Nuna Mixx Stroller Review


The new Nuna Mixx is a new HOT stroller in town! I’ve been getting tons of emails every day asking me to write a review.

Well, here it is! More and more parents want a stylish reversible seat stroller with all-terrain wheels and, a large basket, that is more or less compact and is not too heavy.

Well, Nuna Mixx has all these features and then some. It is a full-size stroller with a reversible seat and all-terrain wheels.

This sleek-looking buggy has a roomy seat, adjustable handlebar, reversible seat, very deep recline, flip-flop friendly brake, no-re-thread harness, and adjustable leg rest.

The basket is absolutely huge! You can fit two large diaper bags in it. Another feature that I really like is that you can create a bed-like environment for your child by lifting the leg rest and reclining the back of the seat absolutely flat.

Many reversible seat strollers have a ‘v’ shape seat leaving your child always in the sitting position. The seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 50 lbs. The large canopy with a pop-out sunvisor will provide your child with plenty of sun protection.

You can also convert it into a travel system by replacing the seat with an infant car seat. The good thing is that it already comes with an adapter for the Nuna Pipa car seat (which is a great car seat btw).

The fold is not one hand but is very easy and as compact as it can be in the reversible seat stroller. The good news is that you can fold it with the seat attached. Super easy! There is an automatic lock and you can roll it as a piece of luggage behind you. All this goodness weighs 25 lbs.


I gave it 5 out of 5 stars because it’s almost perfect! I can’t even complain about the price because it’s only $499, very reasonable for a luxury stroller.

It pushes like a dream gliding over bumps and uneven spots. I can easily maneuver it with just one hand even fully loaded.

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This canopy is great. It’s a large canopy with three panels and a pop-out sunvisor. You can zip in the panel in the middle to make it smaller. There is a large peekaboo window made out of dark mesh which provides your child with better air circulation on a hot summer day while protecting from the sun.

I love the magnetic closure instead of the noisy Velcro that can wake up your sleeping baby. There are also two dark mesh windows in the middle panel of the canopy that will provide your child with better air circulation on a hot summer day. Great great canopy!



The telescoping handlebar has 3 different positions and goes from 38″ to 42″ from the ground. The great thing about the handlebar is that it’s covered with rubber instead of foam.

While foam may feel nice at first, it’s prone to damage, especially if the stroller gets tossed around. You wouldn’t want to end up with a luxury stroller missing chunks of foam from the handlebar.



The reversible seat has a one-hand lever recline (my fav recline type) with 5 different positions including a flat one. I like that you can lift the leg rest and recline the back of the seat creating a bed-like environment so your child can take a long nap.

Very convenient for quick diaper changes too. The seat is suitable for a child from birth and up to 50 lbs. The seat is very easy to flip. Just push on two levers on the sides, swing it around, and pop it right back in.

The seat design reminds of of the seat on the Mamas&Papas Armadillo model which I really like. The recline has the same positions in both modes. You can replace the seat with an infant car seat turning it into a travel system/car seat frame.

It’s very convenient in the first 6 months while your baby is in the car seat most of the time. BTW, the seat fabric is machine washable.



This adjustable no-re-thread padded 5-point harness can be converted to a 3-point harness as your child gets older.



It has 3 different positions. To adjust the leg rest, all you need to do is press two buttons on each side and lift it up.



There is a single parking brake located between the rear wheels. It is flip-flop friendly!



Shopaholics will absolutely love the huge basket. It can fit it all! LOL. When my daughter was younger very often I didn’t want to put her into the dirty seat of the shopping cart.

Even with the shopping cart seat cover, it wasn’t as comfortable as the seat of the stroller. Now that she is 2.5 years old, it doesn’t really matter. I put her into the shopping car and strap her in so she can’t escape or throw all of my stuff out of the cart.



It rolls on four never-flat foam-filled hard-rubber wheels with 10″ wheels in the back and 7″ wheels in the front. The front wheels are swivel but can be locked straight.

This all-terrain stroller can handle a lot of different surfaces including mulch, grass, and uneven city streets.

The all-wheel suspension absorbs some of the bumps making the ride smoother.



The fold is very easy but requires both hands. It is pretty compact for a reversible seat stroller and it folds right with the seat attached.

There is an automatic lock and you can roll it behind you like a piece of luggage. The folded dimensions are 18.6″H x 23.2″W x  35.5″L. To make it more compact you can remove the wheels.



You can easily convert Mixx into a travel system by replacing the seat with a Nuna PIPA car seat. Keep in mind, that this is the only car seat that it works with. The Nuna Pipa retails for around $299 and comes in five different colors.



-Works only with Nuna Pipa car seat. I wish there was an option for a travel system with other popular infant car seats.

-No accessories. There is a very limited amount of accessories available.

-Limited colors. I am a visual person. So in my opinion there are not enough colors to choose from. I wish the fabrics were a little more fun with some patterns and interesting designs.

Video Review

Here is a great overview video by Nuna.


Stroller weight: 25 lbs
Weight limit: 50 lbs
Folded dimensions: 18.6″H x 23.2″W x  35.5″L
Handlebar height: 38″ – 42″
Seat to canopy height: 25″
Front wheels: 7″
Rear  wheels: 10″
Overall length: 34″
Overall width: 23″


Nuna provides a 2-year warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner. 

Available colors

Nuna Mixx comes in three colors: Caviar, Slate, and Mykonos. I don’t know who came up with these great color names, but basically, this stroller comes in black, grey, or blue. LOL. The frame is silver only.


Where to buy it

You can get Nuna Mixx in one of the three beautiful colors for around $499. It comes with an infant car seat adapter, rain cover, and bumper bar. The Nuna Pipa car seat retails for around $299 and comes in eight colors.

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  1. Thanks for the great review Katrin! I was looking for a stroller like this so excited to try it out in stores. The fact that it has a flat recline is great- I just wish that Nuna made a bassinet like accessory for this because I don’t want to keep my baby in a car seat for long periods. Just curious- when flat, do you think things like the Stokke Soft Bag or the Baby Jogger Soft Pram accessories would fit and work well? Thanks for your great blog!

  2. Hi Karl. Little babies need as much support as they need, so the infant car seat is a very safe place to keep your child. You child should be in the car seat for more than 4 hours a day. I would recommend using a bassinet at home. In reality, when it comes bassinets for the stroller, it’s not very practical. Little babies fall asleep very often and taking them out of the bassinet to take them home or to transport them into the car is a pain the behind. It’s much easier in the car seat. If you determined to use bassinet, I would recommend Uppababy Vista. Great stroller. Stooke Scoot V2 is a great stroller that you can use the soft bag with. Nuna has another stroller Nuna IVVI that comes with a great bassinet.

  3. We just received our MIXX and love it. It is the perfect size for city living and the ability to maneuver in all of those tight spaces. Love the wheels and suspension to smooth out the uneven pavement. This will be used almost daily for us. Stroller has all of the features that we were looking for at a very good price. We also purchased the PIPA, so great to have the ability to use the infant carrier. We also looked at the 2015 Uppababy, but was way too expensive and would only consider if we were looking to convert into a multi baby stroller.

  4. Lynnley. Oh, this is a tough one. I like them both a lot. I think that Scoot V2 (and we are talking about V2, right?) has more compact fold and it’s a one-hand fold. But, Mixx has better recline and better leg rest that you can lift creating bed-like environment for long naps. They are both very stylish. If you are going to be loading and unloading it a lot or using public transit, I would go with Scoot V2. If you are going to go on long walks at the park than go with Mixx. I hope this helps.

  5. Hi Katrin, I have not been able to locate the Mixx in stores to see it for myself so I was happy to get so much information from your review. We are trying to compare the 2015 Cruz to the Mixx. We want something that will work pretty much from birth to toddlerhood. What are some main differences in these strollers? Will the Mixx seat accommodate a taller child? Thanks!

