Cybex Iris M-Air Stroller Review

cybex-iris-m-air1Last year Cybex made a big splash by releasing 6 new models that are perfect for everyday use. All of the these models feature one-hand compact fold, large basket, adjustable handle bar, bumper bar, all-wheel suspension, huge canopy, and bassinet option. But the best thing about this collection is that you can choose the seat, the wheels and the number of wheels you want. Cybex made sure there is a stroller for every life style.

The Cybex Iris M-Air is a reversible-seat model very similar to the Balios M, but has regular size wheels instead of all-terrain. Everything else is absolutely the same! Because of the regular size wheels, the Iris M-Air has a lighter weight and a more compact fold.

It’s great for running errands, going to the store or a shopping mall. You can easily get it in and out of the car and because of the compact fold it doesn’t take too much room in the trunk. The light weight of only 21 lbs will be easy on your back. While it’s a lightweight model, it still has the reversible seat so you can see your baby any time.

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Cybex Balios M All-Terrain Stroller Review


The Cybex Balios M is an all-terrain reversible-seat stroller that has an one-hand compact fold and it weighs only 23 lbs. It has many features parents want in the stroller like huge canopy, roomy reversible seat, deep recline, large basket and adjustable leg rest.

The all-terrain wheels together with all-wheel suspension provide a smooth ride. It’s great for long walks at the park, city streets or grocery shopping. You can also turn it into a stylish pram by replacing the seat with a carry cot or a travel system by replacing the seat with an infant car seat.

The adjustable handle bar can accommodate taller and shorter parents. The one-hand fold is pretty compact and has a standing fold and auto lock.

Aside from great features I also love the stylish frame design and combination of the white and black tires. BTW, this modern looking buggy was designed and made in Germany.

This is almost a perfect stroller, but there are a few things I would improve. I would like to see a cover added for the mesh panel in the canopy. Also, it would be nice if the stroller worked with most popular car seats not just Cybex infant car seats. But, the main thing would be that one-hand fold that is really hard to get working. In fact this was the main complaint from other parents on how difficult the fold is. I hope Cybex updates it in the near future.

BTW, there is a new stroller called Cybex Balios S which has a lot of similar features, but has a very deep flat recline suitable for a newborn unlike Balios M that keeps it’s ‘v’ shape so your child is kind of in a sitting position even when fully reclined. Check it out.

The Cybex Balios M comes in five beautiful colors and retails for around $496 on Amazon. It comes only with bumper bar. All other accessories need to be purchased separately. BTW, there is a new stroller Cybex Balios S which has a lot of similar features, but

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-Huge canopy. This canopy is great! It has three large panels including a mesh zipped-in one that go down all the way to the bumper bar. Your child will get plenty of coverage. You can use the mesh panel instead of the peekaboo window to look at your child. The only thing I wish it had is the closure for the mesh to protect child from the wind and the sun.



-Reversible seat. The seat is reversible so your child can face you or the world.  It is 12.5″ wide with the 20″ seat back and a measurement of 22″ from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. You will be happy to know that it has a very deep one-hand lever recline that goes to almost flat position.

Despite the ‘v’ shaped seat, I think the recline is deep enough to put a newborn in. It can hold a child up to 55 lbs. Of course if you want to put a newborn into the seat, you will need to get an infant insert for additional support.

To avoid tipping the stroller backwards when the seat is fully reclined, hang your diaper bag on the frame using stroller hooks. You can also use it to hang your water bottle, or shopping bags.




-5-point harness. It has an adjustable padded 5-point harness with a center release buckle. Because the waist straps and the shoulder straps are connected, it’s very easy to lock the buckle. I like that white logo in the middle.


-Adjustable handle bar. The telescoping handle bar goes from 37″ all the way up to 42″ from the ground. Shorter and taller parents will be comfortable.


-Bumper bar. INCLUDED! This bumper bar is swing-away and can be easily removed.


-Adjustable leg rest. The leg rest is adjustable so your little baby will be able to stretch his legs.


-Huge basket. The basket is great! It’s large and very easy to access from the back. You can fit a lot of stuff in it including your largest diaper bag.

