Cybex Priam Stroller Review


Cybex has recently released a new luxury stroller called Priam. This is an amazing versatile stroller that you can customize for your lifestyle.

Choose between three types of wheels: lite for city living, trekking for hybrid surfaces, or all-terrain for long walks at the park. How cool is that?

But that’s not all! You can choose between two seats: a Lux seat that has a flat recline and adjustable legrest, or a 2-in-1 seat that can convert into the bassinet.

Both seats are reversible and are located higher on the frame so you can use it as a high chair at the restaurant. The higher position on the frame also brings the baby closer to you promoting better bonding.

Both seats have a one-hand lever recline. The Lux seat is suitable from birth and up to 38 lbs, while the 2-in-1 seat can accommodate a child from 6 months and up to 38 lbs.

If you want to use the 2-In-1 sea from birth you can convert it into a bassinet or convert it into a travel system with a purchase of one of the Cybex infant car seats. There is also a bassinet/carrycot that you can purchase separately (probably if you have a Lux seat) to convert your stroller into a stylish pram.

The canopy on both seats is absolutely huge with a zipped-in panel and a peekaboo window. It goes all the way to the bumper bar providing your child with full coverage. The telescoping handlebar adjusts to the needed height.

The shopaholic moms like me will absolutely love the huge basket with magnetic closure. It also features a flip-flop-friendly brake and a rear-wheel suspension. It comes with a universal adapter that you can use with the bassinet or a Cybex car seat.

The maneuverability of Priam is outstanding! You can push it easily with one hand even fully loaded. And can we talk about design for a second? The clean lines, chrome base, leather, and wide range of gorgeous colors create a stylish modern pram that will definitely turn heads.


I gave this buggy 5 out of 5 stars because I was very impressed with the design and performance. I also really like that it can be customized for your lifestyle and there are so many accessories available for purchase.

Of course, there are some things that could be improved. You know me, I always give you the bad news too. Haha. The fold is a little bulky with the Lux seat and super bulky with the 2-in-1 seat because you have to remove it before folding the frame. Also, there is no manual or automatic lock for the frame.

As you’ve probably guessed, this buggy is not cheap. The price ranges from $1,099 – $1,499 depending on the wheels and the seat you choose. It comes with an infant car seat adapter and a bumper bar. You can purchase a cup holder separately.

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As I’ve mentioned above, there are two seat options. The canopy on both seats is HUGE! It includes two large panels and one zipped-in panel and goes down all the way to the bumper bar providing full coverage. There is also a small peekaboo window in the back which is surprising for a luxury stroller because many of them don’t have one.



Let’s talk about seats. There are two seats to choose from: The Lux Seat and the 2-in-1 Light Seat. The Lux Seat is a reversible seat with a ONE-HAND lever recline that goes to a flat position suitable for a newborn.

I really like it when ONLY the back of the seat reclines without reclining the whole seat. If you want to put your newborn right into the seat, you will need to get an infant insert for additional support.

If you bring the leg rest up and fully recline the seat, your child will have a comfortable bed-like environment for a long nap. The seat has the same recline positions in parent-facing mode. Another great feature of the Lux seat is the extra padding. The 2-in-1 seat is much simpler and does not have that padding.

It can accommodate a child from birth and up to 38 lbs (4-year-old). This roomy seat is 13″ wide with a 23″ seat back and a measurement of 25″ from the bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy. This is a tall seat back since the average is about 20″.  The Lux seat is a little heavier so your total stroller weight will be 27 lbs.



The 2-in-1 Light Seat is also reversible with a ONE-HAND lever recline. What makes it different is that you can turn it into a bassinet. Basically, it comes with one frame, but two different kits of fabrics.

For a newborn, you can use the included infant kit and make a bassinet using the frame of the seat. Once your child is older, you can replace the bassinet kit with the seat kit. You can NOT turn the seat into the bassinet on the fly like on some other strollers because there are two different sets of fabric.

Although the 2-in-1 seat has a deep recline it does NOT go to a flat position so it’s suitable from 6 months and up to 38 lbs (4-year-old). If you want to use it from birth, you will need to use it with a bassinet or replace the seat with an infant car seat.

Keep in mind, that the 2-in-1 seat has a non-adjustable leg rest and there is also no extra padding like on the Lux seat. The 2-in-1 seat is a little lighter than the Lux seat so your total stroller weight with the frame will be 25 lbs.



It has an adjustable padded 5-point harness with a center release buckle that is very easy to unlock.



