Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip XT Stroller Review


The Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip XT is finally here! I’ve been getting a ton of emails from parents asking me about the Flip XT model and how it is different from the original Flip.

So, I was very excited to test it out. In case you are getting lost with all the Armadillos out there, there are five different models in the Armadillo series: ArmadilloArmadillo XTArmadillo CityArmadillo Flip, and Armadillo Flip XT. Here is my full side-by-side comparison.

The Armadillo Flip XT is a lightweight compact stroller with a reversible seat that is very similar to the popular Armadillo Flip model but has some extra features.

Many parents complained about Armadillo and Armadillo Flip not having any mesh in the canopy. Well, XT does! It has a full zipped mesh panel in the back that provides better air circulation on a hot summer day. 

The wheels on XT are also a little larger than on the original Flip. It rolls on 6.5″ in the front and 9″ in the back. Great for mommy terrains like grass, playground mulch, or gravel. 

Another great feature is an adjustable handlebar that extends from 38″ to 41″ from the ground. Of course, all these great additional features come with an extra weight bringing it to 22 lbs. This is still a very good weight for a reversible seat stroller.

I want to point out that compact fold makes a whole difference in the world. The weight feels much lighter when the stroller is compact. The bulkiness always adds weight. I would say that a bulky 20 lbs stroller feels like 25 lbs when you lift it up.

Other features that I like are a very deep one-hand recline suitable for a newborn, a large basket, flip-flop friendly brake, a roomy seat, super huge canopy, all-wheel suspension, adjustable leg rest, reversible seat, one-hand fold, automatic lock, and standing fold.

This buggy is great for traveling, public transit, and running errands. The narrow frame and small footprint make it easy to navigate narrow store aisles and tight spaces. The city sidewalks can be full of surprises, so larger wheels will come in handy.

You can easily convert it into a travel system by replacing the seat with an infant car seat or a pram by replacing the seat with a bassinet.


I gave it 5 out of 5 stars because Flip XT has all the additional features like larger wheels, mesh in the canopy, and an adjustable handlebar. The only thing I am upset about is that there is no bumper bar available for any Armadillo models.

On the bright side, despite all the updates, it’s still very compact and very lightweight for a reversible seat stroller. This could be definitely your ONLY stroller! If I had to do it all over again, I would probably get Flip XT. It retails for around $599 and comes with a rain cover.

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Like all Armadillo models, the canopy is huge! It is made out of UPF 50+ fabric and goes down almost to the knees providing full coverage. I have to say, this is one of the best canopies on the market.

It also has a nice size peekaboo window made out of clear plastic with a magnetic closure (Thank God it’s not Velcro). The great thing about this canopy is that it has a zipped mesh panel in the back that you can expose to provide better air circulation on a hot summer day.

This was one of the complaints I’ve been getting from parents frequently. The canopy also has a small toy loop so you can keep your little baby entertained.



Unlike the Flip model, Flip XT has an adjustable telescopic handlebar that goes from 38″ up to 41″ from the ground. It is covered with leather-like material instead of foam. Great for taller and shorter parents.



The seat is the same size as on the Flip. It is 12″ wide with a 20″ seat back and a measurement of 24″ from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. The seat has a very deep almost flat recline that can accommodate a child from birth and up to 50 lbs.


I love this recline! It’s a one-hand lever recline with three positions including an almost flat position suitable for a newborn.

While you can put a newborn right into the seat, I would recommend using an infant insert or a bassinet for the first few months because little babies are so fragile and need all the support they can get. It has the same recline positions in both parent and forward-facing modes.

BTW, the seat is pretty upright in the most upright position which I know is very important for some parents. Sometimes I get emails from parents who have the upright seat as the main criteria for the stroller search.

They just asked me to recommend strollers with the most upright seats. For me, it was never the main criteria, but I think it’s a nice feature to have, especially because my daughter always likes to sit very upright so she can see everything.



It has an adjustable padded 5-point harness with a puzzle-like buckle. Many parents complained that the buckle takes too long to put together because of all the harness pieces.

I have to agree with this one. It will take some time to get used to. On the bright side, I really like that the waist straps start closer together so it nicely fits a little newborn baby.



It has an adjustable leg rest that will provide your little peanut with more surface to stretch out during nap time. It’s also very convenient for quick diaper changes.

To lift it up just push the leg rest up. There is a lever underneath the seat that you need to squeeze to bring the legrest back down. Easy!



The basket is pretty large and is easily accessible from all sides. The sides of the basket are made from elastic mesh making it easy to get in. If the leg rest is up, you can even get into it from the front.



The wheels on Flip XT are a little larger and have threads on the tires compared to the Flip model. It rolls on four hard rubber tires with 6.5″ tires in the front and 9″ tires in the back.

For comparison, the Flip model has 6″ tires in the front and 7.5″ tires in the back. Front wheels are swivel but can be locked straight. The larger wheels on XT make this stroller suitable not only for flat surfaces but also for rougher terrain like grass, playground mulch, or gravel.

Now, parents can take it for longer walks at the park without getting tired after 15 minutes of pushing it.

It has a flip-flop-friendly brake. No more shoe scratches! One step on the brake will lock or unlock the rear wheels. Love it!

It has an all-wheel suspension. The suspension makes the ride a little smoother absorbing a lot of small bumps.



The fold stayed the same as on the Flip model. You can fold it with the seat attached facing any direction. Mamas&Papas is saying that it has the world’s most compact fold in its class.

The folded dimensions are  30″W  x  22″ L x 10″H. I was surprised to see that despite all the additional features and larger wheels, the folded dimensions are the same as on the Flip model. There is also an automatic lock and a standing fold.



You can turn it into a travel system by replacing the seat with an infant car seat. An additional car seat adapter is required. It’s compatible with:

  • Cybex Aton/Aton2/Aton Q (good car seats, but very expensive)
  • Graco Snugride 35/Snugride Click Connect (top-rated car seats)
  • Chicco KeyFit 30 (my favorite car seat. I had it and absolutely love it!)
  • Nuna
  • Maxi Cosi Pebble/Cabriofix
  • Besafe Izi Go

I am a little surprised not to see any of the Britax car seats, because they are also one of the top-rated car seats. Here is a travel system with a Cybex car seat.



