What Is Your Number One Stroller Complaint

mamas_and_papas_surveyBefore introducing their new stroller called Armadillo, Mamas&Papas decided to do a stroller survey to find out what parents are complaining about the most. It turns out that number one stroller complaint from parents is that the strollers won’t fit into store aisles, doorways, elevators and other spaces. I say, you can blame the stroller or store designers who placed displays too close together. LOL.

I’ve noticed that more and more companies coming out with new narrow strollers and by narrow I mean around 19-21″ wide. Mamas&Papas just came out with their new Armadillo stroller that is only 20″ wide. For comparison, the super popular City Mini is 24″.

Other interesting results of the survey were:

Over 64% of parents own more than one stroller. (Yes I do!). I think it’s hard to have only one stroller. When the babies are younger, you need a lot more features than your umbrella stroller has. They need flat recline, adjustable foot rest, roomy padded seat, large wheels, all-wheel suspension, and large canopy. Parents want an adjustable handle bar, large basket, large peekaboo window, and easy fold. Try finding all of these in an umbrella stroller. When the child starts walking, they don’t want to seat in the stroller and you can graduate to a lightweight umbrella stroller that you can carry over your shoulder.

About 21% of parents have purchased three or more stroller for just for one child. (I am definitely one of them!)

Only 50% of the parents are not pleased with their stroller. Why am I not surprised… Most first time parents don’t do an extensive research. Instead, they just go to their local Babies R US and buy whatever sales persons recommends. Only after they start using, they realize that what they bought isn’t meeting their needs.

Over 48% said that easy open and fold is their top feature on the list. If I had to choose the most important feature, I would say it’s the weight. There are a lot of heavy strollers that are full of great features, but loading them into the trunk is a challenge.

Here is a full survey results from Mamas & Papas.

~Susan Brian

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