The handlebar is covered with soft faux leather that feels SO nice when you touch it. I love luxury strollers! The telescoping handlebar can be adjusted from 39″ up to 43″ from the ground. This is a very high handlebar so tall parents should be happy.

To avoid tipping the stroller backward when the seat is fully reclined, hang your diaper bag on the frame using stroller hooks. You can also use it to hang your water bottle or shopping bags.

There is a run-away strap attached to the handlebar. I personally never use it, but it could be useful when you are going down the hill.



INCLUDED! This is a luxury faux leather bumper bar that is swing-away and removable.



The Lux seat has an adjustable leg rest the while 2-in-1 seat does NOT. I really like that the bottom of the legrest where the child places his feet on both seats is covered with leather-like material. This makes cleaning super easy.



The basket is a great size which is important for shopaholic stay-at-home moms like me. LOL. I swear, I feel like I am always shopping! There is always something that’s missing.

The other day my daughter put her toothbrush somewhere so I had to rush to the store the next morning to get one and of course, I somehow spent $50! The basket was full of stuff and it wasn’t all toothbrushes!

Anyways, this basket is very easy to access from the back and it has a magnetic closure. The magnetic closure is a great feature that prevents things from falling off. 

If you are trying to fit a lot of stuff in, you can expand the basket by keeping it open. It will definitely fit a large diaper bag and a lot of other stuff.

For even more storage I would recommend getting a universal stroller organizer. That way you can take not only your coffee cup, but also a LOT of stuff including keys, phone, water, wallet, snacks, diapers, toys, and more. The amount of stuff it can fit is unbelievable.



I absolutely LOVE the option to customize the wheels for your lifestyle! You can choose between lite, trekking, or all-terrain. The light wheels are perfect for flat surfaces and are mostly used in the city.

The trekking wheels are designed for hybrid surfaces. All-terrain wheels are perfect for bumpy terrain and trail walking. The wheels in the photo below are light. They are 7.5″ in the front and 12″ in the back.

The wheels are made out of never-flat hard rubber so you don’t need to worry about getting a flat. The front wheels are swivel but can be locked straight.

There is a rear-wheel suspension that helps to absorb some of the bumps making the ride smoother.



If you have a Lux seat, you can fold the stroller with the seat attached. All you need to do is bring the back of the seat forward and bring the handlebar down. That’s all! I was a little surprised to learn that it does NOT have an automatic or manual lock.

This is definitely a minus. It does have a standing fold and if you unlock the wheels you can roll it behind you like a piece of luggage.

Now, if you have a 2-In-1 seat you will need to remove it before folding the stroller. This definitely adds a step and makes the whole thing more bulky.



If you have been to the beach with your stroller, you know how hard it is to drag it over the sand. Well, with Priam it will be much easier because you can easily switch it into the two-wheel mode, without having to remove the seat. This also makes it very convenient to roll up the steps.



If you decide to go with the Lux seat but still want to have the bassinet option, you can purchase a bassinet separately. All you need to do is replace the seat with the bassinet and you have a stylish pram!

I absolutely love this bassinet! It’s very high quality and stylish. It can also be used as a carrycot so your baby will have another place to sleep at home. The UVP 50+ canopy is very large and extendable with a zipped-in panel.

The detachable handlebar is made from high-quality faux leather. The super soft mattress is made out of memory foam and will give your baby a hug!



The included adapters work with all of the Cybex car seats and bassinet. It does not work with any other popular brands. But Cybex car seats are one of my favorites. They are stylish, safe, and high quality. Too bad they are so expensive! Haha.



What?! If you live in a cold area or like to go to ski resorts, you can replace the front wheels with skis!  I can’t believe there is a ski option! Haha! How cool is that? I guarantee you this will be a show-stopper. I have to admit, I haven’t tried it with the skis but it looks amazing!



There is also a wide range of other accessories that you can get like footmuff, stroller board, bug mesh, cup holder (ye, you have to get it separately), diaper bag, or parasol.


-Bulky fold. While the fold with the Lux seat is kind of bulky, the fold with the 2-In-1 is very bulky because you have to remove the seat before folding the frame. So when they say that Priam has a one-hand fold, they mean it has a one-hand fold when you use it with a Lux seat only.

-No automatic lock. There is no lock at all even a manual one so it can open while you are trying to put it into the trunk of your car. This is very surprising since this is a luxury stroller.

