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peg_perego_book_plus1When I saw Peg Perego Book Plus for the first time, it blew me away! It is a new generation stroller that has a reversible seat, large basket and a canopy to die for. The canopy is so big, that it goes all the way down to a foot rest covering your child completely!

The seat has a totally flat recline making it great for newborn. What I really love is that if you lift the foot rest and completely recline the seat, you can create a bassinet environment for your baby by using an INCLUDED foot muff. You don’t even need to get a bassinet! You can also turn it into a travel system be replacing the seat with an infant car seat. There is also a bassinet option for parents who want a pram.

Another important feature of Book Plus is an easy ONE-HAND FOLD. Everybody loves the way City Mini and B-Agile folds. Who want’s to bend down to the ground to fold it? Well, Book Plus has the same type of fold. It folds like a book! LOL. You can have a child in one hand and fold it with the other. It weighs 22 lbs, which is an average weight for a reversible-seat stroller with so many features.

The big wheels and all-wheel suspension help to smooth out the bumps. You can take this stroller for a walk in the park, grocery store, or doctor’s appointment. The maneuverability is great! You can easily navigate the store by pushing it with one hand. Although it is not an all-terrain stroller, the wheels are big enough (7″ and 10″) to handle grass, playground mulch or uneven pavement. It is very practical stroller that will grow with your baby. You can use it from birth and up to 45 lbs.

I gave Book Plus 5 out of 5 starts because it seams like Peg Perego thought about everything in Book Plus. There are only a few minor things I would change: make a peekaboo window larger and add a closure, add padding to the harness, and increase the canopy height. Like all high quality strollers Book Plus is not cheap. The price range from $449 – $490 on Amazon (free shipping/free returns and no sales tax). The price depends on the color. The good news is that it comes with bunch of accessories like: foot muff, cup holder, bumper bar, and rain cover.

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-Amazing canopy. This is one of the best canopies I’ve seen. It is not only huge, but it also goes down to the leg rest! It will provide your child with a FULL sun coverage no matter what angle the sun is shining from. Small babies can be covered completely with there legs.


It has a small see-through plastic peekaboo window that does not have a closure. I wish there would be a magnetic closure. The canopy also has a zipper in the back that you can unzip to create a ‘floating’ canopy.


-Reversible seat. It is 12″ wide and 21″ high  from the bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy. It’s not as high as some of the other strollers, but your 3-year old should fit just fine. The one-hand lever operated recline offers four positions including a flat one.

It’s designed to accommodate a child from birth and up to 45 lbs. The included foot muff will help you create a cozy bassinet-like environment for a newborn (Peg Perego calls is a ‘carriage mode’). You can also use it as a travel system by purchasing a car seat adapter.

One of the main features of the Book Plus is that it has a reversible seat. Swing the seat around and your child will be facing you.


-5 point harness. It has an adjustable non-padded 5 point harness with a center release button in the middle.




-Adjustable handle bar. It is a foam covered handle bar that adjusts from 34″ up to 42″ from the ground. There is a convenient grip in the middle for convenient one-hand steering. Love it! I always have something in the other hand like a cell phone or a drink …usually glass of wine… just kidding… it’s JUST a cup of coffee. LOL… Wine… I wish! Those days are so over…. So push stroller with one hand most of the time.


-Cup holder. INCLUDED! That’s where I put my glass of wine. LOL. Anyways, it’s removable and will fit a regular bottle of water.

-Adjustable foot rest. It goes all the way up allowing small babies to stretch their legs. It has a long leg drop of 14″ (that is very long comparing to other strollers).


-Huge basket. The basket is not only large, but also easily accessible even with the seat fully reclined. You can fit two large diaper bags. Great for grocery shopping.


-Wheels. It has four hard rubber wheels with 7″ front wheels and 10″ rear wheels. The front wheels are 360 degree swivel wheels that can be locked straight for more stability. I really like that the wheels are the maximum size for strollers in it’s class.

-All-wheel suspension. The suspension system will help to absorb some of the pumps and make the ride a little smoother.

-Parking brake. There is foot parking pedal located in the back. It can be easily locked in place with one step. It is NOT flip-flop friendly.

-One-hand fold. The fold is great! It is one-hand one-step fold that works with the seat attached even if it’s facing the other direction or seat removed. All you need to do is to pull on the strap located in the back of the seat. And that’s it! The Book Plus will fold just like a book! There is an automatic lock and it stands on it’s own. And, you can wheel it behind you when folded like luggage which makes it very convenient if you are going to the airport.


