Bumbleride Indie Stroller Review

The Bumbleride Indie is a 4th generation jogger with some minor improvements. It’s designed for active parents who enjoy light jogging and want an everyday stroller with off-road ability with LUXURY features.

Indie is perfect for moms like me, who is not a serious jogger, but still wants to go for a jog once in a while.

Since I am a huge Indie fan and thought the previous model was almost perfect, I was excited to see what improvements Bumbleride came up with.

For this year they only had 3 updates:

1) It has an updated UPF 45+ canopy that now sits higher on the frame and can accommodate a taller child. It still offers the same great coverage.

2) The second update made the fold a little easier with redesigned release triggers.

3) New storage pockets in the back of the seat where you can put your water bottle or other small essentials.

And of course, they’ve added new colors. The new eco-friendly fabrics are made out of 100% recycled PET materials. Also, no harmful chemicals were used in the process.

Despite the upgrades, Indie still weighs only 24 lbs and can accommodate a child from birth and up to 55 lbs. It can also turn into a travel system with the most popular car seats.

It rolls on large air-filled tires that glide through any terrain. This is a great jogging stroller that you can take off-road. Easy to push even with one hand. Some other features that parents enjoy are: adjustable leg rest, adjustable handlebar, large basket, mesh window in the seat, plenty of storage, adjustable 5-point harness, and run away strap.


I gave the new Indie 5 out of 5 stars since I really like the new updates and think that this is an outstanding jogger, one of the best on the market. It retails for around $549 and comes with an air pump and a bumper bar.

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The canopy has been redesigned and now sits higher on the frame offering more headroom for an older child. It still provides the same great coverage as before with two large UPF 45+ panels plus a large pop-out sunvisor that goes almost to the bumper bar.

There is also a large dark mesh peekaboo window with a magnetic closure instead of the noisy Velcro that my older model has.



It goes all the way from 26″ up to 45.5″ from the ground. Great for shorter and taller parents. The handlebar is now covered with thermoplastic rubber instead of foam which is  PVC free.

Easy to clean. There is also a convenient grip in the middle for one-hand navigation. BTW, that grip comes quite handy when I am on the phone or have a dog leash in the other hand.



The seat is a little roomier now. It’s 14.5″ wide with a 19″ seat back and a measurement of 25″ from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. It has a one-hand infinite strap recline, but you will need both hands to bring the seat back. I am not sure why on the Bumbleride site they are saying it’s a lever recline. It’s a regular strap system.

The recline is very deep and goes to almost a flat position suitable for a newborn. Not many joggers have a FLAT recline. While you can’t jog with a newborn, this is a great option so your child spends less time in a car seat. The weight limit has also increased to 55 lbs which is what most of the joggers have.


The unique thing about this seat is that it converts into a bassinet-like environment for your little one. Recline the seat all the way back to a flat position and bring the leg rest all the way up. You don’t even need to remove the bumper bar.

There are two small pieces of material underneath the leg rest that you can clip to both sides of the seat to create a bassinet-like environment for your baby. There is also a thick piece of material that goes all the way around the top of the seat to prevent your baby from falling if you decide to unclip the canopy in the back.

You can also purchase a real bassinet and turn this stroller into a pram. Not many jogging strollers have a bassinet as an accessory.


There is also a new mesh in the back of the seat that provides better air circulation while protecting your child from sliding out when the seat is fully reclined. This is an upgrade from the previous version that only had a small piece of material.


One of the biggest updates for Indie was the new more eco-friendly fabrics. The fabrics for the seat are now using 28 recycled bottles vs 14 that they’ve used before. They’ve also used an innovative fabric dye process that uses 89% less water and energy.



It has a padded adjustable 5-point harness with a new center release button in the middle. To release the harness, you will need to push a little harder on that button. I have to tell you, that buckle is a puzzle piece. It took me a few times before I got it. But, my mother still hates it!

The harness has 4 different positions. What I like about it is that you can separate the shoulder straps from the waist straps. It is easier to get younger kids out of the harness and a lot of times, older children don’t like to use those shoulder straps because they constrain them.


There is a small zipper pocket in the back of the canopy that can fit items like keys or a cell phone. More storage!


There are also two pockets in the back of the seat and inside of the seat.


INCLUDED! It comes with a removable bumper bar. Finally! For all the money we are paying for this stroller, I definitely expected a bumper bar if not a child tray. It does sit under an angle, not like the regular bumper bar we are used to.

It’s covered with the same fabric as the canopy. It folds with the stroller so no need to remove it.



The adjustable footrest has multiple positions including an infant mode for the bassinet-like environment. It provides the child with plenty of stretch room during naps or diaper changes.