You can also turn Flip XT into a stylish pram by replacing the seat with a bassinet (sold separately). For some reason Mamas&Papas website says that the bassinet works with Flip, but does not say anything about the XT model.

Well, I’ve contacted Mamas&Papas directly and they told me that it ALSO works with the XT model. The bassinet retails for around $220 on Amazon.


-Rain cover. INCLUDED!


-Buckle puzzle piece. I don’t want to make a big deal out of it, but this buckle can be improved.

-No bumper bar. I am a little surprised that there is no bumper bar available for any Armadillo models.


Stroller weight: 22 lbs
Weight limit: 50 lbs
Folded dimensions: 30″L x 22″ W x 10”H
Handlebar height: 38″-41″
Seat to canopy height: 24″
Front wheels: 6.5″
Rear wheels: 9″
Overall length: 35″
Overall width: 22″

Armadillo Flip vs Armadillo Flip XT

With so many Armadillos running around it might get confusing. There are only three main differences:

  • Adjustable telescoping handlebar
  • Larger wheels
  • Mesh window in the canopy


Mamas & Papas gives a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Available colors

The Armadillo Flip XT model is available in five colors: navy, black, mulberry, teal, and sand dune. All strollers come with a silver frame.


Where to buy it

You can get Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip XT in one of the five beautiful colors for around $599. Comes with a rain cover. Since this is a new luxury stroller, I didn’t see any good sales on it. But, I think for what you get, the price is very reasonable.

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105 thoughts on “Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip XT Stroller Review”

  1. I am so excited to read this review and especially when you say it can be your only stroller!!! The Armadillo line, except for the mesh window, met all of my stroller needs. XT is practically perfect. In one of your other reviews you introduced me to another lightweight reversible seat stroller option, Valco Snap Ultra. Which would you ultimately recommend?

  2. Dear Katrin,
    Nice to see your review, but I am struggling now to pick up the right product for me, I am looking for some small fold, light and easy to push stroller as I am in HK. I thought bugaboo bee3 would be the perfect choice for me, however, after checking some reviews, the price is just not that cost effective and not very practical. Once I saw armadillo flip XT, I fall in love with it, it nearly tick all our box except little bit larger and heavier that bee3 (howerver, armadillo flip XT itself compared with bee3 as well). However, this a new product, I really worried about the quality from it, is it really sturdy to use? Should i take the risk to take it or choose more securer solution with bee 3..

  3. Hi Zhong. Since your main cafeterias are light and compact, I wouldn’t go with Bee 3 because it’s not compact at all. The Flip XT is very compact and is lightweight comporting to all other stroller with the same size wheels. The reviews on XT has been really amazing so far. This stroller has been out in Europe for a while now and parents absolutely love it! I tested it myself and I think this is one of the best stroller on the market. IF you want to buy ONLY one stroller, Flip XT is a great choice.

  4. Hi Katrin! My husband and I just opened our armadillo flip xt this afternoon (bought from Amazon) and were surprised on how this compact this stroller is! However, I had a hard time figuring out the “stand fold” since the stroller would not stand by itself unless I pull the handle a little and then it stands but the whole handle touches the floor. Is that normal, do I have to have the telescopic handle pulled so it stands when folded?

    Something else I noticed was that when I set the the calf rest in horizontal position, it slowly comes back up in an angle. I am a little concerned since the baby would be able to push it with her own weight once she’s a toddler but not when she’s a newborn, of course.

    Also, I would like to know if you’d recommend getting the bassinet. I did not get it in the first place because I thought I might not use it too much, but I also don’t want to stroll her around in the infant car seat.

    Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated! Specially if you find a bumper bar that works with this stroller :).

  5. Hi Yae. Thanks for visiting my site. The handle bar is supposed to touch the floor to support the stroller in standing fold mode. It will probably get dirty, I know. They all touch the floor in standing fold mode. I couldn’t understand the part about the calf rest. Is it going down when you bring it up? If it is, there something wrong with the stroller. I would recommend getting a bassinet if you are planing on taking long walks because it’s not good for a newborn to spend too much time in the car sat. I would say that 1 hour a day in the car seat is ok, but not longer than that. Otherwise there is a risk of SIDS, flat head or back injury. I know it sucks that there is no bumper bar. I couldn’t even find a universal one. Let me know how do you like the stroller after testing it. :)

  6. Hello,
    Why the Urbo 2 is more expansive than armadillo ? Wich one is better for new born and worm country ?
    Thank you

  7. HAHA, this is also my question, especially, URBO2 has one signature edition cost 699, even more expensive than XT. After some review:

    bumper bar
    nice look
    Adjustable telescoping leather look handle bar
    built-in insect net

    Some people complain about brake issue?
    small basket
    can not fold to smaller size

    How do you think, Katrin?

  8. Katrin,
    Thanks a lot for answering my questions! I’m a huge fan of your reviews already. Regarding the calf rest question – what I meant is that when I try to keep it laying flat, it slowly tilts back up and does not remain flat, but it remains up. Also, whenever you fold it and keep it standing, do you need to pull the handle a little out so the stroller stands? I cannot get mine to stand and its getting a little frustrating since I really wanted to love this stroller. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

  9. Hi Katrin, we are expecting our first little one in August and looking for some great stroller advise. I have currently narrowed my choices down to:
    1) Armadillo Flip XT
    2) Uppababy Cruz
    3) Nuna Mixx
    4) Bugaboo Chameleon

    What are your thoughts on each of the above??
    We will be mainly using for light activity, trips to the mall, going to the park etc. It is important to us that the seat is reversible, the handle bars are adjustable (tall daddy, short mom), comfort for baby, and ease of use/not too bulky! Any advise would be much appreciated :)


  10. Hi Jodie. I like the Flip XT the most especially if you are not going off the road. Bugaboo Chameleon has all-terrain go-through anything tires but it’s heavier and bulkier. Nuna Mixx would be my second favorite. Cruz third. Flip XT is the most compact out of all of them and it’s great for quick ins and outs like going to the mall, park, shopping, running errands.

  11. Hi Katrin,

    Thank you so much for all the reviews you have provided, they are truly helpful!
    Could you please give your opinion on Armadillo Flip XT vs Urbo2, what are the pluses and minuses of each.