-Bumper bar. INCLUDED! It is a swing away bumper bar that can be easily removed.

-Foot muff. INCLUDED! I absolutely love that you can use this foot muff to create a bassinet like environment for smaller babies! It attaches to the bumper bar and has a pocket for keeping hands of your child warm (I would like to see those kids who would put their hands in the pocket and sit that way).


-Rain cover. INCLUDED! One less item to buy.


-Travel System option. You can turn it into a travel system by replacing the seat with an infant car seat. The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat can be attached to the frame with no additional adapters. It also works with most popular car seats like:


  • Maxi Cosi Prezi
  • Maxi Cosi Mico
  • Cybex Aton
  • Cybex Aton 2
  • Nuna Pipa




-Peekaboo window. I wish there was a magnetic closure on the peekaboo window and it would be nice to have a dark mesh.

-Harness. I wish it was padded. I think this is an easy fix.

-Canopy height. The canopy height is only 21″ which is on the lower side comparing to other stroller. I would like to see at least 25″. Like many others I have a very tall child.

Video Review

I found this great video review Book Plus by BabyGizmo.

I also found this great video by Peg Perego.


Stroller weight: 22 lbs
Weight limit: 45 lbs
Folded dimensions: 32.16″L x 18″H x 23.75″W
Handle bar height: 34″ – 42″
Seat to canopy height: 21″
Front wheels: 7″
Rear wheels: 10″
Overall length: 39.5″
Overall width: 24″


Peg Perego has 1 year warranty on the frame of the stroller and 90 days on fabric from the day of purchase. Here is more information on the warranty.

Available colors

For 2013 Book Plus is available in six colors: pois black, pois grey, flamenco (red and black), fucsia (pink and black), mentha (green and gray), stone (gray and black).



Book Plus has accessories like bassinet ($250), child’s tray ($30), everyday bag, new toddler lightweight seat, seat cushion ($80) Ouch!, mosquito net ($31), and diaper bag.

Where to buy it

My favorite place to buy strollers and a lot of other baby items is Amazon. It usually has the lowest prices, free shipping, free returns and no sales tax. How great is that? You can get Book Plus in one of the six beautiful colors for $449 – $490 on Amazon (free shipping/free returns and no sales tax). This is a great price since it’s sold for around $500 on most other sites.

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~Susan Brian

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5 thoughts on “Peg Perego Book Plus Stroller Review”

  1. Hi Susan,
    I was interested in getting the Peg Perego Book Plus stroller. Do the compatible car seats (besides the Peg Perego Viaggio) need an adapter to fit onto stroller?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Susan,
    Sorry I hit send too soon! I also wanted to see which car seat would you recommend that is compatible with Peg Perego Book Plus stroller that is a good value for price that is around $200, is easy to transfer i.e. Weight & attach/remove, as well as durability, safety & life.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi Susan,
    Thank you so much for those amazing reviews, they are beyond helpful. I am torn between the Peg Perego Book Plus and the Mamas and Papas Armadillo Flip XT. I am looking for something compact, relatively lightweight, suitable for new born, has reversible seat, travel system and would live for 4 years or so without the need to buy another stroller. I like the fact that the Peg perego has the bumper bar and cup holder but was wondering if, with comparison to Armadillo Flip XT, is considered bulkier or heavier? I don’t know I should go for which to be honest, your recommendation here would be much appreciated :)

  4. Sorry I forgot to add the Bumbleride Indie 4 to the comparison and I forgot to add that the one hand easy fold is also another feature that I would like to have. Awaiting your kind feedback.

    Thanks again.

  5. HI, I would strongly advise you not to buy a Peg Perego stroller. I have a book pop up, I was pulling the stroller up some stairs outside a friends and the entire seat of the stroller fell backwards with my baby inside, it was terrifying, I caught him in time, when I looked at it later I saw some screws that attached the seat to the chasis had come loose. I sent the stroller back to peg perego in Italy and they refused to cover the cost of repairs instead charging m 104euro. I was so disappointed that after a near fatal accident they weren’t doing their best to help!
    The foot rest also came loose and they just send me screws to fix it instead of just doing it whilst the stroller was in Italy.
    Poor quality and awful customer service.


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