Peg Perego Book Cross Stroller Review


The Book Cross is a new all-terrain stroller from Peg Perego. The Cross model is designed for active parents who like to spend whole days outdoors.

This model is a serious competition for the popular City Mini GT because it is also lightweight for an all-terrain (only 22 lbs), and has a one-hand fold.

It rolls on three large puncture-proof tires that together with all-wheel suspension provide a smooth ride even over uneven terrain. 

You will also enjoy a large canopy with a peekaboo window, an adjustable handlebar with a hand brake, easy to access large basket, and an adjustable leg rest.

The deep recline goes to an almost flat position perfect for a newborn. The seat is VERY roomy and will accommodate a taller toddler without a problem.

Another great feature of Cross is the ability to turn into a travel system with Primo Viaggio infant car seat or a pram with Navetta XL and Navetta Pop-up bassinets. The Book Cross has a lot of great things going on that City Mini GT doesn’t have.

I am not going to go into every detail comparing the two, but I can tell you that City Mini GT does not have the pram option, has a smaller harder to harder-to-access basket, and does not have an adjustable leg rest.

You can get Peg Perego Book Cross in one of the three beautiful colors for around $499. It comes with a bumper bar.

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-Large canopy. The three-panel canopy is a good size and will provide plenty of shade for your child. There is a medium size peekaboo window made out of clear plastic with a magnetic closure. I think this is a good size canopy, but I still would add a small pop-out sunvisor so it would go down all the way to the bumper bar or add so called ‘follow-the-sun’ option.


-Toy loop. There is also a cute little toy loop attached to the canopy so you can keep your baby entertained.


-Very roomy seat. The is 15″ wide with 20″ seat back and a measurement of 26″ from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. This is a great seat back height and the canopy height. Your older toddler will have no problem fitting in. The seat is also pretty wide comparing to the average of 12″.


-Deep recline. The seat has a deep one-hand strap recline that goes down to almost flat position suitable for a newborn. You will need both hands to bring the seat back up. It can accommodate a child from birth and up to 50 lbs.


-Dark mesh window. Once you recline the seat you will see a large mesh window with Velcro closure. This mesh will provide better air circulation on a hot summer day. It will also prevent your baby from falling out from the back.


-5-point harness. It comes with an adjustable padded 5 point harness with a center release buckle.


-Swing-away bumper bar. INCLUDED! The swing-away removable bumper bar is included.


-Adjustable leg rest. The leg rest goes up and own providing more stretching room for your baby.


-Adjustable handle bar. The adjustable handle bar goes from 34″ all the way up to 45″ from the ground.

-Hand brake. Conveniently located on the handle bar, this hand brake is super flip-flop-friendly.


-Large basket. The basket is not only a great size, but also is very easy to access thanks to the flexible frame in the back. You can bring the back frame down to get your things in and out even with the seat fully reclined. Love it!


-Wheels. It rolls on four large 10″ wheels with springs and 8 ball bearings. The front wheel is swivel, but can be easily locked straight by turning a small lever located on the side of the frame. No need to bend down and touch dirty wheel! What I like about these all-terrain wheels is that they are made using ultra-resistant lining that adjusts to the ground surface, allowing the child to travel comfortably even in unusual situations, such as uneven terrain, city pavements, mulch, gravel and dust roads. Keep in mind, this is not a jogging stroller, although it might look like one.


-All-wheel suspension. Of course suspension helps to absorb all the bumps making the ride much smoother.

-Easy fold. It folds just like a book that why it’s called Book Cross.  Just pull up on the lever behind the seat and it will fold. And it can be done with just one hand! How cool is that? It also has an automatic lock and a standing fold. The folded dimensions are 36″L x 25″W x 18″H. This is not the most compact fold. For comparison the City Mini GT folded dimensions are  31.5″L x 24.5″W x 10″H.


-Travel system option. It can be turned into a travel system with Primo Viaggio SL infant car seat. You can place it on top of the stroller seat, or a frame.

-Bassinet option. You can also turn this stroller into a pram by attaching Navetta XL bassinet or Navetta Pop-Up bassinet to the frame of the stroller.


-Bulky. While Book Cross is full of great features and weighs only 22 lbs, it has pretty bulky fold.

Video Overview

Here is a quick video overview from ABC Kids Expo 2015.

Here is an overview video from Peg Perego.


Stroller weight: 22 lbs
Weight limit: 50 lbs
Handle bar height: 34″- 45″
Folded dimensions: 36″L x 25″W x 18″H
Seat to canopy height: 26″
Rear wheels: 10″
Front wheels: 10″
Stroller width: 25″


Peg Perego has a 1-year warranty on the frame of the stroller and 90 days on fabric from the day of purchase.