    Thank you in advance,

  12. Hi Katrin,
    I am looking at the Armadillo family… just one doubt.. can I hang my diaper bag? How much weight does it handle?

  13. Hi Iliana. You can definitely hang a diaper bag, but they never recommend it. If you choose the heavier Armadillo Flip XT model, than your bag can be heavier, if you go with the City than I probably recommend putting it into the basket since the stroller weighs only 15 lbs. I think my bag weighs 15 lbs. LOL.

  14. Hi Korin. The main difference is the compact fold. Urbo 2 requires both hands to fold the stroller and it’s not as compact as Flip. Also the wheels on XT are nicer than on Urbo 2. On the flip side, Urbo 2 has a nice bumper bar that XT does not!

  15. Dear Katrin,
    Thanks alot for this useful comparison.. I am expecting my first baby on July .
    I have already filtered my options to Armadillo flip xt it suited all my requirment and after reading your article I’m just more convinced about it. But I’m a bit concerned about the bumper bar .. does it worth it to switch to urbo2 for the sake of the bumper bar? Does it make huge difference to have/not to have it in your stroller?
    How to solve this only disadvantage?

    Thank an advance for your help.

  16. Hi Bedoor. I am actually in the middle of writing review on Urbo 2. There are some differences. While Urbo 2 has a nice bumper bar, the basket is smaller, the wheels are smaller, and the fold is not as compact as on Flip XT. What’s more important for you?

  17. Hi Katrin,
    The Flip XT looks like a great stroller but a few concerns: How important is it to have a bumper bar? What accessories does Mamas and Papas sell to go with the stroller? I can’t find many online. Examples: piggy back board, cup holder for child, foot muffs, infant insert, bug net. I am also considering the Uppababy Cruz 2015 which has lots of accessories. This is for our first child. Thanks!

  18. I am so close to pulling the trigger on this! But I am intrigued by the Snap Ultra, being 3 pounds lighter – do you think an American has any chance of getting in the cool purple that Australia has?

  19. Hi Rebecca. I can’t wait for Snap Ultra. It sounds like a great stroller that has bumper bar.LOL. I am not sure what colors they will have.

  20. Hi Katie. It’s hard to recommend one over the other one when both strollers are great. It’s about what’s more important for you and your lifestyle. I can give you cons for both, but in the ends you will have to decide which stroller will work better for you. I think that lack of available accessories it the biggest con for Flip. Cruz cons are smaller wheels, bulky fold, and one-piece seat that does not offer bed-like environment.

  21. Hi Katrin,
    I’d hate to sound redundant to any other comments above (or on other reviews of yours) but your opinions are just so helpful and straightforward! I’m going to be a new mom this Sept, live in a downtown area on the East Coast and mostly intend to use the stroller for walking on bumpy sidewalks (and sometimes gravel, uneven paths) to downtown and back. I also want something lighter weight that I can manage to lift on my own — and that can fit in my Honda Civic.

    I have narrowed down to these strollers but seem to find a con about each:
    1. Uppababy Cruz 2015 (love nearly everything- am just unsure about the tire holding up and not being “all terrain.” Also i had read some Amazon commenters talk about how bad the harness is: is this true?)

    2. Nuna Mixx (the basket in person seemed flimsy, but i loved the zipper pockets! the main issue wth this one for me was the extra weight + the fact that if you want to be able to use an infant seat, you’d have to buy the Pipa– this doesn’t allow any much option in the way of a lightweight frame/caddy to use with the infant seat…i had decided to get the KeyFit Caddy or Graco one for our son’s first few months)

    3. Armadillio Flip XT (the lack of bumper bar and really any accessories at all gets me here- for a price tag that’s more than the others, is this worth it?)

    4. Baby Jogger City Versa 2014 edition (cannot believe this was discontinued! will not be able to ever see it in person, which is a major con for me… however, i thought it offered almost everything we wanted, but at a heavier weight than even the Mixx! Plus, if you add t he BJ GT wheel options, it tacks on even more weight)

    I appreciate any help you can give me above on ranking what really matters and what is essentially just me being an overly prepared mom!

  22. Hi Lindsay. Thank you for stopping by! I am always happy to help. I totally agree with you on all the cons for these strollers. It’s very hard to get everything in one stroller and the best way to make a decision is to prioritize. How much do you care about the weight and compactness vs large tires? The larger the tires the heavier the stroller.

    Cruz – I like harness on it. Maybe that buyer get a lemon. The wheels on Cruz are smaller than on other strollers, it has bulky fold and the seat is one molded piece so your child will always be in a sitting position. On the bright side Cruz has a bassinet option which is always a plus.

    I love the Mixx and Pipa car seat is a great option. The most important thing in the car seat is to install it correctly bc most car seats installed wrong.

    The Flip XT would be the best stroller in the world if it had bumper bar and child’s tray option. I like that Flip XT has great wheels the most compact fold, and you can get bassinet.

    Have you looked at Sola2 MTX? It’s something between Mixx and Flip XT. The wheels on Sola2 MTX are the same size as on Mixx, it comes with leather like bumper bar and can be used with most popular car seats. The fold is MORE compact than on Mixx. What do you think? That might be even better.

  23. Katrin,

    Thank you so, so much for your fast response! Just two quick questions back:

    1. The Sola2 MTX does look nice, you’re right– however, there’s still no option for a snack track there, is this something I’ll miss?
    2. The Cruz: if we do end up going with that one- am I over thinking the tires? Will they really not work in most situations?

  24. Hi Lindsay. You are right, there is still no snack tray but I think that bumper bar is more important since your child will be using it much more than a snack tray. I personally used snack tray only 1 time in 2 years. My daughter usually likes to hold the zip bag in her hands and eat from there or from a little container that I use to bring food with me. Besides, you have to clean the snack tray each time since it gets dirty from all the folding and unfolding.

    Tires on Cruz are smaller and it will be bumpier ride for your child. If you are choosing between the snack tray and better tires, I would go for better tires for sure.

  25. Hi,

    Great review thanks but do you know if this will still fold when adapters are attached? I would be looking at getting a maxi cosi cabriofix seat as we already have an easy fix base however I thought I had seen on a review elsewhere that you have to take the adapters off every time to fold the pushchair which honestly puts me off a little! I hope this isn’t the case?!

