Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Review

The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System is one of the most popular budget-friendly travel systems on today’s market.

For under $400, you get a great stroller with a bunch of features and one of the safest car seats in the world. You really can’t beat that!

The Bravo Trio is designed for everyday use, but mostly on flat surfaces. The all-wheel suspension helps to smooth out the bumps.

You will love the roomy seat with a deep almost flat recline, an adjustable handlebar with a foam cover, a huge basket that can fit all of your groceries, an included parent organizer that is perfect for small items, and a large canopy with a peekaboo window.

But the main feature that I like the most is how easy and compact it folds. And since it only weighs 23 lbs you can easily through it into your trunk.

The included Chicco KeyFit 30 is one of the best car seats on today’s market. My daughter absolutely loved it! It comes with a car seat adapter and one car seat base for the car. You can use the car seat on top of the main seat or the stroller, or you can remove the seat of the stroller and use only the frame.

While it does come with a car seat adapter there is no bumper bar or child’s tray included. I would definitely get a child’s tray too, because it’s super useful. Your child can put a sippy cup in it, toys, snacks or just use it to pull himself up. 


I gave Bravo 4 out of 5 stars because I was very impressed with all the features and an included car seat. But of course, there are a few things that could be improved. The canopy could be larger or with a pop-out sunvisor.

I would like to get rid of the clicking noise that you hear when you adjust the seat or the canopy. But my main problem is the plastic wheels. I would like to see hard rubber or foam-filled tires instead. Because plastic will not last through multiple kids or if you use it on rough terrain all the time.

Overall, I think this is one of the BEST deals on the market. The only similar competitor would be the Britax B-Agile travel system (which btw I do like more than Bravo). You can get Chicco Bravo Trio in one of the four colors for around $379.99 (free shipping/free returns).

It comes with a parent organizer and infant car seat, a car seat adapter, and one car seat base. You will need to purchase the child’s tray separately.

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The three-panel canopy is a good size. I still wish there was also a pop-out sunvisor for additional coverage since the canopy doesn’t go all the way to the bumper bar. But, compared to other budget-friendly strollers is really great.

The last panel has a mesh peekaboo window, but there is no closure. I’ve also noticed that the canopy makes a loud clicking noise when you adjust it.


The handlebar is adjustable and goes from 38″ up to 42″. It has a nice foam covering. Great for shorter and taller parents. I have mixed feelings about the foam cover.

While it feels great to the touch it does get damaged easily especially if you use that standing fold a lot.


What I LOVE about budget travel systems is that most of them come with a parent organizer. It’s like the best thing ever in the stroller, right? LOL. I don’t know why most of the expensive brands don’t have them.

All parents have a lot of crap with them and need more storage. This organizer is great! It includes two cup holders and an area in the middle for your phone or keys.


The seat is very roomy and is 13″ wide with a 19″ seat back and a measurement of 24″ from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy.

It has a three-position one-hand lever recline (no straps!) that includes an almost flat position perfect for a comfortable nap. The stroller can accommodate a child from 6 months and up to 50 lbs. This should fit your older toddler with no problem.


It has an adjustable 5-point harness with a center release buckle. What I really like about it is that the shoulder straps are connected to the waist straps so you don’t need to put a puzzle piece every time you buckle your child.


The basket can fit your large diaper bag and more. It’s large and very easy to access from the back.


It rolls on four plastic wheels with 9″ wheels in the back and 7″ wheels in the front. The front wheels are swivel but can be locked straight for rougher terrain. These wheels are designed for flat surfaces.

If you are an active person who likes to go to the park on a daily basis or around town where the streets have uneven pavement, this stroller is not for you. The wheels not going to last.

I did see some parents complaining about the ride being shaky or the wheels squeaking after a year of daily trips to the park. It’s because these are flat surface wheels. Plastic wheels don’t do well on terrain.

If you want better wheels, you need a stroller with hard rubber or foam foam-filled or air-filled wheels. They will definitely cost more. It’s always nice to see all-wheel suspension on budget-friendly strollers.


While most budget travel systems are super bulky, Bravo has an easy compact fold. It folds in half and has a standing fold. Since it only weighs 23 lbs, it’s very easy to load into a trunk. The folded dimensions are 16″L x 22″H x 28″W. The weight is about average for this type of model.


It comes with a Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant car seat, a car seat adapter, and one car seat base for the car. The Chicco KeyFit 30 is one of the best car seats on today’s market. My daughter had KeyFit 35 and we absolutely loved it.

You can turn Bravo into a travel system by putting the car seat on top of the main seat, or by removing the seat and using it as a frame. When using it with the main seat you can use the stroller canopy to provide more shade.

The downside is the extra weight of the seat you are not using. Also, it’s much easier to get things in and out of the basket without a seat getting in the way.

While it comes with an adapter for the car seat, I would also get a child’s tray (sold separately) because there is no bumper bar available. The child’s tray will really be handy for your child to put his sippy cup into, have a snack, or play.

It’s also great as an extra safety feature for when your child is older and you don’t want to use the harness every time you put him in. BTW, you can use the child’s tray instead of the car seat adapter to click in the car seat.


-Noisy canopy and noisy recline. I’ve noticed that many low-budget strollers make a clicking noise when adjusted. It’s not a big deal, but could wake your sleeping baby.

-Short canopy. The canopy is a good size, but I would still add a sunvisor because it doesn’t go down enough to shade a smaller child. On the other hand, if you look at budget travel systems, most of them have small canopies, so this one is not that bad.

-No closure of the peekaboo window. It has a dark mesh peekaboo window with no closure. Again, not a big deal, but wanted to mention it.

-Plastic wheels. This is probably the only main negative about this model. The wheels can’t really handle any terrain.

The child’s tray is not included. You should definitely buy it. My daughter used it to pull herself up when she got a little older.

Video Review

Here is a quick video overview.


Stroller weight: 23 lbs
Weight limit: 50 lbs
Folded dimensions: 16″L x 22″H x 28″W
Handlebar height: 38″ – 42″
Seat to canopy height: 24″
Front wheels: 7″
Rear wheels: 9″
Overall length: 35″
Overall width: 22″


Chicco provides 1-year warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner.

Available colors

This stroller is available in four color combinations and comes with a matching car seat.

Where to buy it

You can get Chicco Bravo Trio in one of the four beautiful colors for around $379.99. It comes with a parent organizer and infant car seat, a car seat adapter, and one car seat base. You will need to purchase the child’s tray separately.

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