-Works only with Cybex infant car seats. It comes with a universal adapter that works with all of the Cybex infant car seats and bassinet. Unfortunately, it does not work with any other popular car seats.

Lux Seat vs 2-IN-2 Seat

I know you are probably having a hard time deciding between the seats. Here is an easy comparison chart that will show you all the pros and cons for each :).

 Lux Seat2-IN-1 Seat
ReclineFlat from birthDeep from 6 months
Adjustable Leg restYesNo
Converts to BassinetNoYes
FoldFolds with a
Needs to be removed
before folding
 Stroller Weight 27 lbs25 lbs

Video Review

Here is a video review from BabyGizmo.

Here is a detailed overview of the Lux seat by Cybex.

Here is a detailed overview of the 2-in-1 seat by Cybex.


Stroller weight: 25-27 lbs
Weight limit: 38 lbs
Folded dimensions: 23″ W x 37.5″ L x 18″H
Handlebar height: 39″ – 43″
Seat to canopy height: 25″
Front wheels: 7.5″
Rear wheels: 12″
Overall length: 35″
Overall width: 23″


The Cybex has a 2-year warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner.

Available colors

The Cybex Priam comes in seven colors: black, hawaii, hot spicy, desert khaki, grape juice,  autumn gold, and true blue. There are two colors of the frame to choose from: white and black.


 Where to buy it

You can get Cybex Priam in one of the seven beautiful colors with many customization options for around $1,099 – $1,499. It comes with a bumper bar and an infant car seat adapter.

There are very limited sites that are selling Priam in the US right now. As time goes by and it becomes more available, I will link to more places.

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33 thoughts on “Cybex Priam Stroller Review”

  1. love this stroller but expensive. wondering if you.had a chance to try their cybex balios m model? If so what are the main differences you noticed?

  2. Hi there I’m needing help deciding on a stroller; I think I have it narrowed down to the uppababy Cruz; nuna mixx; or cybex balios. Can you recommend one over the other? Im wanting reversable seat, easy to recline seat, easy to steer, smooth ride able to handle a little bit of Terrain, also I’m interested in being able to attach the joovy bumprider board to one of them. Please help make this decision for me., ive been doing research for 7 months and I have 8 weeks left in this pregnancy Lol thank you!

  3. OMG I’ve been waiting for your review of the Priam for ages, thanks for posting!

    Now the killer question: Priam vs UB Vista vs Cameleon – how would you compare the three? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way the Priam and Bugaboo look, however the Vista seems like such a great practical choice, with fold lock AND mesh peekaboo window…

  4. Hi, Katrin.

    Thank you so much for the detailed review of the Cybex Priam. I’ve been eyeing this stroller since I spotted it at a local store a few weeks ago but have been waiting for a reliable review before jumping the gun on purchasing it.

    I’m torn between this stroller and the Nuna Mixx. Obviously, there is a large price difference between the Nuna Mixx and the Cybex Priam, although both are considered luxury strollers. I’m willing to spend the extra money to get the best stroller. Do you have a preference over the two and can you please tell me why? (If possible, could you do a side-by-side comparison?) Do you think the Priam warrants the much higher price for the features it offers?

    Also, what kind of wheels would you recommend on the Priam? I’m not sure whether the trekking or all-terrain wheels would be best. We live in the suburbs and there is a variety of different surfaces around. Why should trekking wheels be chosen over all-terrain wheels or vice versa? (I guess I’m kind of confused as to why someone wouldn’t choose all-terrain wheels all the time if given a choice since it’s suitable for ‘all terrains’, lol.)

    Thank you!

    p.s. I was just curious – a number of other sites list the Nuna Mixx as having all-terrain wheels but in your review of the Mixx, you say that the wheels are not quite all-terrain. Could you please elaborate? ;)

  5. Thanks for the review, Katrin!

    How would you say the Priam compares to the UP Vista and Bugaboo Cameleon 3? Trying to decide between these, and while I LOVE the looks of the Priam and Bugaboo I keep thinking that the Vista might be a more practical choice (vented peekaboo window, separate bassinet, locking fold etc).

  6. Hi Olga. Since Vista can be converted into a double stroller now, it is a more practical choice. But Priam is super stylish and screams luxury. With Priam you can also choose your wheels. Both Priam and Cameleon 3 have separate bassinet. If was thinking about practical side, I would go with Vista. If I wanted to impress my friends and other moms, I would get Priam. :)

  7. Hi, Katrin.

    Thank you for the detailed review of the Cybex Priam. I’ve been eyeing this stroller since before its release and after having had a chance recently to test it out at a local store, along with reading your review, it is a top contender for me in the stroller department.