  26. Hi Katrin!

    I know someone else asked about this as well, but could you help me decide between the Flip XT and the City Versa? I like everything about the Flip XT, but I would like to take the stroller for walks on dirt trails and am not sure if the XT’s wheels will fair as well as a set of GT wheels on the City Versa. The Flip XT does offer a full reclining seat, which I like, that the City Versa does not have, but I wanted to ask you how important that feature is for most infants? I am also rather tall (6’3″), so am concerned about accidentally kicking the rear axle on the Versa, and the telescoping handle on the Flip XT sounds like a real plus. Neither is available at any of my local retailers, so it is very hard to judge since I cannot test them out in person. Also, do you know why the Versa was discontinued?

  27. Hi Charlotte. You do have to remove it but it’s very easy. Otherwise you are not going to get that super compact fold. It’s really a not big deal because you will use the car seat only for the first 6 months.

  28. Hi Mike. Between Flip XT and Versa I would pick Flip XT because the wheels are better and it weighs less. In reality, you will need something more all-terrain for dirt trails like BOB motion or City Mini GT. A great stroller with the reversible seat that has all-terrain wheels is Bugaboo Cameleon 3.

  29. Hi Allan. I never had this problem. The basket is pretty high from the ground so it shouldn’t be an issue.

  30. Dear all, at first, I really like armadillo flip xt, but as you see I worried about its quality. Especially after I chat with someone from Instagram, I confirm the quality is not that good as expected. Other issues, less accessaries, no bumper bar. Then I recognize a new stroller cyber Priam, as I purchase from some Germany website, the price difference is not that big, so I made the decision for it. This is my experience.

  31. at first, I really like armadillo flip xt, but as you see I worried about its quality. Especially after I chat with someone from Instagram, I confirm the quality is not that good as expected. Other issues, less accessaries, no bumper bar. Then I recognize a new stroller cyber Priam, as I purchase from some Germany website, the price difference is not that big, so I made the decision for it. This is my experience.

  32. HI

    I wondered if you can help me. I am trying to decide between the Armadillo Fip XT and the Mamas and Papas Sola2 MTX. Both seem great although the Flip XT has the advantage of being more compact. Just wondered if you can attach a buggy board to both of these for my toddler to use?
    Many thanks

  33. Hi Katrin,

    I am trying to decide between the UPPAbaby Vista and the Flip XT. What are main differences? Which, in your opinion, is better? I live in California- lots of walking- paths mostly, no real off trail stuff- parks, malls, etc. this is our first child and I am clueless about strollers!


  34. Hi Katrin, thank you for the review and the replies to the many questions. I am really interested with the flip xt. Just want to double check if the push is also smooth. I mean, can you do a one-hand push even with the baby on it?

  35. Hi Len. The maneuverability on Flip XT is Amazing! It is very easy to push even fully loaded. The wheels are great size and suspension helps with the bumps. Aside from lack of bumper bar, this is a perfect stroller!

  36. Hi Nasem. I would get Vista only if I was planing on having a second child soon after because it’s very bulky and heavy. For only one child Flip XT is perfect! The wheels are great and the seat has a flat full recline! So I would go with Flip XT.

  37. thank you for taking the time to reply.
    I am really getting flip xt without seeing it in person as this one is not carried in my country.
    I just hope it fits on our train station wicket/turnstile.

    I hope M and P offers an optional bumper bar accessory soon though.


  38. I am also trying to decide btwn the valco snap ultra and armadillo flip xt. i had decided on the urbo2 but i realized it would probably be a hassle to flip it around everytime i needed to put it away since i plan on using the parent facing option pretty often. i love the flip xt but i think my daughter will like to hang on to something and that is bothering me. the snap ultra pretty much looks perfect except that i’m not as much of a fan of the look. i really want the teal flip xt, i wish they had put a bumper bar, cuz then i wouldn’t even be contemplating the valco!

  39. Hi New mommy. I agree with you 100%! I think if not for the bumper bar ALL parents would get XT model. Oh. I would also suggest looking at Mamas and Papas Sola2 MTX that has large wheels like flip XT, because wheels on Urbo2 are small.

  40. Hi Iliana. Kids like to use bumper bar to pull themselves up and also with a toddler you don’t need to use harness anymore. If there is a bumper bar, you can just put your toddler into the seat. Other than that it’s not that important.

  41. me pleaseee!!!
    Im comming to usa in 15 days so i have to decide wich stroller tobuy online to bring home – Brazil…. (baby due september – my older one is now 5)

    I was in love with nuna mixx until read about the flip xt..
    I know XT is one hand fold but thats really not a problem to me.. the XT does not have bumper bar (not a problem to me either) , both get (almost) flat , compact fold, reversible seat, large basket,, flip flop friendly brake, very nice canopy, adjustable leg rest, automatic lock…XT is a bit more compact and XT weigth 22lb , mixx weigth 25lb,,..

    What i like about the XT is because it looks practical…. and nuna seems more bulky.. but i dont know why,, to me, nuna seems a better stroller..(but we dont have XT or nuna here yet)

    I will use the stroller most at i can do stuff and bring him along while he is sleeping.. or to walk to the park nearby.. and sometimes to the mall but nothing that requires something special about the stroller.

    I know that the nuna has a better price than flip XT, so do you think is worth paying the diference for de flip xt ? is it really a better stroller or both can do the same?
    (sorry for the not so good english)

  42. Hi Paula. I like both of them. I think they both are great strollers so no matter which one you decide on, you will like it. What about car seat? Mixx only takes pipa which is more expensive than a lot of other great car seats that you can use with Flip XT. I think that if you get Mixx, you will need to buy another lighter stroller for running errands. But if you get Flip XT that could be your only stroller, because the fold is so easy and you don’t have to bend down to the ground to lift it up because it has a standing fold. A few words about weight – the bulkier the fold, the heavier the stroller feels when you lift it up. That being said, Flp XT fills lighter than 22 lbs, more like 19 because it’s so compact.

  43. I was wondering if they have cybex aton q cloud in matching color? Is flip xt compatible with the cloud model of aton as well? Thanks

  44. I also have a question regarding the Cybex cloud Q car seat. Does it fit to Aton car isofix base? or it can be use only with Q-fix car base?

  45. Hi Len. Since you would be putting the car seat onto the frame with no stroller seat, it doesn’t really need to match anything.

