Mamas & Papas Donna Wilson 3 Bears Edition 2016

donna-wilson-3bear-collection6One of the new special editions for 2016 that Mamas & Papas have presented at the ABC Kids Expo 2015 in Las Vegas was Donna Wilson 3 Bears.

This is another collaboration between Donna Wilson and Mamas & Papas. In their first collaboration in 2013, they’ve created strollers and accessories with distinctive Foxleaf design that made a splash.

As you know, I am a big fan of Donna Wilson’s magical characters and whimsical patterns, so I was very exited to see another collaboration. This year, they are doing a 3 Bear pattern for Armadillo Flip XT and Armadillo City models. You can also get a matching bassinet, reversible liner, diaper bag, and a footmuff.

A former British Designer of the year, Donna grow up in a farm in Aberdeenshire in North East Scotland. Her simple upbringing translates into her designs. That’s one of the reasons her  handcrafting techniques like knitting, wrapping and felting feel so familiar. When I look at her designs, it feels like something my grandmother would make for me and my brother. It reminds me of my childhood and makes me smile. 

Here is 3 Bear collection presented at ABC Kids Expo 2015.


You can see how narrow the Armadillo City is compared to Armadillo Flip XT.


The Armadillo City has the reversible liner. On the photo above you can see the yellow side and on the photo below you can see the 3 Bear pattern.


Look how huge the canopy on the Armadillo Flip XT is! It’s like a cocoon!


That matching bear is sooooo adorable!


I don’t have any information about the price yet, but it should be available Spring 2016.

~Susan Brian

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  1. Any word when this will be out yet? I was about to purchase a different stroller, stumbled upon your blog, and absolutely fell in love with this pattern plus it has everything I’m looking for! I can find them online in UK but they don’t ship to US! I must have this!!

  2. Your website is amazingly helpful. I love this edition of the armadillo city, the Bears are so adorable. I live in Chicago and I can’t find a way to purchase it in person or online. Any ideas?

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