Britax B-Ready Stroller Review


Britax B-Ready is a luxury stroller that gained popularity because of the reversible seat and the ability to transform into a double inline stroller with the addition of the second seat.

You can also easily turn it into a travel system by getting a car seat adapter or you can use it as a frame by replacing the seat with an infant car seat or a bassinet. 

It has over 14 different seat combinations! This stroller grows with your family and is perfect if you are planning on having a second child in the near future.

B-Ready is designed for flat surfaces. You can take it to the park, run errands, or go to the mall, but it will feel bumpy if you try to tackle grass, mulch, or gravel. It is not an all-terrain stroller. The maneuverability is great even with both seats fully loaded.

It’s full of features like a large accessible basket, nice canopy, adjustable handlebar, and adjustable footrest. The foam-filled rubber wheels will never go flat and all-wheel suspension will provide your child with a smooth ride.

The B-Ready is very stable and will not tip over even with a heavy child climbing into a 2nd smaller seat. It is a great double stroller, but if you are going to use it ONLY as a single, it is not the best choice. It weighs about 27 lbs in a single mode and 36 lbs in double.


I gave it 5 out of 5 stars because it’s almost perfect. As you probably noticed, I rarely give a stroller 5 stars, but I think B-Ready is a great solution for parents who are planning on having a second child.

The only thing I would change is a handlebar, would like to see a telescoping one. That’s it! It is on the heavier side, but I don’t think they can make it any lighter without it being unstable with the second seat.

The price ranges anywhere from $360 – $499 depending on the color and the seller. I found it for around $399. Keep in mind, that the price varies depending on the color.

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The canopy is a medium size but has a hidden sun visor that will give your child full sun protection (now, I would like for the canopy to be able to go all the way down to a bumper bar).

It has a large mesh peekaboo window with a MAGNETIC closure, so you won’t wake your baby up with that noisy Velcro. It’s a huge plus if your child is a light sleeper like my baby girl Sophia.



The handlebar goes from 33″ all the way up to 44″ from the ground. It works great in a single mode, but when you convert it into double, there might be not enough legroom for taller parents.

It would be better for the handlebar to be telescoping. There is a comfort grip in the middle of the handle so you can push it with one hand.



It’s 12″ wide and 24″ high from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. It has a one-hand four-position recline that is operated by a lever in the back of the seat. You cannot recline just the back of the seat because the seat is one molded piece, so when you recline it, the WHOLE seat reclines keeping its ‘V’ shape.

The seat doesn’t go all the way flat, therefore it’s recommended for babies from 6 months and up to 55 lbs. If you want to use it from birth, you can turn it into a travel system or use it with a bassinet.


The seat is REVERSIBLE! To reverse it, lift two levers on both sides of the seat, swing it around, and snap it right back in. Of course, you should remove your baby before reversing it. The seat has over 14 different combinations! You can even use it as a frame by replacing the seat with a bassinet or an infant car seat.

The B-Ready has also two pockets in the back of the seat that can store your goodies. There is never enough storage! (Are you with me on that one? LOL.)



You can purchase a second seat (around $115) and turn B-Ready into a double inline stroller. And what is really great is that the second seat also reclines! How cool is that? It has 3 recline positions including a flat one so you can even put a newborn there. 

This second seat is a little smaller than the main one. It is 13″ wide and 22″ high from the very bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy. It can hold a child up to 35 lbs (about 3 years old). The 2nd seat is NOT reversible.

But, there are over 14 different seat combinations! You can have two car seats, a car seat, and a main seat, or two seats. You can fold the stroller with the 2nd seat attached!



It has an adjustable 5-point harness with a center release buckle. The belly of your child will be protected from the buckle by a belly pad that is attached to the seat to prevent it from falling when you take your child in and out.

The buckle is hard to unlock so your 3-year-old wouldn’t be able to escape. I like that! The seat has a nice headpad for more comfortable. The adjustment for the harness and the head pad is very unique. 

I have never seen one like this. It can be adjusted with one hand from the back of the seat by just moving the adjuster up and down. No re-threading is required and you don’t need to take your child out of the seat. Nice!



It is a swing-away removable bumper bar. I hate when a luxury stroller that you pay a gazillion dollars for doesn’t include a bumper bar.



The footrest has four positions and goes all the way up to provide your child with an extra flat surface.


I love love love the basket! It is humongous and very easy to access not only from the back but also from the sides and the front. It has zippers on the sides and on the front, so you can get to your stuff even with the sat fully reclined/reversed.

You can fit a large diaper bag even with the second seat attached! They used to include an adult organizer that was attached to the back of the basket in the previous model, but not anymore. You have to purchase it separately now.



It has 4 foam-filled rubber wheels with 8″ wheels in the front and 11″ wheels in the back. The wheels have been improved in 2012. If you bought the stroller in 2011, don’t cry.