  46. So I purchased the flip Xt in navy on your recommendation and cannot wait to get it! as soon as I do ill tell you how I feel, which Im sure ill be completely happy! btw I bought mine on Albee baby and got free shipping no taxes and $100 gift card with purchase which I used to buy a foam insert and mosquito net as well as other little goodies! I originally had the urban chicco, and I can’t tell you enough how much I hated the stroller it was so heavy, hard to steer, took up my entire truck and I could never get into the basket, the only reason I kept it the last few months was because I was using the car seat adapter, but my little chunker is outgrowing the quickly so now im just using my chicco liteway which I love btw! really wish chicco didn’t drop the ball on the urban because I was so in love with it my whole pregnancy and thought I did the best research I could, but I was obviously wrong. I’m just so happy I stumbled onto your website.

  47. Hi,

    I am going to wind up with the Flip or the Flip XT. (Or possibly the Britax B-Agile because its so easy to fold and so lightweight!)

    I understand the Britax doesn’t flip, but can’t I just use a car seat on the stroller and just turn the car seat to face me?

    If I go with the Britax I will do the B-Safe, but for the Armadillo Flip – Any recommendations for car seats? I was looking at the Maxi Cosi AP and Maxi Cosi 30. But am open to other options as well.

    Do I need to remove the adapters to fold the stroller on the Armadillo?

  48. Which is the adapter you used for the Chicco key fit 30 car seat. I do not seem to find it anywhere. thanks

  49. Hi,

    I’m trying to decide between a Uppababy Vista and the Mamas and Papas Armadillow Flip XT. Do you think with the Uppababy I would need to get a lighter stroller? If so what lighter option would you suggest? Thanks for any advice you can give!

  50. Hi Jessica. Vista 2015 got heavier and bulkier. It’s now a convertable stroller more than a single stroller. It’s a stroller that you would buy if you are planing on having a second child soon after. You would definitely need to get a lighter one for traveling and running errands. With Flip XT I think you don’t really need to buy a second stroller because it’s so compact and light. For lightweight stroller check out my post on top 10 best selling lightweight strollers. There are a lot of great options!

  51. Hi, as I purchase from germany website, the color I choose is out stock, I have been waiting for my stroller nearly two months, I will receive it in these two weeks I think. There is no retailer store with cybex priam in HK currently. Cybex priam can be easily fold to smaller size with one hand, once I receive it, I will share with you more details expecially in pub;ic transportation experience.

  52. Thanks. Looking forward to your update then. Btw, is there a shop in HK displaying the Armadillo Flip XT? My hubby is vissiting HK soon. Thanks.

  53. Hi Katrin, love your site and appreciate all the time you spend on these reviews. It seems I’m the “typical” dad-to-be of our friend group who becomes obsessed with reading stroller reviews.

    My wife is a petite woman (5′ and less than 100 pds pre-pregnancy) so a smaller stroller that she can easily lift and carry (we live in the NYC area) has been a big priority for us. I’ve been doing lots of research and have narrowed things down to a good extent to the smaller/low weight strollers that have reversible seats and can take car seats/prams. That’s led me to the Armadillo Flip XT, the Uppababy Cruz and the Bugaboo Bee3 which seem to really be the only strollers on the market that are in the 20 pd range and have reversible seats.

    I’ve been struggling though, because it seems as if all of them have some significant, but not fatal flaw. The Armadillo has no bumper bar and people seem to complain about it “feeling” rickety and issues with the basket hitting the ground, the Cruz is a two-hand fold and just had a recall on their bumper bar and the Bee has no peekaboo window, lower weight capacity and is about $150 more. It seems that all 3 have issues with their straps/harnesses as well, the Armadillo can be too big/impossible to put together, the Cruz also too big (and then too small for older kids) and the Bee is too easy to open.

    All of this leaves me wondering, are these “real” issues or the nit picking around the edges of what are really great strollers. I’m more of the “good enough” vs. perfectionist type generally, but am finding the perfectionist in me is coming out when it comes to baby things!

    So, to my (long winded) question, is there something I’m missing in feeling like I can’t really go wrong with any of these three (understanding each has minor flaws) or should I be considering some other factors or other strollers?



  54. As far as I know, there is no store in HK for armadillo Flip XT, the following store and toysrus HK only offer basis model: Armadillo Flip, you can go and check.

  55. I am so glad I found this site. Even though I’m a bit more confused than when I first started my search lol, I’m still grateful to have stumbled upon this site. My husband and I are hoping to narrow down our search within this week. I’m due in August, and would like to get at least a stroller by the end of this week as he’s going away for a trip, this is our first, and we are anxious/nervous.
    So, so far we’re set on the Uppababy Cruz. And then my mom told us about the Armadillo Flip XT, and now we’re stuck. We love everything about the Cruz, but we also love almost everything about the Flip XT. What we doing like are the color options, which is not that serious lol, but we hate that there’s no bumper bar. Because this is our first, we have no prior experience, but it just seems that a bumper bar would be standard. I would love for when baby is older and we’re strolling through the park or museum, that we can attach a toy, or a snack tray for baby. That might just be our only real complaint :/ Any suggestions / opinions ? (That and the fact we can’t find it in a store near us)

  56. Hi Yae,

    Were you able to figure out the fold and stand? My wife and I just put together our Flip XT today and also noticed a problem with the stand.

    We have noticed 3 different components to making it stand and wondering if you had the same observations?

    1) Firstly, the front wheels are the main cause of it balancing. If the wheels are swivelling then we need to place it in the right angle. In most cases it’s the angle of which it would be if it wasn’t allowed to swivel. Once we place it in the right position it MAY stand

    2) Once we have sorted out the front wheels then it’s getting it to stand without falling backwards (or away from you). This can come down to the handle bar being a little longer in order for it to counter the weight. The instructions show that we need to ensure the handle bar is NOT extended but it doesn’t make sense since without it the extension it will topple.

    3) To ensure it doesn’t topple with the handle bar shortened we need to look at the locking clip. The clip is supposed to lock the stroller after folding and we noticed there are 2 levels of locking. If when folding and you do it relatively fast it will lock into the 2nd level (shortened distance between frames). This will provide the fold with an additional 10~ mm of compactness.

