Baby Jogger Vue Lite Stroller Review


The Baby Jogger Vue Lite is a lighter version of the Vue model. Its main feature is a reversible seat that you can reverse without taking it out.

While being lighter and more compact than the original Vue, it’s still full of features like a large canopy, tall handlebars, adjustable leg rest, deep recline, and a very roomy seat.

Despite the light weight of only 14 lbs, it still has a travel system ability which is amazing for such a lightweight stroller. I found it to be a very sturdy umbrella stroller and felt comfortable using it with an infant car seat. BTW, it works only with City Go which is a brand new car seat from Baby Jogger.

Since this is an umbrella stroller with small wheels, it does best on flat surfaces and is not designed for going off-road. I would recommend it as a second stroller for running errands or traveling. The deep almost flat recline in both modes makes it great for long naps and quick diaper changes.


I gave this buggy 5 out of 5 stars because it’s amazing how many features this shoulder stroller has! Travel system, reversible seat, soft pram option, compact fold in a stroller that weighs only 14 lbs! As with any stroller, there are things that can be improved.

I would like to see a peekaboo window added. It also would be nice to have some storage like a zipper pocket for small items or a cup holder added since the basket is super small and hard to access.  It comes in four beautiful colors and retails for around $179.

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It has a large multi-position UV 50+ canopy with a small sunvisor that will provide your child with full sun protection. It might not look very big, but there is another full panel in the back so if you bring the canopy forward it will go down almost to the child’s knees. 

This is a much larger canopy than found on most umbrella strollers. Just like the seat, the canopy is reversible and will provide your child with the same great protection in parent-facing mode. Unfortunately, there is no peekaboo window.



It has two handlebars covered with nice foam that are located 42″ from the ground. These are tall handlebars that are a little higher than on your average umbrella stroller.



The seat is 13″ wide with a 20″ seat back and a measurement of 25″ from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. This is a very tall seat, but you could make it even taller by sliding the canopy up the frame.

It can accommodate a child from birth and up to 55 lbs. Vue Lite has also a travel system capability and works with Baby Jogger City Go infant car seat. It does NOT work with any other car seat.

Just like on Vue, it has a one-hand lever recline that goes to almost a flat position so you can put your newborn into the seat. The unique feature of this stroller is the reversible seat that you don’t need to take out to reverse. All you need to do is squeeze the lever you use to recline it and push the seat forward. That’s it!

Basically Vue Lite has a seat on each side and you just change the position of the backrest. Very easy! Even in the reverse mode, the recline goes to almost a flat position so you can put a newborn into the seat.

To reverse the canopy on the original Vue, you would need to detach it from the seat. Not on Vue Lite! It reverses together with the seat. Easy!



It has a 5-point adjustable padded harness with a center release buckle that is not very hard to do. There is no crotch pad to hide the buckle from the child.



The leg rest in the forward-facing mode is not adjustable, but the leg rest in the parent-facing mode is.



The basket is almost non-existent on this stroller. It’s so small and so hard to access, that you can store only a few small items in it like a toy, wallet, or sunglasses.

On the bright side, when your stroller is in forward-facing mode with the rear leg rest up, there is a little area in the back where you can place a small diaper bag or some baby essentials.



It rolls on four double EVA wheels with 5″ wheels. The front wheels are swivel but can be locked straight for rougher terrain. These wheels are designed for flat surfaces and not going to handle tough terrain that well.



It has a single flip-flop-friendly brake that will lock both rear wheels. Love it! BTW, Vue has two separate non-flip-flop-friendly brakes.



It has your typical umbrella fold with an automatic lock. Keep in mind, that you can’t fold the stroller with the car seat adapters attached if you are using the travel system. It has a compact fold with folded dimensions of 15.43″H x  x 12.25″W x 39.75″L.



There is a carry handle on the side of the stroller so you can easily lift and carry the stroller with you. I found it very easy to load in and out of the car since it weighs only 14 lbs.


The Vue lite model can become a travel system with the purchase of a City GO infant cat seat made by Baby Joggers. This is the ONLY car seat it works with. Not many 14-lb umbrella strollers have travel system options so this is very cool.


This is a new car seat from Baby Jogger that weighs only 8 lbs. Super light! It comes with a large canopy, 5-point harness, infant insert, and base for the car.  The handlebar is rounded and not flat in case you are wondering.

It also has a TaxiSafe Belt Patch, meaning you can use it with the safety belt of the car instead of the base. This is great for traveling because you can safely bring it with you into the taxi and not worry about installing the base.

You will need to use car seat adapters to install it onto the stroller. It does not click onto the frame like on some other travel systems.


There is a soft pram that you can insert into the reclined parent-facing seat. The foot cover can be zipped away for all-season use. It will provide your newborn with a soft and cozy spot for naps on the go. Great feature!  It retails for around $60 on Amazon.


Cup holder option. The cup holder is not included like on the Vue model, but you can purchase it separately for around $15 on Amazon.


-Hard to access basket. It has a typical umbrella stroller basket that is small and hard to access.

-No peekaboo window. The canopy is large but does not have a peekaboo window.

-Works only with City Go car seat. It doesn’t work with any popular infant car seats. I think Baby Jogger really wants you to buy their car seat.

Video Review

Here is a quick video overview.

Here is a detailed video review from Baby Gizmo. Note: It does come with shoulder pads for the 5-point harness although in the video they say it doesn’t.


Stroller weight: 14 lbs
Weight limit: 55 lbs
Folded dimensions: 15.43″H x  x 12.25″W x 39.75″L
Seat width: 14″
Seat to canopy height: 25″
Handlebar height: 42″
Wheels: 5″
Overall length: 31″
Overall width: 20″


Baby Jogger gives has a lifetime warranty on the frame of the stroller and a 1-year on small parts and fabric.

Available colors

It comes in four colors with a silver frame.


Where to buy it

You can get Baby Jogger Vue Lite in one of the four beautiful colors for around $179.

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  1. Where can I find the complete vue lite travel system I tried looking for it at target and they don’t have it, Thank you

  2. Do you find that the bar in the middle makes the seat uncomfortable for the child? I noticed right away when i put my hand on it without applying much weight.

    Between this, the Maclaren Quest and the Uppababy G Luxe, what do you recommend for a durable travel stroller? We travel a lot.

  3. hi Katrin!

    I really enjoyed reading your detailed reviews. I’m looking for a second stroller that is lightweight to be used for everyday errands, walks and travel. I’m trying to decide between the Baby Jogger city mini 4 wheel or Baby Jogger vue lite. If there is a better one for me to look at, please feel free to suggest it. Thank you so much!


  4. Hi Deqa. Between those two I would pick City Mini 4 because of the larger basket and better padding on the seat. But, I like Britax B-Agile 4 more than City Mini 4. Take a look at it.

  5. Hi, thx for your great review. Im waiting number 3, and was looking for a stroller just like this one…(just with a better basket lol, but hey you cant get everything right). I have a normal hard lift and i was wondering if you think it would fit in the vue lite…at least just the first couple of weeks. Its going to be a summerbaby, but in scandinavia, the summers or not so hot and very rainy… does the packet include a rain cover? And a mosqito cover as well? Or does anyone work.

    thanks again, Alina

  6. Hi Katrin,

    I’m trying to decide if I should get the baby jogger vue lite or summer infant 3D flip? I live in nyc and will be traveling on public transportation a lot.

  7. I’m looking for a stroller for my sister-in-love. She’s expecting, has back problems, and therefore has a weight restriction of 20 pounds. I was looking at the baby jogger vue lite. She plans on not using a carrier due to her restrictions. Any suggestions?

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