Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip XT vs Sola2 MTX vs Urbo2 Stroller Comparison


Mamas & Papas have been on the roll lately with their strollers. The Armadillo Flip XT became a big hit right after its release.

The Urbo2 got over 20 updates and is a totally different stroller now. The Sola2 MTX is now rolling on new all-terrain wheels that can handle a lot of different terrain.

When designing these strollers Mamas & Papas wanted them to be very versatile and last you from the first days and till your child is a toddler and doesn’t need a stroller anymore.

What makes these models stand out from the crowd is the compact fold, lightweight, and the ability to transform into a travel system, or a pram.

You can use them for everyday life like running errands, going to the park, mall, doctor’s office, or just a stroller around town. Any of them can be your ONLY stroller.

Because all these models have so many great features like, it could be very hard to choose the right one. Hope this side-by-side stroller comparison chart will help you to make a decision. 

Main Features    Armadillo Flip XTSola2 MTXUrbo2
   flip-xt-stroller120 sola2-mtx-stroller120 urbo2-stroller120
 Weight  22 lbs 22 lbs 20 lbs
Weight Limit  Birth – 50 lbsBirth – 50 lbsBirth – 50 lbs
 Folded Size  10″H x 22″W  x 30″L 13″H x 24″ W x 33″L11.8″H x 21.6″W x 28.3″L
 Fold type  One-hand Two-hand Two-hand
 Car seat option 

 Works with:

-Cybex Aton/Aton2/Aton Q
-Nuna Pipa
-Maxi Cosi  Citi/Pebble/
-Graco Snugride Click Connect
-Chicco KeyFit 30

 Works with:

-Cybex Aton/Aton2/Aton Q
-Graco Snugride 35
-Primo Viaggio IP & SL
-Maxi Cosi Citi/Pebble
-Nuna Pipa

 Works with:

-Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 32/Connect 35
-Primo Viaggio SL/IP
-Cybex Aton/
-Cybex Aton2/Cybex AtonQ
-Maxi-Cosi Mico/Citi/
-Nuna Pipa

Reversible seat   Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable leg rest  YesYesYes
Front Suspension  38″-41″ 38″-41″ 38″-41″
Canopy Large + Sunvisor Large + SunvisorLarge + Sunvisor
Storage basket LargeLargeMedium
Suspension All-wheel suspensionAll-wheel suspension-Compact fold
-Includes bumper bar
Wheel type Hard rubberAll-terrain: Front hard rubber, Rear air-filledHard rubber
Front wheels  6.5″ 7.5″ 6″
Rear wheels  9″ 10″ 7″
Bassinet option  YesYesYes
Comes with  Rain cover,Pump, rain cover, bumper barRain cover, insect net, bumper bar
Pros -Super compact fold
-One-hand fold
-Large basket
-Can be folded with seat attached facing either direction
-Compact fold
-Includes bumper bar
-All-terrain wheels
-Large basket
-Lower price
-Compact fold
-Includes bumper bar
-Light weight
Cons -No bumper bar
-Puzzle-piece buckle
-Seat has to be in the forward-facing mode when folding
-Puzzle-piece buckle
-Medium basket
-Small wheels
-No standing fold
-Seat has to be in the forward-facing mode when folding
-Puzzle-piece buckle
My review  My full review »My full review » My full review »
Price  $599 $479 $599

Which stroller to choose

All these strollers have a lot of the same features like a reversible seat, an adjustable padded 5-point harness, an adjustable handlebar, an adjustable legrest, a huge canopy, a mesh panel in the canopy, an all-wheel suspension, deep one-hand recline, a travel system option, bassinet option, and flip-flop-friendly brake. But let’s look a the differences.

Armadillo Flip XT


Out of all three, Armadillo Flip XT is the best for urban lifestyle because of the super compact one-hand fold and lightweight. The one-hand fold and standing fold make it very easy and convenient to use public transit because you can hold a stroller in one hand while holding your baby in another.

The maneuverability is great and the ride is very smooth thanks to the all-wheel suspension.  The only minus is that it does NOT have a bumper bar.

Why couldn’t Mamas&Papas add a bumper bar like they did to other models, I don’t know. Overall, fantastic stroller that will last you for many years. Here is my full review »

Sola2 MTX


The Sola2 MTX has the largest wheels out of all of them which are perfect for going off-road. The air-filled rear wheels and all-wheel suspension will provide your child with a smooth ride even on rough terrain.