The basket is still large and very easy to access. The only thing they’ve added is a small zipper pocket where you can store the included air pump. It will fit a large diaper bag plus a bunch of other stuff.

For even more storage I would recommend getting a universal stroller organizer. That way you can take not only your coffee cup, but also a LOT of stuff including keys, phone, water, wallet, snacks, diapers, toys, and more. The amount of stuff it can fit is unbelievable.



 It rolls on three 12″ air-filled tires that provide a very smooth ride. The rear wheels pop off with a push of a button to make the stroller more compact when folded. The front wheels are 360-degree swivel wheels but can be locked straight for jogging or for rough terrain.


Before there was only rear-wheel suspension. Now it’s all-wheel. Love it!


I’ve complained about the lack of automatic lock from day one. The manual lock takes a lot of effort to secure. I’ve broken a few nails over the years.


There is a foot parking brake located between the rear wheels.  It’s not flip-flop-friendly. I did scratch a few shoes and broke quite a few nails with this one.



The one-step fold is very easy and smooth. You will need to pull on both levers on the side of the frame to unlock the frame bringing the rear wheels forward till it folds.

It does have a standing fold, but you will need to bend down to the ground to press the stroller together to activate the auto-lock. The folded dimensions are 32″ x 24″ x 11.5″. It’s a bulky package but is as compact as these joggers get.



You can convert your stroller into a travel system for your newborn. It works with the most popular car seats. Check out my list of the top 10 safest car seats.



The air pump is included. This is a great addition since you have to get an air pump anyway for the tires.


Not many joggers have a bassinet option. Sold separately.


Video Overview

Here is a short video overview of the updates.

Here is an overview of 2017 model.


Stroller weight: 24 lbs
Weight limit: 55 lbs
Folded dimensions: 32″ x 24.5″ x 11.5″
Handlebar height: 26″-45.5″
Seat to canopy height: 23″
Wheels: 12″
Overall length: 37″
Overall width: 24.5″


Bumbleride provides a 3-year warranty from the original date of purchase.

Where to buy it

You can get Bumbleride Indie in one of the six beautiful colors for around $549. It comes with an air pump and a bumper bar.

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10 thoughts on “Bumbleride Indie Stroller Review”

  1. Hello Katrin,

    I am interesting in buying new model of Indie 2016, but I am wondering if the footrest of this new model is not smaller that in the orevious one. When I look at the photos it looks like smaller one….I mean the foot rest that is part of the seat which can be adjusted. Its very important to me to have big and roomy sleeping positionn for a baby, so I am still not 100% sure to go for a 2016 model just because of that. Would you be so kind to tell me whether it might be that its smaller than previous one, or its just the photo that makes me think like its.
    Many thank in advance

    Best regards,

  2. Thank you for your awesome website! It’s how I found the Nuna Mixx, which we love. Well, my husband might actually be IN love with it : ) I need a jogging stroller and am going to get an Indie. I am deciding if the new canopy is worth the sacrifice to have the better locking feature. I emailed their customer service, and they said the new canopy has a visor that pops out, so it actually extends just about as far as the 2015, which detaches from the top via zipper. We live in Atlanta – hot and sunny. Which feature would you prioritize, the new lock, or the old canopy? Thanks!

  3. Hi Ellen. I think that the new easier fold and an automatic lock is more important than the canopy. I mean, I still can’t believe they’ve changed the canopy. It was so nice. It used to go to my daughters knees. I used the canopy a lot in the beginning when she was little, but as time goes by I use it less and less because she wants to look around and the sun doesn’t bother her that much. The new canopy is not bad, but it’s just not as good as it was. The great thing about Indie is that it will last you for a long-long time.

  4. Does the front wheel on the 2016 Indie still have the ability to be locked straight? You didn’t mention it and they aren’t advertising this feature on their website so I am worried. If they took it away, neither the Indie nor the Speed would have ALL the features I want…

  5. Hi there, just wanted to let you know that after much research I’ve noted that the canopy is awesome, it just wasn’t folded all the way out!

  6. hi! I live in the beach in a rough place. I was looking for an all terrain stroller this one looks perfect but i wanted to know if I can use it with a newborn without buying the bassinet.

  7. we liked the bumbleride design and ride, however quality is really poor. And customer service if you ever experience a quality issue is even worse. A small plastic part that attaches the seat to handle bar on each side broke in our case, despite very minimal and gentle use (we have another stroller). Customer service tried to force us to buy an entire new frame. Despite how outrageous that is being so busy, I was willing to do that, but they offered no support what so ever in how to replace the frame. Customer service person was very insensitive and accusatory, ie when we could not produce registration details (we were gifted this stroller), said we may have picked up the stroller on a curb. I am hugely disappinted in the quality and service. A stroller should at least raise one child.

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