UPPAbaby Vista Stroller Review

The UPPAbaby Vista is one of the MOST popular strollers on today’s market. Parents love its ability to grow with the family from birth to toddler years. It goes from: 1) the bassinet mode 2) to a travel system mode 3) to a single stroller mode and finally 4) to a double mode with an addition of a second seat. You can even add a stroller board for an older child!

As you probably know, in the past Vista got some updates that included a narrower frame, better tires, lighter weight, new accessories, improved sunshade, leather accents, and new colors.

Recently, there have been only a few minor updates and new colors. The bassinet is a little longer now so it can accommodate a larger child, the front wheels are now made out of the same material as the rear, and the handlebar and the bumper bar on all the Vista models have genuine leather covers (before it was only on some colors).

Despite the updates, the weight stayed the same at 26 lbs. The Vista 2018 also features a roomy reversible seat, a huge canopy with a pop-out  SPF 50+ sunvisor, all-terrain tires, a huge basket, an adjustable handlebar, an adjustable leg rest, an intuitive one-step fold, a deep one-hand recline, and all-wheel suspension.


Reversible SeatX Expensive
Large CanopyX Bulky
Large BasketX Heavy
Deep Recline 
All-Terrain Wheels 
Adjustable Leg Rest 
Adjustable Handlebar 
Included Bassinet 
Travel System Option
Converts into double


Of course, I gave it 5 out of 5 stars because this is one of the most practical strollers that can accommodate an infant as well as a toddler. And, an included matching bassinet makes it no brainier on what to do with a newborn.

So, if you are in a PANIC and don’t know what stroller to get, I would suggest getting a Uppababy Vista + Uppababy Mesa car seat (one of my favorite car seats). That way, you will be 100% ready for a newborn. Once your child gets a little older and uses the stroller less and less, you can get a more compact lighter umbrella stroller for running errands.

The Vista comes in 12 colors and retails for around $899 depending on the color. It includes a matching bassinet, bumper bar, rain cover, bug cover, and bassinet bug cover.

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Detailed Review of UPPAbaby Vista Stroller


The canopy is not only large but also has a large SPF 50+ pop-out sunvisor that goes all the way to the bumper bar. The canopy is made out of high-quality woven fabric while the sunvisor is made out of wrinkle-resistant material.

One cool thing about the canopy is that it can slide up and down the frame to accommodate an older or younger child.

There is a large peekaboo window made out of dark mesh with a magnetic closure. No noisy Velcro! (For new parents: noisy Velcro can easily wake up a sleeping baby when you are trying to peek in).

The dark mesh of the peekaboo window also provides shade and better air circulation on a hot summer day since the canopy is attached to the back of the seat and there is no additional mesh.



The telescoping handlebar goes from 39.5 to 42.5″ making it comfortable for taller and shorter parents. To extend it, all you need to do is push the button in the middle of the handlebar and pull it up. Easy!

Last year, the handlebar covers in all colors were upgraded to high-quality real leather. It’s worth mentioning, that there are no chemicals used in the tanning process of the leather and that it’s REACH certified meeting EU requirements for chemical testing.  If you have an older model, you can order the leather cover separately.


The roomy seat is 12″ wide and 19.5″ from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. But, you can slide the canopy up the frame to get 2 more inches making it 21.5″.

The seat is reversible so your child can look at you or the world. You need to remove your child first, although I did it with my baby in the seat (when she was little) and it was fine.

The one-hand 180-degree lever recline has 5 positions and is suitable for a child from 3 months and up to 50 lbs. I also like that it’s a very upright seat in the most upright position, I know this is a very important feature for some parents. My daughter always liked to sit upright by pulling herself up on the bumper bar.

There is an adjustable 10″ leg rest that will provide your baby with a more flat surface to stretch his/her little legs. Since the leg rest is part of the seat, it works in both modes. For an older child, there is a footrest that is attached to the frame. It’s not adjustable.

The INCLUDED bumper bar is removable and swing-away for easy ins and outs. For this year, the cover has been upgraded on all the colors to a high-quality real leather that also matches the handlebar cover.


It has a padded adjustable 5-point harness with a center release button. This button is very easy to unlock so your child will be able to escape (as soon as they figure it out).

The good news is that it’s not a puzzle piece meaning that the waist straps are attached to the shoulder straps (can be removed) making it much easier and faster to secure a child.


This is probably one of the largest baskets on the market. It can hold up to 30 lbs! Grocery shopping will be a breeze. You can easily fit two large diaper bags into it. Easy access means you can get things in and out without any problems even if the seat is fully reclined.

Of course, the space of the basket will be dramatically reduced once you install the second RubleSeat in the back. But, since there is also a configuration with the second RubleSeat in the front position, you can still use the basket for grocery shopping.

To get more storage you can get a stroller organizer that attaches to the handlebar of the stroller. It has a place for a coffee cup, water bottle, wallet, keys, phone, and more. Perfect for on-the-go parents.

You can also get stroller hooks that attach to the frame of the stroller providing you with even more places where you can hang your diaper bag or shopping bags.