This model is great for long walks in the park or around town. While the fold is not as compact as on the Flip XT model, it is very compact for a reversible seat stroller.

It’s even more compact than on Nuna Mixx which is one of the main competitors. I was pleasantly surprised to see a light weight of only 22 lbs despite the all-terrain wheel update. Most strollers with the same features weigh around 25 lbs.

The bumper bar is INCLUDED! It could be your ONLY stroller and should last you from birth and up to toddler years with no problem. My review is coming soon. Here is my full review »



The Urbo2 is probably the most stylish out of the three. Its aluminum frame and leather leather-covered handlebar and bumper bar look so classy and chic. The Urbo2 is a city stroller that you would take everywhere you go like running errands, grocery store, mall, or park.

The fold is almost as compact as on Flip XT, but it’s not as convenient, does not have a standing fold and you will need both hands to fold it.

Despite the small wheels, the maneuverability is outstanding! The all-wheel suspension helps to absorb all of the bumps making the ride much smoother. It also weighs only 20 lbs which is very lightweight for a reversible seat stroller.

You will be happy to know that the bumper bar is INCLUDED! The only minus of Urbo2 is the small basket. Here is my full review »

If you need help narrowing it down, let me know by leaving a comment below and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

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  1. Love your review! I am looking forward to your full review of the Sola 2 MTX… I cannot find it nearby to see in person, so I am counting on you!!

  2. Hi,
    We are torn between the Mamas and Papas Flip XT and the Urbo2. We have a 22 month old boy who weighs 28 lbs and is 32″ tall. The stroller will need to fit into the back of a Mini Cooper as well. We will be traveling a lot with this stroller (airports, subways, trolley cars, etc.) and wondering which will be better for that sort of thing-also, is there a stroller travel bag needed for the airplane?

    Thank you so much for your reviews and comparisons;

  3. Love your website and it’s been so helpful as I’ve tried to narrow down my stroller search! I was pretty sure I was going to go with the Armadillo Flip XT but now these have me wondering! To summarize my situation – I’ll be having a boy in July. We live in California, it’s warm, we’re outside a lot. I plan on doing a lot of walking, on paved trails and some trails that are more dirt. We have been given a hand me down Bob stroller so may be using that for the non-paved trails. We will be traveling a couple times in the first 2-6 months and so will want a stroller that is easy for that. For carseat we are thinking Nuna Pipa. Welcome any of your thoughts/suggestions! Thank you!!

  4. Hi, after many failed tries, we finally had our 3rd baby. We have a big gap now where our new little guy has to attend lots of soccer and baseball games and we live in the CT burbs. Which light stroller would be best to handle the grass and trails to watch on the sidelines? We have been using our old Phil & Tedds but it is so large and bulky it is really hard for me to continually take it in and out. I am contemplating the Indie XT or the Sola2 MXT. I would like this stro ller to be our every day and should we ever need to go onto trails I would take our P&T.

    Thanks and your posts and reviews are amazing. Wish these were around 8-9 yrs ago!

  5. Hi Katrin! New expecting dad here. I’m debating over the nuna mixx, urbo2, & contour bliss. We drive an e class mercedes sedan and will be leaving the stroller in the trunk. I need something that will last and won’t be too hard to take in and out of the trunk. We will be using the stroller for casual outings to the mall and farmers market. Which one do you prefer?

  6. Hi Steven. I like Mixx and Urbo2 more because Bliss has smaller seat. If you look at the leg rest for Bliss, you will see how short it is and there is no second foot rest for older toddler. The Mixx and Urbo2 have a lot of similar features but Urbo2 has much smaller wheels? Do you care about wheel size? If you are not going to take long walks at the park, I would go with Urbo2 because it’s lighter, more compact, is super stylish and also has a bassinet option while Mixx does not. Are you planning on getting bassinet?

  7. Hi Nikki. Most of these great strollers were not even around 3 years ago when I was buying my first stroller. It’s making me want to have a second child so I can buy more strollers. LOL. By Indie XT I am guessing you mean Flip XT. Both have great wheels so it’s really more about the fold and the bumper bar. How much do you care about bumper bar? If it’s not as important for you, I would go with Flip XT because it’s super easy to fold and is super compact.

