Joolz Geo 2 Stroller Review

The Joolz Geo 2 is a new convertible all-terrain stroller that can be used in a single or double tandem mode. It can handle two toddler seats, two bassinets, or two infant car seats. The ability to grow with the family makes it a great option for the modern family.

The Joolz Geo 2 definitely stands out with its luxury fabrics, customizable accents, and modern frame design. Aside from the design, another unique feature is the second toddler seat that goes in place of the basket and reminds me of a lounging chair.

The large all-terrain wheels together with all-wheel suspension can handle a lot of different terrains like grass, mulch, or snow while providing a smooth ride. The narrow design (only 24″ wide) allows parents to easily navigate busy streets.

It comes with the matching bassinet kit so you can start using it from birth. The roomy seat can handle a child up to 45 lbs. You can also convert it into a travel system with a popular car seat.

The Joolz Geo 2 also features a roomy reversible seat and a large SPF 50+ canopy with a pop-out sunvisor. It’s equipped with all-terrain tires, a spacious basket, an adjustable handlebar, an easy fold mechanism, a deep two-hand recline, and an auto lock.

The Joolz Geo 2 comes in three main collections and has plenty of customization options.  Choose your frame, wheels, and accents to make the stroller your own.

The Joolz Geo 2 is not cheap retailing for around $999. Aside from the bassinet it comes with a bumper bar. All other accessories need to be purchased separately.

For that price I expected more accessories to be included. I thought I saw a stroller board as an option somewhere, but couldn’t find it online for purchase.

Another thing that surprised me is how little information the Joolz site offers about the Geo 2 model. It’s like they are trying to keep it a secret or something. They have nothing about the bassinet. Nothing about the eco-friendliness of the materials. Very little info about the second seat. Interesting marketing strategy…

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The canopy is pretty good. It has three large SPF 50+ waterproof panels plus a pop-out sunvisor that provides plenty of coverage. The last panel has a hidden dark mesh that improves airflow and also can be used as a viewing window.

Inside the canopy, you can find two toy loops that you can use to hang your child’s favorite toys. The aluminum accent piece on the canopy definitely adds to the modern look of the stroller.


The telescoping handlebar goes from 37″ up to 43″ from the ground. Just like the bumper bar, the handlebar is wrapped in nice cognac leather.

There are also two hooks that you can use to hang your diaper bag. I like that they thought about it because let’s face it everybody has the diaper bag on the handlebar.


The reversible seat has a three-position recline that is operated by two buttons on the sides (which I find very inconvenient). Why couldn’t they just do a regular one-hand lever recline in the back of the seat like on most other luxury strollers?

To recline the seat, you have to stop, walk to the side, push both buttons, and change the position of the seat. Really?

The seat always keeps its ‘v’ shape so your child will stay in the sitting position even fully reclined. The seat can accommodate a child up to 45 lbs. Since the seat is positioned a little higher on the frame than on average models you can use it as a high chair at a restaurant.

The stroller comes with one frame and two sets of fabrics: one for the seat and another one for the bassinet. Because of this, this model doesn’t have an adjustable legrest, which I think is a big minus. For comparison, Vista comes with a stand-alone bassinet, has an adjustable leg rest, and is less expensive.


It has a padded adjustable 5-point harness with a center release button.


The bumper bar is removable and swing-away for easy ins and outs. Just like the handlebar, it’s covered with nice leather.


The basket is pretty large and can hold up to 22 lbs. It’s also very easy to access since the back of the basket goes down. The bottom of the basket is made out of wood so it’s not going to sag to the ground. The aluminum frame around the basket adds to the overall modern look.


It rolls on four all-terrain wheels with 11.5″ wheels in the back and 8″ wheels in the front. These never-flat wheels can handle a lot of different terrains like grass, gravel, or uneven pavement with ease.

It is great for long walks in the park or in the city. The front wheels are swivel but can be locked straight.

Independent shock-absorbing front and rear wheel suspension make the ride smoother.


The one-step brake is located on the right wheel. It’s NOT flip-flop friendly.


The fold is not one-hand but is very easy and intuitive. You are not going to be fighting with the stroller in order to fold it (like with many other models). You can fold it with the seat attached.

Just pull on the levers on the handlebar and the stroller will collapse down. Like with most reversible seat strollers, the fold is very bulky. There is an automatic lock, but no standing fold.

