Bugaboo Buffalo All-Terrain Stroller Review


The Bugaboo Buffalo is a luxury all-terrain stroller that comes with a matching bassinet. It’s an everyday stroller designed for active parents who like to run errands, go shopping, and take long walks in the park.

The four shock-absorbing foam-filled tires can handle any type of terrain providing your child with a smooth ride. There is even a two-wheel mode that you can use to tackle rough terrain like sand or snow.

The Buffalo model has a narrow frame of 24″ making it perfect for navigating narrow store aisles (For comparison City Mini is also 24″ wide).

It’s full of great features like a one-hand recline, a reversible seat, an adjustable handlebar, and a large basket. I always complain about Bugaboo canopies, but this one is absolutely HUGE. LOV it! The seat can be used from 6 month and up to 50 lbs.

If you want to use it from birth, simply replace the seat with the included bassinet and viola! You got a beautiful pram! You can also convert it into a travel system by getting an infant car seat adapter.

When it comes to functionality, Bugaboo decided to make it easy by making all the functional sections on the stroller white. Now, even if you didn’t read the instructions (who has the time!), you can figure out how to adjust any of the parts.


I gave it 5 out of 5 stars because I absolutely love its innovative design and amazing features. Of course, there is room for improvement. I would like to see a peekaboo window and automatic lock added. It also would be nice to have an adjustable legrest. 

The canopy also sits a little lower than on other strollers on the market. The fold is pretty bulky, but since it has all-terrain large wheels I am willing to overlook this.

My biggest problem with Buffalo is the price! The Buffalo model is definitely designed for parents who have a lot of MONEY! You can buy it for around $1,189. It comes with a matching bassinet, rain-over, and bumper bar. You will need to buy a cup holder and a child’s tray separately.

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You know how I was always complaining about Bugaboo canopies? Well, the Buffalo canopy is absolutely GREAT! There are three panels plus another zipped-in panel. It’s huge and goes all the way down past the bumper bar (I guess they heard me. LOL).

It will completely shade your child any time of the day.  The canopy is still attached to the back of the seat and doesn’t convert into a ‘floating canopy’.

I would like it to unzip in the back, like in many other strollers, to provide more air circulation on a hot day. While the canopy size has improved, there is still no peekaboo window…



The handlebar goes from 36″ to 44″ from the ground. This is one of the longest extensions in the Bugaboo line. What I really like are two small hooks on the handlebar that you can use to hand your diaper bag.

That’s right, Buffalo is one of the few strollers that allow you to hang your diaper bag up to 13 lbs from your handlebar! I usually hang it anyways on any stroller without reading instructions. My diaper bag is not that heavy. But, I am glad Bugaboo thought about it.

There is a short run-away strap attached to the handlebar. This safety feature is designed to prevent the stroller from running away from you in case the handlebar slips out of your hands.



The seat is 13″ wide with a 19″ seat back and a measurement of 22″ from the bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy. The canopy height is a little lower than on other strollers, but your three-year-old should fit fine.

If you have a very tall toddler, you might have to buy a new stroller (or make him walk. That’s what my mother did to me when I was little. We had one crappy umbrella stroller with NO canopy and I turned out OK. LOL.)

You can easily reverse the seat by pulling two white levers on the side to unlock the seat and swinging it around. It has a one-hand lever recline with 3 recline positions facing both ways. 

Since the seat is one molded piece, the whole seat will recline keeping its ‘V’ shape. I like it more when only the back of the seat reclines creating a flat bed-like environment for my child. The seat can be used for a child from 6 months and up to 50 lbs. All the seat and canopy fabrics are machine washable.



It has an adjustable padded 5-point harness with a center release buckle that you need to push on both sides to unlock. Easy! No puzzles to solve. This reminds me of my mom, who tried to figure out how the buckle works on my stroller (Indie). Oh God, it took her forever!

