Phil and Teds Navigator with Auto Stop Stroller Review

phil-and-teds-navigator-stroller26The Phil and Teds Navigator is the first stroller with an AUTO STOP feature. If you let go of the handle bar, it stops! How cool is that? This is an all-terrain stroller that converts into a double inline stroller.

You can use it for one child, two newborns, newborn and a toddler, two toddlers or three kids with an addition of a stroller board. You can convert it into a travel system or a stylish pram by adding a bassinet. With 26 riding options Navigator will grow with your family.

Even though it does not have a reversible seat, there is a double kit you can get that has rear facing compatibility so your child can face you. The maneuverability is outstanding! The 12″ air-filled all-terrain tires will provide your child with a smooth ride. It’s perfect for long walks at the park, off road adventures, or even light jogging.

The narrow frame of only 23″ will allow you to maneuver through narrow store aisles and busy streets with ease. This is one of the slimmest double strollers on the market! The seat is very tall with 26″ height to the canopy. This is 28% more seat height than leading competitor. There are plenty of accessories like bassinet, cup holder, second seat, stroller board, baby carrycot, or a snack tray.

I gave this buggy 4.5 out of 5 stars because I really like the auto stop feature and how narrow this stroller is for a double inline model. I had to take some points away because of the pain-in-the-behind recline, canopy size, lack of suspension, no cover for the large opening in the back. Overall, I think this is a great option for parents who live in the city and like to walk a lot. This is one of the most compact and lightest convertible strollers on the market. It retails for around $499 on Amazon and comes in four colors. The DOUBLE version is also available on Amazon for around $599.

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-Medium size canopy. The canopy is a medium size and has a small pop-out sunvisor, but it has so called ‘follow-the-sun’ feature which is when the canopy is not attached to the seat and can be moved down to follow the sun and provide full coverage. There is no peekaboo window, but once you bring the canopy all the way down there will be an opening in the back that you can use to see your baby.


-Side pockets. There are two side pockets on the canopy that you can use for storing small items like cell phone or keys.

-Adjustable handle bar. The handle bar goes from 28″ all the way up to 43″ which is super tall!  Perfect for taller and shorter parents. BTW, the autostop bar adjusts together with the handle bar.



-Run-away strap. There is a run-away strap that you can use to prevent your stroller from running away from you when you going down the hill. I personally never use it, but it could become useful if you decide to go for a jog for example.

-Roomy seat. The seat is 11″ wide with 24″ seat back and a measurement of 26″ high from the bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy. While the seat is not very wide it has VERY high seat back and very high canopy height. Most strollers have 20″ seat back with 24″ canopy height.  The main seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 44 lbs.

The seat has nicely padded seat liner that you can remove for easy cleaning.

It has a perfectly flat recline, so you can put a newborn into the seat. The bad news is that the recline is VERY inconvenient! It has a buckle, annoying strap system on both sides of the frame that requires three hands to adjust (one hand will be lifting up a child) and two zippers on each side of the seat to make the recline completely flat. I mean they really make you work for it.

I would recommend removing the child from the stroller before bringing the seat back up and than doing all the zipping, clipping, and buckling. With this type of recline, you will think twice or even three times before using it. LOL.



-Double mode.  You can convert Navigator into a double inline stroller by purchasing a second seat. The seat  has padded adjustable 5-point harness, one-hand lever recline and comes with a sun mesh.  There is NO canopy on the seat, but that included sun shade provides plenty of sun protection. I really like that the seat padding is made out of soft memory foam so your child will feel extra cozy.


There are two place where you can attach the second seat: the front and the back. For a a toddler you can attach the 2nd seat to the front of the stroller while your newborn will be in the main seat. With this combination the second seat can hold a child up to 44 lbs.  Keep in mind, the main seat has to be fully reclined (for the newborn) and you can’t use the bumper bar.


The second option is designed for two toddlers. You can attach the 2nd seat in the back right above the parking brake. The 2nd seat in this position can hold a child up to 33 lbs and has a one-hand recline. With this option, your child’s legs will be in the basket, so you can’t really use it.  To fold the stroller you will need to remove the second seat.


You also can use the second seat in a parent facing position so your child can look at you. In this position the seat needs to be fully reclined and you


With 26 different seat options Navigator grows with your family. You can use it for one child, two newborns, two toddlers, or newborn and a toddler.



-5 point harness. It has adjustable padded 5 point harness with a tricky buckle. To unlock the buckle you will need to use both hands squeezing buttons on both side of the buckle while pushing two buttons on the top at the same time. Your toddler will never be able to do it. I really like that there is a soft crotch pad that protects your little one from scratches.


-Bumper bar. INCLUDED! Unfortunately the bumper bar is NOT swing away.  It’s covered with nylon material instead of foam (like on many other strollers), so your child will not get a mouth full of foam in case he decides to take a bite.


