Top 10 Strollers For 2015 You Can Buy Right Now

top-ten-300    I’ve already posted an article about 20 new strollers that you can expect to see sometime in 2015, but I know some of you need a stroller right now and don’t want to wait. That is why I wanted to post a list of  top 10 best baby strollers that you can get today. While some of the strollers below have been recently released or updated, others have been around the block for some time, but still hold their spot.

All these stroller have been already tested by many parents and have received the highest ratings. And since the features are just as important as the price you are paying for them, I’ve also personally tested all of them to make sure you get the highest quality and the best value.

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15 Coolest Baby Strollers Ever Made

coolest-strollers-300Some parents just can’t find the right stroller for their child, so they have to go the custom way. Below are the world coolest baby strollers I’ve ever seen. While some of them look like a great invention, others should probably stay as concept.

Keep in mind, I’ve NOT tested any of them and I don’t think I will. Some of them actually look very dangerous for a child. Try them at your own risk.

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BOB Revolution Pro Stroller Review 2015

bob-revolution-pro1Recently, BOB has released two new jogging strollers Revolution Flex and Revolution Pro. Both models is an upgrade to beloved Revolution SE. The updated models have such minor changes, I don’t know why BOB felt the need to give them new names. Now, I think it’s even more confusing with so many similar models out there. Anyways, the main change that both Flex and Pro have is an adjustable handle bar  with nine different positions.

Aside from different colors the Pro model has a hand brake attached to the handle bar while Flex does not. That’s it! The addition of the adjustable handle bar did increase the weight a little. Other than that it stayed ABSOLUTELY the same.

Just like SE, the Pro model features huge oversized canopy, roomy seat, large basket, and adjustable 5 point harness. The large basket underneath the seat is not the only storage. It also has two mesh pockets inside of the seat for your child to store his toys and a large mesh pocket in the back for parents to store their essentials. The seat can accommodate a child from 3 months and up to 70 lbs. If you want to use it from birth you can turn it into a travel system by purchasing a car seat adapter.

The most important feature of Pro is the wheels. It rolls on large air-filled tires with adjustable state of the art suspension system that provides a VERY smooth ride. From my experience, BOB has one of the best suspension systems on the market. The front wheel is swivel, but can be locked straight. The fold is very easy and as compact as it can be with a jogger.

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7 Amazing Budget-Friendly Strollers For Under $200

budget-friendly-strollers5If you have been reading my blog, you’ve probably noticed that most of my reviews are on expensive strollers. As a stroller addict I like luxury strollers that come with all the bells and whistles. In reality, you really don’t have to go broke buying a stroller. There are some very affordable high quality strollers that are full of great features.

In today’s post, I want to tell you about 7 amazing strollers that you can get under $200. I have tested all of them personally and was very impressed. Despite the low price, all of them are high quality and have highest reviews from parents.

I am liking to Amazon which usually has the lowest prices, but keep in mind that prices might vary depending on the color, model and seller. I did find ALL of the strollers below for under $200 except for the last travel system.

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Nuna Pepp Stroller Review

nuna-pepp-stroller2Nuna is a new Dutch company that has recently appeared on US market. Nuna Pepp is their first stroller that was introduced to US a couple of years ago.

The Pepp is a compact luxury stroller designed for running errands, traveling and public transit. Because of the small wheels, it does best on the flat surfaces, but can handle some mommy terrain like grass, mulch or uneven pavement.

You will like a roomy seat made out of plush certified Oeko-Tex® fabric. The seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 50 lbs. It also has TRAVEL SYSTEM capability and works with Nuna Pipa and Nuna Pipa Lite car seats. The adjustable leg rest will provide your younger child with more room to stretch. The adjustable handle bar is great for taller and shorter parents.

When you look at the Pepp model, right away you can notice a unique frame design and wider wheels. It looks very modern and stylish. Pepp’s main features is it’s compact flat fold that works great for small trunks and traveling.

