Stroller Reviews By Real Mom

Looking for a stroller? Don’t know which one to choose? With so many great strollers on the market, choosing the perfect one can be overwhelming especially if you are a first-time parent. After having my baby girl Sophia, I spent MONTHS researching strollers before finding the one I like. It’s very hard to find one stroller that has everything and most parents will tell you that you need at least two: a heavier one for rough terrain and a lighter one for running errands.

Since young children spend a lot of time in the stroller, they need more features like padded seat, deep recline, adjustable foot rest, large canopy and etc., that tend to make a stroller heavier (and more expensive). Once they start walking, it is hard to keep them in their seat :), so you can get a lighter and more compact one.

When I started my search, I really thought I can find  the PERFECT stroller … Why spend all this money buying multiple? Now, I think that you CAN find a perfect stroller for a specific purpose. One for jogging, another one for running errands, a third one for public transit and etc.

Top 5 Full Size Strollers for 2013

Wondering what full size strollers are the BEST for 2013? When reviewing strollers, I look at three main criteria: features, weight, and price. Even if the stroller has every possible feature in the world, but weighs a ton and costs an arm and a leg, I wouldn’t buy it because I don’t want to break the bank nor my back. LOL. So, I think there should be a good balance between all the great features, weight and how much all of this goodness costs. To make it easier for you, I put together a list of 5 great full size strollers. If you buy any of the strollers below, you won’t be sorry. All of them, have received the highest reviews from me and other parents.

1. Bumbleride Indie


This is my favorite stroller by far. It has everything a great jogging stroller should have like HUGE canopy, adjustable foot rest, adjustable handle bar, deep recline, large easy to access basket and easy fold. The seat is made out of bamboo-nylon eco-friendly fabric that is very easy to wash. The air filled all-terrain tires can tackle any terrain providing a smooth ride. Weighing ONLY 20 lbs, this is the lightest jogging stroller that is full of luxury features. My daughter Sophia absolutely loves it! Read my full review to see why »

2. Britax B-Agile


This is a lightweight stroller that has all of the features of a regular stroller. It looks exactly like my favorite City Mini, but is even better. I know, it’s hard to believe. Parents love it for its huge canopy, roomy seat, large basket, and all-wheel suspension. It weighs ONLY 16 lbs and has that amazing one-hand fold. You can totally have your child in one hand and fold the stroller with the other. And the price is just RIGHT! Read my full review »

3. Peg Perego Book Plus


This is a great addition to the Peg Perego family. This stroller won my heart with its amazing large canopy, adjustable foot rest, all-wheel suspension, adjustable handle bar, roomy seat that has one hand recline, and reversible seat. It weighs only 22 lbs (very low for a reversible seat stroller) and has that easy one-hand fold that we all like. It comes with a footmuff that can create a bassinet like environment for the newborn. Read my full review »

4. Baby Jogger City Mini GT


This is an upgraded version of City Mini. It has amazing huge canopy with two peekaboo windows (it’s that big!), adjustable handle bar, forever-air tires, roomy padded seat, hand brake, and my favorite easy one-hand fold. The maneuverability on GT is FANTASTIC. It is really a one-hand stroller. Weighing only 21 lbs, GT has all the features of a luxury stroller for a reasonable price. Read my full review »

5. UPPAbaby Vista


This is one of the COOLEST looking strollers that comes with a matching bassinet that allows you to turn it into a fashionable pram. LOV it! Other great features are: reversible seat, adjustable foot rest, telescoping handle bar, large basket, great canopy with hidden sunvisor, forever wheels with all wheel suspension and easy fold. It also has an option of adding a rumble seat for a second child. This luxury stroller weighs only 25 lbs (not bad for a reversible seat stroller) but comes at a high price. Read my full review »

How did I choose my stroller

I am very on-the-go mom who likes to go places rather than staying at home. At first, my goal was to buy one good stroller with all-terrain wheels, large canopy, nice size basket, not too big, not too heavy that could be also transformed into a travel system. I was not sure if I would be jogging with it (since I’ve never jogged before. LOL), but I wanted a stroller that I can take to the park, mall, or grocery shopping. After months of research, I stopped on Bumbleride Indie which I absolutely LOVE! It has so many great features and weighs only 20 lbs.

Unfortunatelly, for the first year my baby Sophia had a LOT of doctor appointments, so I had to go from one doctor’s office to another (not happy times). When all the doctor appointments started, I realized I need a lighter and smaller stroller with a lot of features (it’s hard to fit a large one into the doctor’s office), so I bought Peg Perego Vela Easy Drive for the quick ins and outs.

The Vela Easy Drive is just OK. It has a deep upright seat, child’s tray, large basket, and weighs only 16 lbs. Sophia feels very comfortable in it, she likes to sit upright holding the tray looking so important. LOL. The canopy is a good size, but I wish it would go down a little more. There were a lot of complaints from parents about the wheels, so I wasn’t going to buy it, but I saw it at Marshalls for only $90 and the wheels rolled fine when I tested. If I could go back with more money, I would’ve gotten something like B-Agile. It also weighs only 16 lbs, but on top of all the amazing features it has that easy one-hand fold that I wish Vela had. Once Sophia is walking, I am planning on getting an umbrella stroller that I can carry on my shoulder.

I think the most INSPIRATIONAL stroller is by far 4Moms Origami. It has amazing high-tech features that are so unique. Although Origami is not very practical, it’s probably the most interesting and modern looking stroller. I feel that it gives us a glimpse of the future. Our kids will probably have strollers with built in tv/internet, ipod, cell phone charger, headlights, and navigation system pushed by a robot. LOL.

~Susan Brian