-Large basket. The basket is large and is very easy to access. It will fit your large diaper bag plus some small essentials.


-Wheels. The Navigator rolls on three 12″ air filled tires that can handle any type of terrain. This all-terrain buggy is perfect for off road adventures. The front wheel is swivel, but can be locked straight for rougher terrain. There is no suspension system. You can also do light jogging with it.


-Auto Stop brake. As I’ve mentioned above, the main feature of this stroller is a unique parking brake that is located on the handle bar. It’s a a thin red bar that attached to the handle bar and that stops the stroller once you take your hand off the handle bar. To release the brake, all you need to do is to pull down on the red handle towards the handle bar and it will nicely sync into the groove while releasing the brake. This is a great safety feature that might come very handy if you lose the handle bar while going down the hill, or you need to quickly chase the other child who is running away on a busy street. There is also a little loop that you can use to hold the bar in place when you don’t want to use the auto stop function.


-Easy fold. Before folding you will need to remove the second seat. They say you can fold with just one hand but I found it difficult to do. After folding it I had to use my second hand to push the stroller together to activate the auto lock. There is no standing fold and I found the fold to be very bulky. The folded dimensions are 29.9″L x 11.8″H x 23.2″W. Be careful handle bar touching the ground because the foam covering can easily get damaged.



-Travel system option. You can transform Navigator into a travel system using most popular car seats like:

  • Peg Perego Primo Viaggio
  • Graco Snugride Classic/Click connect models
  • Chicco Keyfit
  • Maxi Cosi
  • Cybex Aton
  • Mountain Buggy Protect
  • Phil&Teds Alpha (weighs only 8 lbs)


-Bassinet option. You can also convert Navigator into a stylish pram by replacing the seat with a bassinet. This bassinet is suitable from birth and up to 20 lbs. It has durable wipe clean exterior with soft, lie-flat mattress and padded interior. The carry handles make it easy transfer bassinet from the stroller into the house. You can also get a bassinet stand to keep your snug off the floor. It weighs only 6.6 lbs. It retails for around $149.



-Free rider option. You can get a free rider for your older toddler. It connects to the stroller to become a stroller board. You can disconnect it anytime your toddler feels like exploring on his own. It can handle a child up to 44 lbs.



-Canopy size. The canopy is too small for my taste and that small sunvisor doesn’t help much. I wish it would be larger like on Promenade model and could convert into a ‘floating canopy’ while holding its shape. I also would like to see a magnetic closure for the peekaboo window.

-Bumper bar. The fact that this bumper is not swing away, adds additional step to when you take your child out. It should definitely be a swing away like in the Promenade model. I am surprised they made two different bumper bars for different models.

-Inconvenient recline. The buckle and strap system makes it very inconvenient to recline and bring back  the seat. I don’t know why Phil & Teds wouldn’t use the one-hand strap system that is widely used by many strollers. Even better, they can do one-hand lever recline. Phil & Tends, take notes!

-Back opening cover. Once the seat is fully reclined, there is a large opening between the canopy and the seat. There is no mesh or any other kind of closure. So if it’s windy and the seat is fully reclined, there is really no protection. I think that Phil & Teds didn’t think it through. Why not attach a closure to the canopy like on B-Agile and City Mini?

-No suspension system. The ride is pretty smooth because of the large air-filled tires, but I still would like to have a suspension system.

Video Review

Here is a great video overview.

Here is an instructional video from Phil&Teds.


Stroller weight: 27.5 lbs
Weight limit: 44 lbs (main seat), 33 lbs (2nd seat rear position), 44 lbs (2nd seat front position)
Folded dimensions: 29.9″L x 11.8″H x 23.2″W
Handle bar height: 28″ – 42″
Seat to canopy height: 26″
Wheels: 12″
Overall length: 42″
Overall width: 23.5″

Comparison Chart

If you want to see how Navigator model compares to other Phil & Teds strollers here is a great comparison chart.



Phil and Teds has 1-year warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner. Here is more information on the warranty.

Available colors

It comes in four beautiful colors: cherry, midnight, graphite, and black. All strollers come with sleek black frame.


Where to buy it

My favorite place to buy strollers and a lot of other baby items is Amazon. It usually has the lowest prices, free shipping, free returns and no sales tax. How great is that? You can get Phil&Teds Navigator single in one of the four beautiful colors for around $499 on Amazon. The DOUBLE version is also available on Amazon for around $599.

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~Susan Brian

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  1. There is a plastic cover called the backflap that should be included with the Navigator to cover the gap of the back seat!
    They have it for all inline strollers, but sometimes baby shops do not include it when you buy the buggy from them but try to sell it separately!

  2. Hi! I have the classic inline. My little one is ready to face forward but the shoulder straps are way too high. I’ve been searching for a tutorial on how to adjust this. Any suggestions?

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