My baby Sophia was screaming by the time she gave up and asked me to do it. And of course, she blamed me for buying the wrong stroller with the wrong buckle. Parents, you gotta love them…

The harness on Buffalo is very easy to adjust, no re-threading is needed. All you need to do is just move the clip on the strap up and down to the desired height. This is great because you can do it on the fly without removing your child from the seat.


The bumper bar is swing-away for easy ins and outs. It also acts as a carry handle for the included bassinet.



The basket can hold up to 22 lbs and is easily accessible. You can definitely fit your large diaper bag in it. It also has a large elastic pocket at the front of the basket where you can store your small mommy items like keys, Tylenol,  and wallet.



It has a red foot pedal in the back that locks and unlocks both rear wheels. It is not flip-flop friendly.



It rolls on four foam-filled tires with 10″ wheels in the front and 12″ in the back. This means you will never get a flat. The front wheels are swivel wheels and can be locked straight facing forward or rewarding.

When folding, I would recommend locking them facing forward for a more compact fold. The wheels pop off with a push of a button in case you need to remove them. I like that sleek sporty look the wheels have with that white stripe on the inside.



Just like the Cameleon 3 model, Buffalo also has a two-wheel mode that you can use to get over rough terrain like snow or sand. Unlike on Cameleon 3, you don’t need to remove the front wheels to put your stroller into a two-wheel mode.

First, make sure the seat is in a rear-facing position and the front wheels are locked straight. Next, pull the levers located on the frame and push the rear wheels forward.

Now, you have a two-wheel mode! The stroller is not that stable in this mode because most of the weight will fall on you so I recommend using it only for short distances.



This is a piece fold, meaning you don’t need to remove the seat before folding. To get a standing fold and to make it as compact as it can be, you will need to make sure the seat is facing forward, the front wheels are locked, and the seat is in a second recline position.

You will need to use both hands to fold it. It’s kind of bulky. To fit it into the trunk of a smaller car, you will probably need to remove the seat and the wheels. The folded dimensions of the seat are 35″L x 21″W x 13″H (according to the Bugaboo site).



Just like with Cameleon 3, the Buffalo model comes with a bassinet/carrycot. The bassinet can be used independently from the stroller, meaning you can put it on the ground and it will stand supported by the frame adapters.

The bassinet doesn’t have its own canopy, so you will need to use one from the stroller.


A rain cover is included.



-No suspension. Because most of the luxury strollers have a suspension system, I was expecting it.

-No automatic lock. Once folded, I wish there was an automatic lock. I am actually surprised to see no lock at all, not even a strap. There is nothing holding this stroller together when folded.

-One-piece seat. The Buffalo has a one-piece seat that keeps its ‘v’ shape when reclined. I like to be able to recline ONLY the back of the seat to create a more comfortable environment for my daughter while she is sleeping.

-No adjustable leg rest. Most luxury strollers have an adjustable leg rest so that small babies can stretch their little legs.

-Bulky. To make it more compact when folded, you can take off the seat and all the wheels. But, because the seat is one piece, it will still take up a lot of space.

-Very expensive. How many of us have over $1,000 for one stroller? I definitely don’t. I was able to test this stroller only because one of my friends has it. Housewives of Beverly Hills are probably standing in line. LOL.

-No cup holder. For that price, I definitely expect to have a cup holder and a child’s tray. Can you blame me?

Video Review

I found a great detailed review from Rock A Buy Baby Reviews. Take a look.

Here is another great overview by BabyGizmo.


Stroller weight: 26.2 lbs
Weight limit: 50 lbs
Folded dimensions: 35″L x 21″W x 13″H
Handlebar height: 36″ – 44″
Seat to canopy height: 22″
Front wheels: 10″
Rear wheels: 12″
Overall length: 34″
Overall width: 24″

Bugaboo Cameleon 3 vs Buffalo

Don’t know which one to choose? I know it can be confusing. Here is a quick comparison for you.

