Thule Sleek 2018 Stroller Review

The Thule Sleek is a new convertible stroller that transforms from single into a double mode. It can handle twins or siblings close in age. You can buy it as a single model and than later on add the second seat or even a stroller board for an older child.

With 14 different seating arrangements, it grows with your family. It can handle two toddler seats, two bassinets, or two car seats. Both seats are reversible and have a deep recline. This model is very similar to the popular UPPAbaby Vista.

Since Sleek is still not out, I can’t tell you if it’s better than Vista. From what I’ve seen at the ABC Kids Expo where this model was first presented, it doesn’t have anything that makes it stand out except for the modern design and a lighter weight of 24 lbs which is a few pounds lighter than most convertible strollers.

Just like Vista it features large canopy, adjustable leg rest, swing-away bumper bar, adjustable handle bar, large basket, all-terrain wheels, all-wheel suspension and flip-flop-friendly brake.

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Cybex Eezy S Twist 2018 Stroller Review

The Eezy S Twist is a new lightweight stroller from Cybex with unique rotating seat and super compact fold. It’s designed for on-the-go parents who like to run errands and travel.

Navigating crowded city streets and tight spaces will be a breeze since the Eezy S Twist has a very narrow frame of only 18″ wide. This also allows it to have a compact one-hand fold that is close to a very popular carry-on compliant Babyzen Yoyo+ model. Now, I am not sure if Eezy S Twist is small enough to be on board. You will have to check with the airlines.

To reverse the seat all you need to do is twist it without disconnecting it from the frame. You can even have your child in the seat while doing so.

While weighing only 13 lbs, Eezy S Twist is car seat compatible and can be turned into a travel system with Cybex and GB car seats. The almost-flat recline allows for comfortable long naps and quick diaper changes.

For your newborn you can also get a newborn nest that goes right into the reclined seat. Despite the light weight, the stroller can accommodate a child up to 55 lbs.

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BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller Review

The new BOB Rambler jogging stroller is a scaled down version of the popular BOB Revolution Flex. It’s more compact, has a little less features, and costs about $150 less. Sort of budget friendlier version of Flex. So, let’s talk about differences first.

While you can still jog with it, the rear wheels are a little smaller than on Flex. The seat is not as wide and not as tall. There are no mesh pockets inside of the seat which is not a big deal.

The handle bar is not adjustable like on Flex. All these small differences resulted in more compact fold, cheaper price, and 3 lbs lighter weight of 25 lbs (Flex is 28.5 lbs).

All other features are pretty much the same. It still has: large canopy, high weight capacity of 75 lbs, one-hand strap recline system, large basket, two-step fold, adjustable suspension system, adjustable front wheel tracking, run-away strap, and one-step brake.

It can also be converted into a travel system and works with most popular infant car seats. The Rambler model is a great choice for sporty parents who don’t have space for large jogger like Flex. If you are looking for a little fancier model with more features but the same size, take a look at Bumbleride Indie.

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Britax B-Free 2018 Stroller Review

The Britax B-Free is a new model from Britax that is an upgraded version of B-Agile with even more cool features.

For starters it has large all-terrain never-flat wheels that can tackle terrain much better than B-Agile. The all-wheel suspension helps to smooth out the bumps. The expendable canopy is also huge, but has a nice magnetic closure instead of the noisy Velcro that you can see on B-Agile.

The seat is also very roomy, but it has higher weight limit of 65 lbs (only 55 lbs on B-Agile), and has an adjustable leg rest (BA does not). The one-hand strap recline goes to almost a flat position suitable for a newborn.

It also features adjustable handle bar, large easy to access basket, 7 storage pockets (wow!!!), true one-hand fold, standing fold, auto-lock and 5-point harness.

You can convert it into a travel system by getting one of the Britax or BOB infant car seats. Or you can buy it as a travel system. All these cool features come at  higher weight of 22 lbs (vs 16 lbs on BA). This is still a very reasonable weight for an all-terrain model (average is around 24 lbs).

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Bugaboo Fox 2018 Stroller Review

The Bugaboo Fox 2018 is a new luxury all-terrain stroller that is a cross between beloved Bugaboo Cameleon and Buffalo models. The new Fox is AMAZING! This lightweight, sleek and super sturdy buggy combines the best features from both models making it great for any lifestyle.

