Quinny Reversible Seat Jogging Stroller Review


At the ABC Kids Expo Quinny has introduced a new jogging stroller with a reversible seat. This model, I don’t have the name, has a fixed front wheel and uses a Moodd frame.

From what I heard there will be an option to switch the wheels between the models. But, I am not sure.

I have very little info about this stroller since the staff at the Quinny booth was very unhelpful. They were way too busy to show me the stroller and didn’t want to answer any questions.

Also, they asked me not to touch the display model when I wanted to see how it folds so I could snap a few pictures for your guys.

When I asked for a media kit or some sort of brochure with additional info, I was told they didn’t have any, but I could leave my business card. Talking about great marketing…

From what I could see, since I got no info from the staff, it has a large canopy, adjustable handlebar, swing-away bumper bar, 5-point harness, adjustable leg rest, and all-wheel suspension.

The reversible seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 50 lbs. The front wheel is fixed. The fold is the same as on the Moodd model and it unfolds by itself. I have no weight info, but since Moodd weighs 33 lbs, I am guessing this jogger will be around the same or a little more.

I am noticing a new trend of reversible seat joggers. First, the Bugaboo released their reversible seat Runner model, next the Orbit Baby came up with a reversible seat O2 jogger and now Quinny has one also. This buggy will be retailing for $699.




The canopy is a very good size with a small pop-out sunvisor. It will provide a lot of shade for your child. Like on Moodd, there is no peekaboo window.



The seat is pretty roomy. It has a deep recline that goes to an almost flat position suitable for a newborn. Of course, you want to wait till your child 9 months to jog with them and since it has a fixed wheel you can’t really do anything else with this model.

So, I would say it can be used from 9 months and up to 50 lbs. It has the same recline positions in both modes. To recline the seat you would need to use the same buttons on the side that you would use to reverse it.

It’s a two-hand operation. I would prefer to see a one-hand lever recline like most luxury strollers have.



It has an adjustable padded 5-point harness with a center release buckle.



The frame of the legrest goes up and down, but the legrest fabric that is part of the seat is not attached to the frame so I am not sure how useful it is.


It also features a Swing-away bumper bar.


The storage bag looks very sporty and has a zipper to keep your stuff from flying away.


Cup holder. INCLUDED!


The one-step brake pedal is very convenient and flip-flop-friendly.


A hand brake is a great additional safety feature for when you are running down the hill and need to slow down fast.



I don’t have wheel measurements, but I would say they are 16 air-filled wheels.

All-wheel suspension system.



The fold is very easy. First, you need to lock the brake and bring the leg rest up. Next, you pull two levers on both sides of the frame and bring the handlebar down. The fold is SUPER bulky! I mean it’s huge. It will take up all the room in any trunk.

To make it more compact you can remove the wheels. There is an automatic lock. The best part about the fold is unfolding. All you need to do is unlock the automatic lock and the stroller will unfold on its own just like the Moodd model.


Video Overview

I found a quick video overview. The quality sucks, but at least you can see how it reclines and folds.

 Where to buy it

This buggy will be available in the Fall and will be retailing for $699. I am not sure about the colors.