  8. Hi Chris. It’s compatible with:

    Cybex Aton/Aton2/Aton Q
    Graco Snugride 35
    Primo Viaggio IP/Primo Viaggio SL
    Maxi Cosi Citi/Pebble/Cabriofix/Mico

  9. Hi Katrin which would you personally get, the urbo2 or nuna mixx if you could just pick one.

  10. No bassinet, I read up that the urbo2 wheels wear out easily do you think it’s true? The metallic frame looks like it will rust? Urbo2 is looking really good right now besides that fact.

  11. Hi Steven. The wheels could wear out if you use it a lot because they are so small. I would not worry about rust unless you are planing on keep it outside?The main difference between Urbo2 and Mixx are the wheels. I like to go for long walks so I would choose Mixx. If I used it only to run errands or go to the mall where surface is flat, I would pick Urbo2.

  12. Hi Maggie. I think it will work. I even think you can go over those trails with Flip XT and forget about Bob. Or you can get something lighter like Flip for traveling and running errands since you already have BOB.

  13. Hi Anna. For traveling I would recommend Flip and not XT model because it’s more compact. If you are dong a lot of walking on uneven surfaces than get XT. Urbo 2 is bulkier and harder to fold. For a lot of traveling I would 100% go with one of the Flip models because of the quick one-hand fold, compactness and standing fold that helps a lot when you have a baby and a diaper bar and your purse in your hands.

  14. Hello Katrin! I love your reviews. It helps me a lot!

    Now, I am choosing our first stroller between UPPA cruz, Nuna Mixx, Sola2 and Sola 2 MTX.

    Since I got free (but old and used) travel system from Graco from friend, I think I will try different type of stroller and convertible carseat. Since it is our first baby, I don’t have any idea what is the best for us!

    I prefer to have seat full-flat for new born baby and reversible seat. I would use stroller when I go for grocery shopping which is 15min walk. maybe some walk in the park for 30 min. Husband would bring it with car then go mall or so.

    Any advice would help! Thanks!!

  15. Hi! Thanks a lot for all reviews! They are very helpful. questions about Urbo2. Is it front suspension? Isn’t it all-wheel suspension as Armadillo Flip XT? What stroller is better for a newborn? or would you advice to buy a basement anyway? I really like Flip XT, but no bumper is THE BIGGEST issue for me. Thanks!

  16. Hi Kate. Both strollers are great. I think it all depends on your lifestyle. If you are planning to take long walks at the park where the surface is not very even, I would get Flip XT because it’s easier to push. If you most of the time just run errands I would get Urbo2 because it has small wheels that are designed more for flat surfaces. Ye, the bumper bar is a minus. Both stroller have flat recline so both of the are great for a newborn. The Urbo2 has only front wheel suspension while Flip XT has all-wheel suspension.

  17. Hi Nikki. Curz does not have flat recline since the seat is one molded piece and the wheel are kind of small. I would go with Mixx or Sola 2 MTX. They both are very similar strollers but Mixx takes only Pipa car seat while Sola2 MTX takes a lot of other car seats. What car seat do you have right now? Also the wheels on Sola2 MTX are all-terrain, while Mixx are not.

  18. Hi Katrin,

    Thanks for your all informative reviews, I am torn between a few strollers! I will be having my third child due on July 4th and I’m looking for a lightweight stroller which I can use starting newborn onwards preferably front facing as well and adaptable to the maxi cosi mice car seat. With the two older kids and their extra curricular’s, I will be doing lots of errands, grocery, short trips etc. I have been looking at the Uppa baby cruz, the mama papas urbo 2 and the Armadillo flip models. (was considering the stoke scoot as well). Kindly guide me as to which you recommend the most. Amongst the Armadillo flip and flip xt model, really I don’t care much for the mesh canopy, I am 5 7, so i feel the regular flip would be ok in regards to the handlebar however I am a bit concerned about the basic flips wheels as I have heard they can be flimsy. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!

  19. Hi Katrin Love your website and it’s been so helpful as Im having my first baby, I’ve tried to narrow down my stroller search and we are torn between the Urbo2 and the Uppababy cruz 2015.

    we have some concerns,

    1. some streets are not as good to small weels as the Urbo2 but the uppababy cruz has so much big wheels.

    2. On the other hand, we have a small car so I cant go for a bigger stroller with bigger wheels because It wont fit in the trunk.

    I dont mind the price, I´m just looking a medium size stroller all terrain, but medium size (like the URBO2 size aprox).

