Maclaren Quest Umbrella Stroller Review


The Maclaren has been a leader in the stroller industry when it comes to umbrella models. Parents love them for their high quality, durability, and lightweight.

The Quest is no different. It weighs ONLY 12.3 lbs while being able to accommodate a child from birth and up to 55 lbs.

The seat is very roomy with a deep one-hand recline that goes to almost a flat position suitable for a newborn. The adjustable leg rest provides plenty of stretching room for a baby.

The canopy is amazing! It has a zipped-in panel and a pop-out sunvisor that make it huge. One of the best canopies you can find on an umbrella model that are known for their small useless canopies.

The is plenty of storage with an upgraded basket and a storage pocket in the back of the seat.  While there is no travel system option, which I didn’t expect at such a low weight, you can use it with a carrycot for a newborn. 

The maneuverability is great. The 5″ wheels together with all-wheel suspension provide a smooth ride. Another cool thing about this model is that all of the wheels are removable and replaceable. If one of the wheels breaks, you can easily get a new one.

The fold is very compact, but not really one-hand as they advertise. There is also a carry handle and a strap for easy transportation.


I gave it 5 out of 5 stars because this is one of the best if not the BEST umbrella stroller on the market right now. And, the LIFETIME warranty helps too. Watch out UPPAbaby G-Luxe! The updated Quest includes an improved basket, larger canopy, 4-wheel suspension, removable wheels, new fabrics, standing fold, and lighter weight.

I am very happy that Maclaren has finally updated their strollers. Not like they needed it, but it feels like most parents looking for that latest year and think that the stroller is not as good as the competition if it hasn’t been updated in the last few years. Right? Do you get that feeling?

The Maclaren Quest comes in eight color combinations and retails for around $299. It comes with a rain cover. The cup holder is sold separately.

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It’s unbelievable! There is an extendable UPF 50+ medium-size canopy, with a large zipped-in panel and a pop-out sunvisor for more sun protection. The extra panel has two mesh windows on the side for better air circulation. 

I love this canopy! It’s very rare for an umbrella stroller to have such a large canopy. There is also a large plastic peekaboo window located on the back of the seat instead of the top of the canopy. I personally found it hard to see my child.

I wish Maclaren would do a normal peekaboo window on top of the canopy with a magnetic closure. BTW, the canopy is made out of waterproof fabric.



It is 13″ wide with an 18″ seat back and a measurement of 27″ from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. This is one of the tallest canopies on the market! Even a tall toddler fits in without any problems. The seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 55 lbs.

The seat has a deep four-position recline that goes to almost a flat position suitable for a newborn. The recline is operated by a one-hand lever system instead of the strap system that most umbrella strollers have.

In case you are wondering, the seat is not very upright in the most upright position. The seat fabric is removable and machine washable.


To prevent your baby from sliding out of the seat, Maclaren included a head barrier at the top of the seat that you can pop up and a foot barrier which is a hidden mesh for the leg rest that you can attach to the frame. These simple features will keep your baby safely in the seat.


There is a large storage pocket in the back of the seat that you can use for small essentials. Because of the long shape of the pockets you can even put a baby bottle in there.



It has a very nice thick adjustable non-padded 5-point harness with a center release buckle. It’s hard to unlock for toddlers, but very easy for the parents. To unlock the buckle you need to push it from the front and the back at the same time. The straps are thick and durable (most umbrella models have thin straps). Love it!



It has two positions: up and down. A great feature for smaller babies. I like it when kids have plenty of stretch room and take a comfortable nap.



The ergonomically positioned handlebars are not adjustable but are pretty tall at 42″ from the ground. They are covered with soft foam.



The umbrella strollers are known for their useless small baskets. This one is not that bad. You you fit a small diaper bag in it or some child’s essentials.



It rolls on 5″ double hard rubber wheels. The front wheels are swivel but can be locked straight. The maneuverability is AMAZING! It can handle busy streets, uneven pavement, playground mulch, and grass with no problem.

