Nuna Mixx Stroller Review

As you probably know, the Nuna Mixx became an instant hit as soon as it was released a few years ago. Parents loved its stylish look and amazing features like an infant-ready flat recline, huge basket, reversible seat, and large all-terrain wheels.

So of course when I found out I was pregnant with my son last year, I ran to buy Mixx2 since I am a huge fan of Nuna products. I’ve been using it now for over 9 months and I absolutely love it!

Although the previous model is very similar to the latest one, there have been some updates: higher seat position, mesh seat back underneath the seat liner, removable seat liner, larger canopy mesh window, and new fashions.

Just like the Mixx2, Mixx 2019 also has a hand-sewn vegan leather handlebar, dark matte frame, chrome-accented black wheels which look soooo sleek, and the UPF 50+ canopy with a double quilted stitch work underneath. The fabrics have been also upgraded to the hand-picked tweed textiles blend.

Other features include an adjustable leg rest, one-hand true-flat recline, adjustable handlebar, swing-away bumper bar, flip-flop-friendly brake, and a large basket. The fold is easy and compact.

The foam-filled all-terrain wheels together with all-wheel suspension provide a very smooth ride. The maneuverability is outstanding! All these updates slightly increased the weight of the stroller from 25 lbs to 27 lbs.

There is a bassinet option. It connects directly to the frame without any adapters. The lack of a bassinet was one of the biggest complaints from parents. This buggy can also transform into a travel system with a color-matching Pipa car seat (sold separately).

The Nuna has also finally added some accessories so now you can get a child tray, cup holder, footmuff, and travel bag. Lack of accessories was another complaint.


Reversible SeatWorks only w/ Nuna and Maxi Cosi Car Seats
Large CanopyX Bulky
Large BasketX Heavy
Deep Flat ReclineX Bassinet comes only in black
All-Terrain Wheels 
Adjustable Leg Rest 
Adjustable Handlebar 
Flip-flop-friendly brake
Travel System Option 
Bassinet Option 


I gave it 5 out of 5 stars because I was very impressed with all the upgrades and I think this might be my FAVORITE stroller for this year. I love the bassinet option and Pipa is one of my favorite car seats. The dark color of the frame and the wheels gives it a modern look that all parents want.

It pretty much has everything on my list and there is nothing bad I can say about it. Can you believe it? In fact, I like it so much it has made it to my ‘Top 20 Best Strollers‘ list three years in a row. The only thing I would like to see is the ability to work with other car seat brands. That’s it!


The Mixx by itself retails for around $649 and comes with a bumper bar, rain cover, and car seat adapter for Nuna Pipa which is one of the best car seats on the market. You can also get a bassinet.

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Detailed Review of Nuna Mixx Stroller


The expandable UPF 50+ canopy has two large panels and a pop-out sunvisor that could be tucked away if not needed. For this year they made one of the panels mesh and added a cover for it.

To make it even bigger you can expose a third zipped-in panel which features a mesh window on both sides. There is also a medium size mesh peekaboo window on top of the canopy, so the air circulation should be great even on the hottest summer day.

The peekaboo window has a magnetic closure (instead of noisy Velcro that can wake up your sleeping baby). It also has a double quilted stitch work inside of the canopy to make it even fancier. This canopy is one of the best on the market. It provides full coverage from the sunlight and has plenty of mesh for the air to get in. LOVE it!


The telescoping handlebar has 3 different positions and goes from 38″ to 42″ from the ground. The cool thing about the handlebar is that it’s covered now with hand-sewn vegan leather instead of rubber. I also like that ‘nuna’ logo imprint.

Now, some parents complained that it doesn’t have an easy curb pop, meaning it takes some effort to lift the front wheels. But, I think it is a plus because you don’t want your stroller to tip back easily, especially with that flat recline.

Also, most parents like to hang heavy diaper bags off the handlebar (I do!), and that alone can tip the stroller back.


The seat is 11.5″ wide with a 19.5″ seat back and a measurement of 22″ from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy.  The reversible seat has a one-hand lever recline (my fav recline type) with 5 different positions including a true-flat one suitable for a newborn.

I like that you can lift the leg rest and recline the back of the seat creating a bassinet-like environment so your child can take a long nap. Very convenient for quick diaper changes too.