    If it’s on this 2nd level it will topple when trying to stand. If you manually adjust the clip so that it clips on at level 1 which opens up the distance between the frames we noticed that it stands perfectly without the handle bar needing to be extended. Although the caveat here is that the wheels ideally need to be swivel locked.

    But.. we did noticed that clipping it on level 1 is not as secure. When you pick the stroller up after standing on level 1 you will notice it unclips itself or it auto clips to level 2. We’re not sure if it was designed to do this purposely or it’s broken.

    Is there anyone else having similar problems?


  57. Hi Katrin,

    I recently bought the armadillo flip xt pushchair but I’m not sure the new cybex cloud q is compatible. Did you try it?


  58. Hi Katrin,

    I’m also looking at these 4 strollers but would like to have a lightweight stroller that is more “all terrain”. It also needs to be compatible with a bassinet. Also do you know somewhere to “test drive” the mamas & papas strollers? We are expecting our first child so would love some advice!

  59. Hi! I got bugaboo chameleon when my son was born. I used it for a few weeks and then got the armadillo flip XT in mulberry color as a gift. Since I already used the bugaboo I decided to sell the armadillo. I posted on eBay for a reduced and amazing price (brand new!) and so far no one bought. Do you think I should just keep as an extra/ “car stroller” or is having both strollers a waste since they serve the same purpose?

  60. Hi Katrin,

    We recently purchased the Nuna Pipa carseat and currently own a Baby Jogger Summit, and Maclaren Triumph. We have a 4 year old (doesn’t really enjoy stroller anymore) and a newborn on the way soon. I am looking for a stroller that we can gate check (I fly with carseats) that will last a while, and be able to handle hour swift long walks on mostly smooth terrain until I can put babe into the jogging stroller around 6-7 months for walks (while still using the new stroller for smaller spaces) and be easy to resell for a double if we have another baby.

    I’m trying to decide between the Mixx and the Armadillo XT, mostly to fit the Pipa for now. It looks like the Armadillo XT has a longer seat back meaning it will last longer, and seems more compact for travel. But the Nuna Mixx looks like it has tougher suspension and tires. Can you help me decide?

  61. Dear Len,

    Finally, i got my cybex priam, sorry not to reply your message, as I am busy for my just born baby girl. How to say, at first sight, it could be a little big from my point of view, but after first real time trial in last week with my baby and train, it is perfect. very very easy to use, the wheels are so wonderful.

    I have put some information and comparison in my personal blog, you may check in details, even it is in chinese, you can use google translator to understand general information. Sure, i will put some more information in english in the future.


  62. Hi Katrin, I’m trying to decide between the Armadillo Flip XT and Uppababy Cruz. I want a single stroller, not bulky and heavy that I can fold easily and use for everything. Which one of these 2 strollers would you recommend?

  63. Hello Katrin,

    I love your reviews! Thank you! After reading through them I am torn between the Nuna Mixx and the Armadillo Flip XT. We ordered the Nuna Pipa car seat so it is compatitable with both strollers. I love the flat recline with the adjustable leg rest. I have not found either one of these at any stores nearby so can not try them out. Which one would you choose?

    Thanks for your input!

  64. Hi Katrin!
    I am trying to decide among different strollers. I need a compact stroller, that works from new born to toddler since I will be moving cities every 6 months for 2 years. I have read and seen several and I’ve come up with the following list:

    – Uppababy Cruz 2015
    – Quinny Buzz Xtra
    – Armadilo Flip XT
    – Urbo2 – Mamas & Papas

    I would greatly appreciate if you could help me sort this out.


  65. Hello Katrin would you know if the Cybex cloud Q car seat is compatible with the armadillo flip xt? And what kind of adapter can I use?

  66. Hi Giovanna. I think that if you travel a lot, it’s important to have a compact and light stroller. That being said, I would take Quinny out of the running. It’s super bulky and very heavy almost 28 lbs! Also Quinny doesn’t have a flat recline that is recommended for a newborn. The other three strollers I really like. I would probably get Flip XT because the fold is soooo easy and thew wheels are larger than on the other two. The Urbo 2 is super stylish and I love the large basket on Cruz. It’s a hard choice. What do you think?

  67. Thanks Katrin! I agree with taking off the list the Quinny because of its weight. I like the idea of having a bumper bar so thats the only thing about the Flip XT Im not thrilled about and the basket of the Urbo2 seems small. I guess I have to go and try them all and see what feels best.
    I saw that you were asked about the Cyber cloud q….has it been released in the US already? I can’t find it in major stores in NY.


  68. Hi Giovanna. You can also try and see if you like Cruz 2015. It has huge basket and huge canopy. Teh Cybex cloud q is on pre-order everywhere :)

  69. Hi Katrin, first of all, thank you so much for such a great review. I now have a second-hand Armadillo (after my friend) and I like it very much except of the wheels. I live in Prague city centre, which is full of bumpy historical paving and it’s quite uncomfortable and sometimes difficult to drive it in that “terrain”. I am shook after every walk and not sure how the baby feels. For that reason, I was thinking about buying a new stroller. I checked a lot of them, but the problem is that after having Armadillo, I don’t like any other. Then I found new Armadillo Flip XT, which says that the wheels are slightly bigger and better – DO YOU THINK IT WILL WORK FOR ME? Except of that I love all the extra functions like reversible seat, pram option (if I have a second baby), etc. Thank you.

  70. Hi Petra. Flip XT is one of my favorite stroller and I think the wheel are MUCH better. It’s still lightweight and has that super easy fold, but it’s smoother and handles uneven paving great. I know, it’s hard to switch to any other stroller after you had Armadillo. It’s so convenient and easy to fold and unfold.

  71. Hi, your website is wonderful and we appreciate the great reviews.

    I’m hoping for advice on whether to keep our current 2014 Vista or trade to a stroller like the Flip XT. We have a very tall 14-month old (she’s always 99th percentile), and I’m worried she’s going to get too tall for the vista. I also don’t like that when she sleeps in the stroller she’s not fully flat.

    We are also getting a bit tired of how wide the Vista is, as we live in NYC and every inch counts. We’re seemingly bumping into the doors of every store! This is especially true for my Mom who watches her a lot and hates how heavy and wide the stroller is.