  6. I thought this my number 1 choice…then I figured out that my ONLY option (at least from what I’ve read) is the Nuna car seat. Is this the case? I’d really prefer to have more than just 1 choice, especially when the Nuna seat is pricy. Is the Nuna Mixx adaptable to any other car seat carriers?

  7. Hi Ashley. Unfortunately, Mixx only works with Pipa car seat at this time. They don’t even have the cup holder our yet.

  8. Hi Tami. The main difference are the wheels. Mixx has much better wheels and more compact fold. Another thing to consider is that Mixx works only with PIppa car seat.

  9. Is there anything out there with similar features to the Mixx but is an all-terrain built for long winters with a reversible seat and car seat compatibily for roughly the same price range? We really like this one for our first born due in May, but we live in Winnipeg Manitoba, where it is winter more than half the year, and very wet and slushy in the spring. We are located close to Downtown and ride the bus, so it has be great for urban use as well as all-terrain.

  10. Hi Katrin, thanks for the review! I’m a first time mom to be and currently torn between the Nuna Mixx and the Bugaboo Cameleon 3. We don’t have a car so the baby will be using the stroller from birth to toddler, therefore im looking for something durable, comfortable and safe. Price isn’t an issue, but it should justify the product. Any suggestions or comparisons you can make between the two? Thank you!

  11. Hi Priya. I would go with Nuna Mixx because it has better seat (you can get a full flat recline with plenty of space to stretch vs always sitting position with knees bend. I think it’s important for a child to be able to stretch), compact fold (cameleon is bulky), better canopy with peekaboo window vs no peekaboo window. The price is better too :)

  12. Hi Vic. Sure there is. Most air filled tires are on joggers but they don’t have a reversible seat. Would be ok not to have a reversible seat? If you want to have it all, I would recommend Bugaboo Camaleon 3. It has all-terrain wheels, reversible seat and reversible handle bar. Very cool! It also has adjustable suspension.

  13. Hi Katrin. Do you think that the Mixx will take a buggyboard comfortably for an older child to ride? Also according to Nunas website they offer a two year warranty.

  14. Thanks for a great review. Looks like an awesome stroller. I believe the adapters included with purchase also work for maxi cosi and cybex car seats.

  15. Hi, Katrin!

    I feel like several strollers say that you can use them from birth, but I’ve looked at the Uppababy Cruz and felt like it didn’t seem secure enough for a newborn unless you get the bassinet. Do you think the Mixx truly can accommodate a newborn securely? I really want a stroller that I can use from birth but that is also on the more compact side( like I think the Uppababy Vista is way too big for my needs).

  16. Hi! What are the wheels made out of on the Mixx? It looks like the back ones are rubber, but what about the front?

    Also, I have a Chicco car seat and three bases that were a gift – I know the car seat will not work with the Mixx, but do you think it will be a major issue?

  17. Hi Savon. The front wheels are also hard rubber wheels. The Mixx is an amazing stroller and it’s very upsetting that it works only with Pipa. I think if you buy an insert for a newborn you can put him right into the seat. The only problem is that it’s so much easier to transport your child from the car into the stroller and from the stroller into the house without taking them out of the car seat. Because little babies fall asleep very often, car seat allows you to very quickly take them inside or outside without waking them up. Trust me, you DON”T want to wake up a sleeping baby. LOL. I can’t tell you how many times I took my baby for a walk in the stroller so she would fall asleep so I can bring her back into the house and do stuff while she is sleeping. With the car seat it was much easier.

  18. Hi Carmen. I would recommend using it with a car seat for the first 6 months. It’s so much easier to transport your child into the car or home without waking him up. Trust me, you don’t want to wake up a sleeping baby. LOL. But, if you want to put your baby into the seat, I would recommend getting an insert for additional support and it should be find. Mixx is a great stroller and I love the deep recline. Another great stroller with a deep recline is Joovy Qool.

  19. Hi Katie. You might be right, but it’s not an official information so I can’t recommend it to my readers. But I did read it somewhere else too.

  20. Hi Katrin. Thanks for the info.

    Is there an infant insert that you recommend? Is the insert required?

  21. Hey Katrin. Thanks so much for this great review! There is not much out on this stroller yet so I am enjoying this post. I am a first time mom and have narrowed my stroller search to the Cruz vs the Mixx. Of the two, I love that the Mixx seat has a full recline. However, my hesitation is the 1-year warranty. We move and travel a lot. Should the warranty hold us back from purchasing the Mixx? The Cruz can have a 30-month warranty and extra coverage if we get the travel bag. Also, should the fully reclining seat be a deciding factor?

    Also, just throwing it out there, I too have heard from a few baby stores that the Mixx does accommodate Maxi-Cosi car seats.

    Thanks so much again!!

  22. hi. i am leaning toward the mixx over the cruz. i was wondering about the wheels and suspension. can the wheels on the nuna go flat? how would u compare the ride on the two strollers if u r on uneven sidewalk. also, if i have a tall baby average weight would the nuna work? also is the shade that much shorter on the nuna then the cruz?

  23. Hi Dani. Thanks for kind words. This is a hard one since they are both great strollers. I wouldn’t look at the warranty as a deciding factor. I think the main differences between them are the wheel size, seat recline, and the car seat options. I honestly like the full recline of Mixx more and the wheels are larger. I heard from a lot of parents that it works with Maxi-Cosi, but Nuna officially supports only Pippa.

  24. This is amazing . Estaba indecisa entre el nuna mixx y el armadillo flip pero sin duda alguna el nuna es mucho mejor stroller nuna is very strong, armadillo flip no tiene la barra frontal el basket es muy pequeño y queda muy pegado al asiento lo que dificulta sacar las cosas el armadillo tiene muchos contra lo unico positivo que le vi fue que el asiento es mucho mas grande y al cerrar es mucho mas compacto y es muy liviano el nuna mixx ocupa bastante espacio y su peso es mayor es basket es muy grande cosa q me gusto mucho por que soy una mamá que le gusta cargar un diaper bag muy grande en resumen Nuna mixx es una excelente compra

  25. Hi Katrin,
    could you help us to point out the significant differences between Nuna Mixx and Nuna Ivvi. Because Nuna is very hard to find at the town where I lived.
    I already see the Nuna Ivvi, and really love it except the bulky and its overweight (i am just 158cm and 45kg before pregnant). And it cannot fit our car (toyota yaris) without detach the wheels. But the Nuna Mixx has not ready, and the seller cannot guarantee when it will be available and how the price is.
    Does the Mixx as bulky as Ivvi when folded?
    Are they both include the same baby insert? Or i will need to buy separately for Mixx? If so, could you give any recomendation? Ivvi seat is soft and i love it.
    Thank you very much. Your reviews are very helpful.

  26. Hi Katrin,
    Thanks so much for the great review. We received the uppababy cruz and are a bit bummed that you have to have the seat facing forward to fold… also surprised that the fold is a bit more clunky. We went to the store to see the mixx and were super impressed with the ease of the fold.
    Whats keeping us from returning is the ease of the one button release of the mesa car seat from the cruz and the lightness of the frame as well as the accessories.

    Do you think the compactness and folding of the mixx outweighs the mentioned pluses of the cruz? Also taking into consideration that the pipa carseat is 4 lbs lighter than the mesa.

    Also do you think nuna may eventually come out with a piggyback board that could work in conjunction?

    We are clearly over thinking the situation but your insight would be super helpful for this first time mom :)

  27. Hello Katrin!
    I’m torn between the Nuna Mixx and the Quinny Moodd! Which one would you pick?
    Thank you!

  28. Hi Simone. I would go with Mixx for sure because Moodd is not that practical. It’s pretty but not practical. And it’s so heavy and bulky. I have a full review of Quinny Moodd if you want to take a look.

  29. Hi Courtney. I understand your concerns. You don’t want to be stuck with the stroller you don’t love for 3 years. I think that Vista is a better choice if you are going to have a second child right away because it’s is a convertible stroller. That’s why it is heavier and bulkier. For one child I would go with Mixx because it is very compact and much lighter. Do you think you will have a second one? If you do, keep Vista. I think that car seat is a little less important when making your derision because you will be only using it for the first 6 months. When it comes to the riding board, there is a great universal board that you can use with any stroller.

