Stokke Xplory Stroller Updates For 2014

stokke_xplory1If you read my reviews, you probably already know that I am not the biggest fan of Stokke Xplory stroller. Yes I think it’s a very stylish and modern looking stroller, but it’s not very practical. It reminds me of a high heel pumps with a platform that you can only wear to the restaurant because there will be minimum walking. LOL.

With Xplory it’s the same thing, you can only use it on a fat surface, it’s bulky, heavy (26 lbs), and doesn’t come with any accessories. Although it’s designed for an urban enviroment, there is almost no storage. It’s also super expensive (around $1,000). To me this stroller is all about status and a fashion statement. I doubt Xplory parents run errands around town or go grocery shopping. Here is my full detailed review.

Anyways, the Xplory model got two very minor upgrades for 2014. Nothing really changed. LOL.

1. The storage bag at the bottom now attaches and detaches from the sides, instead of wrapping around the frame. This way, it doesn’t get in the way when folding.

2. The lever that you used to fold the previous model of the Xplory has been updated to a ring.

That’s it! You probably though the update included a free cup holder or more storage. Nope. I found this video that goes over the update in details.

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I also found this cool page shows you how the Stokke Xplory fits in different car trunks. Unless you have a minivan it will take up all of the trunk space.

~Susan Brian

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