    There is just one other stroller on my list that is giving me some pause from jumping the gun on buying the Cybex Priam, and that is the Nuna Mixx. I know you’re a fan of the Mixx – but having now tried both of them, do you like one more than the other and why? Could you possibly do a side-by-side comparison? Both are considered luxury strollers, but the Priam is much more expensive. Do you feel the expense is warranted?

    Also, if I do end up getting the Priam, I’m most likely going to get the all-terrain wheels. We live in the suburbs and I feel that getting all-terrain wheels would be best – but do you think it’ll be better to get the trekking wheels instead? (Actually, I’m a little confused as to why, if given a choice, one would choose non all-terrain wheels if all-terrain are good on ‘all terrains.’)

    One other thing: in your review of the Nuna Mixx, you say its wheels are not quite all-terrain, but close. A number of other sites list the Mixx as having all-terrain wheels. So I’m pretty confused… Could you please clarify the issue?

    I absolutely love the form and function of the Cybex Priam, but the Nuna Mixx is functional and nice to look at, too. ;) Also, the Cybex car seats seem pretty heavy compared to the Nuna Pipa…

    I’d love to hear your thoughts and would really appreciate your help in making the right decision, Katrin. Thanks so much!

  8. Katrin, thank you so much for this review! After seeing this stroller it became a huge contender in our line up. Yours has been the first review I found that really helped me make my choice :) We ended purchasing the Priam with the Lux seat and absolutely love it! when we got home and tested it out and went to fold it, I was still shocked it didn’t lock. For he money you think it would! But after lots of checking I finally found (like after 4 days haha) that it does lock manually! There is a piece of elastic that you just wrap around the brake pedal. It’s kind of a pain to get to but I’m so happy it locks! With how heavy It is, I think it’s neccesary :)

    Anyway! Thank you for such a great review and helping me choose this stroller. We love it already!

  9. Hello, Katrin! I’ve been considering the Sola 2/Sola MTX for a while before I came across the Cyber Priam. I know these two are quite different pricewise and all. I was definitely going to get the Aton Q anyway, whichever stroller I picked. But now I am a little confused. Our baby is coming on Christmas day all things well. And we have some heavy snow and cold for a couple of months here. This is probably going to stop us from long walks outside in the first couple of months. I am really concerned wether I should get the carry cot at all, but friends with babies say it’s the best decision especially with a newborn in winter time. Some even use it as a sleeping place during the day at home outside the nursery. My concern is if the 2 in 1 seat is good enough when converted as compared to the separate carry cot they offer. It looks like that’s the use of the 2in1 after all. I could not find any info on that. And also is it a huge problem that the leggiest is not extendable? Also I am a little worried about the weight, while the Sola weights about 10kg, this one is about 12kg. I wonder if the better manoeuvrability weights in favour of the Cybex in this case or 2kg is the felt difference. I would probably go out and see it in store by the end of the week, but since it’s my first baby I am a little lost on the topic and find it hard to decide which is a real problem and which is something we can live with having in mind the rest of the advantages.

  10. Hi Kremena. The 2 kg weight difference is not that big, but it all depends on the fold. The bulkier the fold the heavier it feels when you lift the stroller up even if one is lighter than the other. The Priam is not as compact as Sola MTX, but with Priam you can choose your seat and the wheels. Both strollers have great bassinet options. What features do you like about Priam the most?

  11. Hi Riley. This is a hard one. I like both of them. I like Priam for its versatility, customization, and unique frame design. The Mixx is a simpler model, but has all the features parents want. I think if you pick Priam over Mixx, you will be paying for the unique look more than extra functionality, unless you select 2in1 seat, or get a bassinet that Mixx does not have. As for the wheels, the larger the wheels the heavier and bulkier the stroller is. If you want it to be lighter and more compact choose trekking wheels. If you choose all-terrain, but you really don’t use them as much, it will get annoying getting it in and out of the car. The wheels on Mixx are pretty good size so it can handle a lot of terrain. When we are talking about all-terrain, imagine taking your stroller off road walking trails for 30 minutes. It will be a bumpy ride on Mixx. So it’s not really an all-terrain stroller. But if you go over some playgound mulch, or grass it will do great. Most all terrain wheels are air wheels (rear wheels) or made out of very thick rubber with foam inside that absorbs bumps very well.