    But, we also use the Vista for all of our shopping and really want a huge basket! We love having the option of throwing soda and other heavy items into the bottom.

    We hate to part with the basket but would consider changing so we can have an easier fold, less width, and a better seat.

    We aren’t planning on a second baby soon (otherwise I’d love the 2015 vista for the basket). And we take lots of walks and plan to use the stroller through the snowy winter and all over the parks so we need something that can handle tough surfaces.

    Any advice? This Armadillo looks great, as does the new Nuna but I’m worried about the wheels.


  72. Hi Annie. Since you daughter is 14 months already, I wouldn’t get a reversible seat because at this age kids want to look out. Also, reversible seat adds a lot of weight and not as compact. If you are set on a reversible seat stroller, Mixx and Armadillo is a great choice. Armadillo Flip XT or XT have good size wheels. The wheels on Mixx are a good size to handle a lot of different terrain. It’s not an all-terrain stroller but close. Some other practical choices but maybe not as pretty are BOB Motion or City Mini GT. They both have one-hand compact fold, all-terrain tires and VERY roomy seat. If you look at reversible seat strollers, you will see that they have lower weight limit and the canopy sits lower than on GT and Motion for example. So I would choose between Armadillo XT (not Flip), BOB Motion or GT. It’s really hard to over look how great Armadillo looks. I would probably go with Armadillo XT. Hope this helps.

  73. Hi Nicole. I like them both. If I was traveling and running a lot of errands, I would pick Flip XT just because it’s more compact and has an easier fold. The Mixx is great because it has a larger basket and a bumper bar. So if I was taking a lot of long walks and going grocery shopping with a stroller, I would get Mixx. But really the are both great.

  74. Hi Patricia. Curz is bulky and not as easy to fold as Flip XT. So guess I would go with Flip XT. I do like the look of Cruz a lot! Oh. It’s hard to choose between two great strollers.

  75. Also another question please! We live in Singapore – is there a way to fit a fan to the buggy in the absence of a bumper bar?

  76. Yes there is a travel bag for all the mamas and papas strollers, I got it through Amazon… Is great and looks nice.

  77. Hello Katrin, your blog is AMAZING, thank you! I have a couple of questions:
    I will be a mother for first time in March, and I´m considering these options: Armadillo Flip, Armadillo Flip XT, and Sola 2 MTX. Why? Because I like their weight, fold size, wheels, design, reclinable seat, reversible seat, and bassinet option. Summarizing, because they are practical strollers. But I have the following questions:
    – Wheels
    Is there a huge difference between the wheels of Flip and Flip XT? And is there a huge difference between wheels on Flip XT and Sola 2 MTX? We live in Mexico City where streets and sidewalks are not regular. Also, my husband and I love going to the country side in the weekends to do different activities and we want to bring our baby girl since little. What´s the usability between wheels on these 3 strollers? I understand Sola is an all-terrain, but do I really need it for the needs we have? Probably Flip of Flip XT can work.

    – Bumper Bar
    Is there a big need for a bumper bar? Can I live without it? What is it for?

    – Bassinet
    If we buy the bassinet, can we use it as a crib in our room for the first 4 months of our baby? Or you think it´s too small and she needs more space? If yes, is there something in the market that we could buy in order to place the bassinet in our room?

    Thank you very very much!

  78. Hi Katrin,
    I know the Flip XT is supposed to be newborn friendly but is this really true? A lot of stroller says it can accomendate a newborn but in reality it does not. I am not planning on using the Flip XT with a carseat. My baby will be born in April. Also if this stroller is newborn friendly, will the straps be able to hold the baby or should I buy an insert?
    Thanks so much

  79. Hi Katrin,

    Thanks for such a wonderful review. I’m wondering if you can help us out with a question on the adapters. We had our heart set on the Nuna Pipa car seat and our Armadillo Flip XT is arriving tomorrow. the mamas & papas website has an adapter available for the Armadillo to Nuna but two questions on there asking about the Flip comparability were answered differently. One said yes, the other said no. So — do you happen to know if this model is compatible with the Nuna Pipa? I also can’t find this adapter anywhere online. Their US website shows all products out of stock and I am unable to find it on Buy Buy Baby and Amazon.


  80. Hello Katrin! Thank you very much for another great review! How does the armadillo flip XT compares to the nuna mixx? I already have a stokke trailz (which I am not in love with) and I would like to have a more compact, light and easy fold stroller, which can be eventually my only stroller. Thank you very much!

  81. Hi Paula! I am also from Brazil and I have the some doubt between nuna and armadillo. Which one did you end up buying? How did it work for you? Thank you!!!

  82. Hi Maria. If you already have Trailz, I would definitely get a lighter and more compact model. Flip XT would be a perfect choice. It’s one of my favorite strollers.

  83. Hi Katrin,

    I keep going back and forth between the UppaBaby Cruz and the Armadillo Flip XT mainly because the seat flips around and it seems friendly for infants. After reading your reviews and comments I thought I decided on the Armadillo Flip XT but other reviews (on Amazon) reveal that the frame doesn’t feel sturdy, the basket is flimsy, buckle is too confusing, the wheels are not durable and does not allow for one-hand steering. I plan on using the stroller for mainly indoor and pavement use since I have an all-terrain stroller and will be using the car seat attachment until she is big enough to sit in the seat. For my first I used my all-terrain stroller (citimini GT) for everything but hated how bulky it was, how the car seat fit on top of the stroller, how it was always in a recline and the weight. It wasn’t very infant friendly. I need something that is easier to use indoors and in tight spaces, infant friendly and durable. Have you heard of any reviews or comments from people who have used the Flip XT for at least 6 months? Do you have any other recommendations for me?

  84. Hi Rose. I personally used Flip XT and had a great experience. But like with any stroller, you can get a lemon :( I mostly heard positive from parents. If you are concerned with the bad reviews on Amazon, I would suggest looking at Sola 2 MTX which is very similar to Flip XT but has great reviews from parents. The best thing about Sola 2 MTX are the all-terrain wheels.

  85. Hi Rita. What they mean by saying it’s friendly is that it has a deep enough recline. You 100% need an insert!

  86. Hi Katrin,

    I am so glad to stumble on your web page because it has all the information I was looking for in shopping for a stroller. I was ready to pull the trigger on buying the Armadillo XT but had reservations when I saw the Amazon reviews. How do you think the Armadillo XL compare to the Uppababy Vista 2015? I’m going to be a first-time mom and important things to me would be the reliability and longevity of the stroller. Thanks ahead of time for your advice!