The seat is suitable from birth and up to 50 lbs. Of course, I always recommend getting an infant insert before putting your newborn directly into the seat. To reverse the seat, grab two handles on the sides and push on the built-in buttons, swing the seat around, and pop it right back in.

Now your child can face you. Super easy! It has the same recline positions in both modes. BTW, the seat is very upright in the most upright position.

The Mixx features an all-weather seat that has a removable seat liner and a mesh seat back that will keep your child cool and comfortable during hot weather. Since I had my baby last year, I got the previous model that didn’t have that mesh seat back.

Why didn’t they do it before?! Darn it! Anyways, the seat fabric is made out of eco-friendly bamboo material that is free of any harmful substances.

The INCLUDED swing-away bumper bar is covered now with hand-sewn vegan leather instead of the fabric. Easily removable.

The adjustable legrest has 3 different positions. To adjust the leg rest, all you need to do is press two buttons on each side and lift it up. While the adjustable leg rest is not really needed for an older child, it’s a great feature to have for a baby.

It’s just not that comfortable sleeping with your legs dangling down. So the ability to fully recline the seat and lift up the leg rest for a full stretch is always high on my list.

Even if your baby is not sleeping, it’s nice to have an extra room to stretch their little legs. I also like that the footrest area has an easy-to-clean fabric.


This adjustable no-re-thread padded 5-point harness can be converted to a 3-point harness as your child gets older. The crutch pad protects the little one from scratches.


Shopaholics will absolutely love this huge basket. You can fit it all! LOL. When my daughter was younger, I often didn’t want to put her into the dirty shopping cart seat.

Even with the seat cover, it wasn’t as comfortable as the stroller’s seat. So, I would just shopp with the stroller and load up the basket underneath. It can fit a LOT of groceries.


It rolls on four foam-filled hard-rubber wheels with 10″ wheels in the back and 7.5″ wheels in the front. Foam-filled means you will never get a flat and don’t need the air pump. The front wheels are swivel but can be locked straight.

The wheels have been updated and now are black with chrome accents. Sleek! This all-terrain stroller can handle a lot of different surfaces including mulch, grass, and uneven city streets.

While these tires might not be air-filled like many true-all-terrain tires are, I still think they are more than enough for everyday life. And since UPPAbaby advertises Vista as an all-terrain stroller with very similar wheels, I am sticking with it.

The maneuverability is great and you can easily steer it with one hand. The All-wheel suspension absorbs some of the bumps making the ride much smoother.


The single parking brake between the rear wheels has color indicators and is flip-flop friendly. No shoe scratches!


The fold is pretty easy and compact for a reversible seat stroller and it folds right with the seat attached. The frame collapses very easily activating an automatic lock. The folded dimensions are 16″H x 23.2″W x  35.8″L. To make it more compact you can remove the wheels. You can also roll it behind you like a piece of luggage.


You can easily convert Mixx into a travel system by replacing the seat with a color-matching Nuna PIPA car seat  (sold separately) which is one of the best car seats on the market. 

You can also use it with Maxi Cosi car seats (although they don’t officially say it on their website). BTW, it now comes with infant car seat ring adapters for the Nuna PIPA car seat.


Love, love, love this bassinet! The bassinet is one of my favorites because it’s not only stylish but also very practical. It easily connects to the Mixx frame without any adapters. Just like the handlebar and the bumper bar of the Mixx stroller, the carry handle of the bassinet is covered with hand-sewn vegan leather.

The oversized UPF 50+ canopy with pop-out sunvisor has a ‘dream drape’ inside of the canopy that you can expose to provide your baby with complete sun protection. There is also a hidden mesh in the canopy that provides great air circulation.

The small storage pocket at the end of the bassinet is very useful for smaller items. When not needed the bassinet can be folded down flat and put away. You can use it as an extra sleeping place for your baby at home. You can get it separately for around $179.

Now, I know that some parents might think that this is a waste of money since you will be only using it for the first 6 months. But, I think it’s a great investment because your child shouldn’t be in a car seat for longer than 2 HOURS in 24 24-hour period. 

This is because when a baby is in a semi-upright position for a prolonged period of time it can result in a strain on the baby’s still-developing spine and restricted airflow to the baby’s lungs. The chance of this can increase if a baby falls asleep with their head flopped forward.