Available colors

Peg Perego Book Cross will come in three colors: atmosphere, mod bluette,  and synergy. All models will come with a black frame.


 Where to buy it

You can get Peg Perego Book Cross in one of the three beautiful colors for around $499. It comes with a bumper bar.

Buy Peg Perego Book Cross Stroller »

21 thoughts on “Peg Perego Book Cross Stroller Review”

  1. So I’m expecting in August, and your reviews have been super helpful! I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about how far up the seat sits. A lot of the three wheel strollers seem to always be in a recline position. I am hoping that this one sits up straighter for a curious toddler to look around.

    Would love your feedback! I can’t seem to get my hands on one around here to check it out myself. Must be, because it’s so new!

  2. Hi April. The seat is pretty upright in my opinion. Your child will be able to sit and use the bumper bar to pull himself up.

  3. Hi ! I’m also expecting in august! Any downside of the book cross troller? Looks Like the perfect Stroller for trekking but also for shopping at the mall.

    Would love to know more about your experience!

  4. Hi,

    We are expecting our first in June and I was wondering which stroller I would/should get. Your reviews were super helpful, very detailed and straight to the point.

    Depending on those reviews, I staretd looking at the Peg Perego Book Cross but I was wondering if it is compatible with the Maxi Cosi carseat. Do you have any idea?

    Much obliged.

  5. Hi Chantal. I think it’s fine for the mall. I take my full Indie jogger to the mall when I don’t want to take stroller out of the car. The only downside of Cross is a bulky fold. It will take up all of the space in your trunk.

  6. Me and my husband are in a huge debate about what stroller to get! I am curious have you heard anything with issues with sand or dirt building up inside the wheel bearings? Have you had to clean the wheels at all. I know they pop off fairly easily but my husband is worries that with going to the beach or after being on a trail dirt will build up inside the wheel bearings and make the wheels stop working or not work as well…. what are you thoughts around this? I do see the wheels pop off and could be cleaned but that would be a hassle to do every time after use,,, Thank you!

  7. Hi Tess. I haven’t heard anybody complaining about that. How often do you walk over the mud? If you worried about this stuff, I would get BOB Revolution which is designed to go through anything! No dirt build up.

  8. Hi Katrin,

    I was wondering if I need to buy an adapter for peg perego car seat for the book cross stroller.

  9. Hi, thanks for your comments. Do you know why City Mini GT is suitable to children ultin 65 lbs and Book Cross 50lbs? They have the same size, book cross looks more resistant…

    Thanks you again!

  10. I was interested in this stroller but I can’t see how the basinette fits on the book cross. It sells as trio on Amazon, but I can’t see how it fits on it. Any advice?

  11. Your review says this stroller is compatible with Peg Perego’s bassinets, but I can’t find anything on Peg Perego’s website that confirms this. I also can’t find the bassinets on their website. It’s in the video you posted but not on any videos on Peg Perego’s site. Any ideas as to why? I wanted to put the bassinet on my registry but if I can’t find it on the actual website I am kinda sketched out.

  12. hi Katrin,
    Im trying to choose between bumbleride indie, and peg book cross.
    from your experiance, can you tall about the differences between the 2,
    most important – the size it takes open / fold.
    peg perego website claim the cross reclines all the way horizontally,
    but it does not look like 180 degrees. can you estimate the real degree?
    thanks a lot !

  13. Hi Katrin,

    I am in between two strollers peg perego book cross and bumbleride indie. I do like book cross which is cheaper in Europe stylish and more spacious than bumbleride indie, however I do worry about its performance and durability over trekking trails and hard or even muddy terrain. I assume this is a feature that depends on the stroller’s usage in such terrain besides the mall and normal pavements. lets say that once and a while I look forward to such excursions (beach or mountain) with my husband. On the other hand the bassinet Navetta XL I believe it is of high quality since it is available in many shops in Greece and could inspect it, but I have no clue about the quality of bumbleride indie bassinet since it is not available in Greece. Is it also as comfy for newborns as Navetta XL? Do you have any idea or recommendations?

    Thank you in advance

  14. HI Maria. While I like Cross, Indie is much better. It’s very durable and made out of high quality materials. Between the two I would pick Indie. The bassinet for Indie is very comfy.

  15. Can this stroller be converted into a 2 seat with a peg perego frame adapter? I know it has the option of the standing board, but we might decide to have kids close together and will seed the 2nd seat.

  16. Hi Katrin,

    I own this stroller but seem to have an issue with the basket. It seems to fall and drag on the full if I put anything in there that may be a little bit on the heavier side. It’s as if there is no lock. Did you notice this as well or maybe this is a defective one that I have?



  17. Hi Stephanie. I didn’t notice it but I usually hang everything off the handle bar or a frame using hooks I got on Amazon. I am too lazy to bend down to the basket. LOL.

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