Cybex Priam 3 Stroller Review

The Cybex Priam 3 stroller is one of my favorite luxury models. It offers modern functionality, superior comfort, and luxe style while still meeting all the challenges that today’s parents face

This year Cybex came out with this stunning rose gold frame, faux leather accents, and beautiful fashions. You can customize your Cybex Priam 3 stroller by choosing the finish of the frame and the seat color combination. The black fabric with the rose gold frame finish is probably my favorite combination.

Speaking about customization, the previous Priam model had a lot more customization options available that some parents found overwhelming. Before you could choose not only the color of the fabrics and finish of your frame, but also the size of the wheels and type of the seat.

It looks like for this year, Cybex decided to simplify the model by offering only one type of wheel and one type of seat.


Reversible SeatX Expensive
Large CanopyX Bulky
Large BasketX Heavy
Deep ReclineX Works only w/ Cybex Car Seats
All-Terrain WheelsX No Auto Lock
Adjustable Leg Rest 
Adjustable Handlebar 


I gave this buggy 5 out of 5 stars because I was very impressed with the design and performance. It’s full of great features like a huge canopy that goes down to the bumper bar, adjustable leg rest, flip-flop-friendly brake, huge basket, telescoping handlebar, swing-away bumper bar, easy one-hand fold, standing fold, and never-flat tires.

The maneuverability of Priam is outstanding! You can push it easily with one hand even fully loaded. It rolls on all-terrain wheels that together with all-wheel suspension can tackle different types of terrain while providing a smooth ride. Perfect for long walks in the park or busy city streets. It can even transform into a two-wheel mode for bumpy terrain like sand or snow.

The roomy reversible seat has a one-hand deep almost flat recline suitable for 3 months. The seat on the Priam 3 is positioned slightly higher on the frame than on a regular stroller.

It aligns perfectly with the average table height so you can use it as a high chair in restaurants. And, of course, you can replace the seat with an infant car seat transforming it into a travel system, or with a bassinet transforming it into a stylish pram.

As with any stroller, there are some things that could be improved. The fold is a little bulky in my opinion. Also, there is no manual or automatic lock for the frame. Another thing I would like to see is more storage. Maybe a small pocket in the back of the seat. The weight with the seat attached has increased and is now 28 lbs which is on a heavier side.


So, how much is Cybex Priam 3? As you’ve probably guessed, this buggy is not cheap. The price ranges from $999 – $1,049 depending on the color combination you select. It comes with infant car seat adapters for Cybex car seat, a bumper bar, a cup holder, and a rain cover.

There are also many cool accessories available for purchase. One of them is the skis that you put instead of front wheels turning your buggy into a snowmobile. LOL.  shipping).

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Detailed Review of Cybex Priam 3 Stroller

Here is my detailed review of all the features with photos and overview video.


The canopy is HUGE! It includes two large panels and one zipped-in panel and goes down all the way to the bumper bar providing full coverage. A small pop-out sunvisor provides even more coverage but can be tucked away when not needed. There is also a small peekaboo window in the back with magnetic closure.


As I’ve mentioned above, there is only one seat option. The seat is reversible with a ONE-HAND lever recline that has 3 recline positions and goes to almost a flat position suitable for 3 months.

It used to be a full flat recline, but I guess they’ve changed it for this year for some reason. Another weird thing is that in Europe they still have a full recline for this model, but not in the US. Maybe they didn’t pass some sort of regulation. I am puzzled as much as you are.

Anyway, if you bring the leg rest up and fully recline the seat, your child will have a comfortable bed-like environment for a long nap. The seat has the same recline positions in parent-facing mode.

It can accommodate a child from 3 months and up to 55 lbs (5-year-olds). This roomy seat is 13″ wide with a 23″ seat back and a measurement of 25″ from the bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy. This is a tall seat back since the average is about 20″.

The adjustable legrest has 3 positions.


It has an adjustable padded 5-point harness with a center release buckle that is very easy to unlock. Love that rose gold buckle! It comes with a luxury faux leather bumper bar that is swing-away and removable.