You can purchase a wheel kit separately. The front wheels are swivel but can be locked in straight for more stability. Keep in mind, that this is not an all-terrain stroller. It is designed for an urban environment.

The all-wheel suspension together with the foam wheels, makes the ride much smoother. I didn’t expect anything less for that price.



The brake is located on the right rear wheel and is foot-activated. It will lock both rear wheels in place. It is not flip-flop friendly, but there is a color indicator that tells you if the brake is locked or unlocked. That is a cool little feature :)


You will need to use both hands for this one. First, lock the brakes and pull on two levers located on both sides of the frame. Next, fold it forward. This stroller does have an automatic lock and it can stand on its own when folded so you will never really have to bend down completely (a big plus for those of us who have a back problem).

I would say it is pretty compact. You can always remove the rear wheels and the seat to fit it into a tight space. The folded dimensions with the seat attached are 30″W x 16″H x 26.5″L.



The included car seat adapter can be used with Britax Chaperone and B-safe infant car seats or a bassinet. You can easily convert B-ready into a travel system or a pram, by removing the seat (how great that it’s removable?) and replacing it with a bassinet or a car seat that can be purchased separately.

You can also get a universal car seat adapter that will work with popular car seats like Chicco, Graco, and Peg Perego. The car seat can also face both ways!



You can turn this stroller into a stylish pram by replacing the seat with a bassinet (purchased separately).



I know how important that cup of coffee is in the morning. Trust me! Sometimes when my daughter Sophia is crying, I don’t have time to drink my coffee. I usually try to take her for a walk as fast as I can so she would just STOP whining! Argh…

The only thing I have time for is to grab my mug  (I am lucky if I can find my coffee mug) and run out of the house. Story of my life… Anyway, the cup holder will fit a large cup. It’s also removable.



-Handlebar. When B-Ready is in a single mode, the handlebar is located far enough from the stroller, but when you add a second seat there could be a little more legroom. It would also like to see a telescoping handlebar.

-Heavyweight. The B-Ready is 27 lbs in single mode and 36 lbs in double mode. Heavy! To be stable with two seats, the stroller has to be heavy otherwise it will tip over, so there is not much that can be done. Get to the gym moms! LOL.

-Fold in double mode. When you fold it in double mode without removing the second seat, the 2nd seat’s canopy drags collecting all the dirt on the ground. I would recommend removing the second seat before folding.

Video Review

I found a great video review by Baby Gizmo. Take a look.

Here is a detailed overview from Britax.

Updates for 2012

-New color. They’ve released a navy stroller.

-Fourth recline position. Now, the seat has a very upright position plus the other 3 positions that it had before.

-New buckle. The new buckle is easier to unlock. This could be a good thing and a bad thing depending on your child. Some kids try to escape during the walk!

-Deeper basket. The basket now has two additional zippers on both sides for easier access.

-Better suspension. The suspension has been upgraded and now absorbs bumps even better.

-New wheels. The new wheels are great. They are foam-filled rubber tires that will NEVER get flat! Although they are rubber on the outside, because of the foam inside they feel like air-filed tires. The rear wheels are 11″ and the front wheel is 8″. If you bought a 2011 stroller with the old wheels, don’t get too upset, these new wheels can be purchased separately.

-No adult organizer. It used to be included, but now you need to purchase it separately.


Stroller weight: 27 lbs, double 36 lbs
Weight limit: 55 lbs, 2nd seat 35 lbs
Folded dimensions: 30″L x 16″H x 26.5″W
Handlebar height: 33″ – 44″
Seat to canopy height: 24″
Rear wheels: 11″
Front wheels: 8″
Overall length: 40.75″
Overall width: 26.5″


Britax provides only a 1-year warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner.

Available colors

The Britax B-Ready is available in 9 colors: black, copper, eclipse, moss (green), navy, red, silver, slate, and twilight (light beige). All strollers except for eclipse and twilight come with a stainless steel frame. The eclipse and twilight have a sleek black frame.



Accessories for B-Ready include rain cover ($37), footmuff ($32), universal car seat adapter ($38), child cup holder ($16), mosquito net ($32), bassinet ($113), 2nd seat ($113), glider board ($67), adult organizer ($24), head & body support pillow ($20), 2012 B-Ready wheel kit, child tray, and 2nd car seat adapter ($62).

Where to buy it

You can get Britax B-Ready in one of the nine beautiful colors for around $360 – $499.  The price does vary depending on the color.

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  1. I’m about to buy this stroller, I like the fact I can turn the seat so the baby can look at me too. But we are not thinking about having another baby so this stroller will be use for one child only. Is this worth it? If not which stroller similar to this one can I get??

  2. I’ve been looking for an affordable bassinet stroller option for my new baby, and I found a used Britax B-Ready stroller in great condition. Do you know if it’s possible to use a new bassinet with a 2012 model stroller?

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