Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Blondie Edition

bugaboo_blondie4Have you seen Cameleon 3 Blondie Edition in the September issue of Vogue? It’s absolutely to die for! The Bugaboo and The Andy Warhol Foundation got together to raise money for charity called Kids Company and released a Cameleon 3 Blondie edition which features Andy Warhol’s famous 1980 print of Debbie Harry on the canopy and the pram cover.

There are only 3 strollers (very limited edition) that will be auctioned of one by one from August 11 to 29.

I think the bright print looks absolutely gorgeous next to contrasting black chassis and wheels. I wish it was widely available for purchase. If you want to bit on the stroller click here.




~Susan Brian

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