2015 Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip Stroller Review


Recently, Mamas&Papas has created a big buzz with a little lightweight stroller called Armadillo. For 2015, they did it again with the Armadillo Flip which is a very similar model to the Armadillo, but has a reversible seat. Right after the release, Armadillo Flip got sold out withing a few days.

Wondering why? Well, because this is a great stroller for urban lifestyle! Parents love how lightweight and compact it is. The one-hand fold makes it easy to fold the stroller while holding your baby.

This is perfect for busy parents who like to run errands around town or use public transit. You know how rude people on the bus can be if you take up too much room with your stroller? Not with Armadillo Flip! Mamas&Papas claim that this is the WORLD’S most compact stroller in its class.

The narrow frame (only 22″ wide) makes it very easy to navigate narrow and tight spaces like store aisles, between the cars on the parking lot, or in the small elevators. It also features large basket, adjustable foot rest, adjustable 5 point harness and huge canopy. Operating the stroller is very easy because all the function buttons and levers are colored in yellow.

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Nuna Mixx Stroller Review

nuna-mixx13The new Nuna Mixx is a new HOT stroller in town! I’ve been getting tons of emails every day asking me to write a review. Well, here it is! More and more parents want a stylish reversible seat stroller that all-terrain wheels, large basket, is more or less compact, and is not too heavy.

Well, Nuna Mixx has all these features and then some. It is a full size stroller with a reversible seat and all-terrain wheels.

This sleek looking buggy has roomy seat, adjustable handle bar, reversible seat, very deep recline, flip-flop friendly brake, no-re-thread harness, and adjustable leg rest.

The basket is absolutely huge! You can fit two large diaper bags in it. Another feature that I really like is that you can create a bed-like environment for you child by lifting the leg rest and reclining the back of the seat absolutely flat.

Many reversible seat strollers have a ‘v’ shape seat leaving your child always in the sitting position. The seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 50 lbs. The large canopy with a pop-out sunvisor will provide your child with plenty of sun protection.

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2015 Stokke Scoot V2 Stroller Review

stokke-scoot-v2-2The new 2015 Stokke Scoot V2 has been creating quite a buzz lately. It’s an updated version of the beloved Stokke Scoot which is a lightweight compact luxury stroller with a reversible seat. Unlike the old Scoot, the Scoot V2 has larger thicker wheels and better handle bar. I did like the old model a LOT, but the new V2 model is to die for! The larger thicker wheels really made a huge difference and put V2 above many others.

Now, you can not only take it to the mall, or grocery shopping, but you can also go to the park for a long walk, or tackle uneven pavement of the city. Although it’s still not all-terrain stroller, it can handle a lot more of different terrains while providing your child with a smooth ride.

I think this is a great choice for an urban lifestyle. I swear, sometimes the city streets are worse than forest trails. LOL. It’s also very stylish and modern stroller which is perfect for city moms who are always following the new trends. I also like the large canopy, adjustable foot rest, large easy to access basket and deep recline. Another great features of Scoot is the ONE-HAND fold that everybody wants to have.

It does not have a bassinet option, but there is a Soft Bag (sold separately) for a newborn that you can insert right into the seat creating a bassinet like enclosed environment. You can also replace the seat with an infant car seat turning it into a travel system. The stroller weight limit is 45 lbs.

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Britax B-Agile 4 Stroller Review

britax-b-agile4-1Britax B-Agile 4 is the same as B-Agile only with four wheels. As soon as Britax has released it, I got a lot of emails from parents asking if four wheels are better than three. I think that four wheels are a little more stable when you going over terrain, but three wheels are easier to navigate when you on the flat surface. Also, keep in mind that strollers with four wheels weigh more because of that extra wheel.

The B-Agile weighs only 16.5 lbs, while B-Agile 4 is 20 lbs. The 3.5 lbs is not a big difference, but it can be a pain especially if you have a baby in one hand and trying to fold and load the stroller into the car with the other.

Just like the original model the B-Agile 4 is a great stroller for on the go parents. You can take it to the park, mall, grocery shopping or doctor’s office with no problems. The hard rubber tires are not all-terrain, but will tackle some grass, mulch or uneven pavement. B-Agile is one of the most popular strollers in the US. It has even made it top 10 best strollers list. Many celebrities picked it over expensive luxury strollers.

The B-Agile 4 also has that easy one-hand fold and so many great features like huge canopy, very roomy seat, mesh window, and large basket. Besides the basket underneath, there is also a large storage pocket on the back of the canopy where you can put small items. It also has a travel system capability and even comes with Britax infant car seat adapter.

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Peg Perego Book Pop-Up Stroller Review

peg-perego-book-pop-up18After seeing the success of UppaBaby Vista stroller that has a reversible seat and a matching bassinet, Peg Perego decided to release the  Book Pop-up model. This is a luxury stroller that has reversible seat and comes with a matching bassinet. It’s designed for everyday life like running errands, going the to mall and to the park. The wheels are NOT all-terrain, but will handle some so called ‘mommy terrain’ like grass, mulch or uneven pavement. The polyurethane airless tires with ball bearings and all-wheel suspension create a smooth ride and make the wheels turn on a dime. This is a truly one-hand stroller with great venerability.