    Im more decided between bothfor the Uppababy cruz because it has the option to carry another car seat (dont even born the first one and thinking on the second one LOL).

    Is there other options ?

    Thanks in advanced


  20. Hi Amber. With so many activities and such a busy schedule you definitely need something easy to operate and not too heavy. I think that Flip or Flip XT would be a great choice because it’s so easy to fold and it has a standing fold so you don’t need to bend down to the grown to fold it. It also very compact and not going to take too much room leaving some space in the trunk for groceries and older kids gear. Also, because of the suspension, the ride on Flip is very smooth unless you take it off the road. The Cruz is bulky and will require some work to fold it. Not as easy as with Flip. Urbo2 has also small wheels but bulkier fold. Between Urbo2 and Flip- I would pick Flip.

  21. Hi Katrin –
    I am trying to decide between the UPPAbaby Cruz, Armadillo Flip and Sola2 MTX. We have a smaller home, no garage, little storage – so compact fold up matters. These are all similar in size, yes?
    The next priority is smoothness of ride/maneuverability. I’d love a jogger, but this is not a possibility with our lack of space. What is the next best option out of these three strollers? The sidewalks and roads in our area are a bit bumpy.
    Thank you!

  22. Hi Rachel. If you compare the wheels, Sola2 MTX will win because it has all-terrain tires. The Flip XT has also good size tires that will provide your child with a smooth ride. Both Sola2 MTX and Flip XT models are much more compact Cruz so I would pick between them. If you are light jogger, you can definitely jog with Sola2 MtX and Flip XT.

  23. Thanks for your reply, Katrin!
    I’ve eliminated the Sola2 MTX – it’s so much bulkier when folded than the Flip/Flip XT.
    I looked up the dimensions when folded for the Flip and the Cruz and I thought they were similar – but maybe the Cruz showed folded dimensions without the seat.
    I have a few more questions if you don’t mind sharing your opinions. Unfortunately, the closest store that carries the Flip/Flip XT is over 200 miles away, so I won’t be able to see it in person prior to making a decision. I’ve been searching for customer reviews of the Flip/Flip XT, but there are not that many since the stroller is so new.
    -Do you think the Flip/Flip XT frame is as sturdy and durable as the Uppababy Cruz?
    -Will the ride/maneuverability of the Flip/Flip XT be as good/smooth as the Cruz?
    -One person mentioned that the basket dragged a bit on the Flip when weighed down with their diaper bag and extra items. Do you think this is a common problem?
    -Do the larger Flip XT wheels *really* make the ride smoother than the flip? I don’t mind paying the $100 if they do. But it seems that it wouldn’t be a huge difference since they are still not air-filled, and the front tires which take the initial bump, are still small.
    -Will I regret that the Flip/Flip XT cloth seat can only be spot cleaned – and not removed and washed like the Cruz?
    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!

  24. Hi Katrin, thank you for your advice!
    We just found out that car seat we got from friend is expired for use in 2014. Glad we found out there is expiration date for car seat! now we need infant car seat so I think we will purchase either sola 2 or sola 2 MTX since there is more choice for car seats. The problem is not much places carry them on site. Since I would like to see it before purchase, it is bit inconvenience.

  25. Hi Nikki. I would order it on Amazon and test it at home. If you don’t like it, you can always return it. The returns are free! I’ve done this to many strollers!

  26. Hi Taniqua. The Cruz can NOT carry two kids. It’s Vita model that can transform into a double mode. Now the wheels on Cruz are only slightly larger than on Urbo2. The wheels on both are NOT all-terrain. BTW, Sola2 MTX is very close to URBO2 but has larger wheels. You didn’t like it?