  30. Hi Mauricio. After reciving a lot of comments on this topic, I contacted Nuna directly and here is what they tolled me:

    Thank you for reaching out to Nuna regarding the MIXX stroller. The PIPA is the only car seat that has been tested with the MIXX, so we cannot recommend any other car seats at this time.

  31. Hi Katrin!
    Thanks for your response. We actually received the Cruz not the Vista. We plan to have a second child but not until this little man is at least 2 years old and aren’t concerned with adding a second seat to the stroller.

    We also live in an urban environment with two sets of 10 stairs if that helps at all :)

    So between the Cruz and the Mixx what are your thoughts?

  32. Hi, Katrin!
    Which one would you reccomend: Mamas&Papas Armadillo Flip, Mamas&Papas Urbo 2 and Nuna Mixx?
    We are expecting our baby in September and I think it is not neccesary buying a carrycot.
    Thank you!

  33. Hello Katrin! Thank you very much for your opinion!
    I have one more question, can I use Mixx with a newborn or it is unsafe?
    I mean, do I have to buy Pipa carseat or a carry cot to use with Mixx when the baby is still little?
    Thanks for helping!!!

  34. I just bought this today!! I was just browsing at a local boutique, playing with the Uppababy Vista that I thought I wanted. The boutique owner showed me the Mixx since they just got it in stock two weeks ago. It’s a BEAUTIFUL stroller and I couldn’t believe the price. I was expecting to see at least $700 when I flipped over the tag. The flat recline is what really sold me because I’m having a summer baby and hoping to get out and enjoy the weather with our fist little one! I also already loved the nuna pipa car seat so that didn’t dissuade me. I bought both today and I’m so happy to see positive reviews of this stroller since I hadn’t heard much about it in my months of researching baby gear. The boutique owner told more accessories are on their way soon like a footmuff and a snack tray!

  35. Hi Kristi. I think this is one of the best strollers on today’s market. I am very happy you like it!

  36. Hi Diamond. If you want to get just one stroller, take a look at Armadillo Flip XT. Have you seen it yet? It’s just like Flip, but has adjustable handle bar, larger wheels and mesh in the canopy. Amazing!

  37. Thank you Katrin! I saw it, but it looks a little bit expensive. Anyway, if we buy Armadillo Flip XT, could we use it without carrycot?

  38. Hey Katrin!
    Ok I’m a stroller freak I can’t find one I like! Iv had:
    Bugaboo cameleon 3: I didn’t like how you couldn’t fold it in 1 piece and when it was sitting up right it was to upright also wasn’t going to last very long (only 37.5 weight limit)
    Stokke xplory v4: I LOVED the seat didn’t like how couldn’t fold in 1 also VERY bulky and NO suspension
    Uppababy vista 2015: didn’t like how wide it is and I HATED the hood.
    Bugaboo bee3: I didn’t like how low my daughter was and the little wheels as I would be pushing on grass to go to the park.
    I’m now to the point where my daughter is going to be walking before I find a stroller I like. I’m just to picky I’m now looking at this stroller. Has all the features I want:
    Reversible seat
    Low handle bar
    Big hood
    Big basket
    Folds in 1
    The thing I’m worried about now is if it folds compact. I live in London so I need it to be able to go in a hatchback. So everythingl Iv listed is a must. Price doesn’t matter. This seems to be the only stroller that ticks most boxes but the fold is a big thing too. What do you think? Is there a better stroller then this to fit my criteria?
    Thank you!!

  39. Hi Holly. From your long list of strollers it looks like you picked fancy strollers with bulky fold. I would recommend going with Stokke Scoot V2 – it has reversible seat, big basket, adjustable handle bar, and one-hand very compact fold. The seat sits higher on the frame and has a deep recline and the wheels now are a great size so it can handle a lot of different terrain. My favorite option would be Armadillo Flip or Armadillo Flip XT depending on the features you want. Since you didn’t say anything about the size of the wheels I am listing both of them. Armadillo Flip has smaller wheels, super compact one piece, suspension, one hand fold and everything on your list. The handle bar is non adjustable so I am not sure if it’s low enough for you. The second choice is Flip XT – which has larger wheels, same super compact one-hand fold, adjustable handle bar and everything on your list. If the larger wheels are important for you, I would go with XT model. All of them will fit in the hatchback. What do you think?

  40. Hi. Will a generic skateboard attachment fit on here or the city select one (I already have it). Itching for a new stroller for baby 3 and I doubt I can get the 2 big kids to walk. Thanks!

  41. Hi Melanie. I am not sure if it will. There is an universal stroller board on amazon if you are interested.

  42. Hi Katrin –
    First off, thank you for the amazing review!!! I am a soon-to-be first time mom and I could really use your advice:
    – Our friends bought us the Stokke Xplory as a gift (I thought it looked so beautiful and had good overall reviews), but now I am worried it won’t meet all of my needs as I really enjoy long walks on trails that are usually paved but uneven. Unfortunately the Stokke doesn’t seem to be returnable so is it crazy to have both an Xplory and Nuna Mixx (as I think the Mixx is really better suited for some of the activities I intend to do)?
    – I also purchased the Nuna Pepp as an umbrella/travel stroller, but do you think the Mixx could replace the Pepp as a travel stroller? I really feel ridiculous for potentially having 3 strollers (yikes!), so I would love your opinion. Thanks for the help!!

  43. I’m so happy I came across your review of this a stroller! I was about ready to purchase it after reading this review and testing it out in store but then I realized one major drawback…it does not seem like there is a snack tray available for it. Is that correct? My daughter loves having a tray (and I love it too) especially on long walks or trips to the zoo. I feel like losing the option of having a tray is a really big drawback :/

  44. Hi Katrin!
    I am a FTM with our boy due in June. God willing, we would like to try and have another baby within 2 years of our first. I am having a hard time choosing a stroller that has room to build for more than one child. If you were me, what would you choose?

  45. Hi Christina. There is no snack tray for now. I know it sucks. How old is your daughter and what kind of stroller are you looking for?

  46. Hi Katrin,
    She’s 16mo right now and really big for her age (90th percentile in height and weight). We used to have a Baby Jogger City Select but recently sold it. It just wasn’t practical for us (we’re not sure we want a 2nd child and we’d jumped the gun by already purchasing the 2nd seat kit) anymore. I loved the City Select EXCEPT for that it was too heavy and too long. We’re moving out of the country next month and that’s another reason we sold it. We’re not looking for a stroller more conducive to European living. My wishlist for the ”perfect” stroller is kind of long but here goes:
    -lightweight (25ish lbs and under would be ideal)
    -great tires/suspension that can handle cobblestone streets
    -large basket
    -compact when folded (to fit in the trunk of a smaller car)
    -adjustable handlebar (my husband is 6’2”) and ideally not a foam covered handle bar
    -adjustable or high seat back for head clearance under the canopy
    -adjustable seat to a full recline as well as a fully upright sitting position
    -snack tray

    If you can think of any other stroller that I should be looking at, please let me know! We’ve looked at the Uppa Baby Cruz but my husband hated it. We’ve also looked at the Baby Jogger Versa and it’s okay, especially for the price, but still doesnt seem like ”the one.” My SIL said that like 80% of people in Vienna have the Bugaboo (I’m guessing the Cameleon) but I hate that you have to take the seat off to fold it, plus my daughter looks like she’s too big for it when she’s sitting in it.

    Thanks in advance!

  47. Hi Christina,

    We are in Europe now and also wanted to find a stroller that would work with the cobblestone. We chose the Mixx because of its huge tires. We won’t need a snack bar for quite a while so hopefully it will be out before we would want it. Anyway, it’s true that Europeans like their big, expensive strollers. You see a lot of Bugaboo, Stokke, and Quinny here. Those just weren’t for us. But we did look at some nice European brands that maybe would work for you. Mutsy has a few good designs. My (European) cousin has the Evo. We looked at one of their other smaller ones and liked it a lot. It has pretty much everything on your list, but the fold was not as easy for me as the Mixx. Also ABC Design has a nice Plus series- only thing it doesn’t seem to have from your list is the fold with seat in.