While weighing under 22 lbs it rolls on large all-terrain wheels (8″ and 12″) that together with all-wheel suspension provide great maneuverability and smoothness. This is probably the lightest all-terrain reversible-seat stroller on today’s market. Impressive! BTW, Buffalo is 27 lbs.

The light weight didn’t effect a high weight limit of 48.5 lbs. For comparison the Buffalo has it at 50 lbs and Cameleon at 37.5 lbs. (FIY, the Buffalo model has been discontinued.) The roomy seat has one-hand lever recline with 3 positions and is positioned higher on the frame (at 23″ from the ground) than on Cameleon.

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UPPAbaby Cruz 2018 Stroller Review

Another popular model from UPPAbaby is Cruz. While having a lot of  the features of the full size stroller, it’s lighter, has smaller footprint, and a more compact fold. This model is somewhere in between a Vista and G-Luxe. On one hand it has a reversible roomy seat with a large canopy like Vista model, but on the other hand the wheels are much smaller.

The good news is that while you will definitely need to buy a lighter stroller if you have Vista, with Cruz model it could be your ONLY stroller.

The Cruz got a lot of small updates in 2017 like:

  • like higher quality fabric on a sunshade,
  • improved material of the pop-out sunvisor,
  • the sunvisor locking better in place when you bring it up and down,
  • the solid polyurethane wheels instead of hard rubber,
  • real leather option for handlebar and bumper bar,
  • new auto lock or you can call it ‘folding clasp’ that holds stroller together once it’s folded

For 2018 they’ve only added real weather handle bar and bumper bar to all of the colors and added new colors. That’s it. Everything else stayed the same.

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Mom’s Tips: How To Choose The Best Stroller

Do you feel like you are losing your mind trying to choose the RIGHT stroller for your baby? You are not alone. I felt the same way when I was trying to decide what stroller to get. There hundreds of different strollers to choose from which makes the whole process a daunting task. It’s like buying the first car for your baby!

Speaking of cars, it took me more time to pick a stroller than my SUV. I didn’t want to be stuck with a crappy stroller for 3 years wishing I spent more time on the research. For some reason, I was not as concerned when buying a car… nope. The SUV was dark blue … and I like dark blue, so I got it. With strollers I got completely OBSESSED! I was absolutely determined to find THE BEST STROLLER.

So, I tested different strollers, read endless reviews and watched many many youtube videos before finally making my decision. Took me 3 MONTHS! My husband thought that I am crazy especially when he saw ten stroller in the living room. While I did my research I couldn’t find one single site that has a good comparison chart and a comprehensive buying guide to help me through the process. That’s why I decided to put one together for you.

Let me begin by saying that most parents have more than one stroller. So, if you are trying (like I was) to find a stroller that HAS IT ALL including all-terrain wheels, deep recline, reversible seat, huge canopy, adjustable foot-rest, one-hand compact fold, lightweight at around 17 lbs, large basket because of course you are planning to do grocery shopping with it, and a price under $250, it’s IMPOSSIBLE!

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Single Stroller Comparison Chart

main-pic1Putting together this stroller comparison chart was a fun project, but a LOT of work. This chart has TOP single strollers that are sold on today’s market. It took me a few weeks to find and sort all the information and another week to set up the chart. My goal was to create an easy way to compare different strollers in one place (something that I couldn’t find anywhere).

One of the most important factors when choosing a stroller is its weight and that was THE hardest thing to find. I had to go to the manufacture site for each stroller to see what the correct weight is. Surprisingly, some of them give you all the information in the world, but not the weight. Many of the sites that sell strollers including Amazon, provide incorrect weight info.

That is why I wanted to make sure I provide you with the MOST accurate information. Many strollers are available in other colors than displayed in my chart. I tried to find the lowest prices for each stroller to save you money (Keep in mind, prices can vary depending on the color). I’ve also put together a list of top 20 best strollers for 2018 that you can buy right now. All of these strollers have received the highest reviews from me and the parents.

How to use this chart

This is a dynamic chart that sorts information without reloading this page. To sort information, click on little black arrows at the top. You can use a ‘Search Box‘ to filter information. To see only jogging strollers, type ‘jogging’ in the search box.