What I really like about Nuna is that their products are made in an eco-friendly and ISO-certified factory and consists of quality materials. They try eliminate the use of toxic chemicals as much as possible. Being made by an European company is also a plus. You will be surprised, but many parents want to buy ONLY European strollers. It’s their main criteria when shopping for a stroller!

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Top 10 Best Selling Lightweight Umbrella Strollers for 2014

top10-umbrella-strollersLightweight umbrella strollers are the most used type of strollers among the parents. When your child is young, you need a lot of different features to keep him safe and comfortable. You also stuck carrying a huge diaper bag with everything in the world in it. As the kids get older, they become more and more active and need less stuff.

Most of the time my 2-year old doesn’t even want to seat in the stroller, so I take it with me just in case she wants to take a nap or needs a diaper change.

So, why do parents love umbrella strollers so much? Well, the light weight of umbrella stroller makes it easier to take it in and out of the car. Compact fold allows you to fit more stuff in you trunk. Also, it’s great for public transit. Small foot print let’s you navigate in tight spaces like narrow store aisle, elevators, parking lot, and doctor’s office with ease.

While there are a lot of pros, there are also some cons. Because of the compact fold, most umbrella strollers have small hard to access basket, so don’t plan on going grocery shopping with it. The canopies are not as big as on full size models. There usually two handle bars that are non adjustable. Deep recline is not always an option. Also, many don’t have very good seat padding.

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Joovy Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller Review

joovy-groove-ultralight14The Joovy has recently introduced a new stroller called Joovy Groove Ultralight which is a lighter version of a very popular Groove model. I don’t know how they did it, but Ultralight model is 5 lbs lighter than the original. While weighing only 12 lbs (hard to believe right?), it is full of great features like deep recline, large canopy, and compact fold.

The Goove Ultralight is one of a few umbrella strollers that has a 149 degree recline (which is very deep), that is great for long naps and on-the-fly diaper changes. To give your child even more stretching room they’ve included an adjustable leg rest.

Once the seat is recline, there is a large opening in the back that provides nice air circulation during hot summer day. When the weather gets chilly, you can cover it with the attached closure. The seat can accommodate a child from 3 months and up to 55 lbs. It does NOT take infant car seat.

There are plenty of storage! Aside from the medium size basket which is typical for an umbrella stroller, there is also a zipper pocket in the back of the canopy  two mesh pockets inside of the seat and a mesh bottle holder/mesh pocket for small items.

The tall parents will be happy to see tall ergonomically positioned handle bars located at 41″ from the ground. The fold is very easy and has an automatic lock. There is also a shoulder strap for easy transportation. And at 12 lbs it’s really a shoulder kind of stroller. What I really like about it that despite the light weight it is still a very sturdy stroller.

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Graco Breaze Click Connect Lightweight Umbrella Stroller Review

graco-breaze-stroller1Graco Breaze Click Connect is a lightweight umbrella stroller that takes an infant car seat. This is a very sturdy umbrella stroller that is full of great features that parents want. The one-hand recline goes to almost a flat position making the naps and diaper changes comfy experience.

The large basket will fit your medium to large diaper bag. The big canopy provides plenty of shade protection. Breaze is designed for flat surfaces, but can tackle some occasional mommy terrain like grass, mulch or uneven pavement.

It also features nicely added seat back, adjustable leg rest, 5-point adjustable harness, single foot brake, and carry strap.

The fold is a BREEZE! It’s really easy to fold with only ONE HAND. No foot needed! I was able to fold it while holding my child in the other hand. It has an automatic lock and very compact umbrella fold. The weight of 17.5 lbs is about average for an umbrella stroller with the car seat capabilities.

I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because I think Graco is really stepping up and wants this to be a serious competition for popular strollers like Chicco Liteway and Maclaren XT. You are probably wondering if it’s so great, why didn’t it get the highest rating? Well, there are a few things that can be improved.

The foot rest is located too close to the seat making it inconvenient for a older toddler to place his/her feet. The seat back is 18″ which is on a shorter side. Plus, the material at the top of the seat back will prevent a taller toddler from taking nap with a recline.

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