Of course, it’s not an all-terrain stroller, so you are not going to get a very smooth ride going over terrain, but it does the job. I’ve tested a lot of umbrella strollers and Maclarens are above all other umbrella strollers when it comes to maneuverability and terrain handling.

I could easily steer it with only one hand. It also feels very sturdy thanks to the aircraft’s aluminum-grade chassis.


The added all-wheel suspension absorbs the bumps making the ride more comfortable for your child.



It has two link brakes that lock both wheels in place. They are not flip-flop friendly.


It has a typical umbrella fold that you could do with one hand, but you probably wouldn’t because to engage the automatic lock you have to bend all the way down to the ground which will be difficult with a child in your hands.

The folded dimensions are 41.3″ x 9.4″ x 11″. And because it weighs only 12.3 lbs you can easily throw it on your shoulder.


Once folded, you can use a carry handle or a shoulder strap for easy transportation. Since it weighs only 12.3 lbs, you can easily carry it in one hand.

-Rain cover. INCLUDED!



While there is no travel system option, you can use it with a carrycot from birth. Sold separately.



-Peekaboo window location. The peekaboo window is made out of clear plastic with no closure and is located in the back of the seat. I found it hard to see my child. I wish they would put it on top of the canopy with a magnetic closure. Like many companies are doing right now.

-High price. Almost $300 is a lot for an umbrella stroller. The good news is that this one should last you for years and multiple kids. I always say you get what you paid for.

-No cup holder. For that price, I would like to see a cup holder included, but you can buy one separately.

Video Review

Here is a great video overview.


Stroller weight: 12.3 lbs
Weight limit: 55 lbs
Folded dimensions: 41.3″ x 9.4″ x 11″
Handlebar height: 42″
Seat to canopy height: 27″
Wheels: 5″
Overall length: 39.4″
Overall width: 18.9″


Maclaren provides a LIFETIME warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner. 

Available colors

This stroller is available in eight color combinations: cardinal/silver, medieval blue/jelly bean, charcoal/primrose, plum/marmalade, charcoal/harbor blue, medieval blue/silver, black, and black/silver.


Where to buy it

You can get Maclaren Quest in eight beautiful colors for around $299. It comes with a rain cover only.

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  1. Hello Katrin
    I’m trying to look to purchase the straps for fitting carrycot to the quest stroller but this is proving very difficult to find.
    Please, are you able to help?
    Kind regards
    Julie Phillips

  2. If you buy a stroller from Maclaren, please be advised of their terrible customer support. It’s a joke. It’s frustrating to deal with them because you will not be able to get a hold of them. They do not have a phone number for you to call. You can only send them an email or wait online to chat to someone. I emailed them to request a repair kit for the recalled stroller I have for my older child and plan to use for my youngest. Well four emails, no response . Then I waited online for over an hour to chat to someone. I never know how long you have to wait or when someone will talk to you. I keep waiting and get a missed chat message. Finally after I kept writing please someone talk to me at least ten times and 2 hours waiting someone answered me. Told me he will send a message to the safety department who will contact me by email and I will get my repair kit within a week. Well that’s a joke because no one ever emailed me. Maclaren doesn’t take the safety of their customer and children seriously. If you buy a product from them, be aware that you may be going through what going through now if there’s a problem with the stroller. As of now I’m still not able to chat to someone and five emails to any maclaren source I can find without a response. So frustrating and disappointing. Stay away from maclaren stroller!

  3. Hi Katrin,
    I have this stroller among others, but I got this one specifically because it can fit a child up to 55 lbs and a tall child.
    I have a 4 y.o who is around 50 lbs and tall. And I have a hard time pushing this stroller it feels heavy and hard to maneuver. Despite the fact that it seems that my kid is no very comfortable in it due to the rather small seat.

    We only use to travel abroad and now and seriously thinking on buying a second hand Britax b- agile.

    I’d suggest trying the stroller first.

    Thank you for all your helpful reviews !

  4. Hello
    I will have a twin
    Is it possible to use this model?
    Mean that is it possible to attach together? How??

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