So, if you are planning on taking your child for a long walk where he would fall asleep, it would be much safer to use a bassinet. Another benefit of using a bassinet is that it has taller sides so your child can safely roll into his belly which is not possible if he is secured by a harness in a car seat or a stroller seat (even with a flat recline).

I also like how taller sides protect my baby from the wind (great for children born during winter months).

Sometimes when my son has a problem falling asleep during naptime, I would put him into the bassinet, attach it to the stroller, and take him on the deck where I would rock him to sleep while reading a book. Then, I can just leave him there and go cook dinner. This is a lifesaver!



It comes with a rain cover, bumper bar, and ring car seat adapter. It’s nice to have a rain cover, but honestly, in all my years of strolling, I’ve never had to use one.

Recent Updates

  • No storage pocket. There used to be a small storage pocket in the back of the seat where I used to put my phone, keys, and baby bottle. It’s sad that they decided to move it.
  • Higher seat position. The seat sits slightly higher than on the previous model.
  • All-seasons seat. For this year they’ve added a mesh to the back of the seat underneath the removable liner. As you know, babies get hot very quickly so this is a great feature for hot summer days.

    The mesh seat allows for the air to flow keeping your baby cool and comfortable. The machine washable liner is removable and is made out of eco-friendly materials.
  • Canopy mesh. There was plenty of mesh before, but they decided to make one of the canopy panels out of mesh. It comes with a cover. Now it has a mesh peekaboo window, mesh side widows, mesh seat, and mesh canopy panel.
  • New fashions. It comes in three styles: caviar, granite, and birch.
  • Weight increase. All these updates increased the weight of the stroller to 27 lbs.

Video Overview of Nuna Mixx Stroller

Here is a helpful video overview.

Nuna Mixx Specs

Stroller weight: 25 lbs
Weight limit: 50 lbs
Folded dimensions: 18.6″H x 23.2″W x  35.5″L
Handlebar height: 38″ – 42″
Seat to canopy height: 27″
Front wheels: 7″
Rear  wheels: 10″
Overall length: 34″
Overall width: 23″

Nuna Mixx Warranty

Nuna provides a 2-year warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner. 

Nuna Mixx Stroller Available Colors

The Nuna Mixx comes in three colors: caviar, birch, granite.

Where to Buy Nuna Mixx Stroller

You can get Nuna Mixx right now for around $649 and comes with a rain cover, car seat adapters, and a bumper bar. You can also get the whole travel system with a Nuna Pipa car seat for around $899.

The great news is that there are a bunch of accessories available for purchase. You can get a child tray, cup holder, footmuff, and travel bag. There is also a bassinet option.

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  1. This is what I want to get!!! Thanks for reinforcing that I made the right choice. It’s so hard to get it (if at all) here in Canada. Looks like I may have to cross the border to get it. :(

  2. Hi Katrina. Haha! What wouldn’t we do for our kids. But on a serious note, I am putting together my top stroller list for 2017 right now and this one will be probably at the very top.

  3. I was planning on purchasing the Nuna Tavo but now this review came out and I am torn. Is there a huge difference other than the reversible seat and bassinet option? How important are those 2 factors?

  4. My son was born a little over a year ago in Dec 2015, and this was a stroller I really wanted to get, but I didn’t because there was no included bassinet. I ended up with the bugaboo chameleon that I got from a Nordstrom sale, but with all these new upgrades for 2017 strollers, I wish I could go back in time! I love this one and the new upgrades to the look of the uppababy cruz! if these were around just a year ago that would have been awesome!

  5. Hi Rita. That’s the only difference really. Of course the style is different, but the weight, fold size and the wheels are very similar.

  6. Do you know whether Nuna would release another version of Mixx in 2017 without the bassinet? My baby is already 4 months now and may not fit in ( or no longer need) the bassinet now but I really like all of its feature, I wonder if the price would go down without the bassinet?

    If not, could Cybex Priam a better choice since it can be used as a high chair in a restaurant?

  7. Hi Joyce. They are releasing new Mixx 2 without bassinet! I wouldn’t say that Priam is better. It has differnt design and style. Which one do you like more?

  8. Hi Katrin,

    I like Priam’s high chair feature as well as its fabric and great maneuverability , do you think Mixx2 is comparable except it doesn’t have the highchair feature? (And whether you think the highchair feature is important?)

    Am I correct mixx2 is lighter?