  12. Hi Katrin,
    Any idea when the 2016 colors will be available to purchase in the U.S. I’m in love with the Manhattan Grey color way. I’m due the end of January ’16. Any insight would be helpful. I could just buy the car seat and the all terrain base (live in NYVC and the winters have been brutal) for the beginning. Please let me know. Also, does the NUNA Pippa car seat not compatible with this stroller. I like both car seats but was leaning towards the Nuna based on the weight. If it’s only compatible with cybex, I will go Aton or cloud. Let me know. Thank you!

  13. Hi Olga. All three are great strollers. Vita used to be the go to stroller for all the moms until they upgraded it in 2015 which added extra few pounds and moved Vista model into convertable (into the double) category. Priam and Cameleon are all about style. Cameleon is more modern while Priam is very classy. I really can’t say that one stroller is better than the other. It’s very personal choice depending on your lifestyle and how many kids are you going to have. If you are planning on heaving number two right away, I would go with Vista.

  14. Hi Amber. I think that all three strollers are great. Mixx and Balios have larger wheels than Cruz. Balios has the best wheels out of three because they are all-terrain. Balios also weighs only 23 lbs which is great for all-terrain stroller. The one-hand fold on Balios M is also very practical. BTW, Mixx does not have a bassinet option. But what Mixx has is a FLAT recline that Balios M and Cruz don’t have. Do you want to get a bassinet? Do you care about more functionality or looks? Which stroller do you think looks best? I personally like the look of Cruz more than others, but I think that Balios is more practical out of three because of the fold and the tires. What feature is more important for you?

  15. Hi Melissa. I am in the process of putting together a review for Balios M. It’s very practical stroller and is much simpler than Priam. But it’s all about style really. Which stroller do you see yourself pushing (without looking at the price)?

  16. Katrin, just wondering, have you had a chance to try out the Cybex Eternis or Agis strollers? I like the Eternis because it sounds lightweight but has the thicker tires. We live up a hill!

    Do you know when the Eternis is going to be on sale? Every where I look says it’s out of stock.

  17. Hi Katrin,
    I just bought the Priam with the city light wheels since that’s the only model that I could find in Dubai. What I do really need are the ‘All terrain wheels’ given that the area I plan to use this in has a pretty uneven road surface. I figured that I could just buy the all terrain wheels as an accessory.
    So I wrote to Cybex and they say that I would have to order it as a spare part, but they haven’t given any more info. Do you know where i can buy the All-terrain wheels? In-store or online? I can have a friend pick it up for me in NewYork or London. Any help will be much appreciated :) thanks!

  18. Hi Natalie,
    I just bought the Priam and am trying to figure out how to lock it when folded… Can you please explain how you are able to lock it?
    Thanks so much!

  19. Katrin,
    I am wondering if you have completed a review on the cybex balios? I just learned of this stroller and am quite interested given that it seems to be a mix of the uppa Cruz and cameleon. While I was leaning towards the Cruz the handlebars do not adjust to be low enough for me and the wheels just seem too small and not sturdy enough for NYC. I like the cameleon but I don’t like the handbrake and the basket underneath is small. Ion looking for something on the lighter side that does not need adaptability for a 2nd child. have not yet compared the nuna mix, I’m due in 7.5 weeks. Can you share your thoughts on the balios (can a newborn sleep in their bassinet) ? Hope to hear from you soon and happy new year.

  20. I’m expecting my first baby in May 2016 and I’m trying to decide which stroller is best for our NYC lifestyle. I’ll need to carry the stroller up and down subway stairs, and navigate crowded sidewalks with some bumpy, uneven terrain. We’d like to use the stroller for walks as well as for errands. Right now my top choices are:
    1. One of the beautiful new CYBEX models (we’re have the Aton 2 car seat) – considering the Balios because it’s front & rear facing or the Eternis M3 because it’s light and I like the 3-wheel model (I know you mentioned a few months ago that you’re working on a review of these)
    2. The City Mini GT because I’ve only heard good things about its maneuverability, wheels, and fold, however I’ve heard the basket is too small and a pain to access.
    3. The Britax B-Agile because it’s light, has a great basket, and is very similar to the City Mini GT however I’ve heard its wheels aren’t quite as good and the materials aren’t quite as durable

    There are so few reviews of the Cybex models because they’re really new, do you have any insight or suggestions for this slightly overwhelmed ftm? :) Any feedback is appreciated!!