ImagesTypeStroller WeightWeight LimitPriceStroller
Austlen Entourage
standard30 lbs50 lbs$849Buy Now»
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Baby Jogger City Mini 2016
standard17 lbs50 lbs$250Buy Now»
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Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2016
standard21 lbs65 lbs$350Buy Now»
My Review»
Baby Jogger City Select 2016
standard28 lbs45 lbs$529Buy Now»
Baby Jogger City Select Lux 2017
standard28 lbs45 lbs$529Buy Now»
My Review»
Baby Jogger City Mini Zip
lightweight17 lbs55 lbs$199Buy Now»
My Review»
Baby Jogger Summit X3 2016
jogging27 lbs75 lbs$330Buy Now»
My Review»
Baby Jogger City Tour Lux
lightweight19 lbs45 lbs$299Buy Now»
My Review»
Baby Jogger Vue Lite
lightweight14 lbs55 lbs$145Buy Now»
My Review»
Baby Trend Expedition LX
jogging31 lbs50 lbs$140Buy Now»
Babyzen YoYo 2017

lightweight13 lbs40 lbs$499Buy Now»
My Review»
BOB Ironman 2016
jogging27 lbs75 lbs$419Buy Now»
My Review»
BOB Rambler
jogging25 lbs75 lbs$359Buy Now»
My Review»
BOB Revolution Flex 2016
jogging28 lbs75 lbs$370Buy Now»
My Review»
BOB Revolution Pro 2016
jogging30 lbs75 lbs$499Buy Now»
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BOB Revolution SE
jogging25 lbs75 lbs$459Buy Now»
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BOB Sport Utility 2016
jogging28 lbs75 lbs$399Buy Now»
My Review»
BOB Strides Fitness 2016
jogging28 lbs75 lbs$469Buy Now»
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Britax B-Agile
lightweight16 lbs55 lbs$269Buy Now»
My Review»
Britax B-Free
standard22 lbs65 lbs$359Buy Now»
My Review»
Britax B-Ready 2017
standard28 lbs55 lbs$499Buy Now»
My Review»
Bugaboo Bee 5
standard19 lbs37 lbs$789Buy Now»
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Bugaboo Cameleon 3
all-terrain21 lbs37 lbs$1,099Buy Now»
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Bugaboo Fox
all-terrain22 lbs48 lbs$1,199Buy Now»
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Bumbleride Indie
jogging20 lbs45 lbs$499Buy Now»
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Bugaboo Runner

jogging28 lbs37 lbs$749Buy Now»
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Chicco Ct0.6/Capri
lightweight11 lbs40 lbs$80Buy Now»
Chicco Echo
lightweight17 lbs40 lbs$99Buy Now»
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Chicco Liteway
standard19 lbs40 lbs$99Buy Now»
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Chicco Liteway Plus
standard19 lbs50 lbs$180Buy Now»
Contours Bliss 4-in-1
standard25 lbs40 lbs$399Buy Now»
My Review»
Cybex Agis M-Air3
lightweight17 lbs55 lbs$269Buy Now»

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Cybex Balios M
standard23 lbs55 lbs$469Buy Now»
My Review»
Cybex Balios S
all-terrain24 lbs40 lbs$399Buy Now»
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Cybex Eezy S Twist
lightweight13 lbs55 lbs$299Buy Now»
My Review»
Cybex Priam
standard25 lbs38 lbs$1,099Buy Now»
My Review»
GB Evoq 4-in-1 Travel System
standard23 lbs50 lbs$429Buy Now»
My Review»
GB Pockit+ Plus
lightweight13 lbs55 lbs$229Buy Now»
My Review»
GB Qbit
lightweight14 lbs50 lbs$199Buy Now»
My Review»
Graco Breaze Click Connect
lightweight17 lbs50 lbs$149Buy Now»
My Review»
Graco FastAction Fold Jogger
jogging30 lbs50 lbs$189Buy Now»
iCoo Acrobat
standard20 lbs50 lbs$399Buy Now»
My Review»
Inglesina Trilogy
standard21 lbs33 lbs$499Buy Now»
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Jané Nanuq
lightweight15 lbs34 lbs$125Buy Now»
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Jané Rider
standard30 lbs40 lbs$750Buy Now»
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Joolz Geo 2
all-terrain30 lbs45 lbs$999Buy Now»
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Maclaren BMW Buggy
lightweight12 lbs55 lbs$385Buy Now»
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Maclaren Globetrotter
lightweight10 lbs55 lbs$180Buy Now»
Maclaren Quest
lightweight13 lbs55 lbs$299Buy Now»
My Review»
Maclaren Techno XLR
lightweight17 lbs65 lbs$450Buy Now»
My Review»
Maclaren Techno XT
lightweight15 lbs55 lbs$279Buy Now»
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Maclaren Triumph
lightweight11 lbs55 lbs$185Buy Now»
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Maclaren Volo
lightweight9 lbs55 lbs$99Buy Now»
Mamas & Papas Armadillo
lightweight17 lbs50 lbs$299Buy Now»
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Mamas & Papas Armadillo City2
lightweight15 lbs50 lbs$229Buy Now»
My Review»
Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip

standard20 lbs50 lbs$410Buy Now»
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Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip XT2
standard22 lbs50 lbs$529Buy Now»
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Mamas & Papas Armadillo XT
standard20 lbs50 lbs$399Buy Now»
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Mamas & Papas Mylo
standard28 lbs50 lbs$600Buy Now»
Mamas & Papas Sola2 MTX
standard22 lbs50 lbs$479Buy Now»
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Mamas & Papas Urbo2
lightweight20 lbs50 lbs$499Buy Now»

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Maxi-Cosi Kaia
lightweight18 lbs50 lbs$200Buy Now»
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Mountain Buggy Mini
lightweight18 lbs44 lbs$299Buy Now»
Mountain Buggy Nano
lightweight13 lbs44 lbs$249Buy Now»
My Review»
Mountain Buggy Swift
standard21 lbs55 lbs$450Buy Now»
Mountain Buggy Terrain
standard29 lbs55 lbs$500Buy Now»
My Review»
Nuna Demi Grow
all-terrain28 lbs50 lbs$799Buy Now»
My Review»
Nuna Mixx2
all-terrain25 lbs50 lbs$599Buy Now»
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standard30 lbs50 lbs$800Buy Now»
My Review»
Nuna Pepp
lightweight19 lbs50 lbs$249Buy Now»
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Nuna Tavo

standard24 lbs50 lbs$349Buy Now»
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Peg Perego Book
standard20 lbs45 lbs$390Buy Now»
Peg Perego Book Cross
all-terrain22 lbs50 lbs$499Buy Now»
My Review»
Peg Perego Vela Easy Drive
lightweight16 lbs45 lbs$189Buy Now»
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Phil&Teds Dot Buggy
standard26 lbs44 lbs$450Buy Now»
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Phil&Teds Navigator
standard28 lbs44 lbs$500Buy Now»
Phil&Teds Promenade
standard28 lbs40 lbs$599Buy Now»
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Phil&Teds Verve
standard28 lbs44 lbs$599Buy Now»
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Quinny Mood
standard30 lbs50 lbs$700Buy Now»
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Quinny Buzz Xtra 2.0
standard30 lbs50 lbs$449Buy Now»
Quinny Yezz
lightweight13 lbs40 lbs$280Buy Now»
Quinny Zapp Xtra
standard19 lbs50 lbs$350Buy Now»
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Silver Cross Wave
standard36 lbs55 lbs$1,299Buy Now»
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Schwinn Turismo Swivel Wheel
jogging25 lbs50 lbs$169Buy Now»
Stokke Scoot V2
standard25 lbs45 lb$599Buy Now»
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Stokke Xplory V5
standard27 lbs45 lbs$1,129Buy Now»
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Summer Infant 3D Flip
lightweight14 lbs50 lbs$149Buy Now»
My Review»
Summer Infant 3D Lite
lightweight12 lbs50 lbs$79Buy Now»
My Review»
Thule Urban Glide 2
jogger25 lbs75 lbs$449Buy Now»
My Review»
UPPAbaby Cruz
standard22 lbs50 lbs$449Buy Now»
My Review»
UPPAbaby G-Lite
lightweight9 lbs55 lbs$199Buy Now»
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UPPAbaby G-Luxe
lightweight11 lbs55 lbs$279Buy Now»
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UPPAbaby Vista
standard26 lbs50 lbs$899Buy Now»
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Valco Baby Snap4
lightweight15 lbs44 lbs$199Buy Now»
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Valco Baby Snap Ultra
standard19 lbs45 lbs$229Buy Now»
My Review»

What do you think?

If you think I missed any of the strollers, please let me know by using comment box below and I will add it to the chart. When putting together this chart, I was debating whether I should combine all the of the strollers in one chart, like I did above, or separate them by stroller type (lightweight, jogging, standard). Since this chart is so long, it might take a while to load.

~Susan Brian