    I’m also wondering whether Nuna has upgraded mixx2’s tires or they just changed the look? I heard the 2016 Mixx has some tire issues which would make noise. I’m a bit worried mixx2 is gonna have the same issue if they only upgraded the look.

    Your comment is appreciated.

  9. HI,

    I notice that Nuna also comes with Nuna Mixx2. What is the main difference between the Nuna Mixx Jett with the Nuna Mixx2?


  10. Thanks for the in depth review! I’ve spent a lot of time looking a the MIxx and am very close to purchasing. Only thing that’s holding me back is I’ve heard some complaints that wheels on the original model are very squeaky. Do you know if that’s something which has been addressed in the Mixx II?

    Thank you!

  11. What do you recommend between the vista 2017 and the nuna mixx jett? They both seem pretty good. We’re having a little bit of trouble finding reviews regarding the long term quality of the nuna (wear and tear), and the quality of the customer service

  12. Can you tell me if there are any changes between the Nuna mixx 2 Jett collection and the Nuna mixx Jett Collection? I ordered the Nuna mixx 2 Jett collection and received the first Nuna Mixx Jett collection and I am told there where no changes, because the original Nuna Mixx Jett collection already came wirh all the upgrades of the Nuna Mixx 2. Thank you!

  13. Hi Katrin,
    We have the original mixx, do you know if Nuna will offer the bassinet for individual sale, that would be compatible for future little ones?

  14. Hi, does anyone know at what age my baby will no longer fit in this stroller? I can’t decide if I should purchase it or not. The price is high and the quality is great, but if she will only be in it for a couple years, I’m not sure that I should get it. Any suggestions?

  15. Hi!! We received our Mixx2 system with bassinet and are wondering if there are any bassinet stands that are compatible? We are expecting our first child in August. Our friends swear by the Mixx and Pipa products! Thanks!

  16. I own the mixx however I can’t find a strolled organizer that can strap onto the handle bars correctly. Any suggestions on a brand of organizer (something with storage for cell phone, wallet, cup holder) that can mount on well.

  17. We really like the Mixx.. I also like the maxi cosi car seats. You mentioned earlier that maxi cosi car seats fit with the nuna mixx. I have tried to find adapters but don’t seem to be able to. Where can I find these adapters? Or does it fit on the adapters that come with the Mixx? If anyone knows I would very much appreciate it. Thanks

  18. Hi! I am also debating between the Uppababy and the Nuna Mixx. Have you noticed the frame of the Nuna scratcing easily?

  19. Nuna customer service is fantastic. My folding lock broke off. They sent me a brand new frame promptly and free of charge. My friend has a similar positive experience with her Nuna item.

  20. We have the 2015 Mixx and i’d Love a toddler board. There is not an official one that we know of. Has anyone found one that can be made to work?

  21. Is the Jett Collection grey fabric on the outside or black? It’s hard to tell. I know the Caviar is black but Jett also looks black on the outside of the canopy etc.


  22. No. You can only use the Pipa infant line with the Mixx2 stroller (adapters to fit many other infant car seats). No convertible seats will ever fit a stroller.

  23. Hi
    I was wondering if Nuna Mixx 2 stroller would fit Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat?


  24. Is there a difference between a 2017 Nuna Mixx2 vs. 2018 Nuna Mixx2? Basically if someone is selling and they bought a 2017 version would it be any different than another person who bought the 2018 one?


  25. Hi! Although the seat can be reclined for infant, you mention that you still recommend getting an infant insert (assuming you mean a bassinet). What is your reasoning behind this? Do you feel the full seat recline is not comfortable/safe for the baby? I plan to have a bassinet in my room, unrelated to stroller so I am not inclined to have a stroller with a specific bassinet (which can only be used for a few months anyway!)

  26. I’m curious how Maxi-Cosi infant seats fit into the new 2019 Mixx. I didn’t know they could attach to a ring adapter! I am in love with the Mixx but find the Pipa difficult to carry, so this would help me a lot! Are you sure the Maxi-Cosi are compatible? Thanks!

  27. The updates this year sound great! I am super bummed to have missed out on the mesh seat—we just started using the seat with our 2018 mixx2 and it’s way too hot. Do you know if the new mesh seat cover can be used on the mixx2? Thanks for the review!

  28. Question: is the sitting angle on nuna mixx is little slanted ? Will it push the baby outwards putting pressure on groine because of the harness ?

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