    Not sure if Katrin has see these brands but thought this may be of some help. Other than our quick look in the store, I can’t give reviews on them.


  48. Hi Christina. Since your daughter is a little older now and doesn’t need the reversible seat, I would suggest getting something more practical. I have two strollers in mind that have all-terrain tires and great suspension: BOB Motion and City Mini GT. They both have very roomy seat, large basket adjustable handle bar and one-hand compact fold. It think your husband will really like the BOB Motion because it has super suspension system that you usually find on joggers. Take a look and let me know!

  49. Hi Lindsey. Ha ha! You are going to be like me with 5 strollers in the garage! Xplory is surely fancy but not really practical. You will get tired of it pretty quickly. Why don’t you try selling it on Craigslist? Mixx is much better choice. Keep in mind that Mixx works only with Pipa car seat. Nuna Pepp is not my favorite stroller because of the short seat back, high weight, puzzle piece harness and small basket. I would rather get armadillo or armadillo city instead. Have you seen Nano? It’s great for traveling!

  50. Thanks for the fantastic review and all the work and thought you clearly put into answering everyone’s questions. I have a 10 month old and am currently deciding between the Mixx and the Armadillo Flip xt. My main concern is the length of the calf rest. My daughter is in the 98th percentile for height and has very long legs. The Mixx doesn’t seem the have as long of a calf rest as the Flip xt. However on the Mixx appears to have better wheels and suspension. Thoughts?

  51. Hi Katrin,
    Everything you said is sooo true! We tried mixx at our local boutique and loved it  However, I was told that Sola2 MTX is very comparable and share very similar features and price point. It was not available at the store, online only, so I wasn’t able to see it and test it. Would you be willing to do a review on the new 2015 Sola MTX model? We would really appreciate your advice 
    Thank you

  52. Hi Mar. Thank you so much for kind words! I think that Armadillo Flip XT is almost perfect and the only thing it does not have that Mixx has is the bumper bar. The wheels on XT are great and the maneuverability is outstanding. The main thing why I love XT so much is the super compact one-hand fold. It folds in seconds! I would not say that Mixx has better suspension nor better wheels.

  53. Hi Katrin!

    Thanks so much for providing such thorough and thoughtful information. Based on in-store try-outs and your reviews, I’ve got our stroller narrowed down to the Nuna Mixx and the Britax B-Agile 4. I live in Manhattan and would like a travel system that I can fold up and take on the subway or bus, as required. Durability is important, too. Any insight here? Your reviews seem spot on, so if it were your decision to make, which would you buy? I’m basically going to do whatever you tell me to :) Thanks!

  54. Hi Amanda. I like both of them. Kill me! I know it’s so hard to choose. I think the fold is faster, more convenient, and more compact on B-Agile. But B-Agile does not have the reversible seat, no adjustable handle bar, and no adjustable foot rest. What’s more important for you? If you don’t care that much about reversible seat, I would also look at Mamas&Papas Armadillo XT. Super cute and is full of features. The fold is very compact and it is one-hand fold!

  55. Hi Katrin. Thanks for the wonderful reviews. I am due this summer and its my first baby so i am still working my head around whats essential and whats not. I want to get one stroller that ticks most boxes. I’ve narrowed it down to the nuna mixx, uppababy cruz and recent to the list is the armadillo flip xt. Which do u think is better?

  56. Hi Aya. Out of the three you named, I like the Flip XT the most, but I don’t like that it does not have a bumper bar. That’s the only minus. Other than that great stroller!

  57. Hey Katrin I commented a while back but I did purchase the Nuna mixx an absolute PERFECT stroller. One problem I found it very heavy to push and found it difficult to push one handed. So needless to say it went back. I’m now thinking about the armadillo xt because of your recommendation and I went to look at it and it does look lovely and roomy

  58. Hi, Thanks for the great review. I actually bought Nuna Mixx after reading your review.

    I have a question for you.

    As we all know now this stroller has 5 positions for backrest.
    In order to adust the recline of backrest, all I need to do is push the adjustment button.
    The recline is set properly (its position is fixed) when I set the backrest position to either completely upright or flat.

    When I set the backrest to any reline positions except those two I mentiond, I can push the backrest forwad without even pushing the adjustment button. (And yes, recline was set property, I tested many times.) This can cause a serioues safety issue since the backrest can be relined forward at any time.

    Do you know what’s going on? Or I just happened to bought a stroller with defect.

    Thank you.

  59. I was just in the store looking at this stroller and would like to point out that there are 3 car seats that work with this stroller.
    Maxi cosi has one, the pipa, and the Anton Q by cybex. Hope that helps

  60. Hi Katrin!
    Such a detailed and wonderful review, but I’m still can’t decide on the stroller I want. Too bad I didn’t find your reviews when I was expecting, it would have solved so many issues.
    I have a 9 months old, which hates a slightest recline, so the most upright seat is a must.
    Bumper bar is also good, since she’s very active and I see it an additional safety feature.
    I narrowed down my choice to Uppababy Cruz, but then stumbled upon your review of the Noona Mix.
    What I don’t like about Cruz is that it has smaller wheels.
    I don’t need a car seat with the stroller so it’s not a deciding factor.
    Then again, since she’s already 9 months I don’t think that reversible seat is something we need as well.
    You also mentioned some flip xt or something that you recommend. I’m lost since they have so many different options.
    What is your opinion, should I concentrate on armadillo stroller so, since I don’t need car seat and reversible seat?
    Or will Noona also work?

  61. Hi Veronika. I know how you feel! It’s so said that they don’t need the reversible seat anymore because moms want to look at them forever. But you are right, at 9 months they want to see the world. What size wheels are you looking for? Are you going to take long walks or is it more for running errands?

  62. Hi Skoz. This is not official information. I personally contact Nuna to ask them about car seats and they told me that it has been tested ONLY with Nuna Pippa. Remember, car seats go through a lot of testing before getting approved for a stroller.

  63. Hi Katrin,
    I wanted to know if it’s required to buy the car seat for this stroller? I see that it reclines all the way back for infants.. My son is 10 years old already and I’m expecting my second child.. It’s been a long time and don’t know which stroller to get.. Thanks

  64. Hi Yesenia. You will need to buy an infant car seat anyways so why not to make it work with the stroller you like? It’s an extra convince. When you travel or go to the store, you can use a travel system. It’s much easier to transport a sleeping baby.

  65. Katrin, thank you for taking time to help me out here!
    I’m going I take long walks definitely.
    What would you recommend?

  66. We just checked out the UppaBaby Cruz yesterday, and were hoping to compare it to the Nuna Mixx, but the store didn’t have any in stock. I loved your comparison, and I’m excited to visit another store to finally test drive the Mixx. One thing that I didn’t like about the Cruz was that the seat had to be in the forward-facing position in order to collapse it (not to mention its bulky fold). Is this also the case for the Mixx? You also mention getting an infant insert for the stroller if you were to use it without the carseat in a comment to another mom. When I look up infant inserts online, the say “good for most strollers.” Are they pretty universal?

  67. We went with the Mix and we are loving it! Our guy is just 2 weeks old so the outings have been limited but the fold is a dream and we are also loving the matching car seat!

  68. Thanks for responding!

    I went to the store today and tried out the pipa /mixx combo and I had a hard time taking the car seat off of the adapters. Did you run into this problem?? I spent 45 mins trying to get it on and off and even with the help of a sales person I still had a tough time and she wasn’t much better at it then me. I love the car seat and the stroller and I really want to buy it but now I’m concerned I’m going to struggle with getting off the infant seat.

    The mesa/cruz combo was a breeze but the stroller seems flimsy and I don’t like the small wheels or all of the foam on the stroller.

    Have you had a hard time getting the infant seat on and off?