  27. Hi Katrin,
    First of all, thank you for your detailed reviews and comparisons. They are extremely helpful! This post is exactly what I was looking for. I have been debating between the Nuna Mixx, the Urbo2 and the Book Pop Up, as I want a relatively light stroller with a compact fold that can be my only stroller. (I was considering the Snap Ultra until your review said there was no suspension; I was so upset because I LOVED everything else – lie flat, adjustable leg rest, bumper bar, 19lbs, fff break, large basket.) And now after reading this post, Sola2 MXT may be my front runner. The main information I have not been able to find is how the wheels on these strollers handle on NYC sidewalks and what the advantage is of bigger and air filled (if any). I see strollers marked as “all terrain” and “urban” and somehow get the sense that people think urban means smooth surfaces. I don’t intend to go hiking with the stroller, but I am going to be using it every day to go everywhere. Do you think the smaller wheels on something like the Flip or the Urbo would make going around the city streets more difficult? Or do they wear down? I know all these strollers have suspension, but I’ve also heard of some strollers having ball bearings? Do you know how much of a difference that makes? Also, all things being equal, I would like the narrowest stroller that I can find so I can get in and out of stores easily. Do you know which of the strollers I’ve mentioned would be the narrowest? And given that these strollers are lightweight, do you know if they tip back when you have a diaper bag etc. hanging from the handle bar and the kid gets out? I’d like to avoid that! :) I have also seen some reviews about the Flip saying the basket drags on the ground when loaded up. Do you know if this is the case? Lastly, I’m now thinking the Pop UP isn’t worth the price. Are there any handling features you know of that do set it apart from this group? (I don’t need a bassinet, and I know it has features like a turn on the side to lock the front wheels so you don’t have to bend, but that, to me, is convenience). Or, are there any strollers I”m not considering that you think would fit my needs?

    Thank you so much for reading this! Any insights you can provide will be much appreciated. It’s one thing to be able to know the features of various strollers, but trying to figure out which of those will really make a difference is hard. I’m so grateful someone with all of your knowledge is willing to share it!


  28. Katrin, thank you so much for this! We live in Chicago so are focused on having a small, lightweight stroller that can handle snow, and lots of it. We are down to the Sola2, Flip XT, and Mixx. It seems like the Sola2 and Mixx may be better for rough weather, but the Flip XT is easier to fold and has a smaller footprint – and, importantly, sounds like it’s your favorite of all the strollers. How would you make a choice between these 3 great options? Thanks!

  29. Hi Katrin,

    I was seriously considering buying the Urbo2 till I found multiple reviews on its wheels getting locked. Have you heard of this problem?
    I am looking to purchase and ship to a country where there are no M&P channels so I want to avoid something with blatant servicing needs.


  30. I am unable to find any info on the mama and papa mylo 2 stroller or at least any that pertains to the 2 version. How would you compare it to the strollers above. Is it in line, better but not worth the cost. Same goes for a comparison of it with the uppa baby cruz. Is one superior to the other, as they are pretty equally priced. Thanks n advance!

  31. Hi Katrin Love your website and it’s been so helpful as I am having my first baby.
    I think i will go with the sola 2 MTX :)
    I live in a small town and I can not see it before i am buying it. Hope I am making the right choice.
    I will Be very happy if you could recommend a seat car to go with that.
    My baby probably will be tall .
    Thank you :)))

  32. Hi Cynthia, as a first time mom living overseas your website has been a lifesaver since I havnt been able to physically see or try many strollers! While I have read through a ton of your reviews, I am still torn as to what is the right choice for our growing family. We live in an apartment with street parking with one flight of stairs to climb and about a 500 meter walk from parking to the house. Additionally, our town is primarily cobblestones and uneven pavement. The weather is also a concern for me as we do get quite a bit of snow. My husband and I travel quite a bit through Europe as well. So what I have been looking for is a sturdy, lightweight stroller that is good for cobblestones and snow, a semi active lifestyle (walks around parks, town etc) and good for traveling that will grow from infant to toddler. (Ha, I must be dreaming that this exists right?!)
    For a while I was set on the mama’s and papa’s armadillo flip, but I’m not 100% certain. It seems the sola 2mtx or the valco baby snap ultra may be good options as well. I have also toyed with a Bob motion simply because of the wheels and it’s durability- even though im not the biggest fan of its overall look.
    I would love to hear whatever input or advice you have!
    Thank you,


  33. Hi Savannah. I have to agree, strollers that look cool are usually not as practical. From the Armadillo family, I would recommend going with one of the XT models. Sola MTX has great wheels, but does not have that easy one-hand fold that is perfect for the city. BOB Motion or City Mini GT are good practical choices but they look very sporty and basic. Unfortunately, there is just not a lot of all-terrain compact strollers on the market. Most of them are bulky and heavy. You could also take a look at the new Mountain Buggy Swift 2015. It’s much more compact than the old model and has nice all-terrain wheels.