The handlebar is covered with soft faux leather that feels SO nice when you touch it. I love luxury strollers! The telescoping handlebar can be adjusted from 39″ up to 43″ from the ground. This is a very high handlebar so tall parents should be happy.

Tip: To avoid tipping the stroller backward when the seat is fully reclined, hang your diaper bag on the frame using stroller hooks. You can also use it to hang your water bottle or shopping bags.


The basket is a great size which is important for shopaholic stay-at-home moms like me. LOL. I swear, I feel like I am always shopping! There is always something that’s missing.

The other day my daughter put her toothbrush somewhere so I had to rush to the store the next morning to get one and of course, I somehow spent $50! The basket was full of stuff and it wasn’t all toothbrushes!

Anyways, this basket is very easy to access from the back and it has a magnetic closure. If you are trying to fit a lot of stuff in, you can expand the basket by keeping it open. It will definitely fit a large diaper bag and a lot of other stuff.


This year there is only one type of wheels which are lighter than the previous model’s terrain wheels, but sturdier than the previous model’s trekking wheels. The wheels are never-flat hard rubber with 7.5″ in the front and 12″ in the back.

The front wheels are swivel but can be locked straight. The previous model used to have only a rear-wheel suspension, but it was upgraded to an all-wheel suspension in 2019. Great maneuverability!


If you have been to the beach with your stroller, you know how hard it is to drag it over the sand. Well, with Priam it will be much easier because you can easily switch it into the two-wheel mode, without having to remove the seat. This also makes it very convenient to roll up the steps.


You will love this easy one-hand fold. Folds with the seat attached. All you need to do is bring the back of the seat forward and bring the handlebar down. That’s all! I was a little surprised to learn that it does NOT have an automatic or manual lock.

This is definitely a minus. It does have a standing fold and if you unlock the wheels you can roll it behind you like a suitcase. This is a bulky package with folded dimensions of 37.4” L x 23.6” W x 15.7”.


You can use this stroller from birth with a car seat or as a pram by purchasing a bassinet. All you need to do is replace the seat with the bassinet and you have a stylish pram! I absolutely love this bassinet! It’s very high quality and stylish.

It can also be used as a carrycot so your baby will have another place to sleep at home. The UVP 50+ canopy is very large and extendable with a zipped-in panel. The super soft mattress is made out of memory foam and will give your baby a hug!


It comes with infant car seat adapters that work with Cybex car seats only. It does not work with any other popular brands. On the bright side, the Cybex car seats are one of my favorites. They are stylish, safe, and high quality. Too bad they are so expensive! Haha.


What?! If you live in a cold area or like to go to ski resorts, you can replace the front wheels with skis!  I can’t believe there is a ski option! Haha! How cool is that? I guarantee you this will be a show-stopper. I have to admit, I haven’t tried it with the skis, but it looks amazing!



It comes with infant car seat adapters for Cybex car seat, a bumper bar, a cup holder, and a rain cover. There are also many cool accessories available for purchase.

Video Overview of Cybex Priam 3 Stroller

Here is a short video overview.

Cybex Priam 3 Specs

Stroller weight: 28 lbs
Weight limit: 55 lbs
Folded dimensions: 37.4” L x 23.6” W x 15.7”
Handlebar height: 39″ – 43″
Seat to canopy height: 25″
Front wheels: 7.5″
Rear wheels: 12″
Overall length: 35″
Overall width: 23″

Cybex Priam 3 Warranty

The Cybex has a 2-year warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner.

Cybex Priam 3 Available Colors

The Cybex Priam 3 comes in 5 colors: pink, blue, black, red, and grey. There are four colors of the frame to choose from: rose gold, matte black, chrome, and chrome brown.

Where to Buy Cybex Priam 3 Stroller

You can get a Cybex Priam 3 stroller in one of the five beautiful colors for around $999 – $1,499 depending on the color. It comes with infant car seat adapters for Cybex car seat, a bumper bar, a cup holder, and a rain cover.

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