  87. Hi Katrin,

    Not sure if my last message was missed. This was my post from 3/20/2016…

    I am so glad to stumble on your web page because it has all the information I was looking for in shopping for a stroller. I was ready to pull the trigger on buying the Armadillo XT but had reservations when I saw the Amazon reviews. How do you think the Armadillo XL compare to the Uppababy Vista 2015? I’m going to be a first-time mom and important things to me would be the reliability and longevity of the stroller. Thanks ahead of time for your advice!

  88. Hi Katrin,

    I, like you, loved my experience with this pushchair! However, I’m wondering if you’ve come across a compatible travel bag for it? We’ve done alot of car journeys which has left some scratches, but we’re about to go away by plane and im worried about the handling- any suggestions?


  89. So upset with this model as the leather skin of handle just started peeling off less than 3 months of using the pram. When I was deciding to select a model, sales clerk was insisting to buy it as it has leather handle. Now it’s peeled off and coming off every day more and more. I lodged a complain at Marina Mall (Dubai Marina) branch as it has happened due to just low quality but didn’t get any response at all. Considering the colure of the handle which is brown, it will look so buggy soon. Be careful when choosing it.

  90. Hi Sussan,
    I need your help in deciding between nuna mixx and armadillo flip xt. Currently, i have a bugaboo buffalo and am looking for a more compact stroller. Between nuna mixx and armadillo flip xt, which one is sturdier? Do they have the same seat height? Which one would you recommend? Thank you.

  91. I’m looking at this stroller vs the Cybex balios. Which would you recommend? I want to get a stroller that works from newborn-toddler without needing additional seats and accessories. Also easy to use and light weight. Do you have a recommendation?

  92. Hi Katrin,

    We purchased the Armadillo Flip XT earlier this year for our son who is now 5 months old. We love the stroller but I’ve tried to put him in the seat a few times and can’t seem to get him strapped in properly and it seems like he is too small. He’s 16lbs and 27″. I keep reading that the stroller will work for newborns but am I missing something in the configuration of the straps? I have them at what I think are the lowest points and tightest setting and it is still too big. I didn’t see any other option to make it smaller. Do you have suggestions?

  93. Hi, we carefully considered both the Flip XT and the Urbo2 and besides some of the reasons already mentioned there were two more why we went with the Flip XT:

    1) The Urbo2 does not maneuver over curbs and other bumps as easily. I don’t know if it is that the wheelbase is shorter or something with the chassis design, but it takes considerably more effort to push down on the handlebar and lift the front wheels. We live in NYC where there are lots of sidewalk obstacles so that’s a big thing for us.

    2) The Flip XT has a much bigger basket. We use it all the time for shopping, picnics, etc..

    We’re happy with the decision. However having had the Flip XT for about 9 months, I’ll report two things we’ve learned we don’t like:

    1) The mechanism to collapse the handlebar is a bit wonky. It often takes repeated attempts before it works. And it’s plastic and feels flimsy. Similarly, the mechanisms to collapse the seat (both under the seat and behind it) are plastic and feel flimsy. Once something inside the mechanism under the seat seemed to catch when I was trying to collapse it. I had to force it a bit to get it to close. The next time I tried to use it it wouldn’t open until I forced it. This problem hasn’t happened again, but it made us worry that we had damaged our stroller.

    2) The joint where the diagonal bar of the frame mates with the front wheel and crossbar is plastic. It recently snapped when we gate-checked it before boarding a plans and it was mishandled by the baggage handlers. It cannot be repaired. It would be much sturdier of the joint were metal. I note that it is metal on the Urbo2. In fact, the Urbo2 seems like maybe it is constructed more solidly overall.

    That said, I’m glad the Flip XT isn’t any heavier than it already is. More metal would make it heavier. It’s lighter than most comparable strollers it’s size, but my wife complains it’s heavy all the time.

  94. Thanks for your great reviews. They were very helpful when we made our decision to buy the Flip XT for our baby (our first).

    We’ve been using the Flip XT for nearly 9 months. However a few days ago it was irreparably damaged during a flight. We gate checked it and the baggage handlers must have mistreated it — they broke the frame. The joint where the diagonal side bars mate with the front wheels and crossbar is plastic; it snapped there. We like most everything about this stroller, but we’d like it much better if it were sturdier at this location. We’d also prefer if the mechanisms to open and close the frame and adjust the positioning of the seat felt a bit more durable too. They can be wonky, they’re plastic, and we’re not confident they’re sure to last.

    Even so, we don’t know of a better stroller for our NYC lifestyle. We need something compact for crowded restaurants, subways, and stores, easy to maneuver over curbs and slushy sidewalks, with a nice hood to shade our baby during long walks, and a big basket for grocery shopping and picnics. It should be lightweight to carry up and down stairs and fold small for storage in the hallway. We’re considering buying the Flip XT again.

    The only other stroller we’re considering as an alternative is the Nuna Mixx. Do you think it would be any sturdier than the Flip XT? We need to gate check our stroller and subject it to the abuse of baggage handlers several times a year. Are its frame joints reinforced with any metal? Do you have an opinion whether it would be more or less durable than the Flip XT overall? We’re not rough with our stroller, but baggage handlers certainly are. And we want something that will last us for years.

    Thanks again!

  95. Hi Katrin, mamas papas is coming with new stroller, ocarro which is similar to flip XT.. im in the midle of confusion to choose between flip XT or waiting for ocarro ?

    Do you know which one is lighter ocarro or flip XT? i love flip XT due to its light weight and easy to fold, but again, no bumper bar -_-

    any idea of upcoming flip xt in 2017 ??

  96. Hi Fesia. The Ocarro is fancy but very heavy. Not as practical as Flip XT. BTW, they just released a bumper bar for Armadillo and Armadillo XT!!! Or you can just buy the new FLIP XT 2017 that comes with the bumper bar. Here is the link.

  97. I’ve read through all the previous comments and still am not sure…are there any rider boards for a toddler that would work on the Flip XT? Also, just saw your comment on the added bumper bar! Can it be ordered separately and used with an older model?

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