It rolls on four all-terrain solid polyurethane wheels with 11.5″ wheels in the back and 8″ wheels in the front. Last year, they added threads to the front wheels. Since the tires are solid, you will never get a flat while still getting the cushioned ride.

This is an all-terrain stroller that will handle a lot of different terrains like grass, gravel, or uneven pavement. It is great for long walks in the park or on the city streets.

For those of you who don’t know, polyurethane is an artificial rubber that combines the strength of rigid plastics with the flexibility and elasticity of the rubber.

As a result, it provides exceptional abrasion and tear resistance allowing for increased load-bearing capacity and impact-resistance. Great upgrade! To make the ride smoother Vista independent shock-absorbing front and rear wheel suspension.


The one-step brake is located on the right wheel. It’s flip-flop friendly.


The fold is one-step and super easy. It can be folded with or without the seat. Of course, removing the seat first will make it much lighter and easier to load into the trunk. If you have a bad back like me, I recommend separating the seat from the frame.

Like most all-terrain strollers with the reversible seat, Vista is pretty bulky and takes up a lot of room in the trunk. The folded dimensions with the seat attached are 17.3”L x 25.7”W x 33”H , without the seat 16.8”L x 25.7”W x 33”H. It does have an automatic lock and standing fold. Since the handlebar got upgraded to the real leather from the rubber covering I am not sure it’s not going to get scratched in the standing fold position.


The INCLUDED matching bassinet plugs right into the frame instead of the seat. I am absolutely in LOVVVVE with this bassinet. I think I can write a whole review just about this bassinet.

Don’t worry, I will try to contain myself. The bassinet weighs 8.4 lbs and is designed for a baby from birth and up to 20 lbs. Last year, it got a little longer and is now 30.2″ in length. The cool thing about this bassinet is that it’s deep enough for you to use at home for overnight sleeping. Great extra bed for your baby!

The large canopy unzips in the back exposing a dark mesh that allows for better air flow. While keeping your baby cool and comfortable, the dark mesh also provides sun protection.

To provide your baby with even more sun protection there is a large pop-out SPF 50+ sunvisor that has been recently upgraded to a quality wrinkle-resistant material. Just like on the seat, the sunvisor locks in place much better than before.

The perforated mattress pad and vented base allow for added breathability. The mattress inside is very soft and is made out of organic material. I really like the water-repellent inner liner that keeps the space dry and comfortable because let’s face it, these little cuties throw up and spill things all the time!

Add to it diaper disasters and you will never get it out. The trow-ups are the worst. It takes me sometimes three times to get the smell out. Oh, that smell… Moving on. The liner and boot cover is very easy to remove for cleaning.

The mattress cover and the zip-out liner are machine washable. This bassinet folds down for compact transportation. The bassinet comes with a bug net and bassinet storage bag. You can purchase a rain cover for the bassinet separately.


You can turn your Vista into a double tandem stroller by adding a RumblerSeat (sold separately) which is a full-size toddler seat. The RumblerSeat can be added to the front or to the back of the stroller.

The benefit of putting it in the front is that you still have your large basket for the baby stuff. When you attach it to the back, the child’s feet end up in the basket taking up a lot of room.

The seat is 12″ wide with 17″ – 20″ from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. Since the canopy is height-adjustable, you can get three extra inches. The second seat has also the same one-hand lever recline just like the main seat.

It can accommodate a child from 3 months and up to 35 lbs. It includes a padded adjustable 5-point harness with a center release buckle and a bumper bar. The canopy is great! Just like on the main seat, it has a large pop-out SPF 50+ sunvisor and dark mesh peekaboo window with magnetic closure. The RumblerSeat also comes with a bug net.


The Vista can be transformed into a travel system by using a UPPAbaby Mesa car seat (sold separately) that attaches directly to the frame.  I am a big Mesa car seat fan! It’s a little expensive but is an amazing car seat. It has a unique easy installation with a color indicator that changes colors from red to green when the seat is installed correctly.

Another important safety feature is an adjustable headrest with side impact protection that is 4X safer than premium car seats. This seat is great for PREEMIES from 4 lbs+ and can accommodate a baby up to 35 lbs.

This is one of my favorite car seats on the market! The Vista is also compatible with popular car seats like Chicco, Maxi-Cosi, and Graco. You will need to get the correct adapter for those car seats.


The Vista truly grows with your family. Whether you have twins, two siblings, or three siblings, it got you covered. Now you can have two 2 infant car seats, 2 bassinets, 2 toddler seats. Add a PiggyBack board for an older child.

IMPORTANT: It’s worth mentioning that some seat combinations require additional adapters. Many parents get very upset when they realize they need to spend more money on the adapters. Unfortunately, to get all the seat combinations you will need to purchase two more adapters. I know it sucks since it’s already a very expensive stroller.


If you have an older child who is too old for a stroller but can’t keep up with you, get him a PiggyBoard. Attach it to the back of the stroller and you are ready to roll.  It’s made out of natural eco-friendly wood and can handle a child up to 55 lbs. 

What I really like about this board is that it folds up and out of the way when you don’t need it. You can even fold a stroller with it attached.



