Joovy Groove Stroller Review 2013

joovy_groove3The Joovy Groove is an umbrella stroller that is designed for busy on-the-go parents. It has been completely redesigned in 2011 and now has new improved wheels, huge canopy, and a slick aluminum frame. It has a roomy seat made out of very durable 600D fabric. You will need only one hand to recline the seat and to bring it back up. Easy! The canopy is not only large, but also can convert into a ‘floating canopy’ that will completely shade your child.

Unlike many umbrella strollers, the Groove is full of storage. Aside from basket underneath the seat, there are two pockets inside of the seat, and three pockets in the back of the canopy for small mommy items. The Groove also features adjustable leg rest, tall handle bars, automatic lock, and easy fold.

You can use it from 6 months and up to 55 lbs. It does NOT covert into a travel system. The maneuverability is really great, you can easily push it with one hand. If you lock the front wheels, it can even handle some of the mommy terrain like playground mulch, grass or uneven sidewalks. The 6.5″ wheels and all-wheel suspension will provide your child with a smooth ride.

I gave this stroller 5 out of 5 stars because it’s almost perfect. I would like to see a lower weight especially because it does NOT take a car seat. At 17 lbs it enters into a different class of strollers (like City Mini) that are closer to a full size and have travel system capability. Other than that, it’s a great option! This stroller retails for around $195 on Amazon (free shipping/free returns and no sales tax) and comes in four fun colors.

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-Large canopy. I really like the canopy on the Groove model. It’s a large canopy that converts into a ‘floating canopy’. It will provide your child with a full sun coverage any time of the day. There is also a large peekaboo window in the back with a Velcro closure (I would like to see a magnetic closure instead).


-Tall handle bars. It has two tall non-adjustable handle bars that are located 42″ from the ground. It’s great for taller parents, but if you are much shorter, try it first.


-Large seat. It’s 14″ wide with 19″ seat back and a measurement of 26″ from the bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy. The canopy is located really high up on the frame which is great for older children, but  I wish it would be adjustable, so I can bring it down while my baby is little. The seat is made out of very durable 600D fabric. It has one-hand recline that is operated by a strap system and the cool thing about it that you will need ONLY one hand to bring the seat back up. How great is that? Because the seat doesn’t go all the way to a flat position, it is not recommended for a newborn. On Joovy site, they say you can put a 3 months old in the seat, but I would wait until your child is at least 6 months. The maximum weight is 55 lbs.


-Adjustable leg rest. The leg rest is a part of the seat and can be adjusted, so the smaller babies can stretch their legs. The only thing I am don’t like is that every time you unfold the stroller, the leg rest ends up in the upright position and you will need to bring it down manually.

-5 point harness. It has an adjustable padded 5 point harness with a hard to unlock buckle.

-Seat pockets. There are two mesh pockets inside of the seat that can be used for toys, snacks or sippy cups. Very convenient.

-Adult storage. There is one large zipper pocket and two mesh bottle pockets in the back of the canopy that you can use for storing water bottle, keys, wallet, sunglasses or cell phone. Plenty of storage!


-New wheels. In 2011, Joovy upgraded the wheels to 6.5″ hard rubber double wheels. Before, there was a lot of complaints from parents about the wheels being squeaky, but not anymore! The front wheels are swivel, but can be locked straight.


-All-wheel suspension. The all-wheel suspension helps to absorb some of the bumps and make the ride much smoother.

-Medium size basket. The basket is great size for an umbrella stroller. You will be able to fit a medium size diaper bag in there. Like in many other umbrella strollers, the crossbar really gets in the way and it’s hard to get anything from the basket once the seat is reclined.


-Parking brake. There are two foot brakes, one on each rear wheel, that locks each wheel individually. They are not flip-flop friendly.


-Easy fold. It folds like most umbrella strollers. All you need to do is unlock the frame, push the crossbar up with your foot and fold it forward. Done! The folded dimensions are 16.5”H x 13.5”W x 42”L. There is an automatic lock, but it can’t stand on its own when folded.


-Carrying handle. Like most of the umbrella strollers, the Groove model has a carry handle, but no shoulder strap.


-Weight. The 17 lbs is a little heavy for an umbrella stroller. With this weight it enters a different stroller category that is somewhere between a full size and an umbrella stroller. I think it is harder to compete in that category because you have stroller like City Mini or B-Agile that both weigh under 17 lbs and are full of features. Another interesting model is Valco Snap that looks similar to City Mini, but weighs ONLY 13 lbs! I think that Joovy need to bring the weight down to 11 – 12 lbs.

-Basket. The basket is very hard to access like in most of the umbrella strollers. I don’t think it can be changed because of the way it folds.

Video Review

Baby Gizmo has a great video review. 

Here is a video by Joovy on how to use Groove model.


Stroller weight: 17 lbs
Weight limit: 55 lbs
Folded dimensions: 16.5”H x 13.5”W x 42”L
Handle bar height: 42″
Seat to canopy height: 26″
Wheels: 6.5″
Overall length: 30.5″
Overall width: 20.75″


Joovy provides 1-year warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner.

Available colors

For 2013 this stroller is available in four main colors: black, blueberry, orangie, and greenie.


Where to buy it

My favorite place to buy strollers and a lot of other baby items is Amazon. It usually has the lowest prices, free shipping, free returns and no sales tax. How great is that? You can get Joovy Groove in one of the four beautiful colors for around $195 on Amazon (free shipping/free returns and no sales tax).

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~Susan Brian

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2 thoughts on “Joovy Groove Stroller Review 2013”

  1. I love the Joovy Groove. My son is tall for his age (2 years old) and this stroller is a perfect fit. My only issue with this stroller is the leg rest. One of them has broken which renders thec stroller useless. Is anyone else having this problem?

    • Hi Shaun. Buying a stroller is like buying a car, you never know when something will break. But I think that high quality strollers beak less often just like high quality cars. Joovy fall into high quality stroller category so I think you were just unlucky. I did not hear anybody complaining about the leg rest. I would recommend contacting Joovy. Susan


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