The Best Diaper Bag Ever!


On this site, I mostly write about strollers, but because I got so many emails asking about my gorgeous diaper bag, I decided to do a detailed post on it. From my own experience, I know it’s not easy to find THE perfect diaper bag.

I didn’t want to buy 5 different diaper bags because I am a practical person who doesn’t like to spend money on stuff I won’t use.

Just like with the stroller, it took me forever to find a diaper bag that would meet all of my requirements. What are they? Well, I wanted it to be practical, medium size, with a lot of different pockets, reasonably priced, and look fabulous!

I also wanted it to match most of my everyday outfits. Not that much to ask for, right? Right… After three weeks of searching, I finally found an amazing diaper bag called “Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag“. It has everything I was looking for!

Why I Absolutely Love It

-Tons of pockets. 10 different pockets allow me to easily find things with just one hand. I don’t need to dig for 10 min trying to find my car keys while my baby is crying. I know exactly where my cell phone is when it starts ringing while I am driving.

I know, I know… I shouldn’t talk on the phone while driving. You can fit a baby bottle in any of the four outside pockets.


-Expandable. It’s a medium size but has a zipper in the middle so you can expand it (makes it 20% larger)  to fit more stuff. More diapers and more sippy cups! Yay! LOL.


-Beautiful colors. This bag comes in 5 different colors: graphite, black, bronze, cream links, and sketch diamond. I got the graphite color and in real life, it looks better than in a photo.

Since I wear a lot of jeans and black yoga pants, it goes with everything. It also goes great with my grey Bumbleride Indie stroller. I wasn’t really trying to match it to my stroller, it just happened. Oh, and the BEST thing is that my husband doesn’t look ridiculous when he takes our daughter somewhere.


-Easy to wash. The material is very easy to wash. “Easy to wash” is very important in Mom’s world. I really like that the inside of the bag is not attached to the bottom and can be removed. Makes it so much easier to wash and dry.

I lost count of how many times something got spilled. Those stupid spill-proof sippy cups always leak! Now, I put them into one of the outside zipper pockets. At least my wallet and diapers are not floating in milk if it spills there. LOL.


-Fabulous design. I absolutely love the sporty look. It goes great with everything except for the business or evening wear. LOL. I usually wear jeans or yoga pants with a North Face jacket (putting on clean clothes is dressing up for me :))

-Lightweight. I hate those bags that are heavy before you even put anything in. This bag is very light. This bag is also BPA-Free, PVC-Free, and Phthalate-Free.

-Includes changing pad. The pad is made out of durable easy-to-wash material. Very compact and does not weigh anything.


What’s In My Diaper Bag

I usually take only what I need with me for the day.


1) Wallet


2) iPhone


3) EOS Lip balm – This new lip balm has a smooth texture and is not heavy or greasy. I love the strawberry flavor. It’s not overwhelming like many other lip balms. The shape is very unique and convenient to use.


4) Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm – It’s 100%  natural and is lightly and pleasantly scented. I got one with Pomegranate Oil.


5) Hand sanitizer – This is a must have item. Because I take my daughter to a lot of different places, I make sure to clean her hands after she is done playing. Otherwise all those germs will end up in her mouth.


6) Huggie Diapers – I use Little Movers. I order them on Amazon because it’s much cheaper. I think they hold up better than Pampers and allow for more flexibility.


7) Huggies Wipes Travel Size – I just like Huggies whips more than Pampers because I think they are thicker.


8) Touch and Feel Book – Farm. That book is really a lifesaver sometimes. Especially when I stand in line in the grocery store and my daughter Sophia starts to cry. The book is a great distraction.


9) Extra clothes. Depending on the season I bring some extra clothes in case of an emergency. Usually one pair of jeans, shoes, one onesy, tunic, and shoes. I absolutely LOV Momo Baby shoes. They are so cute and comfortable!


10) Guess Sunglasses. I have nice sunglasses at home, but I don’t really take them with me anymore because Sophia loves playing with them. These cheap Guess sunglasses are very durable and can go through a lot. They’ve been licked, chewed on, dropped million times, and stepped on.


11) Sippy cup. I usually just take some water with me. Ocasionaly milk. The Munchkin Click Lock sippy cups are my favorite because they are leak proof and have easy-to-grip handles. The cup locks with an audible click, forming a tight seal that keeps the water mild inside.


12) Bag of Cheerios. Of course, we can’t go anywhere without Sophia’s favorite Cheerios. I find them all over my house in the weirdest places. The other day I found one in my shoe. I usually always keep a zip lock bag with Cheerios in case Sophia gets hungry.

She does drop it all over the car if we are driving somewhere, but at least she is not screaming. Anything to keep them quiet.


13) Organic Baby Food. I usually like to take a pouch of some kind of organic baby food. It can be a mix of vegetables or fruits. I really like Plum products.


14) Nikon Camera. Sometimes I bring my Nikon D5100 so I can take pictures of my baby girl. I absolutely love taking photos! I think kids grow up so quickly and we need to catch every moment. My husband bought this camera right after my daughter Sophia was born.

We didn’t have an extra $700 lying around, but I really wanted to take great photos of my baby. Thankfully Amazon has a Store Card that allows you to get 12-months financing.

It came out to only $60 a month which we could definitely manage. I have no experience in photography, but the photos look AMAZING because the camera does all the work!

My friends think that it was taken at the studio and are very surprised when I tell them I took them at home with no special lighting.


Here are a few photos of Sophia when she was 10 months old. Aren’t these photos great? The first one was taken in my kitchen and the other one in my living room behind our couch.


Here is a photo of my full diaper bag with the Nikon in it.


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