There is a nice handle in the front that you can use to roll Geo2 like a language, but you have to bend down a little to avoid the handlebar and the canopy scraping the ground. I don’t think they thought it through.

The folded package with the seat attached is 38”L x 24”W x 22”H. That’s about the same as the Vista model.


INCLUDED! As I’ve mentioned above the stroller comes with one seat frame and two sets of fabrics including a seat fabric and a bassinet fabric.


You can turn your Geo2 into a double tandem stroller by adding a second seat. The second seat goes in the back in place of the basket. There is no front option. The seat is very unique. It’s kind of a lounging chair because your child’s legs are out.

It does have a small recline and a small canopy. The good thing about this setup is that the stroller stays the same compact size which makes it much easier to navigate small spaces and crowded streets.

The downside is that you lose the basket and the second seat will get in the way of your hanging off the handlebar diaper bag. The seat is also not that comfy for an older child. I also wish they would add rear wheel fenders to prevent children from touching the rear wheels. The second seat can also handle a child up to 45 lbs.


The Geo 2  can be transformed into a travel system with popular car seats. The adapters are sold separately. It works with:

  • Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30
  • Maxi Cosi Mico 30
  • Maxi Cosi Mico Nxt
  • Nuna Pipa
  • Kiddy Evolution Pro
  • Kiddy Evoluna iSize.


-Bulky. Just like all other reversible seat strollers, Vista is very bulky once folded.

-Heavy. The 30 lbs weight with the seat attached is a lot. For comparison, Vista weighs only 26 lbs.

-Expensive. The stroller with bassinet retails for $999 and that doesn’t include the second seat. It also doesn’t include any adapters.

-Two-button recline. The recline is disappointing. You will need to use both hands to push buttons on the sides. I would like to see a one-hand lever recline instead.

-Small second seat. The second seat with that unique lounging design is not that impressive compared with Vista’s full second seat that has not only a nice size canopy, and normal recline but also an adjustable leg rest.

-No adjustable legrest. In the luxury model that costs $1,000, I kind of expect to see an adjustable legrest.

-No accessories included. Aside from the bumper bar, there is nothing included! No bug net, no rain cover, and no cup holder. Really?


Stroller weight: 30 lbs (frame + seat)
Weight limit: 45 lbs (main seat), 45 lbs (second seat)
Folded dimensions: 38”L x 24”W x 22”H (with the seat)
Handlebar height: 37″ – 43″
Rear wheels: 11.5″
Front wheels: 8″
Overall length: 33″
Overall width: 24″

Video Overview

Here is a video overview.

UPPAbaby Vista vs Joolz Geo 2

Since it’s in the same category as my favorite UPPAbaby Vista model, I couldn’t help but compare the two. So far Vista is winning because:

  1. It has a full-size second seat with a large canopy, recline, and adjustable legrest
  2. Comes with a stand-along bassinet and not just a fabric kit
  3. Has an adjustable legrest unlike Geo 2
  4. Has a one-hand lever recline instead of two-hand buttons on the sides pain-on-the-behind. LOL.
  5. Has a large basket that can stay in double mode so you still have some storage
  6. Lighter weight of 26 lbs in the single mode (Geo 2 is 30 lbs)
  7. More accessories are included
  8. Lower price.


Joolz has a 2-year warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner.

Available colors

The Joolz Geo 2 is available in three main colors but you can customize it with 20 accent colors. You can also pick the color of the frame and the wheels.

Where to buy it

You can get Joolz Geo 2 in one of the three beautiful collections with 20 customization options for around $999 (free shipping).  It comes with a bumper bar and a matching bassinet.

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  1. Hi! Thank you for your review. I’m torn between the uppababy vista duo and the joolz geo2 as a double stroller for my 2 year old and newborn. what concerns me about the Uppababy is that the rumble seat only accommodates a child up to 35 lbs. My 2 year old is nearly that already. If i can only put him in the rumble seat that means i will always have my oldest closest to me and the infant on the bottom front. I’m also interested in which stroller is smoother and easier to maneuver when both children are in it. Also which would be easier for airport travel, folding and gate checking. thank you!!!

  2. Hi! I just bought the Cybex Global Priam Stroller and the cybex cloud Q car seat and the Priam bassinet.
    Can you compare the Priam stroller to the Joolz stroller please? Thank you so much!!

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