    I never thought I would spend so much time trying to pick a stroller lol. I appreciate your help!!!

  69. Hi Rachel. The model in the store might have been broken or not functioning correctly. It was very easy for me when I tested it. I also never had any parent complaining about it. Everybody who bought it, loved it! Mixx is an amazing stroller and Pipa car seat is one of the best selling car seats. I think it was a bad stroller/car seat.

  70. Hi! I really loved the City Mini GT in the store until I found out there is no parent-facing option. Some of my other criteria are: good on uneven pavement (Los Angeles), adjustable bar (husband is a foot taller), and super easy fold. Ideally, lightweight, but I realized I’ll probably keep the stroller in my car so I won’t be lugging it up and down stairs every day, just in and out of the trunk. Anyway, after nixing the City Mini GT I had settled on the Nuna Mixx. However….I just found a few more discontinued Baby Jogger Versas on Amazon and I’m wondering if I should just go for that? Seems like the big downside is it’s much heavier than the GT, but not much more than the Mixx and half the price! And I’m not locked into the Nuna car seat….what do you think??

  71. Hi! Your review is so helpful! Just one quick question, the price of $499 includes the car seat or just the stroller? Thanks in advance!!!!

  72. Hello,
    So I am a first time mom and due middle of August so I am on a time crunch to find a stroller I am really torn between the Mixx and the Urbo 2. I live in Southern California so I am planning on doing a lot of Disneyland and mall shopping… Also love to travel to Cancun 3 times a year and would like to take the stroller. I love the look of both strollers so making it a very hard discussion, the urbo2 down side from your review seems to be the wheels are the wheels on Mixx much better? Also the frame on the Urbo 2 would you reccomend over the Mixx? Which frame will last longer and be of more quality since stroller would be going on and off planes. I did look Into the armadillo flip xt but disappointed that it has no bar and was told at bottom it has plastic making it easier to brake with the way airports handle luggage, was told metal frame with no plastic would be a better durable option. Any thoughts on this? I would appreciate any feedback and what you would choose. Thank you,

  73. Hi Katrin,
    Thank you so much for the thorough review. I am so glad I found your website.
    I was wondering if you can comment on how it handles the curb? Is it easy to get the stroller up on the curb?
    Thank you!

  74. Hello,

    After a lot of stroller searching and reviews reading, I am considering this stroller for my baby due by the end of September. I would be using it from birth, and was wandering if there are any infant inserts that you know of for this stroller? Also, could you attach something like a piggy board ride to it later?

    I really like this stroller, but want to make sure it will be usable for us. I don’t want to keep my baby in the car seat for a long time, so I want to be able to use a stroller for longer walks.

    The only thing that concerns me about the stroller is the color options as we are having a girl, but I could deal with the color if everything else fits the needs.

    Thank you for your help.

  75. Hi Katrin, I am expecting in January and had the opportunity to check out some strollers this weekend. My husband and I live just outside of the city, but drive most everywhere and will use our stroller for long walks with the dog as well as trips to the mall, running errands, etc. We will use the stroller minimally on public transit. I thought the Nuna Pippa and Mixx combination was fantastic, and while I loved that the larger wheels on the Mixx will be helpful on some terrain other than pavement, I did find it to be quite heavy and larger than I thought it would be when folded (though still compact and tidy-looking!). I went online afterwards and realized that the Pepp (which I did not have the opportunity to see in person) can also be used with the Pippa and is quite a bit lighter and more compact. We are now trying to decide whether we should get both the Pepp AND the Mixx. Do you find that as a mom, you use both a lightweight/compact and full-size strollers on a regular basis? I’d love to have as little “stuff” as possible, and obviously it would be great to not spend the money on two strollers, but some family members have advised that having one stroller is just not realistic. If we got both, we’d plan to use the Pepp for travel and quick in-and-out of the car errands, and the Mixx for long walks and longer errands. What do you think? I’d love any advice you can share; your blog has been so helpful. Thank you!

  76. Is the upright position on the Mixx fully upright? Hoping it’s not tilted back like so many strollers.

  77. Hi,
    Thank u for such a great review! I was looking into getting the city mini gt because of its big canopy, large storage area, asjustable handle bar, great tires, easy hand break/locking system, and of course easy fold. It fits all of my needs except that my baby is 6 months old and i would still want tbe option of a reversable seat. I’ve been using the snao n go with the car seat and am nervous to auddenly hav him fave the other way. What is your opinion and do you recommend a different stroller all together? The nuna mixx is also more expensive then the citi mini gt.

  78. Hi Katrin! Let me start off by saying, I LOVE your reviews!! They have so much practical information and are the best on the web! Thank you for writting them!!

    I am looking for ‘the perfect stroller’ and I’m starting to wonder if it really exists. I have a 10 mo old so car seats are not a consideration (But I do have a chico keyfit). A reversible seat would be a bonus but not necessary. It would only be nice when we have baby number two. Our kids will (hopefully) be 2-3 years apart so I do not need a double stroller. I was given a used Saftey First running stroller that I have been using so far. I like that I can run with it and that it goes over just about everything. However it has a terrible basket, is VERY bulky and VERY hard to get into my car. It basically stays at home and goes around our neighborhood.

    I am looking for something that:

    -*Is more manageble to get in and out of the car
    -*has a huge basket
    -*Has mesh in the canopy for some ventilation. We live in an area with hot summers and cold winters
    -*Has a canopy that has full coverage or can be follow-the-sun for naps
    -*all terrain tires or something that can easily go over bumps, parks, dirt roads, etc. In a perfect world, I would love to be able to run with it and get rid of my other stroller, but I do have my other stroller if I want to go out for a jog.
    -has a flat, or near flat, recline and adjustable foot rest to make a flat napping surface and for on the go diaper changes (not neccessary but would be nice)
    -*has an adjustable handlebar. Right now I currantly have my stroller set to about 38″ inches from the ground
    -full suspension, or at least front or back (not neccessary but would be nice)
    -Flip-flop friendly brakes (not neccessary but would be nice)

    My hubby has a few things he’d like to have but are not deal breakers. He usually loads the car so he’d like it to lock, be able to stand up and be able to roll the stroller while folded.

    I’ve looked at Baby Jogger Versa but the basket looks like it’s not very accesable. There is no mesh in the canopy but there are snaps in the back to release the canopy from the stroller for some air. The Uppababy Vista has bigger wheels then the Cruz which I like and a HUGE basket which is awesome!!! But the seat cannot be reclined flat and the price in Canada just went up. I’ve read your reviews about the Armadillo Flip XT and love the idea of a compact fold. But it doesn’t look like it has a very big basket. I’ve been thinking about the Nuna Mixx because of many things but mainly the basket sounds great. I’m not sure about the tires on the flip XT or the Mixx since they are not classified as “all-terrain”. Would they handle some different terrains? We live slightly out of town so anytime we leave the house I am packing for the day so we have alot of stuff! I’d like to be able to pull out the stroller, load up our bags, load up baby and head out and not be too restricted by terrain. We would not be doing any hiking with it because we have an ergo we would use. I’ve heard of Joovy’s being good and heard a bit about the Nuna Ivvi. I’m basically open to whatever brand and price is not a huge deal. I don’t want to spend a fortune obviously but getting a good stroller is worth it.

    I do live in Canada but live a couple hours from the border. Finding the perfect stroller is worth the hassle of getting it up here if it’s not available in Canada.

    Desperate for you help!!
    Thank you!!

  79. Hi Katrin,

    I need your help to make the decision~

    Thank you very much for your comparisons online between Nuna Mixx and UPPAbaby Cruz, it’s really helpful to me.

    But recently I found Britax Affinity has similar function (only $100 different) with Nuna Mixx but can hardly get any comparison information, do you have any suggestion? Thanks!

