Aston Martin’s New $3,000 Baby Stroller


British luxury automaker Aston Martin decided to get into the baby stroller market by releasing a new stroller which was created in collaboration with the team at Silver Cross. Silver Cross is a British company that specializes in carriages, high chairs, and other baby goods.

Aston Martin Silver Cross Surf can be purchased exclusively at a British department store called Harrods for ONLY $3,000.

Compared to the Aston Martin’s car that costs around $300,000, it’s a bargain! It’s a limited edition of only 800 strollers, so hurry up! LOL.

Now you don’t have to wait for your child to turn 16 so you can buy him an Aston Martin. Your baby can roll in style from birth and no need to get a driver’s license! All the Housewives of Beverly Hills are probably standing in line :).

The stroller comes with a carrycot, removable seat, rain cover, and footmuff. The frame is made out of anodized aluminum and magnesium alloy. The seat and the carrycot are finished in luxurious Italian leather.

I would love to test this stroller, but Aston Martin will not be exporting it. Even if I had an extra 3K lying around, I would need to fly to London to get it.


I found a great video from ABC showing this amazing stroller. The quality is not the best, but you will get an idea.

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