Phil&Teds Promenade Stroller Review


The Promenade model is the most expensive stroller in the Phil and Teds line. The main feature of this stroller is the ability to convert from a single into a double mode with the addition of a second seat.

Both seats can convert into a flat-bed bassinet-like environment that is perfect for a newborn. You can also convert it into a travel system.

With over 8 seat combinations, the Promenade model can accommodate two newborns, a newborn and a toddler, or two toddlers.

This luxury buggy is full of amazing features like a large canopy, telescoping handlebar, swing-away bumper bar, and easy compact fold. The main seat is reversible, has an adjustable footrest, and can hold a child up to 40 lbs. It rolls on four wheels with front-wheel suspension for a smoother ride.

This model is made for parents who live in an urban environment and want to travel in style. The narrow frame design allows parents to navigate through narrow doorways and other tight spaces even in double mode.


I gave this buggy 4 out of 5 stars because of the heavyweight, lack of storage, lack of accessories from Phil & Teds, no fun colors, the additional adapters for reversing the seat, low weight limit of the main seat, and not-so-great maneuverability.

The lowest price I found was $600 for a single model and $730 for a stroller with a double kit. Ouch! I know…it’s not cheap especially once you purchase all the accessories.

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The canopy doesn’t look big, but it unzips in the middle and becomes huge. The panel in the middle is made out of dark mesh that will still shade your child from the sun while providing better air circulation.

The canopy is attached to the back of the seat and does NOT convert into a ‘floating/ follow-the-sun’ canopy. There is also a peekaboo window with a quiet closure (no noisy Velcro).



I really love this handlebar! Because of the curved frame, it telescopes out up and towards you, instead of just extending up. Taller parents will have plenty of legroom even with the second seat.

Although it is not a jogging stroller, there is a short run-away strap attached to the handlebar.



The seat is 12″ wide with a 19″ seat back and a measurement of 22″ from the bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy. The canopy does slide up the frame to give your child more headroom.

The seat is designed to accommodate a child from birth and up to 40 lbs (not a very high weight limit). It has a one-hand recline with three recline positions. The recline goes to a flat position for a newborn.

When you recline the seat, the whole seat reclines keeping its ‘v’ shape so there is no room for your child to stretch. For younger kids, you can solve this problem by turning the seat into a flat-bed, but your toddler will always be in a sitting position even when he is sleeping.


The seat is also reversible. The only thing I don’t like is that to reverse the seat you need to use additional adapters. After you are done connecting those adapters to the frame, you can reverse the seat so the baby is facing you. In reverse mode, the seat will be positioned higher on the frame. I think attaching those adapters is an annoying extra step.


The seat can turn into a ‘flat-bed’ creating perfect environment for a newborn. All you need to do is unclip two buckles underneath the seat.

The flat-bed does look like a bassinet, but it cannot be taken off the stroller. Another great stroller that also has a ‘flat-bed’ feature is the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan model.



Unlike other Phil&Tends strollers, Promenade has a swing-away removable bumper bar. I guess they were saving the best for the most expensive one. LOL.



It has a padded adjustable 5-point harness with a hard-to-unlock buckle.



It’s very unique to see an adjustable footrest on the seat that converts into a flat-bed. I am happy they’ve added it because that’s what parents expect when they buy a luxury stroller.



The basket is HUGE! You can easily fit two large diaper bags when the stroller is used in a single mode. Unfortunately, you will lose all this room in a double mode, since it will be taken up by the child’s legs.


The Promenade rolls on four wheels with 8″ wheels in the front and 12″ wheels in the back. It has foam-filled tires, meaning you will never get a flat. The rear wheels have a tire gourd for when you have the 2nd seat.

I was really disappointed that despite the large wheels and front-wheel suspension, the Promenade was not easy to push and it didn’t provide a very smooth ride on bumpy paving or grassy areas. It was much easier to navigate on a flat surface of the shopping mall or on even pavement … Really? For all this money I can only use it on a flat surface?

The front-wheel suspension absorbs some of the bumps, but I wish there was an all-wheel suspension system.



There is a single-foot brake located in the back between the rear wheels. It is flip-flop FRIENDLY!



The 2nd seat is absolutely great! It has a one-hand recline, a nice canopy, and the same 5-point harness as the main seat. There are three recline positions from upright to sleep ideal layback.

This 2nd seat can also turn into the ‘flat-bed’ just like the main seat, so you can put a newborn in it. How great is that? LOVE IT! There are over 8 seat combinations. It can hold a child up to 40 lbs when used in the front of the stroller and 33 lbs when used in the back.


There are over 8 different seat combinations to accommodate a growing family. You can use it in a single or double mode. Single mode: main seat facing forward, main seat facing rear, travel system, flat-bed facing forward, flat-bed facing rear.

Double mode: two main seats facing forward, travel system + 2nd rear seat facing forward, two flat-beds facing forward or different directions, flat-bed + front seat forward facing. Amazing!!!



To fold the Promenade, you will need to use both hands. First, push down the handlebar. Next, pull on two levers located on both sides of the frame and bring the seat down to a fold. That’s it!

You will need to remove the second seat before folding the stroller. The folded dimensions are 38″L x 17″H x 25″W. It’s very compact, but I kind of expected it since it had a reversible ‘V’ shaped seat.



-Low weight limit. 40 lbs is a little lower than on other strollers. I would like to see at least 45 lbs. The 2nd seat also has a low weight limit of 33 lbs when positioned in the back.

-Weight. This stroller weighs whooping 28 lbs. Very heavy! Putting it into the trunk will be a challenge.

-Bulky. I know they say it’s a compact fold on Phil & Ted’s site, but in real life I found it to be bulky. It will take all the room in the trunk.

-Maneuverability. This stroller is heavy and it does NOT push easily. You have to use some muscles even on a flat surface.

-Lack of storage. The large basket is the only storage on the stroller. I wish there was a pocket in the back of the main seat. In double mode, you can’t even use the basket. Your only option is to hang your diaper bag from the handlebar.

-Colors. This stroller is only available in black. No fun colors. How boring is that? I think it was the main complaint from the parents.

Video Review

As always, Baby Gizmo has a great video review. Note: The second seat can hold a child up to 40 lbs in the front of the stroller and ONLY 33 lbs when positioned in the back.


Stroller weight: 28 lbs
Weight limit: 40 lbs (main seat), 40 lbs (2nd seat in the front), 33 lbs (2nd seat in the back)
Folded dimensions: 38″L x 17″H x 25″W
Handlebar height: 29″ – 42″
Seat to canopy height: 29″
Front wheels: 8″
Rear wheels: 12″
Overall length: 41″
Overall width: 25″


Phil and Teds has a 1-year warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner.

Available colors

The Promenade is available only in black, but you can purchase seat liners in a different color to bring some fun into the boring black. All stroller comes with a sleek elliptical aluminum frame.


Where to buy it

You can get Phil&Teds Promenade single in sleek black color for $599. The double version is also available for $730. You can always just get a single stroller and purchase the second seat later.

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  1. Hello. I bought this stroller on clearance and never knew I could face the seat towards me. Please help me find the adapters! I have the second on the way :)

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