For even more storage I would recommend getting an universal stroller organizer. That way you can take not only your coffee cup, but also a LOT of stuff including keys, phone, water, wallet, snacks, diapers, toys, and more. The amount of stuff it can fit is unbelievable.


Look at how loaded this basket is!


-All-terrain wheels. It rolls on four all-terrain wheels with 8″ in the front and 11.5″ wheels in the back. These wheels are made out of high-quality rubber and have foam filling so they never puncture or flatten. Now, I should probably mention that these are not the same as air-filled all-terrain wheels that you can use to go trail walking. These wheels are more designed for long walks at the park, city streets with uneven pavement, or some playground mulch. They are still much better than on many non all-terrain strollers.



-All-wheel suspension. The all-wheel suspension together with large all-terrain wheels make the ride much smoother.


-Flip-flop-friendly brake. I am always happy to see a flip-flop-friendly brake. No shoe scratches!


-One-hand fold. The fold is three-step fold, but you can do it all with one hand and it has a standing fold and automatic lock. Since the stroller folds in half (one of my favorite folds), it becomes a very compact package for an all-terrain reversible seat stroller which are known for having a bulky fold. This is probably as compact as it can get. The folded dimensions are: 14.6″L x 22.4″W x 33″H.




-Bassinet option. You can turn your stroller into a stylish pram by replacing the seat with a matching bassinet called Cybex Carry Cot M. It features a comfortable, extra wide mattress that ensures an ergonomically correct and comfortable lying position. The integrated UVP50+ sun canopy protects from sun, wind and rain. The carry cot weighs only 8 lbs and can accommodate a child from birth and up to 20 lbs. It works with following models:

  • Cybex Balios M
  • Cybex Iris M-Air
  • Cybex Agis M-Air 3 / 4
  • Cybex Eternis M3 / M4



-Travel system option. You can also turn your stroller into a travel system by replacing the seat with an infant car seat. It works ONLY with Cybex car seats which I think have one of the best safety ratings. Check out my top 10 safest car seats. BTW, you do need to buy adapters separately. The compatible models include:

  • Aton
  • Aton 2
  • Aton Q/Could Q



-No mesh window closure. There is a zipped-in mesh panel in the canopy that you can expose for larger coverage. This mesh can be also used as a peekaboo window. I wish there was an attached cover to protect the child from wind and the sun.

-Works only with Cybex car seats. While you can convert Balios M into a travel system, it works only with Cybex infant car seats which I love, but they are not cheap. Here is my list of best car seats on today’s market.

Video Review

Here is a detailed video overview from Cybex.

Here is a great video from Baby Gizmo.


Stroller weight: 23 lbs
Weight limit: 55 lbs
Folded dimensions: 14.6″H x 23″W x 33″L
Handle bar height: 39″ – 42″
Seat to canopy height: 22″
Front wheels: 8″
Rear wheels: 11.5″
Overall length: 34″
Overall width: 23″


The Cybex has a 2-year warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner.

Available colors

The Cybex Balios M comes in five colors: moon dust, grape juice, autumn gold, hot & spicy, and true blue. All come with a black frame.


Where to buy it

My favorite place to buy strollers and a lot of other baby items is Amazon. It usually has the lowest prices, free shipping, free returns and no sales tax. How great is that? You can get Cybex Balios M in one of the five beautiful colors for around $469 on Amazon (free shipping/free returns and no sales tax). It comes with a bumper bar only. All other accessories like cup holder or infant car seat adapter needs to be purchased separately.

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~Susan Brian

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Orbit Baby G3 Stroller Review

orbit-baby-g3-48I was a little surprised to see only a few Orbit Baby G3 stroller reviews considering how popular this model is. So, I feel like my review is way overdue. First of all, I want to say that I ABSOLUTELY love the unique design of G3. It doesn’t look like any other stroller. The futuristic style and clean lines set it apart from all other brands. If somebody in ‘Star Wars’ had a baby, they would definitely go for G3. Right? LOL.

The other day I was talking to my girlfriend who doesn’t have kids yet, but is trying to get pregnant. She always talks about baby stuff. We talked about popular strollers and then she asked: ‘What about that other thing that many celebrities use that has a futuristic egg-shaped seat?’ It’s like she knew it was a stroller, but thought maybe it wasn’t really just a stroller. Haha!