StrollerCameleon 3Buffalo
Weight21 lbs26.2 lbs
Weight limit37.5 lbs50 lbs
Folded dimensions35″L x 20″W x 12″H35″L x 21″W x 13″H
Canopy sizeLargeHuge
Canopy height25″22″
FoldHandlebarOne piece
Handle barAdjustable & reversibleAdjustable
Wheels12″ and 6″12″ and 10″
SuspensionAdjustable suspensionNo

As you can see the only from the chart above, the Buffalo model has bigger front wheels, and a larger canopy, and is designed more for all-terrain, while the Cameleon 3 is designed more for urban lifestyle.

The Buffalo weighs more and is more expensive than Cameleon 3. The Cameleon 3 has a suspension system, higher canopy, and reversible handlebar. Which one would I choose? I don’t know… The Buffalo has a much better canopy and one-piece fold that I like, but the Cameleon is lighter and has suspension.


Bugaboo provides a 3-year warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner.

Available colors

The Bugaboo Buffalo comes in sand and black base colors with 6 different canopy colors: black, red, petrol blue, pink, off-white, and royal blue. All strollers come with silver frame.


 Where to buy it

You can get Bugaboo Buffalo right now in one of the six beautiful colors for around $1,239.  Since this is a luxury stroller there are no sales on it.

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7 thoughts on “Bugaboo Buffalo All-Terrain Stroller Review”

  1. The buffalo doesn’t require suspension because of the size of the wheels. Other prams require suspension due to their small wheels.

  2. Hi Jo. Even joggers with very large wheels have suspension. I personally feel that it makes the ride smoother when you are going over terrain.

  3. Hi Katrin,

    FTM to be here! I am currently looking at Strollers and am super confused about what are the ‘must haves’ and the ‘nice to haves’! I need a slightly more robust stroller as we live in South Africa and we have a very active outdoor lifestyle. We unfortunately don’t get all the brands that the US get, although that’s probably a good thing as it would make my choice even harder!

    I am looking at the bugaboo buffalo, which I love, although it is a bit expensive! I was just wondering if you thought it was worth the high price. Are there any mom’s out there who have bought the buffalo that could give some advice? How important is the suspension? I see the bassinet comes standard with the buffalo, but not with many other strollers, how important is the bassinet for a new born, in comparison to using a car seat as a travel system? I understand that a baby should not be in the car seat for an extended period of time, What is the recommended time frame? We also travel quite a bit to family around the country, so I need to keep this in mind.

    Other strollers I am interested in included

    The Stoke Scoot
    The Quinny Buzz Xtra- although not sure I like the air filled tyres.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    Thank you.


  4. Katrin, Why do people forget that the cameleon can also be fitted with front winter tyres (approx 100 $ ). We are expecting our baby in Jan and are currently split between the Buffalo and Cameleon.
    Buffalo is an all terrain sturdy stroller but heavy. If we get Cameleon and replace the front tires, we will have essentially an all terrain Cameleon albeit the space and weight capacity of Buffalo but lighter and agile.
    Are we on the right track here?

  5. Hi Katrin,

    For Cameleon Bugaboo sells winter tyres which, I gather, will make Cameleon an all-terrain stroller.
    We are expecting our baby in Jan and are currently split between the Buffalo and Cameleon. Buffalo is an all terrain sturdy stroller but heavy and large. If we get the Cameleon and the all terrain tyres, we will have an all terrain stroller like buffalo albeit the space and size.
    Have I got this right?

  6. Would you recomend the buffalo , cameleon 3 (with the winter/all terrain front wheels) or the cybex balios m? Im looking for a all terrain stroller but cant decide what will suite us best. We live in the city but our sidewalk is bumpy and i would like to go walk around the park with my baby .

  7. Would you recomend the buffalo , cameleon 3 (with the winter/all terrain front wheels) or the cybex balios m? Im looking for a all terrain stroller but cant decide what will suite us best. We live in the city but our sidewalk is bumpy and i would like to go walk around the park with my baby without him feeling every bump

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