It comes with a matching bassinet, bumper bar, rain cover, bug cover, and bassinet bug cover.

Recent Updates

  1. Larger bassinet. It is now 30.2″ long so it can accommodate a larger child.
  2. Leather accents. The handlebar and the bumper bar are covered with real REACH-certified leather in all colors. Before it was only on selected colors.
  3. Front wheels. They’ve added threads to the front wheels, but the size stayed the same.
  4. New colors. Now it comes in 12 different fashions.

Past Updates

I decided to keep these updates for new parents.

  1. New colors. All the bright colors are out, and deep rich tones are in. Vista has added Austin Hunter Green, Henry Blue Marl, Dennison Burgundy, and Loic White. I  kind of miss that bright orange, yellow and pink.
  2. Handlebar and bumper bar. The handlebar and bumper bar covers were updated from rubber to real leather in selected colors. The full-grain cowhide leather is REACH certified. No chemicals are used in the tanning process so it will get softer and darker over time. 

    You can also buy the covers separately for older models and zip over the rubber handlebar. Now, if you feel like you will be throwing this stroller around and don’t want the leather, you can still get it with the rubber cover in selected colors.
  3. Frame. The frame is narrower now in the back making it easier to navigate in tight spaces.
  4. Updated sunshade. The sunshade had been upgraded to a higher quality woven fabric and the sunvisor locks better in place when you bring it up and down.
  5. Better tires. Now it has solid polyurethane tires instead of hard rubber. They are more durable and provide a smoother ride.
  6. Lighter weight. The frame and tires updated resulted in a lighter weight of 26 lbs. That is 1.5 lbs less than the previous model.
  7. New accessory. I’ve also heard there will be new wheel reflectors for safer rides at night time.

UPPAbaby Vista Specs

Stroller weight: 26 lbs (frame + seat)
Weight limit: 50 lbs (main seat), 35 lbs (RumblerSeat)
Folded dimensions: 17.3”L x 25.7”W x 33”H (with the seat)
Handlebar height: 39.5″ – 42.5″
Seat to canopy height: 19.5″ – 21.5″
Rear wheels: 11.5″
Front wheels: 8″
Overall length: 37″
Overall width: 25.5″

Video Overview of UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

Here is a video overview.

UPPAbaby Vista Warranty

UPPAbaby has a 3-year warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner.

UPPAbaby Vista Available Colors

The UPPAbaby Vista is available in nine different colors: Jake, Denny, Emmett, Jordan, Gregory, Henry, Loic, Taylor, and Sabrina. While most of the models have silver frame, Jake come with a black one.

Where to Buy UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

You can get UPPAbaby Vista in one of the nine beautiful colors for around $899.  It comes with a bunch of accessories like a bug net, rain cover, bumper bar, matching bassinet, and bassinet bug net.

You can convert it into a travel system by getting a UPPAbaby Mesa infant car seat. I would also suggest skipping the cup holder and getting a universal stroller organizer instead!

That way you can take not only your coffee cup, but also a LOT of stuff including keys, phone, water, wallet, snacks, diapers, toys, and more.

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  1. Hello!

    I love all the features of the vista, but I’m not interested in the bassinet, but the mesa car seat instead. Is there any I would be able to purchase It without the bassinet? Thanks!

  2. Has the Vista seat always been very upright? Our 9 month old is really disliking our britax b agile because it’s still quite reclined in the most upright position. Now I’m looking at used Uppababy Vistas and wondering if models as old as 2012 are very upright or if this is a new feature. Thank you so much for this review and in advance for your help! 😘

  3. Between this pram and the baby jogger lux 2017 which one would you recommend I purchase? Ignoring the pricing difference

  4. I have twin girls. I have uppababy vista Jake with Dennison rumble seat. Wonderful I can mix and match. The configurations are prefect. And the accessories are just wonderful. Leather hand bar and leather belly bar. And plush seat cover, rain cover, bug cover, my only problem is it’s expensive. You have to buy all the accessories nothing comes with the stroller. And you need adapter so the two children can be comfortable and have room for the diaper bag. It’s wonderful stroller like I mentioned before I just wish it was cheaper.

  5. I love all the features of the vista, but I’m not interested in the bassinet, but the mesa car seat instead. Is there any I would be able to purchase It without the bassinet? Thanks!

  6. get the cruz instead, it doesnt come with the bassinet. I have the bugaboo cameleon (got it for my first, now using it with my 6 month old) and I can not imagine why you wouldnt get the bassinet! That is literally the best feature of the stroller, both of my sons slept in it until 6 months. When I was looking into strollers 2 years ago, I didnt consider a stroller without one.

  7. We purchased the 2018 model. We love everything but I think it is noise when we ride it on the street. Is that normal;;; ( the wheels make bulky noise….)

  8. I recently purchased the Uppababy Cruz and within a month a part broke. I contacted customer service (Sydney) and what an awful experience. I’m from Cape Cod, MA, very close to Hingham where the headquarters is. I’m at shock with the incompetent customer service I’ve received here in Australia. I do not recommend buying Uppababy in australia.

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