Safety 1st Lift LX Travel System Review

safety_1st_lift_lx1The Safety 1st Lift LX Travel System is a full-featured stroller that comes with an extra-lightweight onBoard 35 infant car seat. You will really like how affordable and practical this travel system is. The matching car seat has excellent crash protection and side impact protection, so your child will be safe if you get into an accident. The transportation from the adjustable, stay-in-car base to the stroller is truly seamless which is important for a sleeping baby.

The stroller itself features a roomy seat, adjustable padded 5 point harness, large basket, and tall handle bars. Unlike many expensive luxury stroller that don’t include any accessories probably because they think owners have a lot of money and should buy everything separately, the Lift LX comes with a swing-away child’s tray and a smartphone friendly parent organizer.

What really makes this travel system a great buy is that it’s lightweight for a travel system weighing only 19.8 lbs, while most travel system weigh over 20 lbs and an easy ONE-HAND FOLD that we all love so much. It also has an automatic lock and a standing fold. This stroller has small wheels and is designed more flat surfaces. Of course it could tackle some mommy terrain, but don’t plant to walk trails with it.

I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars because I think it has a lot of great features for such an expensive stroller. I would like to see a larger canopy and better wheels. The non-adjustable handle bar is typical for a budget stroller, but I would like to see adjustable one. Overall, I think this is a great option for parents on a tight budget because it’s light, compact, has an one-hand fold, and includes an excellent car seat. More importantly, it costs ONLY $239! Super budget friendly if you ask me.

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-Medium canopy. It has a medium size canopy that has a small sun visor that doesn’t do much. Since I am used to huge canopies that go all the way to the bumper bar, this one was a little disappointing. There is also a small mesh peekaboo window at the top with a quiet closure (thankfully no noisy Velcro).


-Tall handle bar. The handle bar is not adjustable but is pretty tall, located 41″ from the ground. Most budget friendly strollers don’t have an adjustable handle bar.

-Roomy seat. The seat is 13″ wide with 17″ seat back and a measurement of 25″ from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. The seat back is not that tall, but the canopy height is great. It has one-hand strap recline system that goes about half way. You will need both hands to bring the seat back up. Not a deep recline, so you really won’t be able to put your newborn into the seat. But, that’s not a problem since this is a travel system you can put your newborn into the infant car seat. The stroller seat can accommodate a child from 6 months and up to 50 lbs.


-5 point harness. It has a padded adjustable 5 point harness with hard to unlock buckle, so your little one will not be able to escape

-Snack tray. INCLUDED! That’s why absolutely love budget friendly travel system. A lot of times they come with snack tray and a parent organizer. This snack tray is removable and also is swing away. It has two compartments and a cup holder in the middle. Great place for a sippy cup!


-Parent organizer. INCLUDED! Parent organizer is a very convenient thing. I am happy to see it being included. It has two cup holders and a place for your smart phone. I love to talk on the phone while walking with my daughter Sophia. That’s probably the only time that I can talk on the phone without her screaming in my ear.


-Wheels. It rolls on four hard rubber wheels with 8″ wheels in the back and 7″ wheels in the front. The front wheels are swivel but can be locked straight for mommy terrain like grass, mulch or gravel. In reality, this is not an all-terrain stroller, so don’t plan on jogging or walking trails with it. It performs best on the smooth surface. If you think you will be doing a lot of walking in the park, I would suggest to get an all-terrain stroller because you will feel tired of pushing this one after 20 min. Lift LX is more designed to get you from point A to point B.


-Large basket. It has a large basket that will definitely fit your large diaper bag. Items in the basket can be easily accessed from the back. The sides are not as elastic as I would like them to be, so getting stuff out is a little harder.


-Parking brakes. There are two individual parking brakes on each wheel. To lock the wheel, step on the brake. To unlock just lift the pedal up. They are not flip-flop friendly.

-Easy one-hand fold. It has the same convenient fold as the City Mini. All you need to do is pull on the handle that is located in the middle on the seat and the stroller will fold in half. Even the child’s tray fold with the seat, so there is no need to remove it. Easy! It has an automatic lock and a standing fold. It weighs only 19.8 lbs and is pretty compact for a travel system. It’s folded dimensions are 20.1″ L x 27.6″ W x 30.3″ H.




-Matching Infant Car Seat.  This travel system comes with an onBoard™35 Infant Car Seat which is a highly rated car seat that can accommodate a child from 4 lbs and up to 35 lbs. It has excellent crash protection and side impact protection so your child will be safe if you get into an accident. It also features more child legroom with 14″ seat pan length, great fit to vehicle with LATCH, 2-stage recline level indicator, adjustable base, ergonomic carry handle, and retractable canopy. To convert Lift LX into a travel system, all you need to do is recline the seat and snap the onBoard 35 Car Seat right into the child’s tray. No adapter needed! The canopies from the car seat and the stroller will shade your baby completely.





 -Medium size canopy. This is a typical canopy for a budget travel system. If you go to BabiesRus, you will see a lot of similar Chicco and Graco travel systems that have mediocre canopies. This canopy also makes annoying clinking noise when you adjust it. The small sunvisor does very little in providing shade.

-Small wheels. The small wheels are really designed for flat surfaces and don’t do well on the terrain. I think the wheels need the main improvement on this stroller.

-Non-adjustable handle bar. Like on most travel systems, the handle bar is not adjustable, but is tall located at 41″ from the ground.

Video Review

I found a great video review of Affinity made by Baby Gizmo.Take a look.

Take a look at this video overview made by Safety 1st.


Stroller weight: 19.8 lbs
Weight limit: 50 lbs
Folded dimensions: 20.1″ L x 27.6″ W x 30.3″ H
Handle bar height: 41″
Seat to canopy height: 22″
Rear wheels: 8″
Front wheel: 7″
Overall length: 40.5 ″
Overall width: 27.6″


Safety 1st provides only 1-year warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner. Here is more information on the warranty.

Available colors

The Safety 1st Lift LX Travel System is available in two colors: nautical navy and honeycomb.


Where to buy it

My favorite place to buy strollers and a lot of other baby items is Amazon. It usually has the lowest prices, free shipping, free returns and no sales tax. Unfortunately, Lift LX is not on Amazon at this time, but I found it on BabiesRus site for only $239.33 (free shipping).

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~Susan Brian

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