  21. Hello, I have the priam, love it, sometimes I wish I had chosen the vista because of the double sit option, but everyrhing else I like the priam best.
    Just wanted to tell you that it does have a manual frame lock, not easy to get but it is there. It is a little elastic band under the basket, and you put it aroubd the brake.

  22. Hi Katrin

    Your reviews are great and very useful! Im trying to decide between The Armadillo Flip and the Cybex Balios (also possibly the UppaBaby Cruz) I am looking for: reversible seat, lightweight, able to handle some bumps (long walks on uneven sidewalks, grass on occasion), one hand fold and the lever recline. Also, I have a Cybex Aton carseat & would like it to be compatible as our baby is only 2 months so I hope to find something that will work from now on. Could you recommend one over the other? Also, if you have any other suggestions in the same price range please let me know. I appreciate your help in advance!

  23. Hi Katrin,

    Thanks for this review !
    I’m really tossing up between the Priam and the Stokke Crusi (or trailz – not really sure what the difference is with the Crusi and Trailz ecxcept the wheels and handle? )
    Wodnering if you can help me between the two?

    Thanks so much.

  24. Hi Katrin,
    Thank you so much for your time in reviewing these strollers! We decided on the Cybex Priam 2 in 1 seat and I love it besides the harness system. I keep reading how it is this one hand adjustable strap and I find myself struggling with it every time I use it. Manual isn’t much help and baby girl gets very impatient while Mum fumbles around.. Any thoughts or tips? Thanks!

  25. I am trying to decide between the Priam and the Buffalo. I’m drawn to the Priam for looks, easier bag access (when compared to the Buffalo with bassinet), and slightly smaller footprint. As I have never seen the Priam in person (and never will be able to, unless I buy it thanks to where I live) I wonder if the seat height off the ground is equivalent to the Buffalo (or better/higher)? I am also tall with a long stride, so kicking the bottom of the stroller, which I don’t do with the Buffalo, is a concern!

    Any insights into any of these questions/concerns would be so helpful!

  26. Hi! I got this and I found that there is actually a lock system for when you close it.
    On the front under the basket there is a strap that you can use to hold the brake and which locks the stroller closed.
    Great surprise!

  27. There is actually a manual lock to keep it closed when it’s folded. Under the basket there is start on the front that you can use to hold de brake. So the stroller stay closed when you move it. This was one of the bad things and nobody knows the solution is tight there.

  28. Hi Katrin,
    Normally I would like to buy inglesine trilogy, my friend told me that cybex priam model yesterday, and now I am a little bit confused. I want to buy stroller which is practical and easy, and folds with a stroller. Cybex is heavier than Inglesina. but I am not sure which one is better?
    Could you please explain their avantage/disavantage?
    Thank you.

  29. We bought a brand new Cybex Priam with all seats, covers, the works. We assembled it end of February when the little one was finally ready for it. Using it now for just about 4 months the zip doesn’t close anymore. Since we moved from Germany to Hong Kong we asked Cybex where to go for this warranty issue. No response. We tried to follow up, no response. We posted on their Facebook, no response. Cut the long story short – Cybex Customer Service SUCKS. They know when to charge you a premium for their product which in principle is a good one but when then a small part fails they don’t even have the professional curtesy to deal with their customers. Ridiculous.

  30. Dear Katrin,
    I am a new mum who lives in Greece. With my husband we love the Priam stroller as much as the Ocarro and we are totally confused, because in Greece the price is almost the same for both of them! So both of them have a high price!
    I desperately try to find reviews from parents who have used either the Ocarro or the Priam but it is really hard.
    The cons of the Priam (for us) is certainly the absence of automatic or manual lock! We are also very skeptical about the shake/play in the handle. This makes us wonder of the robustness/durability of the stroller. And we also miss the zipped up mesh panel in the back to provide better air circulation on a hot summer day.
    On the other hand, Ocarro has everything we ask from a stroller. We are only skeptical because we are not sure whether the quality of the materials (fabric, frame) is the same as of Priam’s. Priam gives the sense of a luxury stroller. Are Ocarro’s material of a high quality?
    I have also red many reviews about other Mammas and Papas strollers and a lot of parents was saying in the past that there is always something that breaks down in a Mammas and Papas stroller.
    Which one would you personally choose (between these two) since the price is the same for both of them?
    Thank you!

  31. hello, can you please tell me if the bassinet when converting 2 in one seat is the same to the carry cot that u would purchase separately?
    thank you

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