The fold stayed the same as in Book and Book Plus models. I will do comparison between the models later, but they have a lot of the same features. The Book Pop-Up is a little more luxurious than other models. It has a leather handle bar and a leather bumper bar. The basket is huge and very accessible even with the seat fully reclined. The canopy is humongous! It goes down all the way to the leg rest shielding your child completely. It also features adjustable handle bar, adjustable leg rest, automatic lock, standing fold, and 5 point harness. The stroller weighs 23.7 lbs which is a great weight for a reversible seat model.

You can convert Book Pop-up into a pram by replacing the seat with an included bassinet or convert it into a travel system by replacing it with an infant car seat. There is no additional adapters needed if you are using Peg Perego Viaggio Infant Car Seat. The included bassinet is very cool. It has a large canopy with a dark mesh panel, adjustable head rest inside with three positions, curved outside bottom for back and forth rocking and a removable cover. It can be used as free standing bassinet at home and even has a compact fold.

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Joovy TooFold Stroller Review

joovy_toofold14Joovy TooFold is a luxury versatile stroller with a creative frame design and some unique features. It has unusually shaped seat that might look small, but in fact is very room and comfortable. The main features of TooFold is it’s BUILT-IN stand-in board that can hold a second older child. It can be quickly fold up when not used. How great is that? No attaching, no carrying board with you. Easy. Another great thing about this model is it’s ability to convert into a double inline stroller with the addition of the second seat. The main seat can accommodate a child from 3 months and up to 45 lbs while the second seat is designed for an older child from 6 months and up to 45 lbs.

Basically, it’s designed for everyday life like running errands, going the park, or grocery store. While technically it’s not an all-terrain stroller, the large 12″ air-filled rear wheels will go through any type of terrain unless you are trail walking. The front-wheel suspension helps to absorb the bumps.

I found the adjustable double handle very unique. It can not only adjust up and down, but also to the sides. You will love going shopping with TooFold because it has tons of storage. While the basket is a medium size, the included waterproof shopping bag is huge and can hold a lot of groceries. There are also two small pockets for small items.

I have a mixed feelings about this one. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because while it’s scored extra points for unique design, built-in board, lightweight, large wheels, and the double seat option, I was not impressed with the hard to access basket, mediocre canopy, second seat age limit, stability, bulkiness and a high price tag. It really depends on your lifestyle and matter of preferences. Are you ready to overlook all the cons because of the built-in board, double option, lightweight, and large wheels? If yes, I would say go for it!

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Inglesina Trilogy Stroller Review

inglesina_trilogy11Inglesina Trilogy is a luxury stroller with a reversible seat and easy one-hand umbrella like fold. It is designed for busy parents who live in an urban environment. Take it shopping, public transit or for a quick stroll around town while looking stylish and chic. The sealed bearing wheels are not all-terrain, but will handle some mommy terrain if you lock the front wheels.

You will really like the roomy reversible seat with adjustable leg rest and one-hand lever recline. The deep recline can accommodate a child from birth and up to 55 lbs. The canopy is absolutely huge! It goes down all the way to the leg rest and has the follow-the-sun option. The large basket can fit a lot of groceries. It’s a little hard to access. It also features flip-flop friendly brake, 5 point harness, and comes with a single or double handle bars.

The one-hand fold is pretty compact for a reversible seat stroller. It has also a standing fold and an automatic lock. You can convert Trilogy to a travel system by replacing the seat with a car seat, or a beautiful pram by replacing it with a bassinet. This model weighs only 21 lbs which is lightweight for a stroller with a reversible seat.

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Safety 1st Lift LX Travel System Review

safety_1st_lift_lx1The Safety 1st Lift LX Travel System is a full-featured stroller that comes with an extra-lightweight onBoard 35 infant car seat. You will really like how affordable and practical this travel system is. The matching car seat has excellent crash protection and side impact protection, so your child will be safe if you get into an accident. The transportation from the adjustable, stay-in-car base to the stroller is truly seamless which is important for a sleeping baby.

The stroller itself features a roomy seat, adjustable padded 5 point harness, large basket, and tall handle bars. Unlike many expensive luxury stroller that don’t include any accessories probably because they think owners have a lot of money and should buy everything separately, the Lift LX comes with a swing-away child’s tray and a smartphone friendly parent organizer.

What really makes this travel system a great buy is that it’s lightweight for a travel system weighing only 19.8 lbs, while most travel system weigh over 20 lbs and an easy ONE-HAND FOLD that we all love so much. It also has an automatic lock and a standing fold. This stroller has small wheels and is designed more flat surfaces. Of course it could tackle some mommy terrain, but don’t plant to walk trails with it.

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