Speaking about celebrities, they absolutely love Orbit Baby. Some of the celebs spotted with it are: Kim Kardashian, Rachel Zoe, Selma Blair, Jessica Simpson, Molly Sims, Emily Blunt, Kristin Cavallari, Megan Fox, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba and the list goes on.

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Nuna IVVI Stroller Review

nuna-ivvi-stroller31I am a big fan of the Dutch company Nuna, so I was very excited to test their all-terrain luxury IVVI stroller. This stroller really grows with your child from birth and through their toddler years. Use it as a travel system with an infant car seat or as a pram by replacing the seat with a stylish bassinet. The reversible seat can face you or the world.

It rolls on four all-terrain wheels that can handle snow, sand, or uneven pavement like a champ. I absolutely love the extendable canopy with mesh peekaboo window that will provide full coverage for your child even when the seat is fully reclined.

The telescoping handle bar will accommodate taller and shorter parents. The basket is HUGE and is easy to access. The adjustable leg rest provides more stretching room for your baby. 

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Muv Gaan 2016 Stroller Review


The Muv is a new European company that has recently entered US market. They’ve presented two new strollers called Reis and Gaan at the ABC Kids Expo 2015. Since this was the first time I saw them, I can only give you a brief overview of the main features.

Both strollers are very similar, but have different number of wheels. Reis rolls on four wheels while Gaan has only three. Let’s take a look at Gaan.

The Gaan model rolls on three large EVA foam filled wheels that are 12″ according to the Muv site. When I measured the wheels at the Expo, they were only 10″. If you look at the photo, they really don’t look 12″ because 12″ are really large tires. I think they’ve made a mistake.

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Muv Reis 2016 Stroller Review

muv-reis-stroller16The Muv is a new European company that has recently entered US market. The’ve presented two new strollers called Reis and Gaan. Since I saw them at the ABC Kids Expo 2015 for the first time, I can only give you a brief overview.

Both strollers are very similar, but have different number of wheels. Reis rolls on four wheels while Gaan has only three. Reis is a full featured stroller with the reversible seat that comes with a bassinet. It reminds me a lot of UPPAbaby Vista model which also comes with a matching bassinet and has very similar clean lines and modern design.

The Reis model rolls on four large EVA foam filled wheels that together with all-wheel suspension will tackle any terrain. The parents will love the huge canopy with 6 mesh windows, adjustable telescoping handle bar, huge basket with built-in cooler, and one-hand deep recline suitable for a newborn. It weighs 26 lbs with the seat attached.

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Maxi-Cosi Adorra 2016 Travel System Review

maxi-cosi-adorra1There was so much buzz around new Rachel Zoe Collection and Quinny Reversible Seat Jogger at the Maxi-Cosi booth at the ABC Kids Expo 2015, that I almost didn’t notice a new travel system called Adorra. This is a great new addition to the Maxi-Cosi family that many parents will like because it is stylish, simple, and very practical.

The Adorra travel system comes with a reversible-seat stroller and a matching Maxi-Cosi Mico Max infant car seat. It looks pretty sleek. I like the combination of the black frame and dark fabrics with some gray pattern. 

The Adorra stroller has a lot of great features like large canopy with a pop-out sunvisor, deep one-hand recline suitable for a newborn, removable machine-washable liner, adjustable leg rest, huge basket, and telescoping handle bar. This puppy weighs 26 lbs, which is about average weight for the full-featured reversible-seat stroller. 

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Babyhome Vida Plus 2016 Stroller Review

bsbyhome-vida-plus13The Babyhome Vida Plus 2016 is a very similar model to Vida, but has a reversible seat that can be turned into a bassinet. That something you don’t see everyday on the lightweight stroller. As of right now, Vida Plus is THE lightest full-featured reversible-seat stroller on the market. It weighs only 16 lbs.

The coolest thing about Vida Plus is that you can also convert it into a travel system with an infant car seat from Nuna, Cybex, or Maxi-Cosi. And, once your child grows out of the reversible seat, you can purchase a regular seat that you see on Vida model and put it on the frame. That will take you from newborn right through the toddler years.

For those parents who want a very lightweight stroller, but still would like to have a reversible seat, this is a great option because all of the reversible seat strollers are at least 20 lbs.

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