and completely recline the seat, you can create a bassinet environment for your baby by using an INCLUDED foot muff. You don’t even need to get a bassinet! You can also turn it into a travel system be replacing the seat with an infant car seat. There is also a bassinet option for parents who want a pram.

Another important feature of Book Plus is an easy ONE-HAND FOLD. Everybody loves the way City Mini and B-Agile folds. Who want’s to bend down to the ground to fold it? Well, Book Plus has the same type of fold. It folds like a book! LOL. You can have a child in one hand and fold it with the other. It weighs 22 lbs, which is an average weight for a reversible-seat stroller with so many features.

The big wheels and all-wheel suspension help to smooth out the bumps. You can take this stroller for a walk in the park, grocery store, or doctor’s appointment. The maneuverability is great! You can easily navigate the store by pushing it with one hand. Although it is not an all-terrain stroller, the wheels are big enough (7″ and 10″) to handle grass, playground mulch or uneven pavement. It is very practical stroller that will grow with your baby. You can use it from birth and up to 45 lbs.

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