  80. Hi Katrin,

    We are from Brasil, Rio de Janeiro. In 2014 We bought Bugaboo Bee 3 to our daugther. Here In Rio the streets are no good and We thought the sit too low. And its not too easy to unfold. So We are trying to sell the bee3 to buy a new one In november In USA . Our daugther is 8 months now. We need An easy fold and unfold stroller, with good wheals, confortable seat, foward facing, not too heavy and bulcky. I like your reviews about Nuna Mixx, Stooke Scoot and Joovy Cool. Which one do you thing will be best? Do you have another model to recommend? This will be the only stroller, We are not going to buy another one.

  81. We also saw the Armadillo Flip XT. So We compare the Nuna Mixx, Stokke Scoot, Joovy Cool and the Armadillo Flip XT.

    Thanks for your help!!!

  82. Hi Priscilla. Bee 3 is not my favorite because it has features of a lightweight stroller, but it’s not lightweight and not compact. The wheels are small and it does look like a wheel chair a little. LOL. Sorry Bugaboo! If I had to buy only one, it would be probably Flip XT or Mixx. I like the Flip XT compactness and one-hand fold.

  83. Hi Sussan,
    I am currently choosing between Nuna Mixx and stokke scoot v2. I really like them both. They both have all the features I need. Which one is easier to push/manuever? Is the seat position on nuna mixx as high as scoot v2? And which one is more comfortable ? My daughter is 3 months old now, and i would like to use the stroller until she is a toddler. I hope that you could help me decide. Thank you. Regards, Melinda

  84. Katrin,

    Thank you for this great review. Our baby is expected for March 2016, we are having some trouble deciding on which stroller to buy, we live in México and the Mixx is only sold in the US. We have Stokke Scoot V2 available here in México, but we and are planing to visit the US for the Christmas Holidays and are troubled if it’s worth buying the Nuna Mixx or just buying the Stokke Scoot V2 here at home.

    The car seat is the most worry thing for me, I am all in for safety and I am looking for the ISOFIX configuration. Stokke only offers the iZi Go X1 by BeSafe here in México, perhaps you can guide us which carseat base would you recommend best, either the iZi Go X1 by BeSafe or the Nuna PIPA system.

    We also like the fact the Nuna Mixx seems to handle better on uneven terrain and folds smaller that the Stokke Scoot V2? The full recline is also something that we like, so we are confused if it is worth buying the Nuna Mixx and Nuna PIPA instead.

    Please helps us out with your thoughts and thank you for such great reviews!



  85. Hi Juan. The Mixx with Pipa is a great combination. Pipa is one of the best and safest car seats on the market. Mixx handles road very well and it has great recline for a newborn. I also like the adjustable leg rest on Mixx more than on Scoot. The only thing Scoot has over Mixx is a one-hand fold and ability to use it with other car seats. That’s all! I think it’s totaly worth it!

  86. Hi Melinda. Nuna Mixx has larger wheels so it’s easier to navigate and provides a smoother ride. The recline is easier on Mixx and the basket is larger. The seat position is the same. I like Mixx for everything except the fold. V2 has one-hand fold and is more compact.

  87. Hi Helen. I know! There are so many similar strollers. There is also Joovy Qool that has reversible seat and a great recline. It’s very hard to compare all of them, but they are all great strollers. I think in the end, it comes down to little things and style preferences, sometimes even color preferences! I guess you have to decide what features matter the most.

  88. Hi Katrin – Thank you for this helpful blog and all of your great reviews! My husband and I are expecting our first child in January 2016 and we are trying to decide on the best stroller! We currently live in D.C., but will be moving to NYC when our daughter is 6 months old. We are looking for a stroller that has is durable and versatile but also easy to maneuver around city streets, the subway, etc., and ideally with an easy fold and reversible seat. Based on your reviews and comments to other folks, we are thinking about the Nuna Mixx or the Armadillo Flip XT, is there one that you recommend over the other? Are there any others that you recommend?

    Thank you so much!

    best, Lauren

    thank you!! Best, Lauren

  89. Hi Katrin!
    Loved you review!
    Im from Cancun Mexico so im sorry if my english is not very good…
    I have a 1 year old baby and we are going on vacations to disney world…
    Would you recomend mixx for the parks? I loved the total recline part because she needs to nap, that you can fold it with the seat and the big basket to put your thongs
    I was just wondering if i buy the mixx online and recieve it when i arrive to the hotel at orlando that way i wont carry a stroller from mexico… (my current stroller is broken i need a new one but i want to make a good choice this time)
    Do you know what doea the seat cover is made of?? Here in cancun is weather is very hot so thats important for me…
    Thank you !! :)

  90. Hi Sussan,
    I am currently looking to buy a one-piece foldable stroller. I am using Bugaboo Cameleon now. I am happy with all the features that Cameleon has except for the two-piece foldable. Between nuna mixx and bugaboo buffalo which one would you recommend? Thank you. Regards, Elizabeth.

  91. Hi Katrin

    I am expecting a first baby in Feb.
    I live in Manhattan (4 flight walk up…minimal storage apartment) but will be moving to in laws place in country side for the first 3 months. We have a car, and we ride subway/bus.
    So after reading your reviews and researching, I came across Nuna Mixx, Cruz and flip XT.
    I went to the store to see Mixx and Cruz.
    I definitely like the look of Mixx, love the feature that you can recline it flat like a Basinette, and big wheels!
    But I also like the fact that Cruz comes with SPF sunroof, lighter frame and the grow with baby feature!
    I haven’t seen Flip XT at the store but sounds like it’s good for city living parents…I was also reading the review on it and it’s spacious but not giving enough support to hold newborn…?
    In terms of car seats, upperbaby and Nuna both seem to have nice ones…though Nuna has the weird support stick… Any recommendations on this?
    I love organic material…and washable material.
    The baby goods add up so I would like to keep the stroller around $500.
    Is a umbrella stroller a must have? (Ugh it piled up like mountain…)
    The g-luxe(Jake 2015) and Mountain buggy Nano got my attention…
    I need your help in picking!


  92. Hi Mino. For a newborn I would get a full size stroller full of features and one of the most popular car seats that goes with the stroller of my choice. Nixx, Cruz and Flip XT are all great choices. What’s really different are the wheels. So, think about your daily life with the baby. What kind of terrain will you need to tackle. Cruz has the smallest wheels out of three, but probably coolest look. It also has a bassinet option while Mixx does not. Is bassinet at the top of your list? What I like about Flip XT is compact fold, bassinet option, and great wheels. If you are planning on carrying stroller with the baby up 4 flights of stairs, I would recommend getting Flip XT because it’s the most compact out of three. Once you pick a stroller, look at the car seats. All of the car seats are safe, as long as they are installed correctly. In reality, I wouldn’t sweat the car seat choice. Once your child is a toddler, you will probably get an umbrella stroller because it’s lighter and more compact. I absolutely love the new G-luxe 2015!

  93. Hi Elizabeth. I would probably go with Mixx because it’s a little more compact, has flat recline, adjustable leg rest and is 2 lbs lighter. Another plus is much lower price!

  94. Hi Greta. I think Mixx is a great choice. You will love it. The seat is made out of environmentally friendly Oeko-Tex® fabric. It’s very easy to clean and is great for warm weather. Also, the mesh in the back of the canopy will provide your baby with nice air circulation.

  95. Hi Lauren. Mixx and Flip XT are both great choices. I would also like to add Sola 2 MTX to that mix. If you planing on traveling and running errands a lot, I would probably get Flip XT or Sola 2 MTX because they are more compact and lighter option than Mixx. Also, you can get a bassinet with Flip XT and Sola 2 MTX while Mixx doesn’t have that option. In reality Sola 2 MTX, Flip XT and Mixx are probably three most practical and stylish strollers on today’s market. There are a lot of other stroller that I really like Nuna IVVI, Uppababy Cruz, Bugaboo Cameleon 3, but they are more about style and luxury than convenience.

  96. Hi Greta – you can also rent a stroller in Orlando and have it delivered to your room. Here’s the website:

  97. Hi Sussan, thank you for your suggestion. I have just found out that stokke scoot v2 is also a good stroller and one piece foldable. Would you choose nuna mixx or scoot v2? :-) thank you.

