Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller Review

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience is currently one of THE MOST popular umbrella strollers on the market. Why? Because it has a high weight limit, deep recline, is very lightweight, and is budget-friendly. And that’s exactly what most of the parents want in an umbrella stroller.

Nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a second or third stroller especially when parents already have bulky heavy travel systems and full-size strollers with large wheels that cost an arm and a leg. Who wants to carry them around while traveling or using public transit?

Well, Summer Infant 3D Lite is designed especially for that. Great for on-the-go parents who like to run errands around town, go to the mall, and theme parks, or travel by plane. Weighing ONLY 12 lbs, it’s easy to throw over your shoulder when you are on the go.

You will be pleased with a deep recline that is great for an afternoon nap. The roomy seat is also very tall (28″ to the canopy) which is important if you have a tall child. The seat is designed for kids from 6 months and up to 50 lbs.

Storage will not be a problem since it comes with a cup holder, a roomy basket, and a storage pocket for small items. This is a very good size basket for such a light stroller.

It also featured a nice size canopy with a sunvisor, tall handlebars, front wheel suspension, carry strap, and easy fold. On the website, they say it’s a one-hand fold, but you will also need to use your foot. So, a hand and a foot fold. LOL. I was able to fold it with my 2-year-old daughter in my arms.


I gave it 5 out of 5 stars because I was very impressed with all the great features for such a light and compact stroller. It has all the important things like deep recline, storage, tall handlebars, low weight, high weight limit, and low price that parents are looking for when choosing an umbrella stroller.

What else can you ask for? The only thing I would add is a peekaboo window. Other than that, it’s perfect! You can get it for around $99.99. Can you believe it cost ONLY $99? I think most parents would even pay $150.

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The adjustable canopy blocks 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays. The canopy is kind of a small size, but it has a pop-out sunvisor that will provide your child with more shade. There is no peekaboo window or any mesh. I would like to see a peekaboo window and it would be nice to have a larger canopy with a ‘follow-the-sun’ option.

There is a small zipper pocket in the back of the canopy that you can use for small essentials like keys, cell phone, or lipstick (if you still care about makeup. LOL).


There are two tall handlebars that are located 42″ from the ground. They are not adjustable. Great for tall parents. My husband is 6’1″ and he felt comfortable with the height. If you are much shorter you might want to test it first.


The seat is 12.5″ wide with an 18″ seat back and a measurement of 28″ from the bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy. This is a very tall seat which is great for older taller kids.

The seat has a 3-position recline that doesn’t go all the way flat but is deep enough for your toddler to take a nap. You will need to use both hands to recline the seat by squeezing two levers on the side.

I would like to see a one-hand recline of course. The good news is that you will need ONLY one hand to bring it back up. In case you are wondering, this is a pretty upright seat.

Not the most upright I’ve seen, but good enough. The seat can accommodate a child from 6 months and up to 50 lbs. This seat adjusts to 25°, 45°, 55° and 60°.


It has an adjustable padded 5-point harness with an easy-to-unlock buckle. Your toddler will definitely be able to escape. I am glad they’ve added a belly pad that hides the buckle from a child. Out of sight, out of mind sort of speak. LOL.


The basket is medium size but is considered to be big for an umbrella stroller. You will be able to fit a medium size bag in it. Like most umbrella baskets it is hard to access. You can’t really access it from the sides.

So, the only way to get things in and out is from the back when the seat is not reclined. If the seat is reclined you will have to wait till your child wakes up. Again, this is a very common problem for an umbrella stroller.


 It rolls on four double hard rubber wheels 6″ in diameter. The front wheels are swivel wheels but can be locked straight for rougher terrain. The maneuverability is really good for such a lightweight stroller.

Keep in mind, that this model is designed for flat surfaces. It’s great for traveling, public transit, and running errands around town.

It’s nice that they’ve added a front-wheel suspension to make the ride a little smoother.


There are two parking brakes on each wheel that you will need to lock individually. They are NOT flip-flop friendly.


The fold is a typical umbrella fold. It’s easy, but you will need one hand and one foot to do it, so it’s one-hand-one-foot fold. LOL. To fold it, you will need to step on the lever with your foot and pull on the handle with your hand at the same time.

They advertise it as a one-hand fold which I think is not really accurate. To be fair, I was able to fold it while holding a toddler in my arms, but I did use my foot. It was a balancing act of course. It has an automatic lock. This is a very compact package with the dimensions of 43″L x 10″W x 9″H

It has a nice carry strap for easy traveling. Perfect! Since it weighs ONLY 12 lbs, you don’t even need your husband to help you. Just throw it on your shoulder and you’re good to go.


It has a removable cup holder that you can place on either side of the frame. The cool thing is that you can place it on the side for your child to place his/her sippy cup in it.


-No peekaboo window. This is a very minor thing, but I would like to see them add it to the next release.

-Small canopy. Just like many other umbrella models, it has a small canopy.

Video Review

Here is a video overview.


Stroller weight: 12 lbs
Weight limit: 50 lbs
Folded dimensions: 43″L x 10″W x 9″H
Handlebar height: 42″
Seat to canopy height: 28″
Wheels: 6″
Overall length: 27″
Overall width: 18″


Summer Infant provides a 1-year warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner.

Available colors

This stroller is available in nine colors: lime, black, tropical green, pink, tangerine, blue, citrus, yellow, and Newport pink. The seat is black in 7 styles. The yellow and pink also come with a navy color seat. All come with a silver frame.

Where to buy it

You can get 3D Lite Convenience in one of the nine beautiful colors for only $99.99. It comes with a cup holder.

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6 thoughts on “Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller Review”

  1. Hi,
    I followed the link to buy it on amazon and I noticed for the Black model, there is a newer version available. Do you know how this differs from the model that you review here?

  2. I believe it isn’t quite the same. The harness doesn’t have a cover for it.

    I was curious, would you use this for a newborn? I just put it together. I called the manufacturer and they said you could but it doesn’t seem like its soft enough.

  3. Hi!
    I’m trying to find an affordable, lightweight stroller for my 3 year old who is 41″ tall! He’s a big guy. Our main problem with other strollers is that he doesn’t like footrests and will get his feet tangled up in the wheels when he stretches out. Also, a lot of umbrella strollers we looked at are hard, like the back and where his little butt goes are super hard, so uncomfortable. Is this one squishy and comfy? We take very long walks and he’s special needs, so a stroller that is safe and comfy is so important to us. But we’re not rich:/ Saw another you reviewed for $139, do you think this one is comprable?
    Thank you!!

  4. Hi, you comment that the front wheels are lockable but I can’t figure out how to do this, and Summer Infant does not say they are lockable. Can you tell me how to do this? Thanks!

  5. HI Kate. There are two levers on the front wheels that you need to push down to lock each front wheel. Summer Infant also has this information on their site.

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