  34. Hi Katrin,

    I love your site! Your reviews are great. I have a taller toddler that has outgrown the Quinny Buzz. I am now looking for stroller that has a bit more room for my daughter to grow in because she is 16 months, 33″ tall so not quite ready to stop using a stroller all together. Her feet are now dangling over the leg rest of the Quinny. =(

    So I’ve been doing research on our next stroller for awhile now and came across the Armadillo XT, Flip XT and Sola2 MTX. I really care about the space from the seat to leg/foot rest and large basket space. Price isn’t a factor as long as I am getting a stroller that works for my daughter. What do you suggest? Thank you so much!

  35. Hi Milan. As much as I like reversible seat, you really don’t need it anymore because your daughter will probably want to look out. Of course we always want to look at our child. haha. At this point I would get Armadillo XT because it’s lighter and more compact than Flip. Also, compact fold and lighter weight make it easier to travel with it. Sola 2 MTX is a great choice if you need all-terrain wheels and don’t mind extra weight and extra bulkiness because of the reversible seat. Are you planning on traveling?

  36. Hi, love your website. Im still overwhelmed with all these choices but I think Ive narrowed it down to nuna mixx or mamas and papas sola2 mtx. Any preference over the two? I just want it to be light, have a bumper bar, able to put my infant car seat (no bassinet), good for walks at the park, and good for petite height mom hehe. If i do go with sola2 mtx, which infant car seat do u recommend?

  37. Thank you so much your reviews on the strollers!
    I was wondering what the difference is between the sola2 and the sola2 mtx?

  38. Hi Katrin,

    I’m having my first child and am looking for your opinion on the best overall stroller. Each one below would be suitable for my lifestyle/needs (even though I know they’re all quite different) and I’m not concerned with the folded size/weight (travelling not a concern); which stroller would you choose and why?
    Armadillo Flip XT
    Sola2 MTX
    Peg Prego Book Pop-up
    Bumbleride Indie (2016 model with improved recline)

    Thanks in advance for you help!

  39. Hi Katrin

    Does Armadillo Flip XT require an adopter to put Nuna Pipa car seat? I can’t find the info on it…Does the car seat go on top of the stroller seat or do I remove the stroller seat and put the car seat?

  40. Hi Katrin,

    Thanks for the amazing reviews you do–they’re so helpful! I love the Donna Wilson version of the Urbo2, but we go on many long walks with our pups. Do you think we should go with the Sola2 MTX instead, and maybe try to add the Donna Wilson footmuff and liner?

    Thanks for your advice, and happy 2016!


  41. I’m torn between the flip xt and sola 2 mtx. Looks like sola2 mtx has more features with all suspension and all terrain wheels, but why the price is lower? Am i missing something? Push is everything to me, I’m looking something for Disneyland, and i like the sola2 mtx has bumble bar. What do you think?

  42. Dear Katrin,
    I am a first time mom and Im really confused between the 3..from what I have read your recommendations always tilt towards the flip xt..I live in Dubai..I think yhat the flip xt is the best but looks wise it is the urbo 2..very confused! Please advise.


  43. hello
    i love ur site
    i ll have my baby in 1 month and am still very confused i only have in the nearest store to me sola 2 mtx and amradilo xt
    and i do travel alote
    i like sola 2 mtx very much but am afraid of the bulkiness of it in travelling
    and the armadilo is very compact and easy in foldding but it cant be facing parent
    so can u help me decide plz
    thxx in advance

  44. Hi, I love your site and especially he comparison charts. Thanks. I was wondering if there is a difference in the Urbo 2 2014, 2015 and 2016 models. I see a nice teal color of the urbo 2 on amazon but it says turbo 2 2014- have they updated the model since then.

  45. Hi Katrin, your reviews are very helpful!
    I’ve found the flip xt is the stroller that meets all my needs with the exception of wheels 😞, I much prefer actual tyres – do you know if the sola 2 wheels fit onto the flip xt model? Or would you know if the ocarro wheels fit onto the flip xt?

  46. Hi Sarah. I haven’t tried switching the wheels. It might not be a good idea because each stroller goes through a lot of testing for safety reasons. What if the wheel falls off while you are walking?

  47. Hi, your blog helped me a lot to choose my stroller.. I still thinking in armadillo flip Xt or the babyhome emotion., my doubt is about the compatibility of the chicco keyfit 30 seat car and the stroller.. which adaptor do I have to get??

    Thank you very much

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