The Next Generation Doona Car Seat With Retractable Stroller Wheels


I was absolutely blown away when I saw this next-generation car seat with retractable stroller wheels called Doona. Made by an Israel-based company this car seat has legs and wheels that are folded underneath the seat. NO more carrying car seats around!

Once you are ready to roll, just unfold the wheels and you have a stroller.  It transitions from a stroller into a car seat in one single motion. How cool is that?

Of course with small wheels like these, you need to stay on a flat surface. It’s designed for running errands around town, going to the doctor’s office, cafe, or traveling.

This car seat weighs only 15 lbs which is feather-light compared to a travel system. Also, think how much space you can save in the trunk of your car now that you don’t need to bring a stroller with you. Traveling with it should be a breeze. You can bring it on a plane or a taxi with no problem. Buy Doona Car Seat »



I was also pleasantly surprised about the safety features of this car seat because that was my first question after seeing those wheels underneath the seat. Well, due to its unique “hybrid-like” functionality, the Doona car seat was tested and certified as both an Infant Car Seat and a Stroller by European standards. It features:

• Fail-safe mechanism in case the car seat was not installed properly. Assure safe use.
• Side-impact protection. Double wall shell structure.
• Baby-safe materials. Tested and certified.
• Anti-rebound protection. Handle enhances protection.



It comes in seven gorgeous colors with a black frame and yellow front wheels. The pink is my favorite!



Just like a stroller, this car seat has a bunch of different accessories including a rain cover, mosquito net, sunshade, small carrying back, large diaper bag that you can hand off the back of the car seat using quick-release Doona™ connectors, snap-on storage, travel bag, seat protector for your car, and wheel covers.


Where to buy

You can get Doona in one of the seven beautiful colors for around $499.

Buy Doona Car Seat »

25 thoughts on “The Next Generation Doona Car Seat With Retractable Stroller Wheels”

  1. to be honest I love the idea but for a wide selection of people that price is ridiculous. I believe 300 would be more then fair, not to mention we have to by the accessories and pay the shipping and handling, that alone would be back up past 400 which for someone like me as a mother to be seems impossible.

  2. Hi Danielle. I absolutely agree with you! It’s very pricy, but there are a lot of people with money who are willing to pay. Not me. LOL.

  3. Hi Katrin,
    I’d like to know where can I buy it in US.
    My due date is approaching, but I still can’t get it by searching online.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Vivi. At this time you can only pre-order it on some of the sites. It’s not out yet in US. I am not sure when they are planing on releasing it here. I would recommend just to get a regular car seat and a frame at this time.

  5. Hi Vivi,
    I bought this yesterday on Amazon. I must have got the last one for right now because if you try to pull it up it says unavailable. Keep watching for Amazon to get it back in stock.

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for the information :D
    I just tried it, but I couldn’t even search anything by “Doona infant car seat” on Amazon. Would you might share the seller or give me the link on Amazon?

  7. Hello Vivi!

    The retailer is an Italian company and they were instructed by the makers of Doona to not sell through Amazon:-(. I purchased one also before it was taken down. We will still receive it, but they will not be sold through Amazon. Sorry:-(

  8. T^T I got it, thanks Kellie for inform me that.
    I’m curious what was the price they sell on Amazon, would you mine share this information with me?

  9. I would use caution with this seat. It has passed Europe standards, not US standards. Also, don’t use it until it has been thoroughly crash teSted. Please post information as to where I could find that information if it had been as I could not find it. Don’t sacrifice safety for comfort or ease of use.

  10. Jennifer,
    Do you even know the difference between the European Standards and US Standards?

  11. The stroller weighs 25 lbs. It is a bit heavy once you add your child in as well. Overall, I love my doona.
    I purchased mine from magic beans and got free shipping.

  12. I would like to get hold of Doona to become a distributor in South Africa. How do I go about it. I think this product is amazing.

  13. This stroller fits children up to what weight/height/age? It looks like it would only fit for the first few months, a year if you’re lucky.

  14. It fits up to 32″ andand 35 lbs. It is about the cost of a really good car seat and stroller. My baby didn’t get it until about 6 months and we take it everywhere. So worth its weight in gold.

  15. Technically, consumers are supposed to pay sales taxes on all purchases, whether the merchant collects them or not this includes purchases made on amazon. to say “no sales tax” just means you choose to break the law.

  16. I was wonder where I can find the crash safety right at? Have parents already have a hard time getting the car seat in properly hell is this car seat in a different?

  17. Ah…Ireland. So my Irish in me, my baby is a ginger. Lol. The Babies R Us in the UK has them. See if they can ship to your country.

  18. With smaller vehicles it is difficult. We have a jeep patriot and it is a small suv. I have tried a pathfinder and it was just as hard.

  19. This doona or nuna mixx2+PiPA? which one will last longer (baby grows)? also which one is more convenient generally?

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