  98. Hi Katrin,

    After using a Graco stroller given to us for the first 3 months, we are ready to get our ONE stroller to use for everything for our girl and maybe future baby #2. We live in Wisconsin so we see all the weather and urban streets/sidewalks with a lot of bumps and cracks. We also would like to push a stroller all around a soccer field that is not manicured (like a golf course might be). I have researched strollers to death online (there are not many opportunities to see quality strollers in person here). I narrowed it down to the Nuna Mixx, Bumbleride Indie 4, Sola MTX, and UppaBaby Cruz. For me, the Cruz and MTX are less nice versions of the Nuna Mixx. Since your review, the Nuna Mixx has a cupholder for $25 and is coming out with a snack tray “soon.” I would love to see a toddler board available. When I compare to Bumbleride, the Nuna wins on 1-handed lever recline, reversible seat, and neat style. Bumbleride wins on all terrain wheels, 3 lbs lighter, self-standing fold, and toddler board available. I just wish I could push a Nuna across the park grass or a smooth dirt path to see if those 7″ front wheels can handle it (how would you rate the durability of “hard rubber” wheels compared to EVA or air?). If so, it might be perfect. It also seems like my baby and I would just love to have a reversible seat of the Nuna and that the strap recline of the Indie might be a hassle. Can you help shed light on my final decision?

    My last thought is when do 2016 strollers come out and do these 2015 versions get marked down in Nov. or Dec. I’ve never shopped for strollers so don’t know what to expect.

    Thanks so much!

    Madison, WI

  99. Hi! I’m expecting my first baby on February, and I’ve been researching strollers for a while. my husband and I are both very tall. We live in Brooklyn and don’t own a car. That is why I’m really dreaming of the Nuna Mixx. We actually went and saw it. Loved everything. We didn’t try it on the street so the only problem I seem to still have with it is that the push in bumpy and icy sidewalks doesn’t seem so smooth and light (according to reviews I read). How would you compare the push between the Mixx and the Cruz? I like the look, basket, and fold of the Mixx over the Cruz. Also I know hundreds of people who own the Cruz and no one who has the mixx. (That also makes me on one side want to get the Mixx because of the exclusivity, but on the other side I don’t have reviews from family and friends) I would like some of your insight.
    Also, my husband likes the Camaleon 3, but I think it’s bulky and hard to fold. Also, not interested in spending more than double the price of mixx or Cruz. Is that amount of money really reflected in the quality of the stroller or it’s more paying for the name brand?

    thank you in advance for your help!

  100. I like this stroller but i need to know the box or package dimensions and total weight becouse i am from Colombia and i’ll brougth from usa. And Also if you know the dimensions of Nuna pipa car seat box. Thank you

  101. Hi Katrin

    I love the Mixx and the flip xt however it looks like the mixx has no child tray option and the flip xt has no bumper bar and also no child tray option, is this correct?

    Which stroller has a seat that is higher off of the ground?

  102. HI Katrin,

    First off, this is the most helpful stroller review site out there. Your reviews are so thorough and the side-by-side comparisons have saved me hours of research!

    That said, I am a first time mom in southern California and I need a stroller that can handle unevenly paved streets (there are no sidewalks in my neighborhood), hiking trails w/ rough pavement and the beach . I also want the stroller to have a flat recline so I won’t have to worry about a bassinet / carry cot and will instead use a car seat.

    I have narrowed it down to Nuna Mixx and Mamas and Papas Sola 2. M

  103. HI Katrin,

    First off, this is the most helpful stroller review site out there. Your reviews are so thorough and the side-by-side comparisons have saved me hours of research!

    That said, I am a first time mom in southern California and I need a stroller that can handle unevenly paved streets (there are no sidewalks in my neighborhood), hiking trails w/ rough pavement and the beach . I also want the stroller to have a flat recline so I won’t have to worry about a bassinet / carry cot and will instead use a car seat.

    I have narrowed it down to Nuna Mixx and Mamas and Papas Sola 2. My biggest question between the two is the terrain and which stroller of the 2 will handle the terrain best. I am leaning towards the Mixx but the wheels aren’t technically all-terrain but from what I have read and base on the size, I think they will be ok? I am also concerned about the air filled tires on the Sola 2.

    Which would you choose?

    Thank you!!


  104. Hi Katrin!

    I’ve been looking through all of the comments and so far have not seen this particular issue come up-I’ve seen users post complaints that the Mixx has “squeaky wheels.” Have you gotten any feedback like that? Just curious if any others have complained of this supposed defect and if it’s a big enough deal not to purchase the Mixx. Thanks! -Lauren

  105. Hello!

    I was wondering if you know of, or has anyone tried any other stroller brand accessories with the Nuna Mixx? I understand that snap-on elements might not work, but possibly more universal stroller organizer accessoreis that hang from the handle bar or off the sides of the stroller? Really any accessory for any reason would be helpful.

    Thank you!

  106. Dear Katrin,

    Love all your reviews. At first i was very sold to Uppababy cruz 2015. But then, i looked at you review on Nuna Mixx. Then i tend to like it better than Cruz, simply because it almost lies flat when fully reclined. But on the other side, Cruz has it’s own buggy board. I like the idea of how my daughter can just ride on it since we’re planning to have baby number 2. However, after reading one or too many of your reviews, i’m beginning to like Armadillo Flip XT too. As i’m living in the South East Asia, it’s not easy for me to get my hands on to these strollers. Is there by any chance you have the dimension of how high are the seats from the ground of these lovely strollers?

    Many thanks!

  107. I wanted advise on which stroller I should purchase its between nuna mixx and sola 2 mtx. I’m torn between these two I have a 1 yr old looking forward to purchase a new stroller 😃

  108. I wanted to add that I just got the Mixx and they sell what they call a “ring adapter” for the Mixx which makes removal of the Pipa car seat a one hand/one click action instead of a two handed action and so much easier!! Definitely worth the extra $50. They must’ve come up with this after manufacturing their original adapters that come with the Mixx.

  109. Hi Katrin, we just bought the Pipa and Mixx but our son is not due until March so just trying to figure out a couple things before his arrival! My question is I know the Pipa comes with the infant insert, but do you know if this is able to be used in the Mixx? The Mixx seems a bit large for a newborn, so if we want to use just the Mixx seat instead of the car seat, what do you recommend so he sits securely in the seat? Isn’t an insert necessary/safer?

  110. Hi what type of insert will you recommend. I am purchasing this stroller in about a week or two. My first baby is due at the end of April. I am buying a convertible carseat not the Pipa, therefore I need this stroller to work with my newborn/

  111. Hi Katrin,

    Thanks to your review we are extremely happy with our Nuna Mixx stroller.

    Surprisingly, we can use maxi cosi cabriofix car seat on our nuna mixx (yes i know Nuna doesnt endorse this but it fits perfectly;))

    Once again thank you for the review and looking forward to read more contents from you😉

  112. Hi Katrin,

    Great review! I recently purchased a Nuna Mixx and had a couple of questions. Do you know the release date of the Nuna Mixx?

    Also, is there a parent console you would recommend that is comparable with the Nuna Mixx? Thank you

  113. This is a silly question but is there a better color for staining? My mother in law thinks black will show milk stains/ spit up more than other colors. Have you found one to be best?

  114. Hi Lauren. I think black and grey are the most forgiving colors. After washing the seat material (most of them are machine washable) the stains usually disappear. The yellow is probably the hardest color. :)

  115. Hi Katrin,

    I understand that it was already released. I recently purchased one this month-just wondering if you knew when it was released? Is this the 2014 model or 2015? And thank you, I will have to try that :)

  116. Hi Katrin, does the Graco Click Connect Car seat work with the adapter? I have seen some adapters for the PIPA seat work for the Graco as well, thanks!

  117. Hello,

    I’m pregnant with our 1st (due in Oct) and are starting to research strollers and car seats. My husband and I went to see this in store today and after reading many reviews it seems like a great option since I really like the Pipa car seat as well. I’m wondering if their are any other strollers you would recommend? We live in Utah and deal with all types of weather and terrain and I would really like something that’s compact too. We well as something that will grow with the baby. Any other must ones I should check out?
    Thank you!

  118. We purchased the Mixx based on this review and you were right, it’s fantastic!

    The only issue we have is trying to find a stroller organizer that fits well with the unique shape of the handle bars. We tested a bunch at the store and none worked very well (utilizing the cup holders are difficult).

    Have you found a stroller organizer that fits well with the Mixx?

    Thank you!

  119. Hi Katrin,

    Were you able to confirm, whether the MIXX model is now compatible with the CYBEX CLOUD Q car seat?
    Has anyone tried this combination out and has a solid answer?
    Much appreciated!

  120. Hi Katrin,

    Thank you for a great review of the Nuna Mixx. I’m due in a few weeks and am still torn between so many strollers and travel systems. I live in the NYC area so I don’t have a car and will be taking taxi’s or walking with the baby for the most part. I am trying to figure out if the Cybex Priam or now the Nuna Mixx would best fit my city life style. I like that the Cybex Aton can be used without the base and so can the Pipa car seat. I guess my question is are these two strollers even comparable on the same scale and which one would you choose?

  121. Hi, im between Nuna Mixx and Armadillo flip XT. I love the compact folding in Armadillo (having in mind my vw beetle car). Even do I tried both strollers in my trunk and both fit. For the nuna I have to take out one wheel.*

    I’m a very active person and Im looking between these two wich one will serve me better for going for walks in the park. I think that the nuna mix because of the suspension in wheels & the foam large back tires.

    Also I’m looking for just buying one stroller until my baby doesn’t need one any more.

    What to make the best desicion. Your thoughts?

  122. Hi, this is my firt baby and I wanna be sure I make the right choice when buying a stroller. Currently between Nuna Mix and Armadillo Flip XT.

    -only want to buy one stroller that serves me ultil baby grows.
    – I have a VW beetle (trunk pretty small), both stroller fit, just that the nuna takes all the space of trunk and have to remove one wheel.
    -I am a very active person and would like a stoller that allows me to make my walks/ fast walks at the park. Thinking of this I would say the Nuna would fit me better because of the suspensions and large foam back wheels.
    -the Nuna has the front bar and Armadillo doesn’t (not sire is that is a super important fact.
    -I’m tall 5’7″ and my baby’s dad is also tall 6’2″ so my baby probably will be tall to.
    -Car seat maxicosi

    Wich one would you recomend me to buy?

  123. Hi there!
    I’m trying to decide between the Nuna Mixx and the Baby Jogger City Premier- what are your thoughts? I will not need to use it with an infant car seat :)
    Thanks so much!

  124. Hi Katrin, I am hoping you can help me decide between two stroller options. I received the Uppababy Vista for a gift and I love how sturdy it feels but I like the flat recline and smaller frame on the Nuna Mixx. Also, Nordstroms recently released an exclusive version that comes with a bassinet which I wanted for the first couple of months since I plan to take lots of long walks. My only concern is that the Mixx didn’t feel as sturdy as the Vista. However, we already have the BOB running stroller for long walks when baby gets a little older. What’s more, my sister-in-law said her child outgrew the Vista seat wuickly given the bar at the bottom of the rumble seat which I see that the Nuna doesn’t have. So wondering if we’d benefit from a slightly smaller stroller that’s more compact and better recline/leg rest or is the Vista something that I will love having? I’m so torn!

  125. I also purchased the Nuna Mixx, partly because if this review, and now I’m returning it. For $499 it is inexcusable that the wheels squeak and are so hard to push. It was great at first but after a month of light use, the front wheels were squeaking so loud that everyone in my village would stare as I maneuvered through town. Shortly after that, the front wheels began to stick and I had to put all my weight into the stroller to turn it. My snap n’ go was easier to use! I was so disappointed. I’m so tired of reviews like this because I don’t think these products are being fully tested before being recommended. Sure, the stroller was probably pushed around and fiddled with, but that’s not enough to recommend to consumers. It’s not just this blog, but all product review blogs as well. BUYER BEWARE ONE THIS STROLLER!

  126. I replied to a comment above in more detail, but the Nuna Mixx is awful. The front wheels squeak and don’t maneuver easily. Nuna should really consider a redesign on this stroller and replace the wheels of any previous purchase. DO NOT BUY THIS STROLLER!

  127. Hi Katrin,
    Thank you for your great review. I am a first time mom, currently compare the stroller between Nuna Mixx and Peg Perego Book Pop-up. Which one would you prefer? Please share your opinion.

    Thank you,

  128. Hi Katrin,
    I see your review for the nuna MIXX and the nuna tavvo.
    The main differences are the material of the wheels, no rain cover for the tavo. The mixx is also reversible (base seat)
    I also have read reviews that the tavo has rougher fabric and hard to remove fabric? Is that correct? i thought it came with a insert that it seems easy to take out to be washed and also you the tavo has the ring adaptor for the pipa (which i plan to use with the stroller).
    Are there any other differences that you can think of? besides the $100 less for the tavo and I won’t have to purchase the $50.00 ring adapter if i go with the mixx (for easy click with the car seat) but then i will have to purchase the rain cover (optional as well).
    We live on the suburbs so most of the time it will be in the car.
    What are your thoughts? i have seen the mixx and have compared with the cruz (which i decided to go with the mixx) but then i heard about the tavo and have not yet found a store to see it in person.
    I like the mesh window in the back of the tavo but when the pipa is connected, is the baby always be inside a “capsule” with mesh or can the tavo cover come off (then it will be only the pipa cover).
    Sorry, so many questions but thanks for any assistance you can provide.


  129. Can I use the Stokke® Scoot Softball with the Nuna mix stroller? I am getting the Nuna Mix stroller but would like to buy the stoke soft bag for the cold weather here in Colorado, however I am not sure if it will fit in the stroller. Nina mix has a foot piece also but does not look as warm as the stoke. I would appreciate your comments and advise. Thanks

  130. I am wondering the same thing. Can I put my 1 month old in the actual stroller seat or have to use car seat? Or is there am insert I can get?

  131. Katrin,

    Do you have any reviews on the Nuna Mixx footmuff? I am preparing for the harsh winter ahead and base on some of the reviews I’ve read, their footmuff was poorly designed. Do you have any recommendations on a universal footmuff compatible for the Nuna Mixx? Thank you in advance.

  132. Great review! Thank you. I see that the wheels are all-terrain but are the tires filled with foam?

    Thank you in advance!

  133. Hi Joyce. It’s up! But there were not a lot of changes. Mainly the included bassinet and the leather covers on the handle bar and bumper bar. They did add new accessories finally!

  134. i was going to wait for the mixx2 but since my baby is due before the mixx2 delivery date, i decided to get the mixx jett with the bassinet.
    I don’t think the new mixx2 comes with the bassinet. It may be something that is optional but the base mixx2 should not come with the bassinet included. I have asked many baby stores what they told me that besides the handle bar, black frame, bigger tires/rims and longer canopy they are the only the changes to the mixx2. They also have confirmed that the price will increase 100 dollars from 499.95 to 599.95.

    I purchase the pipa car seat separate and it did come with a insert even though the company i got it from did tell me that the insert was not included. It is a thin insert but it feels that it could work for an infant.

  135. I use a Brica cup and snack holder. I put it on the handles and holds a full sippy cup and snack. I love it and works great with the stroller

  136. Whoa.
    My Nuna Mixx has the same problem with yours.

    The maneuver of the front wheels are sucks.

    But still, I love the very large basket and the flipflop parking brake.

    Now I’m thinking to change my Nuna Mixx with Mamas Papas Urbo2.

  137. Hi Katrin, I would like to know if Nuna mixx2 has a board from nun or universal board for toddler, can I get this accessory, is compatible with nuna?
    What do you recommend for a newborn and toddler stroller? I’m looking for a light and compact stroller.
    Thank you!

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